The unions that bankroll the Red-Green coalition fabricate lies and demand a boycott of Israel

The annual party and union congresses is also the high season for Israel bashing.

below is a copy of the Decisions adopted by the annual meeting of the Electricity and IT workers union this year:

el&it boycott



Boycott Israel
The State of Israel occupies Palestinian lands in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel has introduced rigorous mobility control for the Palestinians in their own land, taken control of Palestine’s fresh water and other resources.
The State of Israel also takes control of more and more Palestinian land in the West Bank where it is established settlements on occupied lands belonging to Palestine and the Palestinian people. It is illegal for an occupying force to settle its own population in the occupied territories under international law. The illegal settlement activity by Israel on Palestinian land side is also condemned by the UN.
Israel has become an apartheid state which by its conducted systematic discrimination and control of the Palestinians can be equated with the acts of apartheid South Africa conducted against its black population in the last century. Experience with the boycott against the apartheid regime in South Africa shows that boycotts are an effective form action that produces results. We encourage everyone reading this to participate in an economic boycott of the state of Israel with the goal of bringing an end to the systematic oppression and exploitation Israel carries out against the Palestinian people, the Palestinian territories and resources.


lest anyone be in doubt how much power they wield, this is the message that went out after the Labor party’s annual congress:


Nationen. no 2013 05 04


FM Espen Barth Eide (Labor) says Norway is working together with the EU in order to avoid imports of goods from Israeli settlements.

“We are looking for ways to implement his”, Eide said, according to as he greeted the LO congress in Oslo on Saturday.

The Congress will discuss two boycott proposal’s concerning Israel; the FM did not want to go so far. He says an official boycott would be too complicated; implying legal authority would have the opportunity of criminal prosecution.

“We are cooperating with the Nordic countries and the EU over a joint attitude towards this. We are not talking of an official boycott of goods from the settlements; but of clear markings of produce made in settlements; or advising against importing from the settlements. This may damage the reputation of corporations buying from settlements”, Eide said, holding these initiatives may be implemented within a brief timeframe.

The FM holds a two state solution is becoming ever harder to implement because Israel continues to build illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

2 comments for “The unions that bankroll the Red-Green coalition fabricate lies and demand a boycott of Israel

  1. Martin
    May 12, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Hmm, do they boycott China which is occupying Tibet as well, or is it just Israel?
    Do they boycott Spain for occupying parts of north Africa, or is it just Israel?
    I note that Hawkins has been got at so he is going to boycott a visit to Israel. no surprise I suppose, as he is very anti religion and has been quite insulting regarding his views and statements on Scriptures.
    No doubt, he will now return the electronic board he uses to converse with people, as that was developed, along with so many IT based items in horrible Israel! He will be quite speechless. I believe this is what is meant by biting the hand that feeds you?

  2. : )
    May 12, 2013 at 11:22 pm


    it stood in the news that Hawkings doctor had told him not to travel because of his health. The poor guy has probably so many odd people around him all the time, I doubt that he is in a condition where he thinks much about religion and politic. It just show how fare some haters are willing to go with their propaganda. Thank you for the link. Now the only thing I can blame things on is my lasiness. Herbert has all right to be critical I have done my best to get my points forward and if he has been in court for 40 years and are used to get attention well I have not only hurted him, I have jumped up and down like a wild animal in his eyes. Freedom to speak is a doble sword what one really want is the smart to speak and the dum to lisend. What happen is that the dum speaks a lot and in the end the smart just get dum ; )

    Its like unions it sound great until one has been on the inside then they just stink, and when people say I come from the union one just think oh no trouble!
    (Herbert this song represent to me the conection I onec had to unions and politic,
    its nothing sexual in it to me)

    McG good you keep a eye on the unions!

    McG now its 17 of May for me, have fun with A-team. Have so much to do love this day so much ; ) Take care : )

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