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His daughter’s killer gets honorary salary

Palestinian prisoners imprisoned for terrorism, is honored with a monthly salary from the PA. Israeli Arnold Roth will now put an end to the payment of salaries to convicted terrorist.
The daughter of Arnold Roth, from Israel was only 15 years old. The killer, who is in prison convicted of terrorism, receives a monthly salary from the PA. Now Roth will ask  Norway to demand that Palestine will stop payment of salaries to Palestinians convicted of terror.
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Today the Parliamentary Scrutiny and Constitutional Committee received a letter from the Foreign Ministry on the matter. The MFA’s letter does not answer the important questions, the committee says.

Israeli Arnold Roth’s daughter ‘Malki was killed because a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up at a pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001. 15 civilians died.

The person responsible for having made bomb – Abdullah Barghouti – is now in Israeli prison.

Palestine honor hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, including many terrorists, with a monthly salary.

Stop the  terrorist salary
Abdullah Barghouti receives a monthly salary of NOK 10.000 from the PA.

Norway, which is one of the major financial contributors to Palestine, must demand that the PA stops the payment of salaries of terrorism, says father of Malki.

– I think everyone wants to see peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But Norway and other countries must understand that to indirectly contribute to that the Palestinians pay salaries to terrorists in prison, is to help maintain a Palestinian culture that supports terrorism as a political tool. It does not contribute to peace, he continued.

– Rejected that the PA pays terrorists
The Foreign Ministry has several times in recent years denied that Palelstina give salaries to terrorists.

But NRK can now reveal that already in 2004  the Palestinian finance minister, Salam Fayyad, wrote an article in which he told openly about the system of wages among other terrorists.

– Fayaad is one of our main contacts, and for me and the Conservatives, it is not credible that the Foreign Ministry did not pick this up in 2004,  Peter Gitmark (conservative) says.

After the NRK disclosure of the case, the Parliamentary Scrutiny and Constitutional Committee requested information from the Foreign Ministry. The committee will investigate whether the Ministry has informed the Parliament properly on the system of salaries to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Confirms scheme wages to prisoners
Yesterday there came another letter from the Foreign Ministry, after questions from the committee.

Read the full letter from the Foreign Ministry here

In its letter the Foreign Ministry that it has not yet received detailed replies from Palestine.

The Foreign Ministry confirms that there is a system of wages to prisoners which has been in effect since the creation of the Palestinian Authority in the mid 90s.

In 2004 support was increased, so that prisoners who had been in jail more than 25 years, received NOK 6400  per month. The Palestinian scheme adopted legislation, which also guarantees of a prisoner to be employed by the PA  after completion of sentence.

The MFA also confirms in its letter to the Parliament that the longer you have been in jail, the more money you receive.

Got over 19,000 per month
In 2010, further support for prisoners in Israeli jails, as decided by the government. For those who had served more than 30 years, support has tripled to over 19,000 Norwegian kroner a month.

The families of 70 inmates currently receive this amount, according to the Ministry’s letter to parliament. In comparison a PA official earns on average of NOK 4600 per month.

The MFA says in its letter to the Parliament that this case is a very sensitive issue as seen from the Palestinian side, and that financial support to prisoners and their families have great support in Palestinian society.

The head of the Parliamentary control and Constitutional Committee, Anders Anundsen, said the letter from the Foreign Ministry did not give good enough answers.

– That which remains unanswered, is what the Foreign Ministry knew about this scheme. And whether the State Department  informed Parliament properly when the case was discussed  in Parliament in 2011 and 2012, says Anundsen.

– Does not answer the most important questions
The Conservatives said the Foreign Ministry did not respond to the key issues in the case.

– What did the Foreign Ministry know about the scheme, and when did they know anything? These are questions we still have no answer to. Therefore, we must try to get replies from the Foreign Ministry, said Conservative Peter Gitmark.

– Norway has now a possibility with other countries to tell Palestine thata culture in which terrorists are being made to national heroes and get a honorary salary is not something Norway will support, Arnold Roth says.


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  1. Michael
    May 16, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Good that NRK finally has a “negative” PA story. Well they cannot ignore or deny now that it’s with the constitutional committee.

    The Foreign ministry which has been lying and pussyfooting since 2004 on this issue must do some lagoon rethinking about its one sided policies, though this is highly unlikely.

    A futher reason for you good people to help bring about a change of government to one which is more balanced.

    Stop Norway from giving salaries and stipends, even indirect to convicted murderers and their families! Maybe truth will prevail in the kingdom.

  2. : )
    May 17, 2013 at 1:55 am


    her in Norway people that “care” still just want to see their Israel picture as women by the wall etc. Making Martin going bananas about the 95% of Norwegians that just say me, me, me.
    I just don’t understand why Martin, it is really a freak show going on and if one regard it in the right way its really funny all the games the fool like to put people into. To me a big question why woman that needs to behave like a man is not just regarded a trans. I bet all these women by the wall also have clitoris meetings where the benefit of dildos are discussed. Ups McG now I did my Freudian slip again, sorry Herbert its really sad news about this girl and her family, its good of her father to come to Norway and speak about it. And how kind of the Norwegians to let him in to Stortinget even if he is from Israel and has feelings. They probably did a terrorist check of him before they let him in. You know after what Eric R. could tell about all the guns in Jewsih homes its amazing that the government don’t control it better. Smart people say when one has friends like that one don’t needs enemies : )

    No more tax to terror!

  3. Martin
    May 17, 2013 at 1:58 am

    Well put Michael, in case you missed earlier notations about a stipend, here it is.

    Sula Arafat, a Christian widow of the murderer Yasser, a paedophile, receives, or did till now, a stipend of $16 million per annum for the t: stay quiet and not speculate or talk of the paedophile’s death and to stay on the island of Malta.

    I did ask the questoin a number of times and I believe that Henry or Eric provided the answer. Just how much of the unaccounted $billions paid to the PLO/PA is required to pay such a handsome sum to murderous scum. So as you can appreciate, paying a bounty or reward to people whose sole interest is to murder Jews is big business pays for itself.

  4. de Bacle
    May 17, 2013 at 3:05 am

    It doesn’t surprise anyone that the PA or Hamas reward terrorists.
    The “unconditional” economical support of the PA by Norway and others indirectly support these destructive procedures.

    What bothers me more, however, than the cowardly shrugging away from the reposnibility to exert pressure on the PA is how Norway make propaganda that, more directly, serves to support the terrorist flange.
    Norway does this by rewarding those who support terrorists – lately exemplified by the award of the Kings medal (in essence, the Governments award) to the Doctors Gilbert and Fosse, who make no secrets of their support of Hamas.
    Rewarding them, (as did the former FM by sanctioning their anti-semitic book) is an even more despicable apologetic support of Palestinian terrorism than the indirect support terrorists support by the abuse of Norwegian economic aid. Putting the torchh light on this abuse is a good way to illustrate how Norwegian stupidity/naivety serves th ewrong purposes, but it also detracts from the more seriuous, intentional, anti-Semitic forces in Norwegian poilics.

    The consistent Norwegian Israel demonizing propaganda is a more direct support of Palestinian terrorism. Gilbert and Fosse claimed (in their book) that Israel intentionally try to kill women and children, and the Noregian MFA praised the book – this is indirect support of palestinian blind hate.

    Indeed, (as noted above) the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a tight communication line with Fayyad but the former FM Støre also shouldered Fayyad here in Oslo to directly instigate global hatred towards Israel.
    – where Støre claimed Israel was “exerting a form of torture” of the Palestinians.
    Similarly with Støres unfoundd rage during the riots at the Golan-Syria borders, similarly with the “Ships to Gaza” incident, similarly on every occasion there was an opportunity to bash Israel asymetrically. Simlarly also when Norwegan politicians broadcast they wish Israel civilians would be bomberd, similarly when ministers demonstrate together with banners and calls of blatant anti-Semitic slogans directed against Israel.

    The propaganda emanating from Norway sums up to an unequivocal apologetic signal to Palestinian extremism, the award to Gilbert and Fosse an insult to all those striving for restraint and democracy.

  5. Martin
    May 19, 2013 at 3:14 am

    The EU is a major contributor to the PA along with the UK also paying the PA directly. The EU, this month, has just paid €20 million to the A to pay the pensions and salaries for 76,000 “Palestinians.
    Well that is more of my hard earned taxes paid out without my permission to renowned, committed openly boasting Jew killers who want a Jewfree Palestine.
    Sorry if this upsets some people but, facts are facts.

  6. : )
    May 19, 2013 at 9:05 am


    no one can get offended by your opinions, but one has to be ready to stand up for opinions one trow out if one want to be regarde as a grown up. Fare to often has I meet Jew hate in a way that people tell me how bad Jews and Israel are in the political correct way. It turns into a monologe where its impossible to break in. When they are done they might say something like but don’t take it personall its not you I’m talking about you are not like them. If one then show up as offended they get what they wanted, everyone around sees that you are a complete idiot. When people talk about Israel and Jews I just get up and say I have to get to the bathroom. Out of sight out of mind. Liberta! Normaly people ask if there was somthing with the food since I had to leave in a hurry, probably. Well, well what a lovely day anyone ready to so something fun or what?

    : )

  7. martin
    May 19, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Unlike you norwegian, I won’t allow these Jew haters get away lightly. I question them and point out just how ignorant they are and offer only facts to them. When the talk abnout the “west bank”, I ask them why Jews should not live there? Can a Jew live in Oslo? (well these days, I am not so sure) If they answer yes, then ask again when an Arab can live in Israel ((over 1 millions of them) and in Oslo and Jews can live in Oslo, London etc why cannot the Jew live live in Hebron, to return to the lands they were ethnically cleansed from?

    Hmmm, probably the food has gone a little off and the smell from these Jew haters is rather off putting.
    Have a good week.

  8. : )
    May 19, 2013 at 1:47 pm


    my conclution is that if they get attention there just become more of them. People that have mental problems see it as a easy way to become the center of the party to bring up the topic Jews and Israel. People that really want to help and learn more about Jews and Israel they do it by going to Israel or talk to DMT. Its no reason why anyone should need help from me on a privat subject as religion.

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