Not in Norwegian mainstream media: How the gov’t continues to dish out tax money to corrupt pro-Pal NGOs

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Lifted from Christian daily


Norwegian monetary donations to “Friends of Palestine” out of control

UD gave 22 million to a “dialogue Foundation” where former State Secretary Vidar Helgesen is a director. The payments continued after it was revealed widespread corruption.

OAG checking accounts to transfer money from section 163.71, “Humanitarian aid” and 164.70, “Peace, reconciliation and democracy initiatives.” For the years 2009 and 2010 were transferred 2.9 billion of these chapters on the government budget.

Without documentation
In a letter of 22 April 2011 requires the OAG an explanation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for this tax audit. 10 of 15 foundations working for “peace” or “humanitarian work” could not provide satisfactory evidence of their activities. Nevertheless, continued payments from UD.

For example, in 2010 paid 22 million to an organization, in the wake of that it had been revealed “rampant corruption”. It was Henry Duante Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD), based in a luxury villa in Plantamour in Switzerland. OAG notes that Norway contributed with 70 percent of the donation proceeds to CHD. During 2009 and 2010, the CHD paid 93 million from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

The Board of CHD sits former junior foreign minister, Vidar Helgesen (H). Helgesen is currently Secretary General of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), including collaborating with the “Palestinians” in connection with the holding of the election in “occupied Palestine.”

IDEA is based in Stockholm. On the organization’s website, one can read reports where IDEA supports a claim that the EU must recognize the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. Among other things, the report “Perceptions from Egypt and Palestine on the EU’s Role and Impact on Democracy Building in the Middle East.”

UD does not read reports
OAG notes that neither the Foreign Ministry or contracted consultants, reads reports they receive from the recipients of Norwegian development assistance from these two chapters of the state budget.

“After that we can see is no documentation for 10 of the 15 projects examined, that Norconcult has undergone received reports from 2008, 2009 and in some cases from 2007. We find that either there is no documentation that the Ministry have examined the relevant performance reports. Ministry despite this made new payments, “explains Auditors.

“Deviation from plan annotated to a small degree.”

No control of currency
OAG notes that officers of the Foreign Ministry did not check whether there is manipulation in connection with the conversion of currency.

“Our audit shows that the responsible officers do not exercise control over what the grant in Norwegian kroner amounts in foreign currency. This means that the MFA has no basis to ensure that Norwegian funds are properly accounted for in the project accounts in the grant recipient.

UD is also criticism that the Ministry has not developed clear guidelines for the evaluation of the “peace movement”. Nor can they show measurable results of awarded funds from Norway. UD does not follow its own guidelines in a bid to “keep the annual or semi-annual meetings” with the recipients of “peaceful means”. These include the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ).

There is no specific comments on the support of the International Peace Institute (IPI), where former peace negotiator and Minister Terje Rod Larsen (AP) is Secretary General. But IPI is not aware of the general criticism that include missing for monitoring and evaluation of spending in the UD.

Ministry criticized for supporting “Inter Pace,” including claims they work in “Palestine” to create “peace between Jews and Arabs.” International Peace allegedly been allocated funds from Norway, unless there was evidence that other donors had complied alleged obligations. “For ICTJ and” Inter Peace “is uncovered significant problems related to financial management and control,” writes OAG.

The organization “International PeaceĀ» reviews establishment of Israel in 1948 as “the great catastrophe” (Al-Nakba), in line with modern Arabic and Islamic understanding of history.

Caption: Foreign Ministry criticized for supporting “Inter Pace,” including claims they work in “Palestine” to create “peace between Jews and Arabs.” International Peace allegedly been allocated funds from Norway, unless there was evidence that other donors had complied alleged obligations.
By Ivar Fjeld
17/05/2013 5:40 p.m.

14 comments for “Not in Norwegian mainstream media: How the gov’t continues to dish out tax money to corrupt pro-Pal NGOs

  1. Eric R.
    May 22, 2013 at 11:57 am

    McG – off topic, but what kind of coverage have the Muslim riots in Sweden been getting on Norwegian TV?

    Other Norwegians can feel free to answer that as well.

  2. May 22, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    the first night, close to nothing, the second night, somewhat more, after a third night with riots spreading, coverage is more professional, but it really is revealing how many journalists who think the social conditions in the boroughs of Stockholm is the real problem here. I am very concerned by this, this is not good at all. And with that horrific beheading in London this afternoon, I think many people will think we have come to the end of the tether… Difficult times ahead.

  3. Eric R.
    May 22, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    “And with that horrific beheading in London this afternoon, I think many people will think we have come to the end of the tetherā€¦ Difficult times ahead.”

    Whether the Islamists win, or the European reactionaries win, one thing is for sure — the Jews of Europe will be f***ed.

  4. May 23, 2013 at 12:13 am

    In this situation, everybody is a loser. But unfortunately, rather than biting the bullet many politicians prefer to spew out more nonsense. Apart from in the UK, where more and more, there is a sense that enough is enough. In a parallel track, Europeans succumb to that age-old disease of anti-Semitism, since Europeans never really have had to repent for their past sins. The Nazi’s have been very convenient scapegoats for many a nation that eagerly ran their errand but pretended to be oh so shocked after the fact. There is a big task ahead to educate Europeans of their deeply racist attitudes, to Jews, Muslims (for not confronting the rancid anti-Semitism they have brought with their cultural rucksack) and anybody who is not white and European by origin (for simply dishing out money without really asking for any effort in return, too many social workers who get off on the notion that they are “helping”, when in fact they very often stand in the way of an immigrants natural integration and cultural adaptation). I am very upset that the noble cause of human right have been hi-jacked by reality-starved broilers who have been hatched in some political organization.

  5. : )
    May 24, 2013 at 1:17 am

    Eric R.

    people of Jewish origin has to do as McG, see the situation and know its there everyday with out getting paranoid. There is so many smart people to read in Europa and so many lovely things to see Eric R. so there is no reason to lose hope over some rotten apples. As Martin always says there is a lot of good Europeans Christians and not that support Israel and work for peace. If you feel for it it had been really good to know what happen to your family in Europa during the 2 ww. I understand that its hard to see the situation from US and it must look equal to the one in 1930, you and Herbert has my 100% sympati for thinking Jews in Europa are more or less pocplocos keeping on her. I do understand that a lot feel that they are not wanted, that they are second class immegrants etc. But when the word gives one 1000 reasons to cry find one reason to smile : )

    I really like this writer Eric R. give him a try.

    Arg the cars that are burning in Sweeden is so stupid actions, will it help anyone to burn a car? The murder in London no words. Its so sad for the 2 year old child that has lost his dad. Its something really wrong with people that do things like this! Sad that people see them as a way to earn money, media, sosial workers etc. Personally I see no end of this drama and to read the Sweedish priminister words was really oh no. Please say its 1 of April please anyone.–Mine-helter-er-dem-du-utpeker-til-fiender-7209893.html

  6. Martin
    May 24, 2013 at 4:44 am

    All this news is hardly surprising, as what one sows, so one reaps. Sweden has the 2nd highest ratio of immigrants now, so what is the problem? Basically, it is that the losers, most of them are economical immigrants who leave their squalid lives behind and stand to gain too much help. The diversity programmes are a waste of money, as it is the immigrants that must change – not the other way around.
    We are told to “Celebrate diversity,” as if though it is the 11th commandment. What a waste of time, effort and money to run these programmes, due to political leaning and nothing more, But, oh so dangerous.
    In the UK, one of the murderous scumbags is a2nd generation whose family are Christian Nigerian immigrants. They have been given very many things on benefits, and I kid you not, some receive so much that many local people become quite envious, having to work hard, pay their taxes and then be told that their name on the list, is going lower because of immigration.

    One hears from various people that they know many Muslims and couldn’t wish for better people, as indeed I, too, know many people in this category. So we have decent families who then become radicalised, and why? Because they are generally speaking fed up with their lives and need something else that is different. They choose a religion which does not teach humanities by any account. These Muslim schools should be completely shut down and I mean all of them. They teach radical Islam and do nothing to integrate these people. These schools are funded from Saudi Arabia, where else? I’ve mentioned so many times before, and I am sure some of you are tired of reading it. But, this money is sent from Saudi Arabia to embassies throughout the world with the sole aim of converting people to Islam and to demonise Israel.

    I really do feel for the poor innocent soldier and his family, his life was worth more than a million of the scum that slaughtered him like a pig. Which is how they view non Muslims. Nice people ? I believe not! I wonder however, if this kind of murder will make any difference to the official UK policy (as doers Norway) that they must pay the scums families, when they have been sentenced to imprisonment in Israel for slaughtering civilians?
    Any answers gratefully accepted


  7. : )
    May 25, 2013 at 2:34 am


    personally I supported immigration as long as one regard immigrants as equal and demand that they know the culture and national laws and that they have a clear wish to come to the country. That they have left their old life behind and work for a better future for them self in a new place. When people like this tells me about others they feel bad about its usual people that has some kind of problems with others in general. And when one tell them that they leave this people in peace.

    What I can’t understand is the immigration where people like to use cloths from exAfrica in minus 10. I find it really exotic that they refuse to use cloths that are better because its a political stand point to them. When these people show me a grim face I just think well there goes the fool. A really nice immigrant told me when one of these made a lot of odd noises on the bus that it was voodoo the person performed, I was really sad that the bus did not pass the mental hospital so that the poor person could have a pill.

    The my hope for this people as I see it is that they can see their own situation and find a way out of it. Or that some in the help system see it and make some actions if people has mental problems. I think we see the same kind of danger that people that try to help blame the society for individual problems and make more and more regulations that just lead to a chaos. The sex law her in Norway is one of the best examples, I think its a sin to pay for sex or sell sex but I respect humans that do so and hope that they might find a better way in the future. To label people forever as useless well than one can just say that Hitler did win the war! Antirastist wake up and see what path you are on!

    I really believe in this ladies words:

    What a brave action she did I would love to have a cup of tea with her. What wonderful humans you have in England Martin! Take care and have fun!

  8. : )
    May 25, 2013 at 1:03 pm


    this man says it a lot better than I can. Thank God for this man!
    Ps use Google Translate for the Norwegian ; ) Good girl now McG?

    Now you and the rest of the A-team just have to find the language so you do not sound like a new nazi ; ) McG I think you will handle this really well ; ) Now I go back to my white people like MA and help them to make the right adjustment in the language. So that they don’t end up like this.

    Even if they are fools I still love them, they are the fools that made me what I’m with all my mistakes and benefits (hopefully most). One of their products.

  9. martin
    May 27, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Most people migrate to seek a better life for themselves and their families, children etc. Unfortunately, in Europe we have a tsunami of economic migrants, the vast majority have little or no education and the majority have no wish to conform to western values, whatever they are.
    Most of the migrants coming in look for a life on benefits with many Muslims refusing to work, as they wish to drain the country dry in readiness for the final Islamic conquest. This has been admitted by various mullas who preach hatred of non believers (everyone who is not a Muslim). Many who do work are ill educated and take the work from local poorly paid people, many younger members of the community have never worked in their life due to governments and particularly the EU which states we must have more immigrants because of the growing number of elderly people.
    We have laws for equal opportunities and we are told to “celebrate” diversity. What? Celebrate stoning of females because they dared to speak with a man or behead because they converted to Christianity, homosexual, etc etc etc. And al the time, the West is quiet in face of ongoing Sharia laws in our midst

  10. Martin
    May 27, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    I meant to add about the comments on Terje Roed Larsen. This is man was the Editor of the Palestine News which called for the destruction of Israel to be replaced by a secular democratic state of Palestine. He of course bites the hand that feeds him in the U,N. which is mainly financed by the USA, in as much as he wants the giht to continue against US imperialism.

  11. : )
    May 27, 2013 at 11:46 pm


    you have a lot more knowledge than what I have in most things that you find interesting. What I like about democracy is the fact that it is build on openness and corporation, this makes it easy to solve new problems when some has the knowledge and others join in to work. What I never thought about is how easy it is to make good people in to straw men and useful idiots in a democracy because of the trust people have to their leaders. Before when people told me that they felt they could not talk open and be them self I regarded them as paranoid, my opinion was why say something that people don’t want to hear and make a fool of one self? Now I see that it cost to stand up and say what one believe in a democracy, when the leaders try to make the people say they have unlimited with trust the reaction had to come in a response like chaos we now have. In a democracy its the people that give trust to their leaders not the other way around. Its important that subjects are not band in a democracy because of some people or group feelings. Personally I’m glad people still says bad things about Jews and Israel to me. I know that there can be many reasons why they behave like that, mental, economical, family, religion etc. For immigrants that feel that people look bad on them and then give grim face back to every white person they see and only smile to people of their own skin color, for me its a undemocratic action of them to stamp others as the enemy. It make me sure that to grow up in a democracy is a lot better than in a regime, it makes me happy about the chaos and opinions that we daily meet. It even makes me happy about commercial, noise, bad smell, screaming children, hey people live their life and as long as they don’t do anything to harm anyone what have they really done wrong? So to make a democracy function we have to do what we are best on continue to talk free about subjects, meet people we dislike in a polite way and smile but at the same time say/show our own opinion as well. The worst for a democracy is man made truth that we all have to follow, let the religious have the truth, the rest of us has to live with our doubt what if that if not. Ups the mad people don’t they can just look at people and say good, mad, dangerous. ; ) But hey this is just my opinion so don’t take we personal anyone, but if something of what I wrote made you happy have a nice day and continue to be good to new people you meet they might be a new friend ; )

    Have fun on internet Martin, its the best place to meet all kind of people and learn a lot!

    Enjoy life all best to you : )

  12. Martin
    May 29, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Norwegian tell that to the Swedes who witness rioting and fires by these mindless brainwashed idiots.
    Insofasr as the internet is concerned. Yes, this is a place where we can all learn. However, there are other sites where we still witness the abuse and hate towards us, especially on Israeli sites. Of course that is what a democracy is all about. Unfortunately, the only way Norway is a democracy is one has the chance to vote one’s choice. A real democracy offers the right of reply and to allow others to voice their opinions. We see that anyone who hates Israel is welcomed. One who has anything positive to say about Israel is forbidden to visit and speak openly.
    So norwegian you still believe that Norway is a democracy?.

  13. : )
    May 30, 2013 at 3:19 am

    I hope Norwegians can keep Norway democratic and speak free and not only union them self in their believe as the good, a Jewish woman asked me what is the difference in being the good nation than the god nation?
    That was to me a good point, it shows just how difficult it is with individuals in religion as well in systems and how much emotions it makes when people tell their story.

    Its easy to forget that there is also sunshine and not only dark, so critic has to be done in a way that makes people think not puke!

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