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just a quick snap shot to demonstrate that when the rest of the Middle East (which of course is being reported on) any minor sniffle in Israel immediately pushes the horrors in Syria or the disintegration of Lebanon (even Jordan) lower down on the agenda. Weird.


Verdens Gang 2012 05 22


Also in other media.

As US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Israel on Thursday, he will meet with a government deeply divided in their views on the creation of a Palestinian state.

The Israeli chief negotiator Tzipi Livni promoted her vision over ending the long conflict with the Palestinians to a committee in the national assembly on Tuesday.

However, the extreme right wing[1] within the government is in disagreement. (My underlining)

“Two states for two people might be the standpoint of Netanyahu; it is however not the official standpoint of the government”, Orit Struch of Bayit Yehudi pointed out at the same occasion.

Against a Palestinian state.

The leader of the party, Naftali Bennett, is a vocal opponent of the establishment of a Palestinian state in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza strip. He holds the opinion such a state entity in the end will be ruled by militant Islamists; having the destruction of Israel as their end goal.

Instead the former Jewish settler leader holds the opinion Israel should annex much of the West Bank; conquered in the 1967 war.

Bennett explains he has not attacked renewed peace talks in public, in a stalemate since 2012, simply because he has no faith in the success of these talks.

“It is our land”, Struck says about the West Bank, using the biblical terms of Judea and Samaria.

Such conflicts within the coalition government heralds political troubles to Netanyahu; if John Kerry succeeds with his peace offensive.

Many preconditions.

Netanyahu has given his support to a Palestinian state side by side with Israel in a future peace accord. However, he sets as a precondition that it has to be demilitarized. Also, he points out there is no question about returning to pre-1967 borders.

Additionally, he demands the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This demand is seen by the Palestinians as equal to abstaining from the right of return- also a main issue in the peace process.

In spite of obvious divides within the Israeli government, Silvan Shalom, a minister and a member of Netanyahu’s Likud party, states the ball is in the Palestinian court.

“We await an answer by the Palestinians. Are they willing to resume peace negotiations? The ball lies in their court”, Shalom holds as his opinion.

Palestinian skepticism.

The Palestinians appear to disagree.

Counselor to the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, Nimir Hammad, is skeptical towards John Kerry’s opportunity towards succeeding with his peace proposals. The Israeli government will do everything in its power to foil this offensive, Hammad told radio station Voice of Palestine on Tuesday.

Kerry will arrive in Israel on Thursday-his fourth visit as a secretary of state. There is little doubt his attempt to resuscitate the peace process will be very difficult.



Dagen 2012 05 22 p 23, Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Not Online


Palestinian Media Watch spokesperson writes a long op-ed on FM Barth Eide’s handling of the scandal concerning funding of Palestinian terrorist prisoners wages; criticizing the FM over statements made on PMW and continued funding of PA; asking for a meeting with the FM.


Palestinian issues


Aftenposten 2013 05 22 p 21, Caitlin Dewey

Not Online


Translation of this Washington Post article:

And by the way; while you can get hold of KFC in Gaza, you cannot in Oslo.



Verdens Gang 2013 05 24Erlend Skevik

Links to IDF video.

Quoting Bjørn Herman of the IDF, this article is commenting upon recent fighting on the Israeli-Syrian border, between Syrian regime forces and the IDF.

Israel has directed clear warnings to the Assad regime; stating incursions and provocations will not be tolerated, also the Israeli public has received warnings over a genuine threat of war, both by the leadership of the IDF and the PM.


Verdens Gang 2013 05 24



John Kerry meets with Israelis and Palestinians, no concrete results of meetings are published. Netanyahu states Israel willing to resume to peace process, Tzipi Livni says government is divided, also states majority of Israelis are in favor of peace.



Verdens Gang 2013 05 24 p 36, 37, Asgeir Ueland, Not Online


Interesting op-ed, pointing to the fact the Assad regime actually seems to have strengthened its position lately, due to support by Iran and Russia; and also Hezbollah’s manpower, being far from the defeat recently predicted by experts. The author also comments on Israel’s role, stating it is likely Israel will intervene if Hezbollah is given material support, but not elsewise. He states the conflict is likely to be ongoing for years.


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  1. Martin
    May 25, 2013 at 4:42 am

    At least Bennett is honest. The Arabs want peace? Which peace? There are different meaning to peace in Arabic as is well known now. Let us be honest, too that the only peace the Arabs want is the whole of the west bank. That is from the Med to the Jordan, as is clearly shown on all their propaganda material. It will be a land cleansed of Jews. Abbas himself, the grand follower and aide to Arafat has confirmed this many times.
    Wit the West and in particular Europe giving so much aid of all kinds to the so called Palestinians, there never will be peace. The UK establishment has since the San Remo Declaration betrayed its own commitments and promises to the Jewish people and is a major player in its anti Israel stance.
    With the shocking development of 2 British born Islamis hacking to death an unarmed soldier on the streets of London should be a real warning to all. Unfortunately diversity rules the whole of the public sector and costs a fortune. The most despicable part in this is the fact that the UK and faithful poodle the Norwegian establishment still continue with their hateful message. I wonder how the British people will feel now, if they are fully aware of the bounty or reward the UK pays to the families of those convicted terrorists for murdering Israelis? I wonder if an unarmed Norwegian soldier will face the same beheading on Groenland, or perhaps, in front of the Storting what reaction there will be? What if a reward for slaughtering unarmed people is given to the families of the perpetrators by a foreign government, supposedly friendly to Norway?
    Don’t think it will never happen, as the probabilities are clearly there to be seen, especially as Norwegian military are operational in Afghanistan. what a thought! I hope it does not happen obviously, I just wonder what the reaction will be from the Islamic establishment and their left wing friends (and some on the right, as well) will be????

  2. Eric R.
    May 26, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Blog Post from Canada:

    Will Norway become Europe’s first truly sizeable Judenrein country?

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