Norway’s FM: We won’t punish the PA for terrorist salaries

How wonderful it is to be politically correct – everything is relative and nothing  is wrong. Keep it up Norway – we might just live to see the day when oil monies have been spent on “exotic” peace initiatives, bogus integration initiatives and mass immigration, then where will we get our money from ? Maybe claim refund from the many Palestinian terrorists who have made it big on Norwegian idiocy?!

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Norway won’t punish Palestinians for terrorist support

Christian Democrats: Norway must use money as a lever

Despite harsh criticism against the Palestinian Authority’s support for terrorist convicted prisoners is not applicable for Norway to cut economic aid to the Palestinians.
It says Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide to VG.

Norwegian authorities responded after Israeli media last year revealed the hitherto unknown aspects of the financial aid scheme for Palestinian prisoners who are in Israeli prisons.

Among the new information is that the financial support increases with the length of the punishment, and that there is a special support program for people who are in prison after conviction in an Israeli military court. Several of them have been convicted of serious terrorist attacks.

– The right to respond
Norway leads the international donor committee, and has since 2008 provided over 200 million annually in budget support to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank. In a letter to the Norwegian foreign minister stressed, however, the outgoing Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad that Norwegian aid money has not gone to fund the controversial prisoner support.

Still, Barth Eide it is right of Norway to react to the Palestinians.

– Norway will always react to and help combat terrorism. Killings of civilians are not legitimate resistance to occupation. Norway will always react to attitudes or arrangements that may be perceived to support the killing of civilians as a policy instrument, regardless of the country or people who are behind, he said.

Do not cut support

Meanwhile, the foreign minister is clear that it is not necessary for Norway to cut economic aid to the Palestinians. He points out that both the U.S. and the EU share the Norwegian opinions.

– Norwegian money to the Palestinians go to the purposes for which it is in everyone’s interest to continue. It is something we also get to hear from Israel. Israeli officials are worried that international donors should withdraw from Palestine. They fear that this will lead to a weakened PA with less money and services. This will result in more and uncontrolled agitation, increasing security challenges and greater support for radical groups, says Barth Eide, pointing out that neither Israel has requested that Norway imposes economic sanctions against the Palestinians.

– When asked directly to the Israeli Foreign Ministry from me the answer that in spite of the aforementioned aid schemes not found Norway to end the aid to the Palestinians, he said.

Requires financial pressure

Several opposition parties in Parliament have reacted strongly against the scheme. Christian Democrat representative Kjell Ingolf Ropstad now demanding that Norway cut the financial support to put pressure on the Palestinians.

– I think the whole system needs to change, and I think it can best be achieved by using Norway’s role in the Donor Committee and financial support to pressure, he said.

– This is an arrangement that indirectly be construed as support for terrorism. I had so wanted both a stronger criticism of the scheme, and a more aggressive approach to push forward changes.

Despite assurances that the Norwegian money is not used to fund prisoner support, says Christian Democratic Party representative, however, that Norway indirectly contribute to the scheme through general budget support. This rejects foreign minister.

– Such arguments can be carried forward for any assistance budget in any country. I think it’s bad to hold such arguments. Budget support goes mainly to pay salaries of public employees in the education, health and security sectors, says Eide.

Tripled support

In a letter to the Parliamentary Control Committee confirms the Foreign Minister that the size of the support amount increases with the length of the sentence. For those who had served more than 30 years, the rest in 2010 tripled to around 19,200 per month. According to the Palestinian fangeministeriumet there are around 70 capture families receiving such a “premium contribution.”

In total there are about 3330 families who receive support from the Palestinian Authority.

The Foreign Minister stressed that he has taken up the matter with catching the Palestinian Authority, and clearly stated that he believes several aspects of the scheme is problematic.

– Most of us will think that it is wrong that some prisoners who are convicted of killing civilians to get what may be perceived as a reward. It is problematic that the rates goes up the longer the prisoner has served, which can be read as the serious crimes rewarded. The problem is thus both in alignment and level of the scheme, says Eide.

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  1. de Bacle
    May 31, 2013 at 5:16 am

    Eide claims, one may assume his account is correct, that Israel too prefers Norway to keep contributing to the PA economic survival notwithstanding the PA abuse of their limited funds.

    It would be interesting to hear, however, if the Israel foreign office had any “options” in their answer or if it was just a “Yes” or “No” query from Eide, e.g. “Would you prefer to have Norway stop donations to the PA”.
    Given an option, I bet Israel would answer yes to the question “Would you (Israel) like us (Norway) to use these donations as a pressure on the PA to make it conditional to that they stop “proportional” support of the prisoners families ?”

    NRK, VG, KRF, FRP and others could easily nudge Eide. Is it possibly so that, in fact, he has used the possible collapse of the PA as a pressure … on Israel .. to get his approval from them for the continued sloppy donation policy ?

    I am afraid this is probably the case; to the Red-green coalition in Norway there is no cost in pressuring Israel, but there is a political price in attempting to pressure the PA, since this woul expose them.

    Eide is smart though, he can also (as he does) hide behind the skirts of the EU and US – ( he always finds a way out. Must admire the guy…).

    There remains, however, the question whether Norwegian taxpayers agree with the MFA’s judgements. After all, it’s our money he is spending, and Israel maybe don’t care very much. In an election year Eide should be equally concerned that we are happy with the way our taxes are spent.
    I – am – not – quite – sure – I – am. Convince me.

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