Sidsel Wold and her apology of Norwegian Jihad fighters in Syria (and she did of course refer to the Joooos)

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Sidsel Wolds apologia of Jihadists headed for Syria

Hans Rustad

Former Middle East correspondent Sidsel Wold had a fixture in World on Saturday 25 May which was one long defense for those who go to Syria to support the insurgents. Justification of jihadists is scandalous, even to NRK to be.

Is there no editorial control in Norwegian? Editor Per Arne Kalbakk assured us after the Roma scandal that it should be tightened.

Wold have previously demonstrated that she is unpredictable. But one would think that a few years in the Middle East had provided some ballast. Here she gave free vent to an approach where she and counselor in the Islamic Association, Ihab Timraz, played on teams: the thesis was that Syria voyagers are no different than other Norwegians who have gone to war and conflict, and it was pulled one direct comparison with soldiers in NATO and UN operations. Lieutenant General Robert Mood was part of the notes.

There was a negative counterpoint: Norwegians going in IDF service. Why prosecuted or not monitored Norwegian authorities thereof, to PST monitored Syria-farers? This had to PST Jon Fitje Hoff-man answer.

Nils Nordberg had first read from PST threat assessment, warning about radicalization happens in some Muslim communities. It was performed with histrionic music. Some go to Syria to participate, and this makes Norway against unknown threats.

But are these threats? Sidsel Wold and Ihab Timraz seemed to think that this was political persecution. It is thus not the political views of jihadists there is anything wrong with that, it is the political vision to the Norwegian authorities.

Timraz asked the question: A whole world is against Assad’s regime, but those who go to fight it, we call terrorists. Why?

– These are individuals who sacrifice life and limb. A whole world it wants to see Assad fall. Then it is ironic that one calls them that will fight the terrorists, said Timraz.

Wold let the question go on to Fitje Hoffmann.

– Stemp-laughs you not a whole group?

Fitje tried to get her in the face without completely letting go to reality:

– We would simply not cut all over a comb. Pst just trying to keep up with those who we think may be dangerous. Ver-it is complex.

So could-tel-le-Wold clean unfold.

– In all the years, Norwegians have come out to participate in war and conflict, whether they went as crusaders to take Jerusalem from the Muslims or they went to Spain to fight against Franco’s dictatorship. More than 20,000 UN troops were in Liba-non. Tuse-tions have subsequently participated
in NATO and UN operations. Sometimes called the war, sometimes humanitarian missions or peacekeeping operations. Adventure, excitement, money and idealism trigger young men.

She was tapping into Aslak Nore, who served for NATO in Bosnia. He could confirm that the motivational factors are adventure, friendship, idealism, excitement, money.

Over to Lieutenant General Robert Mood, who spoke about “those who go out.” It was vague about it too concerned Syria-farers. He confirmed that there was “money, adventure, adrenaline” that cap and “it to contribute to something greater than oneself.” Then he asked directly about Syria-farers and answers:

– About the Norwegian Syria-farers as follows PST, I obviously did not make any sense, but generally considered append their involvement in the ranks of Norwegians who stands up against tyranny and fight for what they believe in and reduce the suffering of innocents.

Timraz points past that “Syria-farers are not a homogenous group” and thought about it that many were there to help.

Time to introduce the bad wolf in the story: Norwegians go to Israel.

– Over the years, many Norwegians served in the Israeli army, including the spokesman Bjorn Herman, who is a Norwegian citizen. In addition, there are many who go down to perform short-term tasks. IDF over switch Population ret-ten-day fair due. occupying-pa-tio-nen. In addition concluded a UN report that the IDF committed war crimes in 2009.

The South African judge Richard Goldstone stood behind the report, and he later took distance from it. This know Wold. Or forget-more she is not fit?

Ihab Timraz can now complain of Norwegian authorities that monitor the idealistic Syria-farers, but do not do anything with them that go krigsforbryterske Israel’s errand.

– Yes, how can this hang together? ask Wold inquiries to Fitje.

– To the extent that this would be a matter for the Norwegian authorities, it would be NCIS his table, he replied.

Wold can only speculate on the reasons for the difference in treatment:

– What makes Syria-farers dif-le-Dec? Is it because they are mouse-li more? Is it because they travel for ideological reasons? Covers not war the violent emotions of others?

Nore collected to tell that he has called Norse battle cry and got the urge to ever stronger adrenaline, in Iraq and Afghanistan.


– Although the picture may seem similar, there is a big difference in how governments and Norwegians look at the UN and Nato vs. Syria-farers.

– Do you think there is more reason to be concerned about Syria voyagers when they return home?


– My experience in relation to veterans is that the contrary is returning home with greater respect for democracy, that it creates itself. In addition, many veterans experienced Muslim hospitality and know that it is not religion that is the problem, but extremism, no matter what form it comes in.

Sidsel Wold used his knowledge and NRK’s ​​resources to create a propaganda element that justifies and legitimizes jihadists who go to Syria. It was so in-sla-tion was laid up. If she wanted to show that not all jihadists, she made another element.

When NRK experienced reporters use their position to strengthen the jihadists reputation, it’s serious. It undermines the PST’s work and strengthen the Islamist flow providing recruits for the war. At Lieutenant General Mood participate and play their role, is almost incredible: He should have known enough to post some reservations. It did Fitje.

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  1. Eric R.
    May 31, 2013 at 5:17 pm


    I will give you a grade of 85 out of 100.

    For a perfect score, you have to write “da jooooos.”

  2. : )
    June 1, 2013 at 2:45 am


    my hope is that people in Israel can see this as a symptom that something is not working 100% in Norway and discuss the situation not finding blame goats to go after. It will just make more hate and chaos. Show one self as better than Norwegians that want to boycott Israel for things they dislike, as the way Israel defend them self from terrorists. Say I understand that you feel it like this if you want me to tell you how I see it let me know. If you just want to start a fight it will be with out me! Good luck in your mission to make the world good, I live with reality and that might be brutal but real.

    Martin do you have any good vegetarian recipes? According to Dyrealliansen all Jews has to stop eating meat. When was Dyrealliansen elected her in Norway McG? Well they probably get support from the government to keep up their work for animals against evil humans. What about synthetic meat McG? Can that be something? Then pills to people that feel the emotions to their animals is more important than culture and human life and let people live as they have for how many years, but hey we all are animals so lets be realistic about it.

  3. herbert deutsch
    June 1, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Who cares about Norway and what it thinks? At bottom it is a self-indulgent, preening place which the world will little miss.

  4. : )
    June 2, 2013 at 12:57 am


    if it was so you would have not used time on this page. Personally I have no clue really what makes some Norwegians to what they are, but one thing is sure more dedicated people to reach their goals no matter what is difficult to find. They have drag them self out of poverty since 1905, now they need to build a good nation. The hate against Jews her are odd, now that we have internet and a lot of immigrants its still is a huge interest what the Jews really do. In one way I feel that the Norwegians fear that Jews will revenge them self on them and that to see if it can be so they act very proactive against Jews in general, even in the police and court system with Jews that try to protect them self. Its not odd that Jews that has worked for progress for Norway get really upset when the Muslims can just free enter and demand rights in the name of democracy and help against the Jews. This is what Norway has to understand people must be included as they are not as one want them to be!

    I have learnt my self to protect my own feelings when I’m around Norwegians and see their goals. Often the goals are really good. But they see different opinions as a core to chaos not a way to find new roads. As I see it its Norway that needs the world not the other way around : )

    I’m glad for every Israeli that can show love and care to Norway because people her need it to stay good. That want to use some of their time to tell about terror events meet young people and let people judge for them self, not only let media make the big picture.

    Even if you sometimes are hard Herbert I can see a lot of love and care shining in your comments, its something about taking the bitter with the good. Its about being the leader that helps people out of their misery into light. Its about a hope that we all can live in peace and respect for the one we are and not fight each other down.

  5. Martin
    June 2, 2013 at 3:37 am

    Norwegians, this woman is just a reflection of the extreme hard left people who have almost total control over the minds of the many brainwashed Norwegian people.
    When I first entered this blog, I warned then that the immigration of so many Muslims will effect the attitude towards the Jews. That politicians will need to take into account their large numbers as against the pitifully small number of Jewish Norwegians. This was generally not accepted on this blog. I believe my original findings were correct and have been copied in Norway from the UK and now all over Europe.

    That is not to say that Jew hatred was unknown in Norway. not at all. It just gave Norwegians to be Jew hateful but dressed up as anti Zionist or anti Israel. Which is exactly what we see today.

    Insofar as vegetarian menus are concerned. Just where will one start. you will find plenty of recipes on the internet including Jewish vegetarian recipes.
    The suggestion that Jews must learn to not eat kosher meat and give up therefore, all meat is a disgrace. And I post here as a vegetarian, what this shtick drekk has said proves just how her hate has manifested itself. The poor woman is deluded and desperately needs psychological or psychiatric help. Next thing, she will be dreaming of Jews crawling out of the walls to attack her. Ignorant hateful specimen of prejudice

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