Media advice for Dagbladet: when in a sink hole, stop digging

Dagbladet responded to the harsh condemnations of its vile and anti-Semitic cartoon by claiming that they now have a situation similar to the one which occurred in Denmark after the publication of the Muhammed cartoons in Jyllandsposten in 2005.

It didn’t take many hours before their ludicrous claims were picked up by international media, so now they look even more foolish and brutish than before. First of all, the protests from Jewish organizations consisted entirely of letters and oped’s, in stark contrast to the global riots the Muhammed cartoons resulted in, claiming many lives. Secondly, Dagbladet is also trying to pass themselves off as the cornerstone of Norwegian philo-Semitism, saying that they have “long and consistent history of fighting anti-Semitism.”

Well, anybody who has read news papers for more than two weeks know that the opposite is true, that they have in fact spearheaded acts of anti-Semitism in Norway, as many of this blog’s entries have documented.

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‘Reaction to circumcision cartoon similar to Mohammed riots’

Groups crying anti-Semitism ‘leave little room for nuances and reflections,’ Norwegian paper says, defending publication of blood-soaked image

June 6, 2013, 2:57 pm 11
Part of an anti-Semitic cartoon published in Norway's Dagbladet in May (photo credit: screen capture/

Part of an anti-Semitic cartoon published in Norway’s Dagbladet in May (photo credit: screen capture/

JTA — The Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet said reactions to its caricature on circumcision “are similar” to riots that erupted over cartoons mocking Mohammed.

Referencing Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten caricatures of Mohammed in 2005, Dagbladet wrote in a statement: “We now have similar reactions to a cartoon that Dagbladet printed last week.”

Several people died in what the New York Times termed “a wave of violent protests by Muslims” in the Middle East and Europe over the caricatures mocking Mohammed.

Last week, several Jewish organizations condemned the Dagbladet caricature, which showed two people who were widely perceived to be Jewish because of their clothing maiming a child with a fork and bolt cutter while holding a book and professing their faith.

“The groups which said the circumcision caricature was anti-Semitic “leave little room for nuances and reflections,” the paper wrote in a statement published this week on its website.

“They claim that this is proof of Dagbladet’s antisemitic views. We come from a different angle and have a different interpretation of the cartoon,” the statement read, adding: “It is important to distinguish between friend and foe when considering this question of values. Dagbladet has a long and consistent history of fighting anti-Semitism.”

6 comments for “Media advice for Dagbladet: when in a sink hole, stop digging

  1. Eric R.
    June 7, 2013 at 5:44 am

    Ha-shem has betrayed us.

    Norway beat Israel in penalty time.

    I haven’t been so upset over a soccer match since the evil Iranians beat the USA in the 1998 World Cup.

  2. : )
    June 7, 2013 at 7:15 am

    Kriste Eric R.

    What a comment.

    Well her in Norway one speaks a lot about big brother now–Solide-bevis-pa-overvaking-2910994.html#.UbHn0vl-xIE

    McG can this be why a person calmed that this was a Zionist page? McG if you get people addicted, I can make self help books to people and then we can share the profit, US is probably very interested in all that are 16 – 70 and has internet. So imaging the marked of burned out people one can fool with how to avoid being seen on the web by big brother (all stupid people this was a joke). One good advice for free if you wonder if you are been followed switch off your computer and self phone some days and take a break you are probably stressed!

  3. de Bacle
    June 7, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    Dagbladet can get away with their nonsense (in Norway) because there is no major newspaper or TV media presenting an “alternative view” in Norway.

    Dagbladet explicitly demonizes the people practicing Brit milah – they are depicted as barbaric vile beings.
    It bugs me that the editor of one of the three major newspapers in Norway is too unintelligent and incompetent to see the huge difference between their cartoon and the mohammed caricatures.

    Since Brit Milah is an ethnic rather than a religious ritual Dagbladet is demonizing all Jews, not Judaism.

    The editor knows he is the one to be held responsible for broadcasting the Nazi propaganda. He lamely tries to redirect focus by “defending the cartoonist” (with naive reference to his misunderstood intentions).

    Will be sad to once again see the equally lame incompetence and failure of the Norwegian “press supervising board” (pfu).

  4. : )
    June 8, 2013 at 1:14 am


    this, this, this is just to good to be true,

    I don’t know on what planet the analysts to AP lives on, but I’m surely glad to see that non on this page had anything to do with their fall. Let people make jokes about religion but not about politic? Eh was it some in her that spoke about double standards? Well they did not get that point ether, how stupid ; )

    McG now its just to twist

  5. : )
    June 9, 2013 at 12:05 am

    de Bacle,

    the way of building up stories like one are a fiction maker is what makes the situation we have in the media today. Personally I think both Anne Sender and Dr. Sussia has gone to fare to undress stories and people behind them, what happens then is that we all become scared that next time its our closet that is ready to open. And then people start to share everything they have done in their life, that just make a lot of noise in the media and make all more stupid and childish. Just look at the big big brother show, well no kids today has to wonder whats sex is about, they know people just do it for money on telly, then we have a sex law, give me a break what are we learning our kids? Sex is ok on telly with people you don’t like, but if you do not on telly its a crime? Well if SV had had balls as they don’t they would have band big brother in Norway. Get the sex law away and help people that sells sex instead. Moral laws stinks everywhere in a democracy!

    As I see it women in general has always been suppressed and the fight to the feminist has to be talked about how it works in real life for the individual woman. Personally have I had teachers that has suppressed boys in the classroom, and there still is accepted to talk negative about boys in a way that can build up hate in young men. This hate will be a danger for young successful women and one has to warn them instead of telling them its their right to be smart and independent and its ok that boys are regarded as horny. How many horny men are there out there McG? My guess is that young women in general has a very odd picture what their life can and can’t be, and has problems to conect to men in general in a positive non sexual way. Men = sex, well that is so fare from facts one can get Men = individuals.
    Its sad that this young woman did not think about cultural differences and how a man that was not used to a no would respond to her. Its so sad for her family and all her friends that miss her. It should be a real wake up for modern young women.

    I have had so much fun reading comments on VD about how is no defending the cartoons in Dagbladet. Solinski had a good point, its the same gang that goes around being activists. For me the cartoons are just to heavy as art, so they become crap. The drawings that offended the Muslims was art and that is why the reaction to them and the way it was done with Muslims living in Denmark working for the hate became to dramatic reaction. Has the Jews reacted to dramatic on the cartoon in Dagbladet? To people that wants to work for religious liberation it is probably a to strong reaction. For Jews that feel its free to say anything in the news it is probably a new prow that the world are after them. It depends on how one ask, its not one opinion.

    de Bacle my grandfather always sad don’t look at the threes than you will not see the wood. I was clueless why wood was something to see, but it might be that don’t get to into the details but try to stay on a moral level that makes you don’t want to know how sleeps with how (you can tell me, I love gossips as long as its not about me), but what is a fact and then just discuss facts with people. Everything can be made personal, but then it just become nothing else that a show in how can hide their mistakes and how that can’t and one are on to feelings to people and then one can just order a large glass of pills ; )


    Take some good feeling music Go men yo!

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