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This is just a small snippet of what goes on in media Norway. It is interesting to see that as elections draws closer, opposition parties are much clearer that they want better control over money donated to the PA and/or other Palestinian institutions…



Østlendingen 2013 06 17

Line Lilleskjæret



Two members of the Norwegian team at the UEFA games in Israel were attacked at a party, celebrating the team’s partial success in the games. Israeli police is making an investigation of this assault, which took place at the “Clara” disco in Tel Aviv.

Palestinian issues


Miff.no 2013 06 18

Conrad Myrland



In a letter sent to the members of the Storting’s Committee on Control and Scrutiny, pro-Israel NGO raise questions on Norwegian MFA’s claims over ignorance over fiscal support to terrorist prisoners in Israel; stating they received credible information on this issue in 2011- through the Norwegian MFAs local representative to the PA; Tor Wennesland.



Vårt Land 2013 06 18

Bjørgulv K. Bjåen


The Conservatives, Progressives. Liberals and the Christian People’s Party demands the government investigates whether payments to prisoners is being paid with Norwegian money.

“The opposition by now expects the government to make their own enquiries concerning funds going to terrorism convicted Palestinian prisoners”, says Hans Olav Syversen, the leader of the CPP in the Norwegian parliament.

While debating the revised National Budget in the committee on foreign affairs; the four right wing parties have joined, after an initiative by the CPP. Again, these four parties have joined in a common policy.

Tripled support.

In an annotation to the Committee, this is to be found:

“The committee’s CPP member refers to the discovery of fiscal support by the PA to inmates in Israeli prisons. This member refers to the FM having written a letter to the Storting’s Committee on Scrutiny and Control; confirming the size of fiscal support increasing with longer prison terms. To those prisoners serving the longest terms; support was tripled in 2010 to about 19 200 NOK a month; several times the amount of wages earned by ordinary workers. According to the PA, some 70 prisoner families receive such “top grants”. A separate arrangement of fiscal support exists to those convicted by Israeli military courts. Several of those are convicted over serious terrorist attacks”.

Demands investigations.

The CPP finds it to be not acceptable “if Norwegian funding is directly or indirectly fiscally funding terrorists”. For this reason the Party holds the opinion the government should not be at ease over the replies so far given by the PA.

By now, the CPP, Conservatives, Progressives and Liberals expect the Stoltenberg government to “actively seeking to find out how this system of funding is actually working”.


Vårt Land 2013 06 17



Parties in agreement over “confidence making initiatives”.

The Ministers of Finance of Israel and Palestine have decided to resume economic cooperation; halted by Israel last year.

The parties confirm this after meeting in Jerusalem this weekend. According to the Israeli Ministry of Finance, discussions were conducted concerning “confidence making initiatives”.


According to a spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Finances, Israel has agreed to transfer monthly taxes being collected for the PA; retained between December and March, being the result of the Palestinians having received observer status at the UN.

Regular meetings.

The goal of both parties is now to implement regular meetings on technical questions regarding border  crossings, fuel, electricity and water supplies; in addition to reimbursements and treatments of Palestinian patients in Israeli hospitals.

According to Israeli Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid, this cooperation will benefit both parties.

“There are problems surrounding the everyday life of Palestinians that have to be coordinated and followed up by Israeli authorities”, Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat told Palestinian radio

Jewish issues

English language news source “The Foreigner”, published in Norway, has a series of articles on religion. This is their take on the situation of Judaism in Norway:


The Foreigner 2013 06 16

M. Michael Brady


Judaism has been the most repressed religion in Norway. The Constitution of 1814 barred Jews from the country. 1845’s ‘Nonconformist Law’ granted religious freedom to Christian faiths but not non-Christian ones. For Jews, the constitutional ban remained in force six more years until it was rescinded in 1851.

The first Jew, Abraham Vollman from Germany’s Lübeck, settled in Christiania (Oslo) in 1852 and opened a shop. In 1891, the country’s first nonconformist congregation, the Mosaiske Trossamfund (‘The Mosaic Community’) was founded in Oslo. The Jewish population then grew slowly to about 1,800 in 1940, the time

of the German invasion. In 1942, occupying Germans required that Jews be sent to concentration camps. The collaborationist government complied. (The King and Parliament had fled to England and comprised the true government in exile during the war). It willingly participated in the Holocaust by deporting some 770 Jews, of whom 758 were killed in death camps.

One of those killed was Ruth Maier, who in 1939 had fled from her native Vienna, only to be arrested in November 1942 and deported to Auschwitz. She left diaries and letters, which in 2007 were transcribed by poet Jan Erik Vold and published in book form: ‘Ruth Maiers Dagbok’, which subsequently was translated into English under the title ‘Ruth Maier’s Diary’.

The attitudes of the general public could hardly have differed more. The Norwegian home front successfully smuggled 900 Jews across the Swedish border to safety during WWII. In Trondheim, the Methodist congregation gave Jews a place to secretly worship after their synagogue was occupied, and hid the Jewish congregation’s books and papers throughout the occupation.

In 1947, the Norwegian Government agreed to accept 600 Jewish refugees, most of whom emigrated in 1948 to Israel or other countries. A large group of Jews fled the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 by immigrating to Norway. Likewise, many Jews fled the anti-Semitic unrest in Poland by immigrating to Norway in 1967.

Most of Norway’s 1,500 some Jews live in the greater Oslo area today. There also is a small community of about 120 in Trondheim, which boasts the only synagogue known to have once served as a railway station. It also is the world’s northernmost synagogue.

Norwegian Jewish culture and history are well-documented in two museums. The Jewish Museum in Trondheim is located in the same building as the synagogue – it was Norway’s first immigrant museum when opened in 1997. The Jewish Museum in Oslo is located in a former synagogue in the central downtown area.

Both museums offer publications in Norwegian and in English.


  • Membership: about 1,500.

  • Two congregations and two synagogues, Oslo and Trondheim.

  • Further information: Det Mosaiske Trossamfund (‘The Mosaic Community’), Bergstien 13, 0172 Oslo,

15 comments for “About Israel and Jews in Norwegian media

  1. Eric R.
    June 19, 2013 at 8:15 am

    Israel should tell the Norwegians – openly – that if the right is not elected, that diplomatic relations will be broken, that all Norwegian diplomats and “reporters” will be expelled, and those who resist even in the slightest, who mutter even the slightest piece of anti-Semitic hate, will be jailed for five years. Let’s see what effect that has on your election.

  2. : )
    June 20, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Oh no McG, no its the world power show one more time.


  3. Bonnie Fide
    June 21, 2013 at 7:55 am

    .. and “Arabs in Israel we don’t see in Norwegian media”



    (…Links from Oslo Chabad Lubavitch weekly newsletter…)

  4. Ellen
    June 21, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Israel should tell the Norwegians – openly – that if the right is not elected, that diplomatic relations will be broken.

    Actually, I think that would be illegal in several ways. First of all, it would be interfereing in another country’s free elections, and as far as I know that can only happen if the country is currently under UN observation. And even then, the election observers are there to ensure voters are not pressured into voting for a certain candidate.

    Second, it would be one country’s government telling another country’s civilian population what to do and who to vote for. I’m not sure what international law says on that subject, but I’m fairly sure not even USA can do that. It would make Israel seem like a real agressor, and Norway would get all the sympathy.

    that all Norwegian diplomats and “reporters” will be expelled, and those who resist even in the slightest, who mutter even the slightest piece of anti-Semitic hate, will be jailed for five years.

    When you’re talking about jailing those who resist, you’re refering to those resisting deportation, and not people in Norway resisting voting for the conservatives?

  5. Martin
    June 22, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Hi, yes, it’s me, I’m back and I have just read all the posts from just before I left to this. I had a lovely time in France thank you. Everyone I meet understands that I am Jewish and I never have any problem whatsoever.
    Here in the UK, I belong to the British version of the FrP. The UK Independence Party and all the members understand that I am Jewish and have met no negative comments whatsoever.

    I must say that I have been really impressed with Ellen and her statement to Norwegian was most telling. In fighting Jew/Israel hatred (please do not comment on anti-Semitism, it is far too respectable), is the fight for Norway itself. The old blood libel is alive and well, as the cartoon shows. If everyone had stood back Norwegian, many more Jewish survivors would have perished during the Holocaust. Good to see Harry still present and de Bacle making his presence felt, too. Excellent.

    The apartment in Ulleval Hageby that I rented in Oslo belonged to two Christian sisters, who helped Jewish people escape to Sweden. The early leaders of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People included many Jews. The film about the 2 whites and 1 black in the film “Mississipi Burning is based on fact. The 2 whites were Jews. Though looking at some of he jealous hate from within many n the black community, one asks whether it was worth their lives?

    The traditional hate of the church against the Jews stems from the New Testament and still continues (with few exceptions) The old monied Right, the industrialists and land owners practised Jew hatred. The latter day socialists and communists picked up the hate and also used it for their purpose. The Arabs learned real Jew hate from their Christian missionaries and Colonial powers.

    Even with a change of government, the situation in Norway will hardly change overnight and any progression with be slow and laborious. The elite and establishment will still be in place and the “Blue eyed Arabs of the North will still place oil before morality and ethics. So yes Eric, I agree with you. Looking at the old pictures of Jew/Israel hate is so ingrained now in Norwegian society, Israel should cancel diplomatic relations, cancel all intelligence co-operation and if the Jews have any sense, they should all emigrate. They can claim their livelihood in Norway along with their personal safety is under threat and request diplomatic protection.

    Some friends here include a very rigid practising Christian woman. (now she is very nice and has not met a Jew before) She has been asking me many questions and making statements regarding Israel and the Jewish people. She has not been nasty, quite the opposite in fact. I had to inform her about t/he traditions of persecution of the Jewish people etc, why we don’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah etc. I also explained that Jews are obliged not to criticise Christianity, nor Islam as both religions practice the belief of one God, unlike the 2 daughter religions. However, I no longer feel obliged these days in being so quiet. To cut a long story short regarding the Christian belief as a religion of tolerance and forgiveness. I explained the official Christianity, like the ultra Jewish (?) right the Naturei Karta find it difficult to believe in a Jewish state without Jesus or the Messiah.

    I explained that I find the church intolerant of the Jews that shows love and forgiveness to all except the Jews because we allegedly killed Christ. And that is why we are hated. (I was asked about forgiveness of the Holocaust). If Christianity is a religion of forgiveness, why does that not include the Jews? And yes, in answer to her question, I had rad the very boring New Testament and understand why so many Christian do hate us. And yes, why if we had not killed Jesus, they would not have a son of god to pray to. I find it incredibly difficult to understand why the belief is that the Sanhedrin was more powerful than Pontius Pilate?

    Insofar as the west is concerned. The Church is still at war with the Jewish people while it is under attack all over the world by the Islamic conquest. The Christian community of Bethlehem is now about 20% under the PA..

    The Jew is like the canary in the coal mine. Democracy is under attack in the wets, the canary is singing but for the most part, the miners are deaf and do not want to hear the tune.

  6. : )
    June 23, 2013 at 3:32 am


    I’m glad you had a lovely holiday and I can ensure you I’m not a Norwegian or a Jewish leader even if you try to temp me to take that into my ego : ) In my opinion each human has to lead him self and hope God has mercy in his actions. If a person fail I think we as humans should help each other to get back on the path not hit each other in the head, don’t you agree?

    When it comes to the Muslims hate against Jews didn’t it start with Ismael? Isn’t that why Muslim men says trow them men on the sea and give us the women and the children? They still hate Abraham for the way he trowed his first born in to the desert don’t they? Israel is Ismael’s land for them not the the second son of Abraham. Why make new stories about a old family fight?

    I agree with you that Ellen is a very reflective Norwegian woman and I also appreciate her opinions. They are not main Norwegian opinions, but they show hope that one day one be oneself also in a social democracy.

    I’m glad everyone you meet respect you opinions Martin ; ) I have never had that experience but I meet a lot of nice people that are them self and learn by that ; )

    Doubt Jews in Norway see them self in these hands ; )

  7. Martin
    June 23, 2013 at 6:10 am

    Norwegian, the Islamic hate could not start from Ishmael, the first son of Avraham’s handmaiden. Islam started about 1500 years ago at the time of Mohammed. The pagans in the area spoke Aramaic (very similar to Hebrew, in the same letters etc, much like Norwegian and Danish. Arabic became the common language taking over from Aramaic only after the Islamic conquest. In fact, although the Arabs, pagans and Muslims later formed their hate from just disrespect for the Jews, it was ably taken up by the Arab Christians. They learned Jew hatred from the missionaries.

    During the Crusades the “civilised (?)” European Christians on their zealous mission to take the “Holy Land” killed thousands of Jews on their way through Europe before they even reached the shores of Judea. This murderous spree continued in the Holy Land killing any Jew they could find. A recent BBC programme spread over a few weeks concerning the crusades in the Holy Land never even mentioned the Jews there. That the BBC commissioned the programme and the presenter is a Muslim did not help either. But that is the BBC of course., The Muslims learned the art of hate from the Christians. Some of the Arab terrorists who commit the transparent crime of murdering Jews are also Christian. Not all are Muslim.

    Muslims do not hate Avraham, indeed Islam is one of the so called three Abramaic faiths. Do not be taken in by the lies that Abraham was a Muslim. Not even Christianity accepts that. In fact many of the acts towards Abraham’s son Isaac has been copied into the Islamic faith. At the time of Mohammed, the Arabs worshipped the moon, which is why many of the Islamic national flags has the 1/4 moon displayed.

    Islam claims any land where they inhabited as Islamic. They regard Spain, parts of France and other areas of Europe as Islamic and to this day, see their right of return in those countries., No doubt, that certain areas of Oslo will become Islamic.

    Ellen, you make sense. Unfortunately, Norway, the USA, the EU and the UK are leading countries in telling Israelis how to vote, what to do and what not to do. Where they may and may not live etc. As a Norwegian, I am sure you don’t like any other country forcing your nationals to act in an acceptable manner. well neither does Israel. Not for nothing have the Israelis taken it upon themselves to force these NGOs (non government organisations, or QUANGOS as they known here) to disclose just where their money originates from. They squeal like pigs and accuse the government of interference. Sadly, the far left Jews are friends of Arab aggression. Some even state their support for Hamas. Oh yes, most will read Ha Aretz, the left wing paper that is steadily losing readership.

    You mention the USA, well Obama has made it quite clear in telling the Israelis just who they should support. Barmy Obama, like Cameron and vague Hague are totally inept as international leaders and should remain in the limited comfort zones.

    it is a known fact that those who spread hate against the Jews, physically, orally etc are not even cautioned. I would like to see more Norwegians and Swedes libel and slander Islamic rites, their leaders and vilify the Arab nations, as they do to the Jews and Israel. It will never happen of course. The courage to do so, even if they wanted to do, is missing. They know full well that to do so, would mean losing their jobs and probably the lives.. This assumption is based on factual evidence.

    As I mentioned before, cancel all diplomatic relations with countries that offer full unwavering support to one’s enemies and vilify us. I doubt that the Israeli leadership has the guts to do so – sadly.

  8. Eric R.
    June 23, 2013 at 8:19 am

    To Ellen:

    “Actually, I think that would be illegal in several ways. First of all, it would be interfereing in another country’s free elections, and as far as I know that can only happen if the country is currently under UN observation. ”

    There is nothing at all illegal about this. Israel’s embassies and consulates, and where she would maintain them, are solely up to the decisions of the Israeli government.

    Israel has every right to decide with which nations (and which governments) it will have diplomatic relations. These would still be free elections in Norway (or as free as the left will allow there). All Israel is doing is making clear that it will be a foreign policy disaster for Norway if the Jew-hating left wins.

    Elections, (as we say in America) have consequences. Israel would be stating in advance what one of those consequences are.

  9. Eric R.
    June 23, 2013 at 8:27 am

    In general, I think Norway should just stick to doing the five things it knows how to do well, and forget about international relations. They are alpine skiing, corss-country skiing, speed skating, sardines and lutefisk. (Fish in caustic soda? Yeeech!)

  10. : )
    June 23, 2013 at 11:25 am


    this is what Wikipedia says:
    The book of Jubilees places the location and identity of the Ishmaelites as the Arab peoples residing in Arab territories. This is the current view for the majority of the Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths. According to Biblical accounts the Arab people traditionally have had long-standing alliances with the descendants of the Assyrians and the Medes


  11. Ellen
    June 23, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    Martin, I’m aware of this happening. :( Eric hasn’t responded yet, but I took his post to mean that he thought the Israeli government should make an official statement to the people of Norway. That was what I think would have caused a lot of disbelieving outrage against Israel. I know Norway meddles in Israel’s affairs, but it’s always been aimed at the government, I think. As far as I know, Jens & Co have never written a statement to the Israeli population.

    Actually, I’f the left should win the election (G** forbid!) I’m almost hoping they would do something really stupid that would break international laws and expose them to the world as the inept fools they are. Perhaps we could have them all permanently disqualified for ruling the country. >:(

  12. : )
    June 24, 2013 at 12:46 am

    I have to defend Eric R. her before you all go after his rhetoric behavior.

    All democracy’s try to affect each other and making money on each other etc. non are good states! In my opinion the Norwegian population knows well what they get if they vote for the left or the right inside and outside of Norway. What people in Norway in general want is not more individual thinking, but more group thinking as one had in the first years after the war. In my opinion the Norwegian population accept myths and group thinking in a larger degree than what one should expect from a population that is educated and have economical freedom. Immigration from the Muslim world that also accept myths and group thinking will help to keep Norway in the poor man culture where the good state help its population to know what is best for them. Sorry to say it Ellen but you find this wet dream on the left and right, we are a to small population to get a dynamic environment where people can be free thinking. In my opinion unless Norwegians leaders accept weakness in the Nordic model and discuss it with nations that has bigger issues, the worst analysis about a reduction of democracy has to come, not because of immigration but a governmental protection to keep the population good when critical thinking failed so that one just focus on preventing bad actions from mad individuals that speaks odd. Eric R. if I had been an American i would gladly have just looked how Norway went down, why do you care about us?

  13. Martin
    June 24, 2013 at 10:14 am

    Norwegian, Wikipedia quotes the lineage from the bible. Abraham took another wife named Keturah.. Abraham willed everything he owned to his son Isaac. To his concubines sons, he made them gifts. Isaac invited his step brother Ishmael to their fathers burial.

    You can see where Ishmael’s descendants settles. He might be father of various Arab nations but, he was a pagan and did not follow his fathers religion, as did Isaac. As I mentioned earlier, The Arabs were pagan, with or without traditions, they did not practise religion in believing in one god until Mohammed swept throughout the region.

    In your response to Eric R, you mention Norway being well educated with the excuse of being a small nation. Well, it all depends on the quality of what one will classify as education. Those youngsters on Utoye were receiving educational knowledge of the middle east, which contained a huge amount of hate thrown towards Israel thrown in for good measure.

    Israel is also a small nation, contained within a tiny land space, surrounded by hateful enemies. Believe me Israelis know far more of the world generally than do Norwegians. and not just on matters pertaining to the Middle East.

    If your last question to Eric had been placed instead or in addition to me, my answer would be, I don’t care any longer about Norway. What Norway has sown, so has Norway began to reap. I do care for the Jewish community and my family in laws there. If Norwegians are ignorant enough not to taker the initiative into seeking the truth, morality, ethics and decency, why should I care? The hate your country shows will only rebound back onto her, as it would appear to be happening now.

  14. martin
    June 24, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Ellen, it is a sad fact that the interference by Norway (and many others) directly and indirectly effects individual Israelis. The organisations that I’d mentioned earlier take it upon themselves to openly communicate with individual Israelis.

    The organisations are rabidly Jew/Israel hating ,even though, many of the people are supposedly of Jewish origins, certainly they are of the far left socialist/communist camp. The Naturei Karta as a religious Jewish group should be totally excommunicated as they not only encourage the Arabs but are so hateful towards Israel and its Jewish population. They openly call for the state of Israel to be finished and are allied with the likes of Arafat and Abbas. Of course, they don’t work and are totally dependent upon benefits and hand outs from the state and tax payers.

    I am unsure whether a change in government in Norway will make much difference to the country’s official attitude and that of its population towards Israel. Firstly, the hate campaign has been successfully carried out for many years now with a brainwashed population. Secondly, the apparatus of Norway will not change, i.e. unions, ascademia, police, juduiciary, etc etc etc. Many on the right also harbour ill will towards Israel and the Jews. We see it here in the UK. Cameron and Hague have really shown their ignorance and prejudice quite openly. The BBC has not changed at all in its prejudice and biased reporting on Israel. So why should the NRK and Aftenposten and the news media generally change? Arab limitless financial funding to further its dogma has been and will continue to be strong, to the detriment of real democracy and ethical leadership.

  15. : )
    June 25, 2013 at 11:05 am

    good answers ; )

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