Hanne Nabintu Herland packs a mean punch – tears big lumps out of Government double standards, msm for their silence

Lately there has been very little writing or talking about Israel. Summer is upon us and the current government have now realized that they are not exactly favorites for the upcoming elections, so they are now busy tabling more and more desperate measures proposals to see if they can curry favor with distanced voters. At the same time, the right of center parties are floating ideas to gauge voter response. Interestingly, they have consistently floated ideas on how to be tougher on Palestinians, and less savage with Israel – Might the fact that these ideas have been expanded on, rather than taken off the table, suggest that a more balanced approach to the ME conflict is now the expectation of Norwegian voters?

While Israel is not a hot topic at the moment, conspicuously so is also not the news that our former FM Jonas Gahr Støre and Chief of Defense Harald Sunde have been denounced for war crimes and crimes against humanity for the Norwegian involvement in the Libyan war. In fact, no newspaper have reported on this, and no politicians (certainly not any from the Labour party), who otherwise are so eager to denounce you know who…

This embarrassing failure to debate such a major piece of news by politicians and mainstream media inspired Hanne Nabintu Herland to write a stinging criticism of the “establishment”. I think a fitting description is HORRENDOUS DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!

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Jens Stoltenberg Jonas Gahr Støre denounced:  the LIBYA war
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I will take this opportunity to thank Edward Vogt who has denounced Jonas Gahr Støre and Helge Sunde for war crimes after Norwegian attacks on Libya. Heartfelt thanks also to the deputy RED, Marielle Leraand  for her commitment to international justice.

I will take this opportunity to thank warmly deputy RED, Marielle Leraand with friends for their commitment to justice with respect to the Libya war. What Norway did there, is absolutely terrible and brutal abuse of human rights. We can not remain silent on this topic.

I have attached link to my blog where I comment that Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Gahr Støre, Grete Faremo and Harald Sunde now reviewed by deputy in RED, Marielle Leraand with friends, for war crimes and complicity in crimes against humanity in Libya war, as well as the event that Rune Fardal made me aware of in his post : “The denunciation media Norway is not talking about” where he said that “Edvard Vogt has denounced the former Foreign Minister and Chief of defence Helge Sunde for war crimes after Norwegian attacks in Libya. Edvard Vogt is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen. Vogt is among other things known for his role in the revelations of police violence cases in Bergen. WHY IS THERE A COMPLETE SILENCE IN THE MEDIA WHEN THESE PERSONS ARE DENOUNCED FOR WAR CRIMES ? ”
Commented on here: Many thanks also to Rune Fardal who wrote this post.

I take the liberty to enclose my article in Aftenposten 27.10.2011 on the subject and would again like to thank the RED deputy showing that the party and the others who participated in practice actually care about international justice:

NATO’s offenses in Libya. Aftenposten 27.10.2011

NATO’s contribution to warfare and genocide in Libya is one of today’s worst examples of the West’s assault. In a just world would the politically responsible be tried by the court in The Hague for crimes against humanity. For NATO, in our lifetime has gone from being a transatlantic defense alliance into a political force attack alliance against weak states where Western interests are threatened.

Huntington pointed out in his book The Clash of Civilizations? from 1996 that future conflicts came to go along cultural lines, because civilizations do not understand each other. NATO’s war in Libya is a grotesque example of this. NATO’s war in Libya can be seen as an example of this. Huntington says that Western countries’ dominance in the UN Security Council has made the UN has long worked as a servant of Western interests, while the double standards are presented as if the act of world society, democracy and the protection of civilians.

It has gained legitimacy in the UN to attack a state based on assumptions and Defeased evidence, failed UN-fly mandate and bombed Africa’s richest countries smithereens, contributed to the mass murder of civilians, interfered in a country’s internal affairs by unilaterally to support the one party and most recently, supported regimes that violate any international rule of handling prisoners of war. Hilary Clinton’s laughter when she heard about Gadaffis death while she quoted Julius Caesar about his own role in the matter speaks for itself. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, who has given the U.S. the green light to this, is emerging as a major mistake.

Huntington points out that in a global world is the Western notion that Western values ​​are universal potentially very dangerous. It provides an artificial legitimacy to destabilize nations, contributing to war and civil war, which may eventually lead to the West’s own downfall. Another political scientist Robert Kagan points out the West in the last decade has led an aggressive and self-adulation global policy with the aim to shape the world according to their values, and in this process they have forced others to bend over for their determination in ways that was convicted of provoking a backlash. In a world of diverse cultural, ethnic and religious identities is crucial that the West acknowledges that its culture and values ​​are distinct, but not universal. It has jurisdiction in the Western cultural sphere, but not on everyone else’s territory.

The brutal lynching of Moammar Gaddafi and his son Muatassim violates any concept of international justice, which according to CNN quickly given Gadaffi martyr status in African and Muslim countries, countries that now hardly dare to say a word, which is not strange considering the relentlessness West has shown the world that will befall those who say against them. And this is democracy and human rights activists? It appears as unforgivable cynical when Norwegian authorities require killing ‘examined’ to ‘find out what happened.’ We know what happened – we saw the video. Such an ‘investigation’ may be suspected to have as their real goal to touch reality.

All agree that Gadaffi like Western leaders were not flawless, he has also imprisoned opinion opponents without trial and dealt with dissidents hard, but he was also a secular modernisator. This often omitted in the western press, if one-sided media coverage misleads Western public opinion. Libya was before the West’s “humanitarian bombing” Africa’s richest countries with higher living standards than Italy and Australia, free education, health care and the right to study abroad scholarships for men and women, unemployment benefits and transfers of $ 50 000 by family establishment. 82% can read and write. Socialist Moammar Gadaffi has allowed oil wealth benefit the population, big government foreign funds were secure future. In recent years, we have adapted to the West, semitrailer army and opened to Western investment.

To the extent that Gadaffi was a tyrant, the West’s abuse of power that the tyrant was removed by an even worse tyrant. For it is long since Professor Jacob L. Talmon showed how easily democracy can become totalitarian, where arrogant political elites exerts a relentless peer pressure from both the media and the population. The West’s current aggression strategy, one should in all honesty at least remove the slogans of hope for peace in the Middle East. Libya war will in all probability result in substantial military build-up in countries that do not belong to the Western alliance, a rapidly growing hatred in poor countries against neo-colonialism and democratic introduction of militant Islamism in the region overall increases war and terrorism risk significantly in the years to come. We can thank ourselves for this development.


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  1. Ellen
    June 26, 2013 at 1:11 am

    Preach it, Hanne!

    Yeah, I noticed Jens seemed a bit desperate on the cover of today’s Dagbladet. Erna and Siv are just so brutal. LOL!

  2. : )
    June 27, 2013 at 12:52 am


    I think we all have to learn how to handle people with different opinions in a respectful way. I’m not sure that Erna and Siv will change and open up for more opinions if they win the election, I think that they as Jens will go for the conformity model where people should be careful to speak because what you say will give one consensuses. Its not odd that Jens can be open about his emotions when he know most people fear to come in the wrong group Ellen, but it does look like a spoiled child yes : ). Unless media start to work on cases in Norway that can be solved and they can get the power feel its not so easy to just trow out feelings, in my opinion the empty feeling that are in Norway will just continue to eat up the solidarity feeling that once was her.
    Martin I have not gone religious but its very interesting to read about Israelis falls and how much influence the Bible has on the modern society.

    God or not there is limits in this world that one should accept or one ends up as mad ; )


  3. Martin
    June 27, 2013 at 2:59 am

    Ellen, Jens is only following his late father’s footsteps, who was one of the despicable authors of the disastrous for Israel, Oslo Accords. This “peace” created by Norway caused the deaths and serious injuries of thousands of Israelis who were called the “victims of peace” by Shimon Peres. All to gain a meaningless Nobel prize.

  4. : )
    June 27, 2013 at 5:02 am


    this is what McG wrote about Peres:

    Is there a anti Norway movement in Israel because of the Oslo accord? And what is the demands against Norway to clean up the mess? Is Peres one that speak in big letters or is this his opinion now that Norway has nothing to do in ME?

  5. Martin
    June 27, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Norwegian, I shall try to answer as honestly as I can with facts and opinion.

    I don’t know whether there is an anti Norwegian atmosphere in Israel. from when I was last there, there was disappointment at Norway’s blatant openly pro Arab and anti Israel attitude. From what I read in the Israeli media, today, the feeling is more than just disappointment, I believe there is some disgust that Norway begs empathy for its dead on utoye, yet, shows none for Israel when here civilians are murdered.

    I am unable to understand just how Norway can be taken seriously as a partner in any negotiations, when its sphere is influence has waned so much in light of its one sided views. It is, regardless, unable to offer any help in undoing all the harm it caused by the Oslo Accord, which caused thousands of Israelis to lose their lives and/or be seriously injured..

    Peres does not appear to be trusted by many people (not just my attitude), he has a big mouth and the only thing bigger than his mouth, is his bloated opinion of himself. How can he lead anything when has shown that in negotiating illegally with the Norwegian enemy (for that is what they were and are), he created such a disaster for Israel, which the country has been unable to extradite itself. Indeed, how this maniac can be set up as President is beyond me (and many others too). There were others, too, who called for the Israeli party in Oslo to be charged with treason in deliberately negotiating with the PLO.

    You and other Norwegians must understand one very important item when relations between Israel and Norway are considered. The USA, diplomatically has not been trusted insofar as it interferes between Israel and the Arabs. Saudi Arabia controls much of sentiment in the State Dept through its control of the hugely powerful oil lobby. The EU would not be tolerated under any circumstances. The Left wing in Israel trusted Norway, as a fellow left wing democracy and was considered by the idiots in Jerusalem to be neutral. In other words, Norway was trusted by the “peace now” idiots to behave in a professional, ethical, moral and above all, friendly, honest and neutral, attitude to assist both parties. The most neutral person outside of Norway must see this as Israel being betrayed by this rose tinted attitude..

    Some time ago, I listed on this site, all the Norwegians involved in the Oslo Accords. That should have satisfied any one that the Norwegians were completely the wrong party to be involved in the process. The Norwegians through attempting to punch too far above their own weight, and showing such deceit, set up the Israelis to fail. In this the Norwegian elite succeeded 100% and must bear equal responsibility with their friends, the Israeli left wing and the Arab terrorists for the slaughter of many Jews and the political mess that Israel finds herself in today.

    It matters not one jot what the Norwegian establishment consider regarding Israel. Norway has proven in all respects that she favours Israel’s deadly enemies, politically, morally, financially in their pursuit of finishing off Israel and the Jews in Israel.

    I trust norwegian, you understand why I could not care one fig for the future of Norway. It does not deserve any sympathy, nor empathy from me and what ever happens to Norway in the future is of its own making. As mentioned before, what one sows, one reaps..

  6. : )
    June 28, 2013 at 1:25 am


    in general I think you reply very honestly a woman younger than you that do her best to make questions to you. I did not take it very personal that I should be responsible for more deaths during the 2 ww if anyone had followed me, I see your point. Our safety is not something we can take for granted do diarrhea on the web is not ok. Its not ok anywhere ; )

    Her in Norway I get a feeling that its very important to show Jews as the bitter mad man that bite one in the back as soon as one don’t have the spot light on this parasite. Taking jobs in academia, in politics and media away from the big us.

    As I see it its very important that MIFF is working for Israels interest and then can the Jews that want to support Israel in a good way, join them as MIFF members and they should be regarded as a MIFF member when they work not Jews and religious mad people. A anti Norway lobby in Israel is the wet dream to the Israel hating club her in Norway, sadly! I just pray that Israel knows about this awful idea.

    I think we both Martin wonder why anyone want to live a Jewish life in a place where its really not wanted when one can live in a happy place and enjoy life 100%. After reading a lot of the Bible, I started from behind on the Christian part, I wondered if I had picked up the Koran or was reading a Hindu book? What is it about Martin God with a sword in his mouth? Madre mia, well I do understand that a lot of people has become atheist after reading that part! Ok I promises you I will never discuses it with my nice Christians friends that I really love, I just feel more sorry for them and their imagination if they read this part often for them self and their children. McG its a lot better to imagine you know having sex than reading that. It might be that for some Jews its important to bring hope to people that fear this part of the Bible and have turned mad, perhaps they are more interested in people around them than living in Israel? I’m clueless Martin, but as you I care about them that seems to devote their life to others, hopefully I will not lose my patient when they hurt them self again and again, but pick them up and help them to feel better and hide that I get in bad mode of them. I’m making my self a plan to live the winter out side of Norway in the future to get away from this Bible idea that runs Norway into one of the most dark nation on the earth. Perhaps Israel is the best option then ; ) vine, warm, happy smiling people that like to work and talk about good things in life. Well it has to be when I’m so old that I can’t fall in love anymore ; )

    Norway is a democracy, its right to point out that they have to protect religious freedom (also the Christian end is her way of thinking) as I see you do Martin all the time. Humans feelings has also a right to be respected in the same way as animals feelings (well the good thing about humans is that they can talk so its more easy to understand them). A hard point for some people to get is that a human has feelings and that one can’t just say you don’t behave as I had done so you are not normal ; ) very smart way to live, congratulations Lars!

    Martin if you want to get more points on me I declare you as the winner in this word battle, it has to be off the web, my door is always open for you, I need to learn more Hebraic than the song I learnt as a kid ; ) I will use my time on people I love and pray that they can stay around people that make them happy because then we can feel free for a little time together and talk about what is good in life not only misery and pain that they see. Hopefully it will give them energy to explain people that God loves them and wants them to love them self as well and be good and not think so much about the end, but have a life!

    Good luck Eric R. try to be positive hope you find your way 😉

    McG take care, what a work you do!

    Stay good Martin!

  7. Martin
    June 29, 2013 at 5:37 am

    Nei Norwegian. Believe me please, I am not here to gain points over anyone else. You wrote a very decent, from the heart post and good luck to you.
    We have seen, many people on this site who are usually anti-Israel, who make one or two posts, alleging lots of malicious statements and question Israel’s corner. When we respond, answer them and then ask them quotations, they appear to be unable to answer anything, except the same idiotic allegations. Certainly the more infamous of them is the Ghoul. Certainly though, he has been far rom alone.

    Insofar as Norway is concerned, I actually fitted in very well, being tall and slim in those days, with light ginger brown hair, sadly all long gone now. I learned to speak Norwegian and could actually fool Norwegians that I was one of them. I learned to speak with a Buskerud and Moere/Romsdal dialects. I actually believed all the crap about Norway’s heroic stance against the Nazis (yes there were a good number), and thought that Quisling was in a tine minority. This of course was the fine veneer and lately, I began to realise that the Moerke tiden was all year round with the Jew/Israel haters.

    You see Norwegian, I don’t believe that Norway is such a democracy. Yres, you have a chance to vote. but, if one does not have the right of reply, to answer smear, malicious allegations, than that country’s supposed democracy must be questioned. I believe that Eric R and I have found our way and perhaps it is you that is still searching for inner happiness in your homeland. At least, even with some brain washing, you are, unlike many, able to question and seek the truth.
    Have a lovely weekend

  8. : )
    June 30, 2013 at 12:26 am


    I have no problems to accept that I’m not God’s gift to this world, as I see it secularism and the social democracy made it possible for me to get an education and break out of the pattern my family had. Before I would have sad that it was a shame that you had to hide your self her in Norway, that it is a democracy we live in that all are born equal so people should just respect you. Well perhaps I’m getting old, but I do find the words in the Bible now less odd and more useful to read as a human that just accept that the world moves on no matter what one do. Also for God. I also see how connected religion is with politic and science and that there will always be conflicts in all these groups. So I have given up to find a free space and just find a space where people around me stand on their own feet as I do. I just function better with people that share the same values as I do. That it upset Lars, Oddbjørn, and a lot of other people that has been really nice that I can’t be more open minded for others, well then I just have to see the fact that I did not grow up in poverty, I grow up in a pattern I broke out of some but not all. To continue to fight my self out of my own life is just madness and it will just make my life into a misery. I hope Norway can keep some of its social benefits but I doubt it can continue as it has, it demands that people are willing to be more loyal to the system than to them self and that just make people burned out! Hope God sees that as well one day, well I pray for that!


    Tanks for wishing me well, good bye Internet it was fun!

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