Israel off Norwegian media’s radar?

I have been browsing back a few years on this blog and notice that so far this summer, I have really had my work cut out to try to find anything relevant to report with regards to Norway and her often strained relationship with Israel and the Jews. Last year, this time of year, I could easily post one or two pieces daily to document the unhealthy obsession with Israel in Norwegian media – so the question in: Has the negative impression of Israel in Norway all of a sudden been turned around to become all sun and love?


But current geopolitical events force the hands of even the most anti-Israel Norwegian politician or journalist, plus, Norwegian double standards, anti-Semitic inspiration, etc has been thoroughly documented internationally and has certainly contributed to a marked toning down of anti-Israel propaganda (in most quarters anyway). Meanwhile, the rest of the Middle East has gone spectacularly tits up, and many a Norwegian pundit is now very busy trying to explain to the increasingly irritated masses, how come they got it so wrong in the first place (famously likening the MB to the Christian Democrat party), and only reluctantly admit that possibly they might have viewed the MB through a hopelessly romantic prism a la Les Miserables.

So with Turkey blowing up again, Syria still in the descending loop into more chaos and more bloodshed, Egypt in the throes of a coup and the somewhat unsteady throne of King Abdullah in Jordan, there is no real excuse to use the Israel angle in headlines or other.

Even to the extent that when certain islamists in the region try their very best to ignite pure Jew hatred, it goes unreported in Norwegian media. Unless Norwegian readers also check more trustworthy news sources than our domestic ones (A survey released today reveals that 4 in 10 Norwegians believe media is corrupt) they would not know that the Egyptian Islamists immediately proceeded to claim that the interim president is secretly Jewish. Nor have the Norwegian media found any reason to inform in a proper way that Egypt has closed the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza (the NRK has only very briefly mentioned this development), and in a similar manner, the news of the shocking murder of a youth celebrating the ousting of Morsi, was carefully tucked away in an article in Dagbladet, and hence no specific condemnation of such a vile crime, other than – obviously – a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urging to respect human rights.

Humanitarian organizations who push for very bold headlines whenever Israel defends herself, seem to have closed their offices for the summer, with no public campaigns to call for solidarity or even humanitarian aid, and unlike in 2009, when the red Cross demanded an investigation of Norwegian Jews who had participated in the Cast Lead operation, so far, the Norwegian Red Cross has not issued public statements of a similar kind regarding Norwegian Islamists who participate in Syria or elsewhere.

So. Perhaps Israel is off the screen for now. But the double standards applied to Israel still persist.

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  1. Ellen
    July 9, 2013 at 8:56 am

    I think the press are too busy, arguing over the very important issue of whether or not Mette-Marit has the moral right to be a walking billboard for fashion houses. x)

  2. Per A.
    July 9, 2013 at 11:35 am

    There may be several reasons for the disappearance of the antisemites. Israel’s new ambassador to Norway, the Druze Naim Araidi, is doing a fantastic job disarming the antisemittic left by, inter alia, proposing that a Palestinian state should act like Israel and send a Jewish settler as their ambassador to Norway.

    The antisemittic ‘gooks’ have not taken vacation, however. They have rather retreated to the paper issues where they can operate more undisturbed by critics. Recently the paper Vårt Land, a reminiscent of Lenin’s ‘Iskra,’ published a column by a reprecentative of YMCA, Mr. Erik Jørgensen, spewing antisemitic hatred all over the page. They are still with us.

  3. Per A
    July 10, 2013 at 1:18 am

    But the NTB Propaganda Department never adjourns. Today they are informing us via the VG and B’tselem that two Palestinian women are being COURT MARTIALLED for WAR CRIMES by the Israelis just for protesting peacefully against Israeli violation of human rights and international law.

  4. Per A
    July 10, 2013 at 1:21 am

    Here is the link to the VG/NTB/B’tselem news item:

  5. Per A
    July 11, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    And another. This time lifted from the British hate forum The Guardian;

  6. Rudi
    July 11, 2013 at 11:11 pm
  7. Per A
    July 12, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    And another: This time from a former journalist from “Klassekampen”:

  8. Martin
    July 12, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Well the UK is making up for Norwegian inactivity.

    2 LibDem MPs have expressed their hate, 1 Conservative has expressed his hate but has since apologised and twoi Labour MPS have expressed their hate, one being a Muslim.

    Believe it or not, in Hackney, east London, the Lib Dem Jewish councillor is friendly with his Muslim counterpart and has offered the services of “Shomrim” local Jewish defence group to help defend mosques. Considering most Muslims bear intense animosity towards the Jewish people, this idiot appears to be clutching at straws. Most of the attacks here, are usually by Muslims or local black members of the community, although local whites too, are involved,..

    Ellen, this is for you (and others) If you go to the Israeli website Arutz Seva 7, in the Op Eds section to the right of the page, you will note “Terrorists release?” What about the “Jewish Terrorists”? You might find it very interesting, as it is written by a pro Israeli journalist names Guilio Meotti,, an Italian non Jewish journalist. Happy reading

  9. Per A
    July 13, 2013 at 1:30 am

    The Israeli occupational forces’ war on Palestinian children continues:

  10. : )
    July 13, 2013 at 1:37 am

    Thank you McG for showing hope and care for Norway!

    For a long time has there been peace in the Norwegian news when it comes to Israel and the Jews. Yesterday it was on again.
    Sadly all the comments from the readers where removed, they mainly wrote that no matter how old this child was even her in Norway the reaction on a child trowing rocks would have been very hard and ended in tears. Some even made a good point that Hebro is not like Oslo.

    Today is there a peaceful demonstration in Oslo for free Gaza where they collect money for the people living there. So there is no Norwegians going on an extreme boat trip this year fighting the evil IDF. So it was good of VG and Dagbladet to build up the picture of the evil Jews or people would probably just have stayed home. Now the people in Oslo will rune out for a history of a five year old child in tears against evil IDF!

    A really good news is this:
    Martin you know I’m a fool, I really cried after reading this and really hope that Norwegians that says to me they will work against fundamentalism will wake up and see what it really is.
    I don’t know what you all think, but I nearly puked of this letter!

    Sadly Norwegians you did kill Jews for just 70 years ago, read about that for your children:
    The comments are on, Martin what was it about Snowden? For Christians he is probably just a new sign that the end is her, how many times in history has the end been her?

    Oslo enjoy the show today : )

  11. Martin
    July 13, 2013 at 4:37 am

    B’Tselem is only the tip of the iceberg. This organisation and the many other Israeli NGOs are quite openly anti Israel, and who share a quest to demonise and even endanger Israel with their malicious allegations. They attempt to stop Israelis defend themselves and because of them, Israeli combatants are scared of even using force at times, because they know that charges will be brought against them. With some being imprisoned due to the these communist Jew hating so called Jews.
    At last, the present government has decided to open investigation as to where their funding originates from.
    Strange is it not, that so much is funded by the UK, Norway, the EU and allegedly by certain Arab/Islamic states and perhaps from Israel’s old nemsis the Soviet Union, or today, it is now just called Russia.. These NGOs are hand in glove with Israels enemies and detractors. I am surprised that Naturei Karta have not joined them as well. I absolutely abhor and detest these so called Jews who call for the overthrow of Israel either openly or behind closed doors. How many Jews have been murdered because of these people, funded by overseas donations? Some of who express rather surprisingly that as a friends of Israel, they have the right to criticise the onlky democracy in the whole of the middle east.
    Not for nothing is Russia supplying Syria and through her, Hezbullah and Iran with the latest Russian military hardware that poses a threat to Israel. In fact, the hardware is so advanced, not even Russia has take it’s own stock yet. One thing for sure is that Russian/communist hatred of Israel is alive and kicking.

    Ellen and others, try the website DEBKAFILE, it is an independent Israeli intelligence site. you will have information at your fingertips that the international news media ignores or takes up half heartedly at some later stage. This website and MEMRI are used by the intelligence services of many western countries and other sites.

  12. de Bacle
    July 13, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    If you once learned to ride a bicycle you don’t forget how to – it stays with you unles you somehow “unlearn” it. The non-reporting of Israel actvitivites does not by itself change the anti-Semitic indoctrination we have seen in the past 30-40 years.

    It will require the readjustment and corrective reporting of Jewish involvement in, e.g., charity work in the US (as contrary the recurrent referring to “rich Jews” and “the lobby”) and a media appreciative reporting of the tremendous humanitarian work in Israel, including that involving the West-bank and ISrael arabs, as well as putting in perspective to Norwegians the historicallty unprecedented gap between the threats to Israel compared with the lenienet and considerate reactions of Israel to these threats (e.g. reporting accounts like that of British officer R.Kemp at the UN – silent in Norwegian media).

    The Israel-hate is not diminished – it’s just “on hold”. A new poll of Norwegian views of Israel and Jews will not significantly differ from the last one.

  13. : )
    July 14, 2013 at 2:58 am

    de Bacle,

    when you fall off the bike you have to get back on to not get the fear illness. Jew hate the last 30 – 40 years in Norway, hahaha, test the Jehova witness in UK Martin, her in Norway they are mad about getting Jews to convert into Christianity and go on how awful the Levis are. I’m just impressed that anyone can have the name in the world today with all this kind of religious mad people running around in the secular world saying its the devils world. Pure madness, not odd 22/7 could happen in Norway when all hell of religion is free to live!

    We need new laws against religious mad people so that they can be put on medication or better in the mad house if they make noise on other humans telling the end is her. Don’t grab things you can’t control!

  14. Martin
    July 14, 2013 at 5:02 am

    hi Prof, I sent a post at 12.35pm on July 12th and is still waiting for moderation… :)-

    Amnesty Int’l is similar to the Court of Human Rights, which allows Syria and Libya and Iran to hold court but, not Israel. B’Tselem and all the others ignore of support the harassament of Jews going about their daily business by rock throwing Arab yobs. They ignore the fact that various people , only Jews of course, have been murdered and seriously injured by this rock throwing. They also ignore the shooting by Arabs on Israeli cars, hoping that the car will stop that they may then slaughter the occupants. As has happened.

    That all transgressions by Arabs on Jews are ignored and any action by Israel is always deemed as illegal, forbidden, amoral, immoral etc is just a refe;lction of their hate towards the Jews. Again, I state, if “Palestine” was an issue against the Indians, Chrstians, a member of the eU, China, Russioa etc, it will all be totally ignored. With or without Saudi funding.

    Here in the UK, Channel 4 TV is celebrating Ramadan with programmes at peak time 7pm, every day dring the month long Ramadan holiday.
    As Eric R and I agree, Europe is bellyup and like the sacrifice, Euroland meekly submits to the will of Allah. Thank heaven for Israel.

  15. July 14, 2013 at 5:09 am

    sorry, was away for the weekend and had no shabbes goy to pester…. hah!

  16. : )
    July 14, 2013 at 7:36 am


    today have I just read the best: Jews her in Norway are so few that one can’t see them but they make a lot of noise. Jews should not speak or defend them self? Just be happy they are not gassed? Good to know!

    Martin, just write all the info you have on these people its nice to see where all the shit comes from and how goes around. Should make normal people stay out of this brainless madness!

    Really good posts de Bacle ; )

  17. Ellen
    July 14, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Martin, thank you for the recommodations! These are very interesting sites.

    Guilio Meotti sounds like a very brave and outspoken individual. He needs to be more widely known in Europe. Oh, and that exhibition in Paris… How the FUUUUUU** is that even legal? There is no way in hell that is “art” in any meaning of the word. Vandalism highly supported (in this case)!

  18. Martin
    July 15, 2013 at 4:05 am

    Hei Norwegian, where did you read the rubbish? Has anyone complained? I have not looked at Senter mot antisemmitisme for awhile. It will probably be copied there or on MIFF.
    Your reply to de Bacle…. believe me please. I have never lost an argument yet with Christian attmepts to convert. My knowledge, although not great is far superior to even a prietss regarding the bible (or Old Testament, as they call it. It is called that to show how the New Testament has now superseded the “Old”). Ridiculous.

    One question I ask is why they all need to change the meaning of scripts from the original Hebrew and indeed even change the layout of the bible. I tell them that is offensive.. This book is a collection which is my history and culture. how dare they change so much just to make their own beliefs more palatable.
    Second question is that Christianity loves all mankind, except for the Jew. If Christianity is a religion, why have they not “forgiven” the Jews for allegedly murdering their Son of God?
    I met some Mormons out and about last week and they stopped me. I asked them whether they have been to their huge college on the mountain top in Jerusalem, as I have. They asked me if I’d read their Holy book and I replied no and have no intention. The Old Testament is full of Jew hate sentiments, and that is why the longest hate is Christian inspired to this day. Perhaps, we should never forgive the Christian church for its 2000 year old murderous hate of the Jews.
    I care not for Christianity nor Islam, as both religions have passages of hate towards the Jews. Yet, as a Jew, I should not criticise either religion, as they both take their basis from Judaism, that is the belief of one God..

    Ellen, I am pleased you found the websites interesting.. As a matter of interest, at the “infamous” wall, hated by Arabs and their western allies. This wall is meant to stop slaughter of Jews, nothing more, which is why it is hated so much. ” “poor Palestinian” women were stopped at the wall and were disallowed fro entering. What was their crime? They were dressed as religious Jewish women and wanted to enter Israel. To do what exactly? Why dress a religious Jews? Some want to enter to work il/legally, to murder, or just to live there. Who knows? The perfect answer of course is that all these “Poor Pals” should make their way to Scandinavia where they will receive a warm rapturous welcome and given everything they desire, courtesy of course of tax payers. But then you are doing that now with the $billions they receive from so many organisations and countries.
    Norwegians apparently (present company excluded) love their allies to bits, ~So you can give the money directly and not to the PA. :)

  19. : )
    July 15, 2013 at 5:44 am


    the man that wrote this will not be stopped he just pointed out a fact, Jews are so nosy, complain, demand money, try to ruin Norway’s reputation (they have a blog where they write shit about the big us) etc. He is so protected and he knows it he probably phone the police and speaks about how he fear that Jews might want to stop him for telling the truth. Never mind about him.

    I think it was a nice gesture of McG to write this about the Norwegian news, yes there has been improvement this summer do the news need a compliment for not making noise? Its the Jews that make the noise McG the news just report about it, its their job ; )

    Find one mistake:
    Martin Frp is regarded as the new winners in the election, but the news like to make them into racist wanting to stop immigration to Norway. So odd that Dagbladet found a photo of them with Israeli flags. Nothing new under the sun!

    Christians and Muslims I respect them as humans but I don’t have to talk about their religion its so boring, just like Britney! Dum people are everywhere!

  20. martin
    July 16, 2013 at 4:06 am

    Quietness does not equal zero. The hate towards us still festers and has done so for 2000 years. After the holocaust, the hate was still there, no sympathy, nor empathy. As you have said Norwegian and as many know, Jews returning to lands where they lived were told to either leave, or just be grateful they were alive and their demands for their lost possessions to be returned was met with hostility.

    Europe, including Norway, will never change, whatever political partied govern. Each countries established hierarchy will always retain control, and who better to blame than the Jews.
    This is also why Euroland hates Israel so much, as it proves the Jews can and will fight back to defend their lives and not to submit to Euro intentions of further genocide. While we still have Israel, as a homeland, we have some strength. without it, we are at the mercy of Europe.
    Unfortunately the few individuals in comparison to the silent majority who could not care less and those who plan our final solution, do not make real decisions to offset against the majority.

  21. : )
    July 16, 2013 at 12:04 pm


    silence is the worst, I think media should let people that are against immigration and other subjects that are not PC say their opinion free as everyone in a democracy. I accept that media does not want to talk about the odd situation they make by producing histories, that one just looks paranoid if one try to nail them on that. That is what McG is doing the best to show, we see you its not that intelligent. Holst you went to fare on that mission! I want people that hate me as a Jew to be able to say it in my face, so that at least I know what kind of person that sits in front of me. I doubt Israel can see all, people need to know. Life is not just safe, some of my best moments has been with insane people that really have learnt me that I’m glad most humans just fight for the right to be them self at least for one day if not more. I think its sad when people like that are abused by organisations to promote their cases, I do my best to talk people that feel they have to tell the news about their story to see what kind of problems they can get into when everyone knows a negative thing about them. All in a way dream about fame but to get it is very few people that can handle well, sadly ; (

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