The stuff reported on Israel in Norwegian media, and what is not reported on

No sooner did I shoot off my mouth to claim that for now Israel appears to have gone off the Norwegian media radar, than the Norwegian media itself shows the naivety of such a claim.

With Egypt in flames, the focus has been very much on what the military there is doing. But apparently in Cairo only, as events elsewhere, in areas with particular sentimental importance for Norwegians, such as the Gaza strip, curiously go unnoticed.

On the other hand, a non-news item, has been generously shared in Norwegian news, how the incoming central bank chief in Israel, Jacob Frenkel, was detained once in Hong Kong on suspicion of having shop lifted some after shave from the tax free. Aftenposten and the NRK have featured this non-story very prominently albeit being very clear in the story, but in the head line, that the Hong Kong authorities ended up apologizing for the inconvenience, saying it was all an unfortunate mistake and thanked Mr. Frenkel on his magnanimity of not suing the airport. In both Norwegian newspapers head lines one could easily get the impression that Mr. Frenkel was still under suspicion, something he plainly is not.

Although to be somewhat fair – the Norwegian summer temps passing for journalists might very well have been surprised that an incoming central bank chief is so carefully scrutinized, since in Norway it has become a custom under the red-green coalition to hand out powerful jobs to carefully selected friends, and brush whatever unseemly ghosts there might be under a think carpet in the proverbial closet, and woe and betide the journalist or other whistle blower who tries to meddle in the affairs of the Norwegian power elites…. So, it might have been a bit of a surprise to see than in other and serious countries, candidates to nationally strategic positions are carefully vetted and questioned in public.

Notwithstanding, rather than wasting time on this non-news item, it might have been more important to cover the events in Gaza in the wake of the Morsi ouster?

Luckily, we have Khaled Abu Toameh who can report on the real issues to today.

Bugger off Norwegian summer temp journalists. Or get serious, if not professional!


Egypt punishes Palestinians for Morsi support


The Pale­sti­ni­ans often com­plain that Israel, the US and other countries keep inter­vening in their inter­nal affairs. These com­pla­ints often draw much atten­tion from the Western media and many in the inter­na­tio­nal community.

But when the Pale­sti­ni­ans meddle in the inter­nal affairs of Arab countries, some­ti­mes trig­gering acts of vio­lence and insta­bi­lity, the inter­na­tio­nal media and pub­lic opi­nion tend to look the other way.

And when the Arab countries reta­li­ate by punish­ing the Pale­sti­ni­ans, as is hap­pe­ning these days between the Pale­sti­ni­ans and Egypt, the inter­na­tio­nal com­mu­nity and human rights orga­niza­tions rush to bury their heads in the sand.

Egypt is allowed to strangle the entire Gaza Strip and deny its people food and fuel, espec­ially on the eve of the holy fas­ting month of Rama­dan, but the media and human rights groups are mis­sing in action. This, by the way, is hap­pe­ning at a time when Israel has announ­ced a series of ges­tu­res toward the Pale­sti­ni­ans on the occa­sion of Ramadan.

Each time they are punis­hed for poking their nose into other people’s busi­ness, the Pale­sti­ni­ans start whi­ning and cry­ing, accu­sing the Arab countries of tur­ning against them.

Today, it is Egypt’s turn to punish the Pale­sti­ni­ans for medd­ling in that country’s inter­nal affairs.

Following the mili­tary coup that ended Pre­si­dent Moha­med Morsi’s Mus­lim Brot­her­hood regime, the first deci­sion the new rulers of Egypt took was to ban Pale­sti­ni­ans from ente­ring their coun­try wit­hout prior per­mis­sion from Egypt’s security authorities.

As these security for­ces rar­ely issue per­mits to Pale­sti­ni­ans to enter Egypt, this deci­sion means that thou­sands of Pale­sti­ni­ans will not be able to con­ti­nue their stu­dies, rece­ive medi­cal treat­ment or visit rela­ti­ves there.

The Pale­sti­ni­ans have a long his­tory of medd­ling in the inter­nal affairs of Arab countries, even if that always pro­ves to be coun­ter­pro­duc­tive and harm­ful to Pale­sti­nian inte­rests. Now, the new rulers of Egypt are extremely angry with the Pale­sti­ni­ans, espec­ially Hamas, for sup­por­ting Morsi and the Mus­lim Brotherhood.

But instead of punish­ing Hamas and its lea­ders, the Egyp­tian aut­hori­ties have resorted to col­lective punish­ment against the Pale­sti­ni­ans, par­ti­cu­larly those living in the Gaza Strip.

One hardly hears and reads about these anti-Palestinian measu­res: they are being car­ried out by an Arab coun­try, not by Israel.

Since the ous­ter of Morsi, the Egyp­ti­ans have clo­sed down the Rafah bor­der crossing along their shared bor­der with the Gaza Strip, lea­ving thou­sands of pas­sen­gers stran­ded on both sides of the border.


About 2,000 Pale­sti­nian pil­grims who were in Mecca have not been able to return home because of the closure of the Rafah terminal.

In addition, hund­reds of Pale­sti­nian uni­ver­sity stu­dents and pati­ents have not been per­mit­ted to leave the Gaza Strip.

Thou­sands of Pale­sti­ni­ans living in various countries, who were plan­ning to spend the sum­mer vaca­tion with their rela­ti­ves, have also been depri­ved of ente­ring the Gaza Strip.

The closure of the bor­der crossing has also been accom­pa­nied by an Egyp­tian mili­tary offen­sive to destroy dozens of smugg­ling tun­nels along the bor­der between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. This offen­sive, which began last week, has resulted in a severe shor­tage of basic goods, fuel and gas inside the Gaza Strip.

The Pale­sti­ni­ans are now pay­ing a heavy price for Hamas’s and others’ inter­ven­tion in the inter­nal affairs of Egypt.

Furt­her, Hamas’s rivals in Fatah and the Pale­sti­nian Aut­hority are now repea­ting the same mis­take by sup­por­ting the mili­tary coup against Morsi and the Mus­lim Brotherhood.

If and when the Mus­lim Brot­her­hood returns to power, they will do to Fatah and the Pale­sti­nian Aut­hority what the Egyp­tian aut­hori­ties are doing now to Hamas and Pale­sti­nian sup­por­ters of Morsi.

Sadly, the Pale­sti­ni­ans have not learned the les­son from pre­vious mis­ta­kes they made when they pushed their noses into other people’s busi­ness. Each time the Pale­sti­ni­ans get involved in inter­nal con­flicts in the Arab world, they always end up being the big­gest losers

Hund­reds of thou­sands of Pale­sti­ni­ans have been kil­led, inju­red and dis­placed in Syria over the past two years. Again, because some Pale­sti­ni­ans have eit­her joined the “rebels” or the pro-Assad for­ces, this is a self-inflicted tragedy.

In the past, the Pale­sti­ni­ans paid a very heavy price for medd­ling in the inter­nal affairs of Iraq, Leba­non, Jor­dan and other Arab countries, but this price has not deter­red them.

That medd­ling is also the rea­son most Arab countries have long despised the Pale­sti­ni­ans, sub­jec­ting them to Apart­heid laws and other puni­tive measu­res, inclu­ding tra­vel bans and depri­va­tion of finan­cial aid.

For ear­ning the enmity and con­tempt of their Arab bre­th­ren, the Pale­sti­ni­ans have only them­sel­ves to blame: they shoot them­sel­ves in the foot and then blame others for their misery. They would be bet­ter served if instead they would start direc­ting their energies toward sol­ving their own pro­blems and impro­ving their living con­ditions — exactly what the Pale­sti­nian Aut­hority and the Hamas govern­ments are not doing.


14 comments for “The stuff reported on Israel in Norwegian media, and what is not reported on

  1. Martin
    July 15, 2013 at 4:16 am

    Very well put.

    Debka stated long ago that the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia do not trust Obama, and I repeated these sentiments on this blog.

    I don’t understand why Obama administration is so supportive of Morsi and the Brotherhood.. He and it have shown their true colours, again as mentioned long ago in Debka, with extreme statements against Israel and the Jews. He broke his promises and the general uprising is quite popular. I would prefer the Egyptian military to run the country than their supposed democratically elected Islamic Brotherhood. Israel has given permission to Egypt to enter larger number of military to punish the Salfists, Al Quaida and others who cut off oil supplies to Israel, and now Jordan and who try to enter Israel. There are some eventful battles going on in the Sinai, some very close to Gaza, which is another reason why it is cut off. to stop the smuggling through the many tunnels of all manner of items, some merchandise, others military.

    This is why I mentioned, if you really need to know what is behind the headlines, go to Debka.

  2. Ellen
    July 16, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    I don’t understand why Obama administration is so supportive of Morsi and the Brotherhood..

    Personally, or in power of president? I guess you’re being sarcastic here (the extra dots), but it’s still a legit question. For BHO personally, I can see how it makes sense that he’s got a tinted view on the Muslim Brotherhood. He was raised by Muslims, after all, and probably desperately wishes that he was right about them being “mostly peaceful.” About to go down in history as one of the worst American presidents to date, he’s probably hoping to create a better post-script for himself in the rest of the world as “that president who wasn’t prejudiced against Muslims.”

    As president, his actions make less sence, given the fact that he’s dabbling in things that could get him a severe punishment. If what I’ve been reading on conservative news sites is correct, he’s already well on his way to out-and-out war criminal. About half of his subjects want to impeach him, and he seems to be playing very high stakes now, in order to prove them wrong.

    On the other hand, he did take time to visit Israel, and did at least pay lip service to promising that the US will still be an ally. Looks like he wants to cover all bases. He’s just not going to be remembered as the uncontroversial first black president everyone hoped for.

  3. Ellen
    July 16, 2013 at 1:32 pm
  4. martin
    July 17, 2013 at 6:56 am

    Obama has broken every understanding with Israel. He surrounds himself with leftwing Jews andonly paid lip service in visiting Israel no doubt under pressure from varioud groups.

    After WW”, a statuette of Churchill was in the white house as a momento of the fight to rid the world of Hitler. Obama returned it to the UK..

    Obama is total out of his comfort zone on the international scale. If you visit ARUTZ 7 you will see him cosying upto Ashton. The EU isa placing demands and pressure on Israel. Obama is cosying upto Iran, he is at a loss from the beginning with Syria and his backing Morsi. What more is needed to show how inadequate Barmy Obama is?

  5. July 17, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    I think the feeling on the Israeli street was quite different. As I remember it, people were genuinely happy and pleased about the outcome?

  6. : )
    July 18, 2013 at 12:04 am


    I don’t judge Obama to think Jacob Epstein’s work was not a top class art.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1366&bih=653&bvm=pv.xjs.s.en_US.c75bKy5EQ0A.O&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=no&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=li

    This one was interesting

    You have to dig up a better story to show that Obama dislike UK Martin, let the man at least decorate white hose as he wants to, my guess is that any president feel really small and see that the world is not easy to just fix, all that give it a try has my respect! Better to do something than to just say that the world is in the devils hands so I stay out of it. Martin Jehova Witness are like mindefulness training for burned out people, some just don’t function in the society so its better to let them mess around with their own odd things like black metal and cars in SS painting, how charming : ). Please say you joke you don’t use time and energy on people like that? Let them have their ego trips alone. But the MIFF are not dum, just don’t feed them with odd ideas Martin then they loose direction.

  7. martin
    July 18, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Prof, I am sure the people on the street were happy that Big O had finally relented and paid a visit to Israel, a true ally of the mighty USofA. It took him along time to do so, and I stand by miny feelings that O has made it quite clear to all and sundry that he thoroughly dislike Bibi (I could not care less about that. As much as I am clearly disappointed with Bibi, he is still a bigger statesman than Obama).

    Israelis, or at least a sizeable majority, were also happy at the beginning with the Oslo Accords and its promise of peace. Israelis are no more, or less naïve than any others.. I do believe very strongly with all the evidence of Obama’s actions and lack of action that he has no regard for Israel. He certainly cosied up to Ashcroft at their meeting. She is also recognised as leader fo the EU Foreign Affairs to be 100% against Israel.

    Regarding big O’s hate towards the UK, it is difficlut to “prove anything, Norwegian. However, let us look at facts, he replaced the iconic figure of Churchill with one of Mandela. Mandela is a worldwide recognised figure, but, hardly in Churchill;s league.

    Obama;s father was imprisoned by the British during the uprising in Kenya for their independence. Yes, Britain has a wonderful record of divide and rule in the former colonies. Obam’s father was a member of the Mau Mau, this was classified as a terrorist group by the British. However, there was good reason, as this group was not only murdering white British colonials, this group was also murdering fellow blacks who were against this particular group. Remember in Kenya, as in many other African and mid east countries, false demarcation lines were set, which is why we have so many problems today. I do believe that that the imprisonment of Obama;s father is a good enough reason for his dislike of the UK.

    Perhaps, norwegian, my having a more secure upbringing as a Jew allows me the opportunity to have discussion with these groups. I always offer various Christian groups my support in their efforts to convert pagans and the disbelieving. However, leave the Jews out of the argument. As I mentioned earlier Norwegian, I finds it hard to accept groups having to change my history and culture to satisfy their own needs. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    I have nothing but gratitude and respect for MIFF and it’s members. As it happens, I have sent on occasion, matters which I thought would be of interest. And yes, I did receive acknowledgement from Conrad for doing so. At least, I am one who moves and shakes to get things done, and not just complain, waiting for others to act for them. By the way Norwegian, I am also known to have a very distinct dry sense of humour.

    Have a happy day, the sun is shining here, it is as hot as Tel Aviv and it’s wonderful to be alive and happy.

  8. : )
    July 18, 2013 at 4:41 am


    what about all the people that Obama has on Guantanamo shall their children also be regarded as terrorist of US? I see its hard to believe in Obama, he has to many hats on his head, so unless he is very reflected about things he does one might start to wonder about his intentions. It makes it interesting to pay attentions to his action and there is a lot to see in him. It might be that he in one way live up to the image of the mix races, a person one can’t trust 100%. In that way was it sad that the first colored president in US was not 100% one race. People that demonize UK, China US, Israel, Norway, Cuba, etc get a life it is so simple minded!

    The way I see it most Jews stay away from religions talks in general and mix them self with other in a religious way (if only Christians and Muslims could do the same there would have been peace on this earth). When one live in a Christian community one do feel very lonely when a lot of activities are religious so its not possible to join in. What happens her in Norway that people that are against Muslim immigration unite them self in a aggressive Christian believe does not make it easier to mix in. As a Jew one can’t hate Muslims, but as a Christian one can well odd world! In the end one get really feed up when people pick on one and one shall not pick back. My solution is to make people in power that are secular aware about the situation and they might remove money from activities that are not open for all kind of people and let them know its a discrimination behavior they show. I think we need places to meet where its what we do and not what we are that counts most. That some people feel bad if they are around others that are different from them is something that can be medicated away! Or they can make small cults where they have fun alone. If not there is no good reason to pay tax in a democracy if there are just subgroups fighting each other!

  9. martin
    July 19, 2013 at 3:45 am

    norwegian, as you must have read, I suggested to Ellen and others that to gain real information, please direct your attention to
    You will see an upto date reason why I said that Big O has been no friend of Israel. He has, as I mentioned yesterday, he has used the bigot Israel hating Lady Ashcroft of the EU to put further pressure on Israel.

    I am at a loss to understand from you comments that you don’t understand, or realise, or know, when so much realtime information is available to you. Insofar as Obama being supposedly black, I could not care less. I don’t judge a book by its cover, rather the inside of the book is more interesting and relevant.

    Why not let us know what you think of the article regarding Obama and Ashcroft.?
    The sun is still shining and about 00 people have died due to the excessive (by British standards) heat. People have asked why we still have the window shutters closed, believing we were still in bed. They then understood, it was to keep the sun out of the house. Duh…

  10. : )
    July 19, 2013 at 6:28 am


    there is lovely sun her as well, the birds has been feed and squirrel came up to us as close as 0,5 m and took some of the bread. That was fun for all. Her the windows are open because its decorating of the new home. Else yes I’m told to keep windows closed on hot days so that the sun don’t heat the hose and or most important ruin the furniture’s ; )

    How are us that need to know what I think about Obama? I hope Obama can run US in a way that helps the people that live there. I’m sorry to say that Israelis has to decide what is best for them I doubt Obama can solve the situation with some magical move. But some dream about it what can we do? Odd people are all over the planet so we have to find a way to live with them. McG are you going to write about what is going on in France with the Norwegian lover there? What a nutcase!

    All best to you Martin, this time I keep off the web and stick to correct info, promise. Be nice to Ellen and McG, real ladies!

  11. martin
    July 20, 2013 at 8:05 am

    Norwegian why keep off the web? I am encouraging you to see what is on the web with realtime information that you do not have access to in Norway.

    I agree that Israel should have the same right as any other country to decide what is best for her security. Un fortunately, the majority of countries do not see it that way. The EU carries on the great 2000 year old tradition of Jew hating, by generating that hate towards Israel. Every Euro country has accepted the bribes from the oil producing Arabs to carry out the Saudi instructions.. If you. Norwegian, were to read what is really going on, then you have a choice. either accept the crap, or make a stand. The choice is yours, as a Jew, a Norwegian and a human being. On all three counts, I made my choice long ago.

  12. : )
    July 20, 2013 at 11:30 am


    this might seem stupid but before I felt my opinions where mine original. That my interest for Pompeii and the universe was really special for me. I sat and saw on the moon as a child and was told that somewhere out there there was more like me and they as well looked on the moon. Why to stay out of the light? Just to don’t make more myths and chaos, when I find my opinions in a wonderful but unfair and messy world. Pray it can become better one day as a human and a woman. Any other labels gets to big for me to fit into for real, but I do my best when I try to be a Norwegian Jew, not a perfect one but a real as I can with out losing my mind over fear for the hate that lives her in Norway.

  13. martin
    July 22, 2013 at 6:32 am

    Norwegian, strange, but when I was in Pompeii, I thought of Massada in Israel. The figures of people and animals covered in ash, the erotic mosaics and paintings on various homes, a truly hedonistic atmosphere. While in Massda, a group of people fighting for their freedom, in order to keep to their laws till their end.

    Did you visit the Casa Mystere and Casa Verde in Pompeii?

  14. : )
    July 25, 2013 at 1:13 am


    hope we agree on that Pompeii was a volcano that exploded and Masada has a back history that one needs to know a lot about to understand for real. It was not madness there, just a point of no return. If we take wisdom from these events one can help people that live under dangerous natural conditions and in conflict situations to find a way out of it.

    Now I’m off the web. All best to you Martin live happy and be good to your self that is all I hope for ; )

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