Israel and the PA have agreed to talk again – nobody in Norway cares

Summer lull and everybody is away on summer hols. Not even the news that Israel and the PA have agreed to sit down and negotiate face to face could stir the summer silence. At least not to any significant degree. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs have issued a press release where the FM Eide welcomes the news and adds – since this deal was made without any Norwegian meddling at all – that Norway stands “prepared to contribute to the process”. Despite the debonaire appearance of the statement, it must surely suck that Norway has no place at the table, a fate shared with the EU. This is the price of taking one-sided approaches to the conflict, so wannabe peace makers will now have to follow the process from the sidelines. Which, all things considered, probably is the best contribution to lasting peace from any of the European nations. While the usual pundits have focused on much more important topics, such as the upcoming elections and the improbable likelihood that the red-greens would be given a new term to show what they are good for (no pun intended), Aftenposten could only get the usual troll , historian Hilde Henriksen Waage, out of her dusting cupboard to comment. In her usual suave style, this was her contribution to the prospect of peace (even if many people agree that the mistrust is very big on both sides and a deal right now difficult to imagine):

– Both pretend

But both the Palestinian and Israeli leaders wish to negotiate. Both parties blame each other when this does not succeed. .

– The Israelis and the Palestinians have an equally big interest in pretending. The Israelis want all the land and cannot state this publicly. They are dependent of the umbilical cord to the US and cant afford to have it cut off. And the Palestinians depend on a political horizon in order to receive international funding, Hilde Henriksen Waage says.

She calls the process a sham. 

– it is only lies and nonsense from one end to the other.

Good to know we do not depend on her skillful and tactful approach for our survival.

On the topic of survival; another reason why the news of a resumption in talks did not fetch any fat headlines is that we, as a nation, are still trying to come to terms with the horrible loss we suffered 2 years ago. The loss of 77 young, dedicated, and service minded lives is still a very heavy burden to bear and we still have not figured out how to move on. That being said, you will have to look hard and long for a more unmusical approach to the collective pain than the one suggested by the Labor Youth Leader Eskil Pedersen, the leader who ran away form responsibility and left his young campers alone to take the bullets. He appears to not have understood that he might have the temporary support of the Labor youth leadership, but he does not enjoy any widespread respect anywhere else in the country. All of his attempts to be nominated to a socalled safe seat for the Parliamentary elections later this fall have failed miserably, but still he is at it, trying to score a political point on the atrocities. He has called for an international day of commemoration and to focus more on the political context of the terror. In doing so, he has of course been swimming around in his own belly button for way too long and completely lost sight of the needs and desires of the bereft parents, siblings. They wasted no time in putting this political jester in his place – this is not a political project, this is our naked pain and loss! Somehow I dont think Mr. Pedersen has a very bright future as a politician any longer.

Also, silly season means that topics that normally would not have gotten any mention at all, now feature prominently. The NRK is fascinated by how Muslims who observe the Ramadan in Arab countries watch soaps to make the time go faster (as if there could be anything else to do when you are hungry and it is too hot to go out). But it is disappointing that they have not taken the opportunity to explore why the Holy Ramadan is spent imbibing toxic anti-Semitic filth. Why? Are they afraid of upsetting Muslim sensitivities? In the same manner that they initially treated the unfortunate fate of rape victim Marte Deborah Dalelv, who was handed a verdict of extramarital sex, illegal alcohol consumption and perjury and given 16 months in the slammer? It took them more than 24 hours to get on the right side of the rest of the Norwegian population who were infuriated by this verdict. Incidentally, FM Eide, who at first claimed that upsetting Muslim sensitivities in a case where a Norwegian citizen had been treated in a most inhumane way, could easily backfire and “make it worse”. But that was until the Norwegians got up from their sun beds in fury and pelted the Dubai authorities with angry emails, calls to boycott, and naming and shaming the Qatar based company who fired Ms. Dalelv. The result? The Emir of Dubai granted a pardon to Ms. Dalelv, her passport was returned along with a permit to leave the country at her convenience. She arrived back in  Norway today, and now even the CEO of the company that fired her has gone on record stating that it was wrong to fire her and that she can have her job back any time she would like.

It would appear that the NRK is not sufficiently sensitive to the damage anti-Semitism does to the prospect of peace, in other words, they are still busy ignoring the intolerable, since possibly they hold the racist view that one cannot expect anything better from Arabs?

In any case it seems they are not ready to learn the bigger lesson, that you simply dont get on the wrong side of public sentiment too often. It will cost you credibility and no amount of damage control can mitigate that sort of loss.

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  1. Eric R.
    July 24, 2013 at 11:14 am

    I’ve always wondered, “How Europe functions when the entire continent shuts down for a whole month?”

    Given the problems of the Euro, the high unemployment in the Eurozone, and the thousands of old people who die of overheating in Europe whenever there is an August heat wave (because anybody who is supposed to look after them is on vacation), I guess the answer to the above question is “It does not function very well.”

  2. July 24, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Its a kind of musical chairs in combo with broken telephone and the naked emperor all in one. Mind boggling. Apparently the only thing they can agree on for the time being is panning Israel. Were it not for this “pacifier” they would be busy tearing lumps out of each other. I am a supporter of the basic tenets of the EU, that is free flow of goods, access to markets, freedom to move across borders, since these are things that genuinely contribute to a free and prosperous society. But the unelected jobsworths who otherwise could not get a salaried job and who keep inventing one ludicrous rule after the other, and which every member state then must implement into national Law, frighten me. I think this is going to crash quite badly soon, the fury on the grass roots is palpable and nationalism, of the ugly and bad kind is soaring all over this hate-ridden continent. Not a war, not even a popular uprising these Eurocrats are so fascinated by, only a real hiding at the polling stations giving really crazy geezers real power. It wont be pretty. But I will be watching from a distance, on a Mediterranean beach!

  3. Eric R.
    July 24, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    No matter how it crashes, no matter who takes power, whether it would be Marxists/Greens or ultranationalist/neo-Nazis (like Jobbik) or even Islamists, they all have one thing in common:

    Blame, hate and even kill….

    da Joooooooooooooooooooos!

  4. martin
    July 25, 2013 at 4:23 am

    The whole idea of the Euro is understandable. Going from one country to another, means changing currencies, which costs money each. So, we need lire, marks, francs, krone, guilder, etc. However, when it becomes a plan to match Germany’s intention to rule supreme from Frankfurt, with ever other country expected to comply with it’s rates etc, the rot sets in.

    The rot also sets in with completely open borders to all and sundry. The idea is excellent, until we take into account the ability of certain people who wish to sow murder and hate within the confines of Europe. The UK has no reliable figures of Illegal immigrants living here. Criminals are not disallowed entry from other Euro countries, as their human rights are disadvantaged. We now expect an influx of many thousands from Romania and Albania when they join. Most will be illiterate, gibe housing, free medical and educational rights, even the right to have benefits aid which are higher than peoples pensions here. Yet they have paid nothing into the system.

    Big O, has advised the UK not to leave the EU. Obama should relearn his history that the USA fought for it’s independence from the British (German actually, like its army) monarchy. Well Britain is also fighting for its independence from a corrupt communist riddled system called the European Union.

    It now appears that the whole idea of a common market, so we were led to believe was a lie. It was never the intention to stay just a common market. Instead, it was the opening gambit to alter Europe into one state. The United States of Europe. That intention today is quite clear. Even in France, the majority today, according to what I have read in the English language newpaper Connexion, believe they are worse of now in the EU and want to leave and return to the French franc.

    The EU spends €billions on it’s embassies abroad, when each country still has it’s own embassies abroad and own interests.. Prof hit the note quite correctly, the whole enterprise is run by unelected commisars. The majority of European leaders are communists, known today as “socialists.” Lady Ashton is typical of the horse trading in electing various highly paid individuals. She was a leading figure in the nuclear disarmament body. Most of these leading figures , if not the rank and file, are supporters of the soviet Union of old. This English woman was accepted, having no diplomatic experience to be the EU’s Foreign Minister. Why? Because the French wanted one of theirs to run the finance. So today, we have a French female lawyer in charge of finance.

    The EU is so corrupt, it is worthy of being a third world country, where the leaders enjoy a life of luxury, when everybody else is expected to tighten one’s belt. This is why I support the United Kingdom Independence arty (u£ip). This party will not allow past/present supporters of the various Nazi parties to become members, nor to represent the party in elections. This is something the other 3 major parties do not do. As these parties have enough Jew hating MPs’ with an equal hate towards Israel, it is no wonder that UKIP is welcoming Jewish people into the ranks.

    Yes Prof, you are fortunate indeed to live in a truly democratic country, un like most of Europe,

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