In a gesture of goodwill, Norway releases mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik

This is of course pure nonsense. This isn’t going to happen and we are all very thankful that that beast has been shut in for… well not a very long time… but he did get the Norwegian Law’s harshest sentence, 21 years. Fully served he will then most likely be transferred to some closed institution on the grounds that he represents a danger to the society, and nobody will miss him for a second.

But here in Israel, releasing dangerous mass murderers who express no remorse, but threaten to repeat their atrocities, are set free, in a gesture of goodwill to lure intransigent Palestinians back to the negotiation table they have left many times over after having obtained nearly everything they asked for.
Yet, the international community feels that Israel should give more. And on they press, “hey Israel, really. must you keep those convicted criminals locked up? Cant you just let them go, after all they have only collectively murdered some several hundreds of civilians who only went about the usual business of life when their lights were snuffed out?”. Not surprisingly Palestinian leaders turn to the EU to get their backing, but after the latest EU directive, the EU itself now has a bit of a pickle to untangle, apparently they thought that Israel forever would be their pushover bitch, but now they have to face reduced cooperation in the contested territories, like not getting the help they have depended on from Israel until now. (Well, I am sure they could ask the Jordanians or the Egyptians to give them a hand in stead?). So while the EU is concerned by the rebuff they got for their one-sided, poorly thought out (requesting that Israel should set aside its own laws to please the irrelevant EU?!) and implemented at the worst time possible, they should probably look to Norway to internalize the lesson, be perceived as too one-sided in the approach to this tragic conflict, and no doors will be opened to you in Jerusalem.

Although Israel’s gesture of good will to release murderers, Norwegian press so far seems unimpressed (silly season, elections, more gory news elsewhere), Klassekampen has taken it upon itself to sound the war cry: More boycott. Until Israel learns, Israel should be boycotted, shunned and delegitimized:

(bad google translate)

Israel’s chief negotiator Tzipi Livni and Palestinian Saeb Erekat to go to Washington one of the next days, to begin the first direct talks since the so-called peace talks broke down in 2010. It is the first time since then that dealers from both sides officially agreed to meet at such a high level. Some are thus grounds for some optimism. The parties have however done his best to downplay expectations. There is every reason to.
20 years after the Oslo Accords would bring peace, the situation of the Palestinians getting worse. In neighboring staying million exiles under wretched conditions, and fourth generation refugees growing up without hope of return. The situation is not better for the Palestinian refugees that their host countries now also have to accept hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, and Palestinians in Syria are themselves caught in the war. In Gaza Tynes residents of a blockade that has become heavier by Egypt again closed tunnels. In the West Bank Palestinians locked inside of walls, roadblocks and Israeli settlements. Since the Oslo Accords came in 1993, the number of settlers increased from 150,000 to 600,000, and Israel flatly refuses to halt settlement expansion.
In a situation where the occupying power Israel does not seem to see negotiations as nothing but a delaying method, there is little reason to believe that Tel Aviv will provide a little finger without being hard pressed. In that way it is good news that the EU recently adopted a directive that all agreements concluded between EU countries and Israel must now contain a clause written, There shall be the settlements in the occupied West Bank is not part of Israel, and that the contract therefore does not apply to them. It remains to be seen whether the Directive are complied with. It is nevertheless hoped that more such initiatives. It is only through strong political pressure and boycott tough decision that it will be possible to push Israel into real concessions to the Palestinians. If Western politicians be willing to pressure Israel so, they must actively pushed by a solidarity movement. The most important Norwegian Palestinian friends can do is to engage in active solidarity work.

Did you notice the non-mention of releasing horrid mass murderers as a gesture of good will?

Luckily we have Vårt Land, who have used their journalistic capabilities to the fullest, copy and paste from NTB. The article is factual and balanced until the very last sentence: Meanwhile, several members of Netanyahu’s government are unwilling to enter negotiations involving Israel to give land and give it back to the Palestinians.

What? Give land back to the Palestinians? What utter nonsense, and even a toxic lie. Israel has never taken as much as a millimeter of land from a country called Palestine, a brilliant example of how Norwegian press do not care to check the veracity of their information. But probably it is too convenient for journalists to just repeat a lie, willing it to be true, rather than studying the complex facts….

Nevertheless, while Vårt Land is too lazy to check the facts, Klassekampen continues to fail to internalize the findings of the Holocaust Center study on anti-semitic attitudes in Norway, which concluded that a significant proportion of  Norwegians can be said to have strong (12,5%) or somewhat (26%) anti-Semitic attitudes. The study further revealed that while many people with a pro-Palestinian point of view in general separate between being critical of Israel and anti-semitic expressions, a significant proportion of those with a strong pro-Palestinian stance, did not. Klassekampen seems to be unable to realize that only demanding boycott of Israel, while other countries who have occupied foreign territory in real terms, such as China, or Morocco, get off scot free, is the very definition of modern anti-Semitism according to the (useless) EU.

The Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion also received a list of suggested measures policy makers should implement to address the problem. Education has been identified as the most important and efficient measure to combat this horrid plague, and while the ministry has put together a “package” to educate the educators, it still is a bit strange that in contrast to Swedish, Danish and British educators, Norwegian educators do not take advantage of the educational packages offered by Yad VaShem in Jerusalem.

Are they concerned that if they were explained in proper and academic terms what anti-Semitism is, they would have to confront their own short comings as a first measure? After all, it is official politics in Norway that it is only elderly unmarried men who harbor unhealthy attitudes towards Jews, never mind that Norwegian Jews’ own experience tells a different story.

3 comments for “In a gesture of goodwill, Norway releases mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik

  1. Martin
    July 29, 2013 at 2:54 am

    Yes Prof and when it comes to Israel, the adjective irreverent applies equally to the description irrelevant EU. Very well thought out.
    I should hate to be a family member of one of Peres “Victims of peace.” There is no justice for the victims, only support for the murderous perpetrators.

    In any other country, there would either be a coup, revolution, or military take-over..

  2. Ellen
    July 29, 2013 at 8:38 am

    In any other country, there would either be a coup, revolution, or military take-over..

    Wouldn’t that actually be easier to pull off in Israel, should they put their mind to it, since pretty much the entire population is either IDF or ex-IDF? Though, I see too many good reasons for not doing it. If Israel threw the government over this, with IDF’s help, it would immediately become a military dictatorship in the eyes of the world, and need “liberation”. Screw Syria, Libya, Congo and Sudan, eh? We need to be tough on real oppression.

  3. August 1, 2013 at 12:34 am

    Releasing terrorists is of course a wonderful idea that will solve the world problems :-)
    And what about the refugees?

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