Norwegian People’s Aid Liv Tørres is green with envy

Perusing the pages of Norsk Folkehjelp, you will find precious little on the conflicts that really rock the world, such  as Syria, the dangers posed by the Iranian leadership, Nasrallah and Hizbollah and such similar hotspots. Who knows, maybe they are boycotting Israel fully and therefore do not have access to latest technology but depend on telegrams to find out what goes on in the world?

Hardly. They are at it with more umph than ever, flogging Israel, while ignoring everybody else. Even the Palestinians themselves as they go about randomly arresting or executing political opponents. It is a very good thing that Norway has painted itself into a corner and can only watch from afar as the Israelis and the PA, ever so reluctantly, have decided to sit down and talk, since no doubt, the Labor Party, the Red Green coalition, any ‘diplomat’ appointed under the same, are so tainted by the raw money power the trade unions and their affiliated organizations such as the Norwegian People’s Help, that Norway, by default, would be seen as the impossible broker.

I have no doubt that the US has used a small carrot and big stick approach to both the Israelis and the PA, but the US has something Norway, or indeed any European would be peace maker sorely lacks: Real clout.

So maybe that is the underlying motivation of Ms. Tørres; she’s just plain old jealous that other people, with much clearer democratic rules and a much fairer approach to difficult and painful conflicts: Her favorite villain, the US, managed to get her other obsession, Israel, to come to the table. Not only that, since getting Israel to come to the table must be said to be the easy part – they even managed to make it clear to Mr. Abbas; if you aint coming to the talks, you will be flushed down the drain by your very powerful friend – the US.

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Negotiations require pressure on Israel
No one has wanted to exert sufficient pressure on Israel to reach your goal – ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state.
Published on 2 August 2013, at. 10:35 by
Life Tørres
Secretary General, Norwegian People’s Aid

It’s time for a new round of peace negotiations in the Middle East. The United States has been pushing and pulling both parties, the occupying Israel and the PLO, the representative of the occupied Palestinians to the negotiating table. An Israeli government, which has never been so dominated by those whose essence is that Israel should not withdraw from the occupied territories, to negotiate with PLO leader weakened by the Palestinian rift and Israel’s continued construction of settlements.

Foreign Politicians worldwide express themselves in hopeful terms. This is perhaps the last chance to negotiate a two-state solution, they say, so now it supported the negotiation track. Our own Espen Barth Eide writes in a press release: “Both parties will win to progress and will chance upon great support from the international community. We must be realists and show patience. As a friend of both people and as head of the donor group, Norway stands ready to help. ”

IT’S almost 20 years since the Oslo Accords were signed. Since then, similar negotiations come and gone. Meanwhile, the situation for Palestinians has deteriorated and the illegal settlements more. The Palestinians have never done everything right, but the overall lesson is this: No one wanted to exert sufficient pressure on Israel to reach your goal – ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state. Negotiations without such pressure has given Israel the ability to extract time and continue the colonization of the West Bank. A colonization which now seems to make it impossible to establish a sovereign Palestinian state.

If Barth Eide will be a realist, he must not be too patient, but to exert pressure on Israel through sanctions against the occupation. He must introduce measures to show that Norway does not accept Israel’s presence in the occupied territories. He can begin to follow EU. A just over a week before the new round of negotiations was familiar with the EU guidelines stating that no Israeli businesses or projects in occupied territory shall benefit from a partnership and funding from the EU. In Israel, the protests were loud.

However, it is much evidence that including this very limited measure helps to get the political elite in Israel to understand that they will not continue quite as before. Where European and Norwegian diplomats has continually expressed that such measures would be devastating for political dialogue and negotiations, we see rather the opposite. The pressure helps to get Israel to the negotiating table, and more pressure is needed. To actively sanction against the occupation increases, not decreases, the possibility that negotiations could lead toward ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state.

THE NORWEGIAN government must come to the track and make it clear that they will follow the EU’s policy for cooperation and funding. Norway must go ahead with the next steps: To discourage Norwegian industry to have economic relations with the Israeli settlements.

If Barth Eide will help ensure that a Palestinian state will see the light of day is not enough more patience, money and negotiations between occupier and occupied. He must also look at measures that put pressure on the occupation. It’s what’s realism.

Ms. Tørres, the realistic approach here is that Espen Barth Eide, for all his cuddly geekyness, isn’t going to have squat to do at the negotiating table, other than perhaps lick the floor clean. The EU can maybe be upgraded to latrine duty after their very poorly thought out ‘nudge strategy’ blew up in their face. Thats realism!


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  1. : )
    August 5, 2013 at 12:43 am


    I’m unsure how Norwegian Aid will fix the world, but good luck to be the good one when one close ones eyes for people that one just don’t like.

    Peace to all people in the world!

  2. martin
    August 5, 2013 at 5:35 am

    Never mind all the ignorant shite from Norway and other countries.

    I have, what I believe is really good news about Israel. A new Israeli 24/7 satellite news/events programme has gone on air. There will be problems obtaining it on your TV. However, this crypto Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC, NRK copycat can now be watched via your computer. So you can n all forget about Youtube for encouragement. This site will give real news. My only hope is that the types such as those who represent Ha Aretz and other far left views will be kept off, as we can see their versions all day long on the other sites.

    I, and I am sure, many others have long nagged Israel to do just this. At last, at last, better late than never… The site is good luck

  3. : )
    August 6, 2013 at 1:51 am


    : ) I doubt its lack of news that makes people into robots, its more the amount of info and that people give up and seek strong people they can believe in. God seems to have lost interest, so most people has given up on the Church or do praying. Charismatic people that speak about we and the people and how to take down the evil enemy will always be around. If one encourage people to think for them self and hold on to what they believe in and show them respect one build up people that function. The left don’t want people that functions, its no money in people that don’t use the public service ; ) So left news is all about how awful the world not odd that they dance with religious made freaks around the end of the world.

    I agree with you Martin youtube was fun when it was new and free. How much do one has to pay for the Israeli news? If it is a cooking program as well I will consider if its worth the money ; )

    Since we have a new lost generation in Europa coming up again this book might amuse some of them:

    Have a happy day Martin ; )

  4. martin
    August 6, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Norwegian the is quite free. Enjoy.

  5. August 8, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Martin, in London for work now, want to meet up for a pint so that we can poke fun at Eric?

  6. martin
    August 9, 2013 at 1:30 am

    Hi Prof, yep, you betcha

    Will call you

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