Kjetil Nilsen from Harstad is a racist pig!

Summer is coming to an end, and creepie crawlies who have been hiding under big rocks are coming out again. This time, Harstad University College’s resident racist, Kjetil Nilsen has been at it again.

The new peace negotiations will in his opinion fail because Martin Indyk is Jewish.

really bad google translate form Dagsavisen’s “debate” forum

“Peace Negotiations”
Published August 4 – 569 Views Post
Foreign Minister John Kerry has succeeded in its efforts to bring Israel and the Palestinian Authority together into so-called peace negotiations – but so what?

It is likely that this will be another round of negotiations in which the Israeli government will dictate the approach and give the impression that they come with “concessions” and “generous offer” to the Palestinians. Nok once let Israel to adhere to international conventions concerning the occupation and binding UN resolutions adopted by the Security Council set aside as a starting point for negotiations.

– How likely is it that an occupying power accorded as much political control will embark on genuine negotiations and voluntary compromise with the occupied? Moreover, the occupation? – Which occupation, ask the occupation.

As recently as January of this year – ahead of elections in Israel – Netanyahu promised in an interview with the newspaper Maariv that no Jewish settlements to be abandoned in the next four years if he wins the election. (Aft.posten 01/18/13). Clear voice.

We also know that Netanyahu is the Israeli government that has built most illegal settlements – and he goes on to give the go-ahead for tender minds retrievals for the construction of 1000 housing units illegal now at the beginning of new negotiations.

Today – at the same time that this post posted – the Israeli government allocated development funds, earmarked 20 illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. 15 of these are political bastions of the extreme party “Jewish home”, led by Naftali Bennett – one of the Netanyahu government’s key supporters in the coalition government. Minister Naftali Bennett has otherwise been calling for full annexation of the occupied territories.

– Is there anything to suggest that this particular Netanyahu government will meet the demand of the international community withdrawal from the occupied territories to the 67-line, sharing Jerusalem, and grant Palestinians a separate, viable independent state?

– I know what America is. There is one thing you can easily poke around and lead in the right direction, said Netanyahu to a group of Israeli terror victims in 2001, not knowing that he was filmed. In addition, he boasted of having destroyed the Oslo Accords. (NRK24.07. 2,010)

And who will then lead the negotiations in the “right direction” this time? Yes, the U.S. administration has gone out Martin Indyk as negotiator – the way in the same role he had during the failed Camp David talks in 2000. The time accused the Palestinian dealer Mohammed Dahlan, Indyk for demonstrating a clear pro-Israeli stance and a corresponding negative attitude towards the Palestinians. Another Palestinian Dealer – Nabil Shaat – Indyk argued that in addition to that he was biased, had also defended settlements stronger than the Israelis themselves did.

Martin Indyk is himself a Jew and former U.S. ambassador to Israel. His career started to Washington as deputy director of AIPAC – the powerful Jewish lobby organization that has had a profound influence on U.S. policy over Israel for decades. Later he co-founded and was CEO of, one think-tank linked to AIPAC – Washington Institute of Near East Policy.

Is this a good starting point for negotiations? Columnist Rami Khouri of the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star memories of experiences from international conflicts where peace talks have failed – eg. in Northern Ireland – and shows that some key conditions that must be present for success:

* Both parties are considered equal – with the same right to uphold their fundamental rights. One party can not be given precedence over the other

The negotiating partner must adopt a third-party role characterized by impartiality, and engage unprejudiced as a bridge between the parties, and be prepared to exert pressure on both parties

* The negotiations must address all the core issues of the conflict and arrive at consensus on solutions to those that meet the minimum requirements for the whole existential parties

Mildly low suggesting that such fundamental assumptions form the basis for this round of negotiations. It is thus possible for the negotiations for the sake of negotiations this time also, as appropriate Netanyahu government – and the further extension of the occupation with a reinforced de facto Israeli annexation of the occupied territories.

I hope the University College is aware that one of their trusted colleagues engage in old fashioned and recognized anti-Semitism. Maybe somebody could look into the prospect of firing him from his position, since he is shaming his institution, based on recent similar cases where public servants have been summarily fired for criticizing Labour Youth leader, Eskil Pedersen.