A new start?

Election results are in, the red-green coalition is out! The new Prime Minister is Erna Solberg, and she has yet to put together her cabinet, but most people believe it will be a coalition between the Conservatives, the Progress Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats. However, the majority of pundits, socialists and other people with a vested interest say they cannot think how such a coalition could survive, citing their only reason the Progress party, which in Norway is portrayed as Nazis, brown filth (one NRK employee tweeted that he wished that former progress party leader, Carl I Hagen would have been killed when he retired from politics), and nobody bats an eyelid when such hate speech is funded by ordinary people’s tax money? True, the NRK somehow distanced themselves from the tweet, pointing out the impropriety of ¬†getting the NRK involved with this, but other than that…. no consequences…. Also, the media drive to completely discredit the Progressive party’s achievement is well underway – if a red-green politician was subjected to this kind of pointless ridicule, there would soon be harsh reactions from the main secretariat….. a crack of the whip and back to covering best dildo or whatever they now offer as a proxy for serious stuff in Norwegian main media.

Nevertheless, the Conservatives and the Progressives did not get a full majority, but depend on any or both of the two other parties, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals. They will most certainly provide a much more comprehensive approach to the various ME conflicts but just because they have a chip on their shoulders and love to hate the Progressive party, they could still let silly political positioning get in the way of real pragmatism (in fairness, some of the progressives also need to be reminded that they are not the victors of anything at all, but need to show that they deserve the honor of leading the nation), and on a rainy day could still end up scuppering the will of the people, spiting their face by cutting off their nose….

In any event, Norwegians have sent a strong message to the leaders that be. Not too far to the left, and not too far to the right; mind the core of the welfare state (health, education), while axing obvious money losing enterprises which do nothing to bring people back into work, nor integrate any new-comers who are too aloof to realize that they actually chose to live in Norway, with all the bare-breasted, brazil-vaxed blond babes who strut their stuff with lots of gusto.

Interesting times ahead. I observe from a distance, but close enough to have to endure the consequences of Norwegian dalliance in the Middle East…

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  1. Paula
    September 12, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Dear McGonagall

    For poor us who are not Norwegians but are keen followers of NIJ please explain what NRK stands for.

    With best wishes,

  2. September 12, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    My apologies. The NRK is the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

  3. : )
    September 12, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    SV could not hold their tweet fingers away:

    McG, when the Norwegian people elected a new government well knowing that the loosers would go out and preach in the world that Norway is turing into facists, I think we can assume people in general her in Norway think for them self, and see that bitterness just bite one back. Its going to be interesting to see if the relationship between Israel and Norway can change. My guess is that the radicals on the left her in Norway will just be more into blood oranges and hating of MIFF than before, so I hope the new government give easy sivilian police protection to Jewish arrangments and MIFF to avoid mental unstable people coming close to people that has freedom to express them self.

    Its not the Jews in Norway’s job to hold this government in their office, just as they could not influens how the Norwegians voted by the number of 2000 her in Norway!
    Well say that to the one that believe Jews run the world and Illuminati use chemicals to brainwash them and one are in a discussion for hours with new proves all the time.

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