NRK has its knickers in a twist over the Auditor General’s decision to audit the national (taxpayer-funded) broadcasting corporation routines and controls to ensure compliance with its ethical standards. Even though it is painfully obvious to everyone except the editorial staff that the network has long since abandoned even the pretense of providing unbiased news.

As if to prove how oblivious they are to minimal journalistic standards, the primetime news show recently featured a short report on a retrospective on the Oslo accords. The report featured interviews with Terje Rød-Larsen, who – to the obvious disappointment of the reporter – actually delivered a pragmatic and nuanced view of the accords. And then a juicy quote from Salam Fayyad, who spoke warmly and unchallenged of a Palestinian state he imagines existed before 1967.

But – of course – not a single quote from an Israeli. Any remotely serious news organization would have made every effort to obtain views from the other side of the issue, but this is strictly optional for NRK.

The conference – if you can call this kind of gripe session that – also included blame-Israel-firster Jan Egeland and unrepentant anti-Semite Kåre Willoch. (It is telling that any person who wants to have credibility on this issue would share the stage with Willoch except to expose his blatant bigotry).

As these folks quickly arrived at the consensus that Israel is to blame for everything, and since this was consistent with NRK’s well-established truthiness, the editors probably everything was good.

That way ever