NRK 2: An Israeli – Jewish obsession?

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Which prompts me to add this really bad google translate to share with the wider world the fascinating world of NRK correspondent Sidsel Wold (and a totally insignificant and unknown Scottish rock band, they have perhaps overindulged on the haggis?).

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Boycotts free speech festival because Israel is represented
Scottish punk band Oi Polloi withdraws from cultural festival “Kapittel” because Israel’s ambassador , poet Naim Araidi , will read poems. Sidsel Wold refused to debate with the ambassador.

By Kenneth O. Bakken
Published: 09/17/2013 , at. 1:11 pm

– We do not play with professional apologists for war crimes , torture , illegal occupation , ethnic cleansing and racism , is the message of punk band Oi Polloi on Twitter, after they withdrew from the Kapittel festival   , the Stavanger nternational Festival of Literature and expression .

Twitter posts from punk group Oi Polloi . In an e – mail to Stavanger Aftenblad explains that the band has decided to resign as Israel’s ambassador in Oslo, Naim Araidi , will attend the poetry reading .
” As a result, the Israeli regime understandable enough worried about their international reputation. They have launched propaganda campaign, “Brand Israel ” , where they promote Israeli academic and cultural merits internationally to move the focus from how they handles Palestinians , and from the ongoing occupation of Gaza. We will not be part of Israel’s PR campaign , and regrets that the Chapter is. ”
When the group is confronted with the question whether there is not some ” paradoxical ” not to attend a festival of free speech and democracy , because a sense resistor should also participate – and if they all believe in dialogue with Israel – they reply :
” the situation for Palestinians show that decades of negotiation has not been useful and we believe Israel should be pressured like the  South African apartheid regiment was pressed – it fell . ”
Skyr debate with Israeli
But it does not stop there. NRK’s ​​former Middle East correspondent Sidsel Wold also chose to withdraw from a debate at the Kapittel , because the organizers wanted her to meet Araidi and debate alone. Wold claims to have been assured that there would be more in the panel . The journalist claims that her cancellation is not about boycotts . She explains her decision to the Aftenbladet.
“I am a free journalist, while Araidi represents the state of Israel and an embassy that has reported me several times to the Broadcasting Council . It would be strange to talk about how I ‘ve covered the conflict , as he would have said that I was wrong and argue for Israel ‘s view . (… )
From experience I know that the debate on the Middle East conflict without end . I ‘ve been through these discussions thousand times . The conflict can not be solved , as I see it now. I mean it has with Israel to change , he believes the opposite . What would come out of that was to me to discuss it enough once ? ”
Comment: Is Israel evil , what is PA ?
There is much to object to the outrageous apartheid accusations from Oi Polloi . Firstly because of Israel ‘s occupation of the West Bank are not comparable with the white Africans suppression regime in South Africa. But also because the plight of the residents of Israel’s neighboring countries , even in Palestine itself, to a far greater degree equivalent to apartheid. We allow , however, that the theme be for this time.
Both Wold and Oi Polloi makes the point that the dialogue with Israel is futile . The country is obviously an occupying locked in their understanding of reality , which no one can rescue rescue from themselves . Wold said it yourself, when Aftenbladet asks her if she thinks it’s okay that Araidi is invited to Kapittel .
” Yes. He is the voice of an eternal occupation . He will attempt to explain away the occupation and that Israel is breaking international laws and regulations every day . It might be interesting to hear him talk . ”
Both must therefore ask: If the dialogue with Israel is futile , then surely any dialogue with the PA almost criminal ? We are talking about a regime where the administration is being boycotted by local journalists , due to constant violations of freedom of expression. A regime that through school and national media preaches a message of an Israel that does not exist . A regime that allows children recite poems in prime time that Jews are pigs and barbarians and shelving child murderers and terrorists as ” martyrs ” and pays its imprisoned killers ” honorary reward ” .
Although anyone at any time you disagree with the policies of the sitting Israeli government , then the important things stand , Israel as a state educates not hatred , but of peace . Israeli media are often critical of the government’s own policy, and takes just as it is the PA side in individual cases as the most natural thing in the world . In the West Bank are journalists and media that criticize PA subject to penalties, such as the Associated Press ( AP ) as reported in April 2012.
Israel remains the Middle East’s only free country , wrote the organization Freedom House in its report for 2013 . Nothing fits better than to invite an official representative of this country for a festival of literature and freedom of expression , especially when the representative also has a doctorate in literature and poet .
It can in many ways be understood that wold not want to meet alone as a counterpart to the Israeli ambassador . It would have revealed to everyone that she is an advocate for one party to the case . To maintain a glow of a certain degree of independence , she says she would also not debate with the Palestinian ambassador.
It in no way is understandable, Wolds accusation of Israel ‘s ” eternal occupation ” . Since Wold knows Middle Eastern history well it can hardly be attributed to lack of knowledge? Does she have a totally private definition of ” forever” ? Is she just going to use her freedom of speech to defame Israel?


As for the Scottish twats, maybe they prefer the new press freedom a la South Africa, where 70% of news must be positive (as in not critical of the South African Government)?

As for Sidsel Wold, one can only surmise that her real motive for refusing to meet with the Israeli (Arab) ambassador, is that she has no argument at all, and resorts to tantrums and unprofessional behavior in order to allow herself to preserve her pet hate object, Israel. What a silly goose!