Two tales of the same story

Which version is true? The NRK? Who does a copy and paste job from Reuters? Or… the IDF? Just to get the records straight, the Reuters has been forced to withdraw and apologize for doctored pictures, wrong information, and several other faux-pas all over the world, while the NRK has been felled more times than any other Norwegian news outlet by the Norwegian Press Complaints Commission… Below is the NTB/NRK version of the latest scuffle between the IDF and EU “diplomats”, a fairly one sided story and with no image of  furious feather spitting French “diplomat”, which provides and easy compare and contrast with the version presented in Israeli media. lifted from (bad google translate)

Soldiers Attack EU diplomats Armed Israeli soldiers attacked EU diplomats who had medication and emergency equipment stocked in several trucks. Israeli soldiers attacked EU diplomats Israeli soldiers attacked European diplomats and confiscated a truck with tents and emergency aid which diplomats tried to give to the Palestinians whose homes had been demolished  this week. by Journalist Farid Ighoubah Published 20/09/2013 , at. Updated 9/20/2013 7:49 p.m. , at. 8:49 p.m. A reporter from Reuters witnessed Israeli soldiers threw shock grenades at a group of diplomats , aid workers and local residents in the occupied West Bank Friday. Then a French diplomat pulled out of the cab of a truck before soldiers drove the truck away . – They forced me to the ground without regard to my diplomatic immunity, saying the French diplomat Marion Castaing . – This is how International Law is respected here , she added , covered in dust. The village of Khirbet al- Makhula was home to some 120 Palestinians . The Israeli army demolished the temporary dwellings there Monday after Israel’s Supreme Court declared that they had no building permit. The residents have refused to leave the place and point out that the families have lived there for generations with their flocks . An Israeli military spokeswoman said the Palestinians and foreign activists had forcefully resisted orders to leave, and that the soldiers were just trying to uphold the court’s decision. – Reports that foreign diplomats have abused their immunity is reviewed and , if necessary, will be reported to the relevant authorities , she continued . Israeli soldiers prevented Tuesday the Red Cross to deliver aid to Palestinians same place . Diplomats from France , UK, Spain, Ireland, Australia and EU political office was met on Friday with more supplies. Once they were arrived , they were met by about twelve Israeli soldiers who refused to unload the truck.

This is how the Jpost chose to report on the event, while I nicked the photo from Times of Israel french

EU diplomats say IDF manhandled them in West Bank, violated humanitarian law

09/20/2013 19:07

IDF stops Palestinians from rebuilding razed West Bank village of Khirbet Al-Makhul, demolished earlier this week.

IDF soldiers detain Palestinian in Jordan Valley, September 20, 2013

IDF soldiers detain Palestinian in Jordan Valley, September 20, 2013Photo: REUTERS

IDF soldiers clashed with Palestinians and foreign activists attempting to raise a makeshift tent encampment near Hamdat in the northern Jordan Valley in the West Bank on Friday. The IDF called the incident a “disturbance of the peace,” and a provocation,” while European diplomats said they were “manhandled” and illegally prevented from delivering humanitarian aid to Palestinians by the IDF. Homes in the Palestinian Beduin community of Khirbet Al-Makhul were originally demolished earlier this week after the High Court of Justice ruled that they did not have proper building permits. The IDF prevented activists from putting up new tents on Friday and confiscated equipment used to raise the makeshift settlement. The IDF spokesman’s office said that security forces encountered rock throwing and used riot dispersal methods in handling the incident. Three Palestinians were arrested and the area was declared a closed military zone. A Reuters reporter saw soldiers throw sound grenades at a group of diplomats, aid workers and locals, and yank a French diplomat out of the truck before driving away with its contents. “They dragged me out of the truck and forced me to the ground with no regard for my diplomatic immunity,” French diplomat Marion Castaing said. French diplomat Marion Castaing lays on the ground after Israeli soldiers carried her out of her truck (Reuters) “This is how international law is being respected here,” she said, covered with dust. The IDF stated that “reports that foreign diplomats abused their diplomatic privileges are currently being reviewed, and if required, complaints will be filed with the relevant authorities.” Locals said Khirbet Al-Makhul was home to about 120 people. The army demolished their ramshackle houses, stables and a kindergarten on Monday after the High Court ruling. Despite losing their property, the inhabitants have refused to leave the land, where, they say, their families have lived for generations along with their flocks of sheep. A spokesman at the British Consulate General in Jerusalem said London was “seriously concerned” by the Makhul demolitions and by the subsequent refusal to let villagers receive aid. IDF soldiers stopped the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delivering emergency aid on Tuesday and on Wednesday. IRCS staff managed to put up some tents but the army forced them to take the shelters down. Diplomats from France, Britain, Spain, Ireland, Australia and the European Union’s political office, turned up on Friday with more supplies. As soon as they arrived, about a dozen IDF jeeps converged on them, and soldiers told them not to unload their truck. IDF soldiers pull a Palestinian off a truck loaded with items European diplomats wanted to deliver to locals in the West Bank (Reuters) “It’s shocking and outrageous. We will report these actions to our governments,” said one EU diplomat, who declined to be named because he did not have authorization to talk to the media. “(Our presence here) is a clear matter of international humanitarian law. By the Geneva Convention, an occupying power needs to see to the needs of people under occupation. These people aren’t being protected,” he said. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement that Makhul was the third Beduin community to be demolished by the Israelis in the West Bank and adjacent Jerusalem municipality since August. Palestinians have accused the Israeli authorities of progressively taking their historical grazing lands, either earmarking it for military use or handing it over to the Israelis whose settlements dot the West Bank. Israelis and Palestinians resumed direct peace talks last month after a three-year hiatus. Palestinian officials have expressed serious doubts about the prospects of a breakthrough. “What the Israelis are doing is not helpful to the negotiations. Under any circumstances, talks or not, they’re obligated to respect international law,” the unnamed EU diplomat said.

I must say I delighted to note that on this occasion, the Israeli MFA were unimpressed by European complaints, but gave them a warning to not continue their dangerous games, and might even declare the French “diplomat” a persona non grata. Finally somebody with balls of steel. Come to think of it, more likely a woman.

Israel hits back at EU after West Bank altercation

Diplomats’ behavior in lead-up to melee with soldiers an ‘unnecessary provocation,’ Foreign Ministry says

BY NAAMA BARAK AND RAPHAEL AHREN September 22, 2013, 5:14 pm 7

Israel shot back at the EU Sunday for what it called a one-sided condemnation of the IDF following an incident that saw the Israeli military seize a truck being delivered to Palestinians during a scuffle that involved foreign activists and at least one European diplomat.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry released a statement saying a demand from the European Union for answers over the incident a day earlier ”ignores the European diplomats’ blunt violation of the law, their disregard of a ruling of the Israeli court and their unnecessary provocation under the alleged pretext of humanitarian aid,” adding that “the European diplomats and their governments owe an explanation to [sic] this blatant violation of diplomatic codes of conduct.”

The communique followed comments by the spokespersons for EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton and Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva, who said “the EU deplores the confiscation of humanitarian assistance carried out by Israeli security forces yesterday in Khirbet al-Makhul. EU representatives have already contacted the Israeli authorities to demand an explanation and expressed their concern at the incident.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ilana Stein said Jerusalem rejected the “one-sided announcement.”

According to the IDF, the altercation took place in Khirbet al-Makhul in the West Bank, when Palestinians at the scene began hurling stones and beating the Israeli security forces that arrived in the area. Soldiers used crowd-control measures to break up the melee and three Palestinians were arrested.

Among those at the scene was French diplomat Marion Fesneau-Castaing, who, according to a Reuters report, was pulled out of a truck by soldiers, who then drove away with its contents. A video from the scene showed Fesneau-Castaing lying on the ground, and then pushing an IDF soldier after being helped up.

The EU said the truck was filled with emergency aid for the Palestinians, whose homes had recently been demolished by court order after it was determined they were sitting on an IDF training ground. The Israeli military said the truck was filled with building materials to construct new illegal homes.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Paul Hirschson said a formal complaint might be filed with the French over the diplomat’s involvement. “If she did participate, then a formal complaint will be filed — because that is not the way diplomats behave,” he said.

The French Embassy declined to comment to The Associated Press.

Yoel Goldman and Joshua Davidovich contributed to this report.

Although the Brits behave in an equally unprofessional and disgraceful manner under the bumbling leadership of Cameron/Hague, I still think the Simpsons writer Ken Keeler hit the nail fairly accurately on its head when he coined the famous term about les French; Cheese-eating surrender monkeys!

Send the wench back to diplomat school (or primary school) to learn about graceful behavior. And she can take the Norwegian journalist along for some badly needed updating on checking all the facts. It simply wont wash this time to make derogatory remarks about that shitty little country.

Maybe we should have Israeli diplomats drive in to towns and squares where the Roma people have been forcefully banished by the French, the Brits, the Norwegians, the Austrians, etc, and start to distribute so called humanitarian aid?

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  1. Eric R.
    September 23, 2013 at 3:18 am

    With regards to that Nazi Jew-hating froggie bitch….

    There is precedent – although rarely invoked – for a nation to refuse to accept diplomatic immunity for the actions of another country’s diplomat when they commit an act of violence (as opposed to say, espionage).

    I would like to see that used here, and make this little Nazi whore stand trial in Israel.

  2. September 23, 2013 at 5:31 am

    OK, nazi froggie bitch… delicately balancing on the limits here. Nazi whore… not acceptable. I dont care how much this person infuriates you, but try to keep language civil. If nothing else, your civil language will make her violent outburst look very uncivilized! Double whammy!

  3. September 23, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Just another in the line of Pallywood features.

    This web site sheds light on the false narrative first reported, as opposed to the facts.

    Agree also about the language. Too many think that pejoratives are necessary to communicate on the internet, when it actually diminishes one’s arguments.

  4. Eric R.
    September 24, 2013 at 1:58 am


    In America, at least, bitch is considered a more foul word than whore. Broadcast (non-cable) TV will censor the former but not the latter.

    The word has a figurative meaning in English (to sell one’s soul as opposed to one’s body), which I believe is very accurate in this case. I do not apologize for using the word. Let’s get real here – the real obscenity is this Nazi scumbag and her genocidal hatred, not the words I choose to call her.

  5. Eric R.
    September 24, 2013 at 2:01 am

    OS 26:

    Perjoratives are sometimes useful, because lesser words simply do not have the impact to describe how vile, disgusting or evil a person is.

    Would you have objected if I used vile language to describe Hitler? Stalin? The Iranian mullahs? This woman’s goal is the same as theirs.

    Besides, I WAS being civil – there was another word I thought of using, beginning with the letter “c”, to call her.

  6. : )
    September 24, 2013 at 10:35 am
  7. September 24, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    You are free to opine and expires yourself as you wish. I prefer a more sarcastic tone, or hard hitting irony.

  8. de Bacle
    September 25, 2013 at 2:09 am

    Would wish that focus stays on Reuters and NTB – sources of intended desinformation of Norwegians in general. That was the aim of the blog-post, no ?
    Their continued indoctrination has had serious anti-Israel and anti-Semitic effects on the “man/woman in the street”, the political leaders, the academics, media people, cultural elitists…all of us.
    (I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if Reuters and NTB were referred to by any one in the arsenal of derogatory comments dicussed).

  9. : )
    September 25, 2013 at 2:12 am

    : ) McG,

    I agree with you that what open my mind is good points over a glass of vine with people that respect me and care for my future. Once I just keept to people that was so, but I have figured out that I don’t get knowlege if I judge the one that can’t speak, dress or show emotions as uninteresting fools, that I as the good person I am can’t waist my time on. Why defending Eric R. language and make my self as a target? If I can’t be good to a person that is Jewish and make mistakes, how can I be good to people that are fare more diffrent from me? I feel its a be or not to be thing to just hang on, life is not perfect and I love when people show their true self and trust that no matter what they did their best. Eric R. thinks that by writing on this page he does what he can do best, one have to help him to find better words in a way so he can move forward : ) I’m not saying that Eric R. is perfect and I do trust that he is so horny to figure out your identity McG that he will stay on this page no matter what you trow against him, it might also be a way for him to get your attention. I can promisse you one thing Eric R. probably never use the B-word in his private life, but in this dark corner of the web why not let it all out?

    Enjoy Norwegian culture

    Hello: if I’m on the web? Whats the web? No no, I’m just cleaning house and praying all well, probably my neightboor 😉 Have a happy lovely day NSA!

  10. : )
    September 25, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    de Bacle,

    let NSA be the big brother on the web. NTB and the rest of the news Norway don’t regard this page as their PFU ; ) So when we are talking to a wall we might just have some fun as with each others on this page.

  11. martin
    September 28, 2013 at 10:08 am

    I believe that the term Nazi is quite a just one for people who wish to see the demise of the Jewish nation.
    The term right wing fascists only occurred after Hitler’s national socialist policies led to the attack of Stalin’s International socialism. Most if not all of the massacres have been the provocation by socialism from Marxism to Maoism, to Pol Pot, North Korea against south Korea, Hitler to Stalin, all were socialists whether national or international variants.. The European war against Afghanistan, Iraq etc, were started by Socialist governments.
    As Jews we are targeted by evil people, whether they openly espouse their vile activities against Jews directly, or indirectly by using Israel as ploy. Certainly the Norwegian leftwing parties whether extreme or mild, are still using Nazi style cartoons, statements, calling for our destruction, exclusion from society, physical and mental assaults. etc. Of course, there are also some on the right , who are just as bad. However, compared to the left, they do appear to be in a minority.

    International news reports generally were open minded and reported facts. Then began a subtle change by accepting “Palestinian” statements, then placing their statements as facts and disputed Israeli version of facts. Today, in Norway partuicularly, there is only one valid statement and that is when it is openly Jew/Israel hating.

    This French woman is only one step down from Ilse Koch. I read that she will be deported before the winter. For the life of me, I fail to understand why Israeli allows such drekk in and allows them to spew their vile hate. Let this piece of shite go to help her beloved Arab minority who live in squalid quarters in French cities. If that is too near home and she obviously likes excitement, then she should go to Syria, which is after all, a previous French Mandate Not long ago, another French diplomat called Israel a shitty little nation. Unfortunately, when Israel shows such timidity towards these Nazi minded people, she is shown as acting the part.

    Eric R, is quite right in stating any Jew hater (even those so called Jewish born idiots who question Israel’s right to exist) who wants an end to our culture and right to exist safely is acting in a Nazi style. Calling false names is an example of losing an argument, such as these people calling Jews Nazis and acting worse against the Arabs than the Nazis did to the Jews. However, as the saying goes, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, than what else can it be, other than a duck?

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