Church of Norway plans one sided Israel hate fest

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Church-Week an one sided incitement against Israel
Prepare for a new Christian hate week against Israel. 22.- 28 . September, The Norwegian church and others arrange  ” The International Church Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel .” Read MIFF analysis of the program and its content.

By Conrad Myrland

18th September presented the Norwegian Church website the Norwegian program and an English-language resource booklet for Church Week . All churches are encouraged to support the ” Peace-week through prayer and other activities .” The main headline of this years church week is ” Jerusalem : City of justice and peace .”

After a review of the Church the Week program and resource booklet , we summarize in the following points .
The total one-sided trend from 2012 continues . Last year not a single Israeli was invited to participate , while Palestinians participated in all the meetings . This year has brought one Israeli , but by no means is  representative of Israelis in general; the delegate represents the far left and works for Israeli youth to refuse military service . While you have a wide range of speakers and screenings that conveys the Palestinian side.
Resource Booklet contains a number of points accusation against Israel , mixed with Bible verses used to give a theological critique reinforcement. There is no trace of the arguments of Israel changing governments or representative Jewish votes expressed . Mixing religion with politics is obviously true worship , as long as that could affect the Israelis.
In the liturgy of the proposed by the Church week  the priest and congregation recognize that the church is ” guilty of the sin of the Israeli occupation .” The Palestinian church leaders shed tears of defects and errors they see in Jerusalem , but effectively close their eyes of ethnic cleansing in Arab countries and gross human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority . The horrors we see in the Arab world did not interfere with the Palestinian (and Norwegian ) Christian leaders , if they can just demonize the Zionist state in religious services . The liturgy does not mention Israel or Jews with a word, and portrays Palestinians as innocent victims .
All – or nearly all – the Norwegian organizers of the Church week advocate boycott of Israel in one form or another . ” The aim is to provide a religious contribution to safeguarding the legitimate rights and a secure future for both peoples , ” said the first paragraph . When one looks at the composition of programs and resources , there is little reason to attach credence to the fine words .
Palestinian terrorist armed struggle against Israel is not mentioned with one word , even in cases where Israeli security is condemned .
The conclusion is clear: Also this year, the Church week is  a unilateral hate fest against Israel .

Below is a more thorough review of the material.

The Norwegian program
In Norway , there will be held a number of meetings , screenings , seminars and devotions during kirkeuka . The program is unilaterally planned to convey the Palestinian cause .
There is not one single mainstream Israeli or Jewish voice to share their perspectives on some of the collections . Also no Norwegian known to be supportive of Israel has been invited.
Only one Israeli is listed in the program , Ruth Hiller of New Profile. The organization’s goal is to ” demilitarize Israeli society ” and ” end the occupation of Palestine.” They try to get as many young Israelis to refuse military service. According to an interview with the American- Israeli Hiller published on the website of the Jewish Voice for Peace , the group has only 40-60 active members. It says a lot about how small representative group of Israelis in general. Hiller will speak at a closed meeting at Rønningen folk high school and attend a seminar at the cathedral in Bodø.
Hind Khoury is one of the other guests from the Middle East . She presented the program as ” former Palestinian minister for Jerusalem .” According to Wikipedia she served in that role from March 2005 and some in 2006 , after she failed to be elected to Parliament .
Khoury ‘s hardly a spokesman for compromise with Israel. ” The Palestinians will hold on to their rights , whatever happens , ” she declared in this video interview from 2011. In the same interview, she praised the Arab spring, and looked at it as a ” way up” for the Arab world and the Palestinian people. Khoury , who is a Christian Palestinian , said Christians in the world should be concerned about ” injustice ” that Palestinians experience . In a video interview on YouTube , she presents the Palestinian society as ” pluralistic ” and ” very tolerant ” .The (UK based) Freedom House gives the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah a clear fail when it comes to political rights and civil liberties.
It is worth noting that Khoury is the former spokesman for the Palestinian Authority . From the Israeli side given no similar representation during the Church Week . Despite this Khoury may prove to be one of the more moderate voices iduring the Church week .
Eilert Rostrup listed as a contact for worship to be held on Wednesday 25 September . Prayers will be about “Peace in the Middle East .” Rostrup director of Karibu Foundation, which works closely with Kairos Palestine . The Palestinian Christian leaders in the latter group not only promote this traditional replacement theology , but a consistent anti – Israeli rhetoric mixed with Bible verses. Kairos Palestine is also keen supporter of boycotts and sanctions against Israel , ” everything that is produced by the occupation .” They see it as a Christian duty to ” put an end to the existing evil, to release the perpetrator [ Israel ] and the victims of injustice [ the Palestinians ] .”
Berit Hagen Agøy shall also be responsible for a devotional on “Peace in the Middle East .” In 2010 she said to Vårt Land that ” naturally ” is more important that the 1948 refugees and their descendants will be granted right of return, than the Jews remain a majority in Israel. She also suggested that the Jews in Israel , just by virtue of their desire to retain the majority in the country, are creating enemy images.
Among the other Norwegian program elements in Kirkeuka , might Bishop Atle Sommerfeldt the best known. As former Secretary General of the NCA , he has led an organization that has made a number of one-sided condemnations of Israel . NCA fighting for Palestinian ” right of return ” . If Israel would be forced to go along with this requirement , would the Jewish state in a short time become Arabic.
Wednesday 25 September invites Just Peace , Political Selection in YMCA-YWCA Global Norway and Student Christian Association to “Fair Film Night : Youth from Palestine.” Four young Palestinians share their experience  , and the film Between the walls is being screend. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that it will not be served any Israeli perspectives that night either. The second film the Church Week thinks it’s important that people get to see , The Village in the Forest . You guessed it , also an anti – Israeli film being warmly greeted by boycott supporters worldwide .
Thursday 26th September, Quakers arrange a seminar . It is not surprising , as the Quaker internationally active supporters of the boycott .

The international resource booklet
Church of the Week resource booklet is in English . The authors of the 21 -page large document declares that his goal in front contributing to ” an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and a just peace for all in Palestine and Israel .”
The second page begins the first sentence as follows: ” Jerusalem is home to three world religions : Judaism , Christianity and Islam. ” One can only wonder about the authors twelve Palestinians and collaborators from seven other countries , do not know about Mecca and Medina ? For many centuries , when various Islamic empires controlled Jerusalem , it had only a few thousand inhabitants. The city was never made ​​into a political capital, but was ruled from distant capitals. While Jews in exile always had a religious longing back to the city,  Muslim rulers and the local Arab population the failed to develop the city.
Jerusalem is ” tragically divided ” and residents ” living under an illegal military occupation ,” the text continues in the resource booklet. ” The state of Israel claims exclusive sovereignty over Jerusalem , a requirement that can only be maintained with oppression and injustice , denial of human rights , contempt for international law , closed access to religious sites and freedom of expression . ” Authors will have an “open and inclusive city for all ” . Zionist exclusive claim to Jerusalem goes against the biblical message of love , justice and reconciliation , they claim . ” Jerusalem has been a source of struggle rather than peace, ” citing the authors of Kairos document. At the same time intensifying even this conflict and brings it within the church walls .
Monday 23 September ‘s theme of ” Jerusalem – an open and inclusive city for Christians , Jews and Muslims.” The authors mention a number of grievances that the Arab population in Jerusalem have against the Israeli government , without mentioning Israeli arguments of a word. “Today it is our prayer that Jerusalem and all of Palestine must be liberated from the sin of occupation. ” Churches participating in Church Week are urged to demonstrate against Israel’s exclusive claim to Jerusalem. The authors mention nothing about the Muslim guards at Temple Square refuses Jews and Christians to pray in a visible manner.
Tuesday 24 September the theme ” Close down settlements and participate in fair negotiations on the status of Jerusalem ” . Again we get a list of grievances , without a single Israeli argument. Christian leaders connect their accusations against the Israeli authorities to Jesus complain of Jerusalem in Luke 13 Mixing religion and politics is obviously true worship . The authors demand an end to all demolitions ” as a precursor to peace ,” without mentioning that buildings that violate local land use and building laws or standing in the way of major infrastructure projects are being destroyed in all growing cities around the world.
The authors revisit accusations that Palestinians in East Jerusalem are treated as ” immigrants ” and it is pointed out repeatedly that they only have ” permanent residency ” . There is not a single reference that Israel offered citizenship to the vast majority of Arabs who arrived in Jerusalem’s new municipal boundaries by 1967. They also concealed that Israel still offer citizenship to those who want. An increasing number of Palestinians in East Jerusalem opt for this solution , and a high percentage say they prefer to be part of Israel instead of Palestine.
Resource material tells of Palestinians in the West Bank that has difficulty getting into Jerusalem. The description of the problems is probably considerably exaggerated , and sometimes outdated, but the most serious is that the authors consistently omits to explain why Israel has implemented security measures. It is also not mentioned that Israel in recent years , after the capacity of terrorist groups in the West Bank have been reduced to a minimum , has become increasingly liberal with entry permits .
The authors use a word from the Psalms to argue that the earth belongs to everyone and use it as criticism of Israel. The same authors argue strongly that ” all of Palestine ” is theirs. They advise readers to contact your local travel agent to ensure that trips to Jerusalem is ” properly described as traveling both to Israel and Palestine.”

The English liturgy
For Sunday 22 September, Palestinian Christians issued a separate proposal for a liturgy at seven sites . The head of the service , or priest , confess on behalf of the participants that ” we are complicit in the sin of the Israeli occupation by accepting the unjust measures inflicted rest of your children, and especially in your city, Jerusalem .” Participants in the service will say, ” Forgive us, we pray thee, the merciful . ”
The priest shall also tell the Lord [ Jesus ] in prayer that the land where he lived and taught ” even at the time was known as Palestine.” He or she should ” cry of the oppressed towns and especially in Jerusalem , where rigid laws prison freedom , where thinking is limited and weakened conscience , where the questioning is hanged like traitors , where creativity and justice is turned back on and where pluralism is in chains . ”
There are many cities in the Middle East where they rightly could shed tears for these reasons . Jerusalem is one of the cities with the greatest degree of freedom, the freest thinking, the most questions and the highest degree of pluralism , at least in the religious context. this does not stop  the Palestinian Christian leaders , if they can just demonize the Zionist state in church services around the world .
The authors propose to distribute symbolic olive tree branches , as a symbol of peace. ” The destruction and removal of the olive tree of the Israeli occupation is not only an expression of ecological disrespect and vandalism , but also a mockery of God’s creation and the [ Palestinian ] people, who in spite of oppression and suffering, still can reach their hands up with an olive branch to the soldiers and oppressors. ”
Throughout the liturgy , Israel is mentioned only twice, both times in connection with the occupation as a sin. Terms like The people of Israel , Jews , Judaism, Jewish , are not mentioned by a word . Muslims are not mentioned directly , but indirectly as ” brothers in your mosques ” . Jerusalem synagogues are not mentioned, but there may be those referenced when authors write ” others in their places of worship .”
The liturgy portrays Palestinians as innocent victims who yearn for ” justice. The Israelis are sinners , that destroy trees and oppressor. The authors yearn for the time when ” the forces of evil are defeated by your [ God’s] commandments of love , respect and honor .”

The Norwegian organizers
the Church week lists the following promoters : Changemaker , YMCA-YWCA Global , Norwegian kirkeakademier , NCA , Kvekerhjelp , Ecumenical Council for the Norwegian Church, Norway’s Student Christian Federation , Sabeel Friends Norway , Karibu Foundation and the Society of Friends Quakers . Most of these – perhaps all – in favor of boycotting Israel in one form or another .
” Changemaker support the Palestinian appeal for BDS and encourages the Norwegian Synod , parliament and the government to do the same. We are not yet in for a full boycott , but rather effective and targeted economic , cultural and academic boycott , sanctions and withdrawal of investments from companies and institutions that are directly involved in the Israeli assault, “said årssamlingen to Changemaker in June 2010. Note that the boycott of settlements is only a “provisional ” measure .

The invitation
Organizers for the church week has made ​​an invitation where they encourage as many parishes and dioceses to participate. ” The aim is to provide a religious contribution to safeguarding the legitimate rights and a secure future for both peoples , ” said the first paragraph . When one looks at the composition of programs and resources , there is little reason to attach credence to the fine words .
Organizers suggest adding in elements from the resource booklet to Kirkeuka in ” already fixed meeting points ” . That means participating in service in the Norwegian Church can be met with encouragement for a boycott of Israel this coming Sunday .

What is lacking
In all the tens of pages we have read the material regarding Kirkeuka we do not find a critical word about Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and Fatah regime in Ramallah. Norwegian Christian leaders should familiarize themselves with the layout Fatah decided on their logo as they celebrated the 48 th birthday in January. They should also check out why the birthday was added to 1965 . Fatah marks as their birthday when their terrorists tried to destroy the water supply to hundreds of thousands of Israelis. Mahmoud Abbas used the anniversary speech to praise the  gran mufti of Jerusalem who was allied with Nazi Germany during World War II . These are just a few examples of the countless examples that could be mentioned. As for Hamas reaches the reference to the organization’s political platform, where it expressed a religious yearning that nature will help Muslims to kill Jews. Even the most “moderate” Palestinian leaders agree that Israel should remain a Jewish state .
We can of course also read nothing in the Church Week material on Jewish history under Muslim domination, or mass exodus of the Jews from the Arab world. Israel’s arguments are completely concealed.


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  1. FG
    September 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Dear blog,
    I am a relatively old reader as you may know.
    I found this latest piece by Giulio Meotti on Arutz 7.

    I need help, but most of all, an advice from you as someone who knows the scene pretty well.
    Of course I’m mad as hell and full of apoplectic anger andoutrage, still I want to ask for something: (Actually, I changed my mind from that of my few minutes ago, when I wanted to ask from you the access of this [apostate] church in Norway you write about in this blog. Then it vame to miy mind that googleing their e-mail would be pretty easy and simple to get of course, so I I want to try something else.)
    And now, let my enquire from you come. Here it is: do you think, and I ask this honestly and earnestly, seriously, that I should send them (Norw. Church) this Meotti article in mal and my own brief comment/opinion on them, or shouldn’t?
    What would you advice me to do, frankly?

    Thank you very much for your help,
    Best Wishes!


  2. September 26, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    name and shame seems to be the appropriate course of action here. How disgusting. It almost makes me sorry to not be a Christian, because if I were, I would relish the opportunity to bash the wicked priests. Turn up for sermon or whatever, and make a loud racket. Like on Purim! Hamans the whole lot of them!

  3. : )
    September 27, 2013 at 12:41 am


    my advice to all that feel they must contact people they dissagree with, is to do it with full name and express one self more than one feel is needed and say that one are very worried for discrimination of people and that is why one make contact. Most likely your mail or call will be turned down before you have expressed your self at all as a mad person.

    McG is right that religious people use shame to hide facts, but I also see it among secular people with mental analysis on people they dissagree with. Before you go on a mission my advice would be to speak to family and friends first, and tell them how you feel about it. Let them read what you like and dislike on this blog and lisen to their advice. People around you might get very worried for you if you by your self is going to talking anyone into better ideas. People that feel that they are being watched normaly seek people around the person they are disslike and try to make them take action against the person. If people around you know that they migth get contacted by people they might let you know the name and then you can figure out more about the nettwork these people use.

    All my compliments for expressing your feelings about this hard topic, but take action about your anger, its is not a good place to be for anyone. I like to use music to get me out of bad emotions. Normaly I start with a song I feel bad about, then I put on a song I like a lot, it workes for me.

    Talk to someone in real life about this FG, its the best you can do your self and people that are around you. To me you sond very grounded and smart!

  4. martin
    September 28, 2013 at 10:16 am


    Where were you when the German authorities and their Norwegian allies began the persecution of Norwegian Jews?
    What assistance did you give to the Jewish people?
    What do you call MT Zion in Israel?
    Jerusalem is translated from Yerushalyim (city of peace). Why do you not rename it by its Arab name?
    The hate within the Norwegian Lutheran church is as strong as it has ever been against the Jews.
    Why does the church forgive all mankind, except the Jews, with the alleged idiotic charge that the Jews were responsible for your Messiahs death?
    Why does the church announce love for all mankind, except for the Jews who remain true to their culture, and history?

    I look forward to your reply. Remember, those who love the Jews and those who curse the Jews is as strong today, as it always has been.

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