Anne Sender attacks Gerstenfeld in Vårt Land debate forum

Anne Sender has just released her book about her experiences, varied and many. Apparently, the media marketing involves attacking persons who cannot read and understand Norwegian, and who were not informed a priori about the “debate”, but have had to rely on friends to drawing attention to another example of abuse of his good name and reputation.

Unfortunately, and due to time constraints I can only provide a google translate version of Ms. Senders tirades on a Norwegian debate forum, so therefore apologize in advance if (as there is bound to be) for any mistranslations that misrepresents the views of Ms. Sender. If time will allow after the simchat torah celebrations I will provide a better translation.

Nevertheless, Mr. Gerstenfeld has managed translate and respond to Ms. Sender, both copied in below.

I only wish Ms. Sender would have invited Gerstenfeld openly to a debate and not hid behind the veil of complex Norwegian language on a somewhat unimportant debate forum. That would in the very least make her look confident of her own arguments and unfazed by meeting a tough  and verbally hard hitting opponent.

Also curious as to the timing, we have been informed that Ms. Sender after attacking Israel for its policies in the West Bank, received such an backlash of angry reactions that she was offered police protection. Another person who has upset the good tastes of the Norwegian bourgeoisie, is the leader of the  Center against Anti-Semitism, Rachel Duissa. She was knocked down for her views, but did not get any offer of police protection?

Ms Sender’s letter:

Good and less good friends

Published September 23 – 2031 views posts
There are Christian communities that exploit anti-Semitism to support its own positions in politics. It felt as if we Jews abused , and added attitudes and roles we do not want.

As the first formal collaboration with other faiths began in 1990, it was an eye opener for the Jewish minority. Out in society were so many friends. In Outreach to us in the Jewish community vibrated deep, recognizable string of values ​​and community .

The motives were different : Bad conscience , political vision, irritation of the Middle East coverage in the media , history interest or religious beliefs. The bands were diverse and came to life . We saw this when the church along with a number of Christian organizations established Help the Jews Home ( HJH ) in 1990. We were influenced by the wonderful glow and attention that was both HJH and ward part of Israel – friends, especially from readers of Our Country and Date. Many Christians were and are great supporters.

Deep divisions . But today is deep rift in the environment of Israel – friends, both religiously and politically. No wonder when the foundation is fundamentally different .

As support for the Christian- Zionists gained momentum in the 1990s , said the movement’s leaders , ” Israel owns the land , and two-state solution is not pleasing to God . Therefore settlements Law – whether they are legal or not legal . ” They also say that Yitzhak Rabin was killed , and Ariel Sharon had a stroke as God’s punishment for the Oslo process .

Elements of Biblical interpretation is a non- reality -based foreign policy , and contribute to locking of the conflict. Christians who are not in one and all supports Israel , opposes the will of God . The stronger the political conflict appears , the more pronounced the spiritual battle between good and evil . Condition for their own salvation , however, that all the Jews will return to an ” undivided and eternal Jerusalem , ” and the old Greater Israel. The final battle , Armageddon , must occur before the last Jewish remnant will be saved in the last scene .

Once we know how many failed messiahs , false return of Jesus , doomsday or promotion projections of right -believing Christians have been predicted at specific times and dates throughout history , stands the Christian Zionist knowledge that the time is now, quite self- centered. There are also experienced quite uncanny that Christians ultimate goal can only be reached under the assumption that Jews almost annihilated again . Christian ethics loses against speculation .

Antichrist. Today, the Protestant evangelical Christian orientation the fastest growing in the world, according to the American Pew Research Center. The International Christian Embassy has branches in 80 countries. In the United States expects 230 million to be Christians , of which nearly one hundred million kristensionister . More than a million of these in turn are members of the association Christians United for Israel , established in 2006 by John Hagee . He started as an opponent of Communism in the sixties and so also the Roman Catholic Pope as Antichrist . Later he defined Islam as the demonic force , and believe that Jewish Diaspora and Israeli center and left hand gives too much for the peace efforts and disrupt the prophetic process. Xenophobia and Islamophobia is probably also an important driving force for many of the movement’s supporters.

Most Norwegian – Israel organizations have approached each other ideology in recent years, and many have beliefs that are within John Hagee’s thinking, according to themselves . A preacher defined exactly is this very clearly when he six months after 22 July atrocity cautioned one KrF meeting in Sarpsborg that both Alexander Kielland accident in 1980 , and the killings of Utøya in 2011, had to be understood as warnings and punishments from God for the Norwegian government fraud against the State of Israel .

Cynical . In Israel today are Christian Zionists rather cynically used by both secular Israeli authorities , and the nasjonalortodokse Jewish communities , for the collection of funds for the construction of both legal and illegal settlements and social purposes , without wanting to repent in the end so the Christian intention is . From Norway pointing Christian Embassy and Karmelinstituttets fans out clearly .

There are Jewish groups with the same prophecy that believe that by building the third temple expedites the Messiah to come . They existed long as an insignificant extremist group nobody took seriously, but is now growing rapidly , mostly due to financial support from Christian Zionists .

Christian Zionists obviously can not cut over a comb. Many have deep respect for , and feel a real kinship to the Jewish religious thinking, the culture or the total Jewish contribution to civilization advances, and leave the Jews any salvation to Our Lord . They are rising and minded believers who focus on other bids.

Other place . But there are Christian communities in Norway who want something with our church to do. We are too liberal . My contention is that our members are a completely different place politically than this group of Christians , especially in our attitudes toward Islam and Muslims. Christian Zionists are using us , however, in its domestic political struggle, and tells how awful Norwegian Jews in Norway because they want a change of government and immigration stop. The reasons why they want change has little to do with the Jews , and my contention is that the attitude of religious diversity , partnerships , position of women , abortion and homosexuality are emphasized differently by our members .

Their scare tactics about a society without God and “Christian values” uses anti-Semitism to support its own positions in politics. It felt as if we were abused , and added attitudes and roles we do not want.

Over Driver . The same thing also happened to us with friends from their own ranks . Simon Wiesenthal was the Nazi hunter who ensured that Nazi captors , SS leaders and other criminal killers were investigated, caught and convicted . They now also monitoring anti-Semitism on the agenda . One of the sources they used in Norway, Norwegian Centre for Combating Antisemitism – driven by an Israeli couple who were previously excluded from the Jewish community .

By doing so, went Wiesenthal Center ‘s conclusions on the situation of Jews in Norway too far. It was difficult for us in the church constantly going nuanced picture . As if we did not have more than enough to do to combat the existing , though we also should scare the hell out of ourselves and society by exaggerating .

Individual ranks. Another source of Simon Wiesenthal Centre used , Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld , Chairman of ” Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs ” and editor of several of their publications. He focused on the growing anti-Jewish trend in Europe , and in his first book in English, Behind the Humanitarian Mask, he studied all the Scandinavian country’s relationship with his story and what he saw as emerging anti-Semitism .

He had obviously been a while both the very conservative Christian newspaper TODAY Norway , and the Israeli couple as sources for their analysis of the situation . Many would probably say that he voiced much of the turmoil of trends in Europe that oozed out, but we felt that the picture he painted with a broad brush of Norway , could not matching a coherent picture of reality . Norway could not be compared with Greece , Bulgaria or Spain .

Especially our Holocaust survivors were powerful provoked by his claims of Norway . I do not know if he expected a weak, scared , oppressed group thanks humbly and simply waiting for outside help . In reality, he struck again open doors.

Pure party politics . Before the release of Gerstenfeld book called Norwegian Antisemitism was published by Norway TODAY in 2010 , he agreed a meeting with the board of the church. During the meeting , I asked if he considered what effect it had on the Jewish minority with the form he used ? His answer was crystal clear : ” I ​​could not care less about the Jewish Community in Norway , all I care about is two get your Jens , Jonas and Kristin off the back of my Prime Minister .”

Yeah, well , pure partisan politics that is. The Norwegian Christian he worked with was “only an insignificant Click irrelevant ,” he said. He could not be correct . He had a different agenda .

What we really had needed was that 50,000 Jews settled in Norway . When can we have the confidence and the buffer that better tolerate disagreement , different political directions and more varieties of Jewish faiths.

Today we are so small and fragile that any attack on the community that we have fought for , must be defended – it’s going to be a threat from without or within.

Gerstenfelds reply


Manfred Gerstenfeld

(Reply to Anne Sender in Verdidebatt)[1]

While she was chairperson of the Jewish community DMT in Oslo Anne Sender has for a long time tried to publicly minimize the extensive anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism in Norwegian society. This widespread hatred was so obvious that even a foreigner like me could notice it thousands of kilometers from Oslo. When Sender and I met in 2010 at DMT she explained that the Jewish community had to be on good terms with whatever government was in power. So far I could understand her. In Norway’s reality the Jewish community had to live — however difficult it was — with Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Gahr Stoere, Kristin Halvorsen and other Israel-hate supporters.

No government of any European country has done as much as the Norwegian Stoltenberg ones to whitewash the Islamonazi Palestinian Hamas movement. In its charter it promotes the genocide of Jews. Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Raymond Johansen became the first senior European official to hold talks with Palestinian Prime Minister and leader of the Hamas movement in Gaza, Ismail Haniye in March 2007. Several media presented a picture of the two shaking hands.[2] After meeting Haniye, Johansen said, “We hope that all the European countries and even other countries will support this unity government.” [3] [4]

In an ugly reality like that of Norway dominated by the Laborparty, the leaders of a Jewish community have to accommodate those in power as little as possible. Sender did the opposite. She called the hatemonger Jonas Gahr Stoere her role model. Stoere has been the main Labor Party inciter against Israel in the Stoltenberg government. Perhaps his most extreme anti-Israel act among many, was writing a back cover comment for Eyes in Gaza, a book by Norwegian Hamas supporters Gilbert and Fosse. The authors claimed that Israel had started its Cast Lead campaign in 2008 to kill Palestinian women and children. This was a modern version of the extreme anti-Semitic medieval blood libel used against the Jews. Whoever sees Stoere as a role model is unfit to speak on behalf of any Jewish organization. If the situation in Norway does not permit local Jews to say that, it has to be stated by others abroad.

Sender promotes the absurd idea that 50 000 Jews should come to Norway. Why should they want to live with the 38% of the Norwegian adults who have such a criminal mindset that they think that Israel is exterminating the Palestinians. Why should they want to live in a country where their children have to hide their identity or be submitted to frequent anti-Semitic harassment in schools? Today’s Norway is a much more welcoming place for the immigration of an additional 50 000 anti-Semites of the old Jew-hating and the new Israel-hating variety. They can feel at home with the Labor Party, SV, AUF and its Utoyacrowd, LO, the Dagbladet cartoonists and many of the country’s cultural elite.

[1] Anne Sender “Gode og mindre gode venner”

[2] “Norwegian minister meets Hamas PM,” BBC News, 19 March 2007.

[3] Ibid.

[4]  Norway-Hamas Link Angers Israel,” BBC News, 20 March 2007.

11 comments for “Anne Sender attacks Gerstenfeld in Vårt Land debate forum

  1. : )
    September 25, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Sorry I just see it very positive for the Jewish community that Sender explains her self so open to the Norwegian public, it looks like DMT need to talk open and free and don’t feel that they have to keep them self down in good behavior for the government.

    When is it going to be a party at DMT where they invite all? A odd way to start a new year, but as long as it end well its fine with me ; )

  2. de Bacle
    September 25, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Don’t know why Gerstenfeld shows such restraint…it’s worse than just “Unfit to represent Jewish organzations”.
    Note that in discussiing anti-Semitism in Norway in Verdidebatt she does not even mention the surveyes the last couple of years and their scary conclusions.
    And what about Harald Stanghelles editorial in Aftenposten a week ago ? Even he cites Joe Benkow, the previous leader of the conservative party in Norway as saying in 2006 “Norways press is probably the most anti-Israel in Europe”.
    Conisdering that both the UN, the US and EU consider such a one-sided asymmetric criticism (as that even voiced by Benkow) of Israel as anti-Semitism, Gerstenfeld can not deserve the slandering of Sender.

    (Is she slandering him because of statements he never made, false statements that she helped spread in the media ???? “Chuzpah” is too mild)

  3. FG
    September 26, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    One thing I can’t understand here – a mere technicality. Why on Earth did Mr. Gerstenfeld not send his rebuttal (yes, even if it is in English!) with a click to the vile Sender’s piece as a comment? Why?

  4. September 27, 2013 at 5:07 am

    Hehehe, more people read my dinky little blog than vårt Land!

  5. : )
    September 28, 2013 at 2:41 am

    Smart observed FG!

    I hope DMT hunt for good freinds will make them happy one day, as it is today it looks odd. No doubt that its hard for an environment to meet Jew hate, if its harder to meet it alone? Well to DMT it seems not so, if people break its their own problem. Mr. Gerstenfeld should have sad to Anne I don’t care about your opinion back in 2010, something is wrong and more people have to be heard. With Ervin Kohn at Anti rasitic senter its no point in telling anyone about what one experience, nothing is bad in Norway! Its just the top of DMT that need police protection because of mad people on the web that create fear. Once they where on this page them self when we where the good freinds, no I feel that I’m out of the party, its ok ; )

    Oddly McG was the DMT contact her in Bergen very up to get in contact with me this week, I told the people that suffer most of self hate to just do something fun and not fool them self out, and just let the phone alone, one day they probably finally get it that polite people don’t turn into devils demons, or what ever they believe people can turn into, I give up this twisted game!

  6. martin
    September 28, 2013 at 10:37 am

    It is incredible that this woman had such a commanding stature in the DMT. From what I understand regarding her statements about the Israeli couple, it was because of her and possible the left-wingers on the DMT committee that the couple were excluded in the first place.
    What an ignorant vile piece of drekk she is in attacking the good Doctor, all because she wants to obtain a higher circle of friends within the Jew.Israel hatoing elitist establishment.
    rof, it is hardly surprising that Sender would not meet with Gertsenfeld. she would be made to look in public the ignorant traitor that she is with her pitying rants against Israel.
    The equally excellent site Senter mot Antisemittismne has more knowledge and facts at hand, than Sender will obtain during her lifetime. How really sad that this woman reached such a high position within the DMT. No wonder this community acts like a headless chicken because of her kneeling to her false god. She should be really ignored by all

  7. : )
    September 29, 2013 at 1:54 am


    what I think is worse is that self hate that is very important topic to be open about in every Jewish community. For a person that lack knowlege about self hate it is absurd to be called a self hater, but for a person that know about it the normal reaction should be an open conversation in a question what do you see in my behavior that is not good for me? That the news in Norway continue to talk about self hate as something awfull angry mad Jews with rabbis speaks about, then bibi could write a open letter about in the Norwegian press just as Putin did in US. Israel is a democracy, if it can surrvive in all the chaos with religion inside of it I’m very unsure. As Mr. Gerstenfeld I think its more likely that Israel fall apart because of internal stress in the Jewish population than a military attack. Most of the Israelis I have meet have all their own solutions, the Palestines has all the same slogans, I don’t say that one has to be a brick but if all is going to be so speciall and unik ok, we are still not mental out of Egypt as a smart rabbin explains the confusion and the need to go after the bad one that makes all the problems. If one have problems one have to start with oneself and then see what one can change not find new people to save one!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday Martin.

  8. martin
    September 29, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Norwegian, I tend to disagree with the term – self hating Jew. I don’t believe this actually exists. You do have people born as Jews, who for various reasons, turn their backs on their fellow “co-religionists.” They no longer practise life as a Jew, and you will find the largest majority are those who push their background in denouncing those Jews who disagree with them. These people, such as Sender wish to become a major player within the bigger pool of secularity, by leaving the smaller pool of Jewish thought and culture.
    Sender really is just another opportunist who delights now, I am sure. in denouncing her past life. As I mentioned earlier, I really do not understand just how this woman reached a senior position within DMT. Did she change overnight? Was the change a slow one, or, has she been hiding her true self all this time?.
    D o the leaders of the DMT agree with her synopsis?
    Why do they keep so quiet? Why is there one strong enough, with a high level of self respect and courage to really bank her hard and ridicule her and the establishment?
    Why is there no demonstration against the lack of democracy in the reporting of events in Israel and verbal/mental/physical attacks against the Jews? This should be not just the Norwegian Jews acting but also those Norwegians who are clearly unhappy at the vile sentiments of many Norwegians in powerful positions, which they so clearly abuse.

    Gerstefeld has more knowledge and facts in his little finger than Sender has in her whole body. But there again, people such as Sender don’t allow their ignorance to stop them.

  9. : )
    September 30, 2013 at 2:03 am


    When I worked with children that had been mobbed I was shocked to see that the victims as fast as they could mobbed children that wanted to help them. As a teacher it was a painfull situation to have to ask weak children: but why did you do that? and get a reply that I also want to be cool. The people that mobbed had for the victim a higher stats than the child that just offerd help to the victim.

    As I see Jews that are just charming and nice people like in DMT and in Chabad as well, they fall between two chairs all the time. They have to represent them self as better than the Muslim and Christians, but at the same time they have to accept that they are a small community in a changing Norway and have to show that they can change them self as well.

    As long as DMT feels that they have to protect them self and can’t trust that the Norwegian government will protect their rights to be Jews, I’m sure they will behave in a way that is very unpredictable and confusing for anyone that just want to help them. It will not help anyone if McG or Mr. Gerstenfeld start a competition in what is the truth, its many truth and issues for the Jewish community that need to be spoken about, but most important is that people inside of this community has freedom to be Jewish as they feel is the right way, but that is up to the individual Jew in DMT and Chabad to figure out.

    As I see it if DMT don’t want more help from McG or Mr. Gerstenfeld and they express it one just has to accept that they close the door, but we can be better and say that when things has calm down its just to come back. No hard feelings! Most of the kids that wanted to help victims of school bulling did just that, they took the bitter pill let us teacher do the hard work and gave it a new change. If kids can, we can Martin ; )

  10. Steve Bronfman
    October 1, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    If only she openly said the Muslim community in Norway should be limited to 50,000

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