Vile cartoon not anti-Semitic – Norwegian press complaint commission

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Dagbladet acquitted in PFU for cartoon

Anti -Racist Center and the Jewish community complain about what they perceived as an anti-Semitic cartoon strip in Dagbladet did not succeed in Press Council .

Journalist, Inger Marit Knap Sæby
Published yesterday , at. Updated 10:25 yesterday , at. 11:44
Comic strip was printed in Dagbladet in late May , and attracted attention in several foreign media . Both the Jewish community and the Anti -Racist Center has Thomas Drefvelin parodic strip as an attack on Judaism , and complained to the newspaper Press Council .

The comic strip shows two religious person who abuses a child, while the police fail to intervene because the assailants argued that this ” is tradition ” and an important part of their faith.

Basic case

The cartoon was printed in Dagbladet 28 May.

Photo: Facsimile / Dagbladet
In Tuesday’s PFU meeting pointed out that the sample design clearly be perceived as offensive to the reader , but would not go with that drawing was racist or anti-Semitic .

PFU Secretariat pointed out in its proposal to the opinion that in the Norwegian media is a tradition of caricature has very wide limits , and it can not be that those who feel wronged or violated shall have a veto over what can be published.

– This is an important , fundamental issue for the press and freedom of expression that even if this strip was aimed at one particular religion , I would have acquitted Dagbladet , said Martin Riber Sparre from Today’s Market .

He added that if there was to the Jewish community felt threatened by comic strip , it was a matter for the police and non PFU .

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Humble editor in Chief
– I am naturally delighted that Dagbladet not the field , it is a right decision for freedom of expression in the Norwegian press, says editor John Arne Markussen in Dagbladet

– At the same time it obviously made an impression to see how strong and comprehensive response this drawing created . Many felt hurt . It was not our intention .

Markussen explains that drawing’s only purpose was to show that abuse may be committed with impunity as long as it ‘s under the guise of tradition and faith. Dagbladet editor believes there must be plenty of room for criticism of religions and religious practices. He also points out that the caricatures are directed against all religions.

Chief editor adds that even if they are humble to the reactions comic created , the press can not take into account all the groups at any time feel affected.

– There will always be reactions and protests at most we write about, but we can not hand over the power to define for those who feel offended , think Markussen .

Ongoing debate

PFU leader and Aftenposten’s editor Hilde Haugsgjerd mean drawing on perceived as a post in an ongoing debate.

Photo: Solum, Stian Lysberg / NTB Scanpix
PFU leader Hilde Haugsgjerd also pointed out that the drawing must be perceived as a post in an ongoing debate , and that the current context is different now than it was when it came Jew critical drawings before , during and after the war. Therefore perceive nor specific as anti-Semitic caricatures .

– It is also important to remember that caricature as a genre is known to be unfair and puts things on the tip , she added .

Several of the press representatives on the committee admitted , however, that they would not have pressed the strip in his newspaper . Neither John Arne Markussen in Dagbladet would establish that he had pressed comic strip again without hesitation.

– There is a consideration that must be taken from time to time. But I have not seen any reason to criticize the initial decision internally , says chief editor .

Hadi Stream Lile representing the public, and was alone would trap Dagbladet. PFU therefore decided to acquit Dagbladet for printed comic strip.

respects the decision
Rune Berglund Steen , Head of Anti -Racist Centre , told that they respect PFU decision and not going to take the matter further . But their stance remains as before.

– That one has the opportunity to hit something , does not mean you should do it. However, we are not surprised by the decision, it has always proved to be difficult to stop the anti-Semitic statements , says Steen .

He says that they respond most is the subject where children abused by adult Jews (according to the Anti -Racist Centre’s own interpretation of the drawing, journ.anm . ) , Will be one of the most common motifs are used to promote anti-Semitic attitudes throughout history.

– So this is acceptable because it is called religion criticism. We have also seen that these drawings spread in the extreme-right . I find it sad that Norwegian newspapers will help to create and disseminate such attitudes , says Rune Berlund Steen .

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  1. Eric R.
    September 26, 2013 at 1:57 am

    Dagbladet is nothing but a bunch of filthy Nazi wh***s and b****es!


    Actually, all joking aside (well, OK, I’m not really joking when I call them those things), Israel should use this as a signal to throw all Norwegian journalists out of the country.

  2. martin
    September 28, 2013 at 10:49 am

    Yes folks, I have returned from my visit to the USA and noted that nothing has changed. As they say, “don’t repair if it ain’t broke.” Obviously Jew hate continues and is blossoming. Unfortunately, instead of a pleasant smell, it is a horrid stink.

    Like I stated Eirc R, nothing will change in Norway. Vile hate for Jews is too engrained within the Norse culture. Unfortunately, Bibi is the wrong man to run Israel. If we had a real self respecting Jew with a love of Israel, then Israel would cancel all diplomatic niceties totally.
    This type of cartoon would be shown in the national socialist newspapers in Nazi Germany and in the International socialist newspapers in Soviet Russia. It is evident that freedom of the press in allowing this type of “cartoon” is not just reminiscent of those time, but it is also prevalent throughout the whole of the Islamic world where similar freedom of speech is allowed. Islaminazis yes, because of historical facts must be equally shared with Norways own modern history.
    Quisling, all is forgiven, please return as the Norwegian Messiah. your country needs you as an open Nazi leader. From where I see it, this is a just call.

  3. martin
    September 30, 2013 at 3:24 am

    off to France for a week au revoir et bien tot

  4. : )
    September 30, 2013 at 11:42 pm


    important her is to see that its groups in Norway on the right and left that are anti-democratic. If the majority has an opinion its the right. One just have to win the people than one have power? It might be as you say that there exist an elite in Norway that has so strong nettwork that they can dictate the law. But I doubt it make them happy, it must be very confusing to know that there are other nettworks that also works like this. I think people that are inside something like this must feel traped in a bad way. It might explain why some people behave as they are paranoid freeks and talk about we and them. Anyway it gives the imagination somthing to play with so that one enjoy art.

    Forgett what ever happens inside of the Jewish communities her in Norway, people that use their time there are probably happy and get offended if anyone points at the big pink elephant in the room.

    Its going to be interesting to see if Norway will make laws that makes it hard to live a religious life. Mao’s words about religion will then finally be proven worng in the number one republic in the world. I think the revolution or what ever these people have in mind will take time, hopefully will they wirte books about their fantacy Norway in the old house. Anyway chaos will they produce for years and years and burn out anyone that stands in their way, as they did with Holst!

    How much pressure one can put on parents that has a religion is a subject to be discussed in public, not how to make laws to prevent them for making their children religious that is just nuts. Its the school that has to be non religious not the homes!

    Lets put away hard feelings that one did not get a thanks for all the hard work, and focus on that the only reason people use time on something is because they need to protect the world as they know it or as they want it to be. First one logical and predictable last one has to be protected as long as one can trust that the change is good. Lets see behind the mask and figure out what the different interest groups are working for, as Solinsky kindly tried to explain before he became irritated over the Jewish drama, can’t blame him!

  5. Eric R.
    October 2, 2013 at 4:32 am


    First the USA, now France?

    Can you give me some of your frequent flyer miles?

  6. October 2, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    ah, you know, the Brits have such a great economy, they don’t know how to spend it all. In spite of that, could not get Martin to buy me a decent pint when I was in London for work last. have the lights in Washington been switched off now?

  7. Eric R.
    October 2, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    ” have the lights in Washington been switched off now?”

    Most have been switched off. And hopefully, they will stay that way.

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