Aftenposten covers all the bases, but lands on pro-circumcision

Aftenposten have published two opposing points of view on circumcision, and perhaps – after weighing the pro against the contra, found that the correct decision is to be in favor of circumcision in Norway.

All three opeds have been lifted from, and equally poorly translated with google.


Circumcision of boys must be allowed

Published: 20.okt . 2013 6:31 p.m. Updated : 20.okt . 2013 6:31 p.m.
IT IS SO risky and unnecessary to circumcise young boys that the procedure should be banned ? Or there is a negligible interference with low risk and which can provide health benefits such as adult ?

The vast majority of Norwegians want to look at the circumcision of male children as unnecessary, even expressed some will call it barbaric . Most Norwegians are not circumcised. In this area we differ from most of the world’s population . But you yourself do not follow such a tradition does not necessarily mean that it must be banned. Especially when we know that the tradition means very much for very many.

Ombudsman ANNE Lindboe has proposed to introduce minimum age for circumcision , so it happens to the boy’s consent. Lindboe have enough good intentions, but here she is astray . Such a proposal will lead to our Jewish population , which is already very small, will not able to practice their religion.

Many Muslims will claim the same, even if within Islam there is disagreement about whether circumcision is an imposition , or just highly recommended. Among Muslims also varies the timing of when the procedure is performed traditionally , from infants all the way up to early teens .

The procedure marks the child’s body . For some, this marked read about a religious stigma . Supporters of the ban or age highlights that some circumcised Norwegian boys feel the mark, and therefore will not participate in sports activities . It ‘s sad , but also due to the greater society ‘s attitude to circumcision.

In NORWAY circumcision is usually the result of a religious tradition. In the USA it is as often a social tradition. Many Norwegian pediatricians are skeptical about circumcision. America ‘s pediatrician associations are positive. Doctors are like other people, they are affected not only by the facts . The disagreement apparently stems from medical reasons, can be influenced by ambient conditions to circumcision.

While the United States claims that circumcision of children provide health benefits in adulthood , according to Norwegian doctors that the gain is not good enough reason to put babies at risk.

There is a good argument . But the young Norwegian children receive fluoride to strong teeth when they grow up. Government vaccine program ensures to fullvaksinere young children , although many of the benefits first arrive in adulthood .

Our insistence that it must still be allowed to circumcise young boys , mark under reasonable circumstances. For on top of the arguments for and against , are thus the legacy we carry on in the face of our Jewish population . From ancient times through the vile Jew paragraphs and duality ban on ritual slaughter , to 2 World War.

There are still anti-Jewish attitudes prevalent in Norway . On this basis, it is impossible to impose ban on circumcision of newborn males today . For even if the purpose is to protect children , a ban function as a new attempt to expel the Jews from the country.

And even if a ban were not intended to target Muslims , there is no doubt that our Muslim population will come to perceive it as an attack . Instead, we now see that Norwegian Muslims endorse the small Jewish population.


Circumcision , a disgusting practice

The minimum requirement should be that the child is old enough to decide for themselves before an intervention may be taken .

Birger Rustad

Published: 21.okt . 2013 2:28 p.m. Updated : 21.okt . 2013 3:36 p.m.

I could not believe my eyes when I read the editorial in Aftenposten Sunday newspaper on 20 October.

Is it really possible that Aftenposten believes that ” circumcision of boys must be allowed “?

Circumcision of girls – called female genital mutilation is prohibited. While circumcision defenseless boy , according to Director of Aftenposten be authorized . Possibly presumably that ” ritual ” procedure occurs during so-called satisfactory medical conditions – with pain relief for your child . Think about it .

Centre Party at that time legal political spokeswoman Jenny Klinge had an article in Aftenposten , a while ago posted under the heading : ” To cut or not magpie ” performed a number of arguments for the criminalization of this intervention on male children , and juxtapose it with bodily harm . This is a fatal act that the person concerned has no defense against . It is a very good article by Jenny Klinge – but she manages to say , “But we as a society are not mature enough to ban the practice altogether, we must take responsibility for the fewest possible will be damaged by surgery »

Think about it, why should we not be ” mature enough ” to prohibit such abuses? Is it Jewish and Muslim groups of voters they are afraid of losing or encounter ? A ban has nothing to do with Jewish proportionality to do, a population group I have great respect for – but both Jews and Muslims must realize that in Norway live in a society that has come so far that we value individual rights above all .


The secular Norway is religiously incompetent

Why are risky sport great for kids because it is ” fun “, while circumcision is wrong because the reasoning is identity?


Espen Ottosen theologian, chairman of think tank Creative power , Torstein Husby surgeon affiliated think tank Creative Power
Published: 19 Oct. . 2013 7:40 Updated : 19 Oct. . 2013 12:06

Five medical professionals, including the Ombudsman , explaining in Aftenposten 17 October why they would ban the circumcision of male babies. The intentions are good. There appears to complications and risks. But it is obvious that medical assessments will always have the right of way to the culture , tradition , religion and identity ? We believe the perspective testify narrow secularism .

Athletes with high injury risk
If anything that should be emphasized is the medical assessments , should chronicle writers ask for more bans. A small example : mountain biking. The sport has huge injury risk . Accidents may require much more surgery than circumcision. So why not age ? Many will respond that the benefits of biking outweigh the negatives : Children get in better physical shape, they have fun and get along great outdoors. This means that medical assessments do not decide alone. Is that okay?

Circumcision is often due to tradition or religion. But such arguments often face little understanding . It shows that the secular Norway is religiously incompetent . For why is risky sport great for kids because it is ” fun ” , while circumcision is wrong because the reasoning is identity? A Jew with an interest in cycling will probably agree that her son’s circumcision is far more important than he is allowed to ride . For millions of Jews for thousands of years tradition is seen as absolutely fundamental .
The five professionals believe circumcision of infants ” violates basic medical and ethical principles .” But it is an illusion that only children exposed to interventions that can be justified medically. A birthmark can be removed because it is ” unsightly ” , even if the procedure involves some risk. The same applies to surgical correction of protruding ears . Thousands of children have braces primarily for cosmetic reasons .

We accept such intervention , even if they are irreversible and children have little opportunity to express their views and consider the consequences. Why ? Probably because today’s beauty ideals makes birthmarks or protruding ears involves a disadvantage. The reality may be so , but it does nonetheless that medical assessments are not decisive, but cultural conditions !

Small procedure with low risk
It ‘s okay to discourage circumcision. Something different is proposed ban. The point is not that parents have the right to do anything, but circumcision of male children is thus a small procedure with low risk.

Many parents give their children is hardly a balanced diet, enough sleep and healthy TV habits. The health disadvantage is great for children who are exposed to smoking indoors. Studies show that children who experience parental leave from each other are worse off than others. No preference still ban. It should thankfully far before the state intervenes in the life of a family.
Our starting point must be confident that parents want their kids the best . It is not always easy to accept the parents’ choice, but the option to grant parental responsibility is actually a totalitarian society where the state takes over the upbringing of children.

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  1. martin
    October 22, 2013 at 8:27 am

    A British male is having the cut now, as a Jew, as he was denied the brit when younger. Now as an adult, the pain will be far greater, the effects will last a lot longer with the chances of the stitches breaking because he has an erection, or he needs to urinate.
    This is just another excuse to batter the Jewish religion. for a country that batters seals to death to use the fur for trinkets, slaughters whales by exploding grenades into their heads, encourages hunting of anything that moves during the hunting season, allows the Sami to slaughter as is their tradition, Jewish Kashrut along with male baby circumcision is just another Jewish target for the fascist Norwegian establishment .

    Scum is what they were, what they are and what they will remain.

  2. May-Britt
    October 22, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Genital mutilation by cutting off the penis (part of it, but occasionally even the entire penis is cut off, eg. David Reimer) is a primitive and barbaric practice that cannot be tolerated in Norway and other civilized countries. We have also outlawed similar female genital mutilation. Where was the protest by Israel back then? And we do not tolerate foot binding either. I don’t see Chinese-Norwegians protesting. When you choose to live in a different country, you have to follow the laws of that country. And mutilating children for reasons of superstition and religion is not accepted here.

    The entire academic community of pediatricians, the children’s ombudsmen and other responsible authorities in ALL the Nordic countries condemn this practice, and have confirmed that there are absolutely no medical reasons for it whatsoever, and that it often leads to complications, and that it violates the child’s right to self-determination and more specifically, it violates international human rights treaties (Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine Article 20).

  3. May-Britt
    October 22, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    I could also mention the practice of child marriage, currently practised by Roma people, that they claim is part of their “culture”. Such practice is criminally prosecuted in Norway and other countries. Being a “tradition” is no excuse for harming children, whether it’s male or female genital mutilation, foot binding, child marriage or other pre-modern practices.

  4. October 22, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    You talk as you have the brain to May Britt! Swiss cheese arguments.

  5. Martin
    October 23, 2013 at 3:49 am

    Mai Britt, what do you mean by living in another country? Where is your concern for the whale, the seal, all animals that are hunted and killed in an appalling fashion. All in the name of your rights?

    Your opinion, and that is all it is, is based on ignorance and probably by your comments upon hate also. That the Nordic countries do not practice male circumcision at the age of 8 days old, is your problem when you fail to note the advantages and fall back on your ignorance.

    Will you please quote the acts that you describe above in full and who controls the acts? Thank you

  6. October 23, 2013 at 4:15 am

    did you read the bit where she claims that in some cases, circumcision involves full amputation of the penis? I dont think this person is mentally sane, and probably a bit of a troll. But good to know, and in her ignorant rants she conveniently proved my point, that many of these naysayers are in fact thoroughbred anti-Semites, racists and barking bigots

  7. de Bacle
    October 23, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    May-Britt, you write
    “The entire academic community of pediatricians, the children’s ombudsmen and other responsible authorities in ALL the Nordic countries condemn this practice”

    Are you aware of how trivial and harmless are the consequences ?
    That 2 out of the 3 Nobel Laureates in Medicine this year are circumcised ? 6 out of 8 Sicence Laureates ? That these brilliant minds would laugh at your simplistic conformism ?
    That the UN reccomends circumcision for medical reasons?

    What bugs me more is that you are right in the massive overrepresentation by the Norwegian Academic elite and the Doctors, pediatricians who have the impudence to take upon themselves to “condemn the practice” , a trivial procedure for maybe 5 boys a year in Norway (No, muslim boys is not my concern), but remain completely silent on the estimated 60,000 Norwegian youths (15-25 years old) who cut themselves with razor blades or other tools. And the numbers are increasing. Particularly among Norwegian Boys. This society is mutilating our Children.
    Have you bigots no honour ? No shame ?

  8. martin
    October 24, 2013 at 7:39 am

    Mai Britt, As you are so concerned about babies who are unable to answer for themselves. let me ask you a most relevant question. Just where do you stand regarding abortion. Are you for or against abortion on demand?

    Actually Prof, I am wondering, just how many abortions are performed annually in Norway, in Scandinavia as a whole? Is it increasing or decreasing? How many women actually have two or more abortions, rather than take adequate protection?
    Just how many underage girls are having abortions and what is the legal age of the baby being aborted? Finally, are any abortions over the legal age allowed or indeed carried out?

    I am asking, as the abortion rates, especially those to underage girls and multi abortion women is on the increase year on year.

    If Wonderwoman Mai Britt is unable to answer, we must therefore, assume that she is another one off. Perhaps she might also answer whether she has had an abortion herself or if she knew anyone who did and how did she feel? I wqonder if has seen a foetus.

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