Circumcision and anti-Semitism noted in Norwegian media

HIDE JEWISH IDENTITY (Vårt Land 2012 20 24 front page)


Vårt Land 2013 10 24 p 10, 111, Geir Ove Fonn

European Jews are experiencing more anti-Semitism. In Sweden, one in two Jews avoids wearing symbols identifying them as Jews. Three out of four European Jews experiences anti-Semitism as becoming worse throughout the last five years; in particular anti-Jewish comments and hateful internet vocabulary. These are the results of a large survey among 5900 European Jews in nine different countries.

  • 22 percent answers to avoiding visiting Jewish localities and wearing a kippa or other symbols displaying their Jewish identity; in fear over their own security.
  • In Sweden, 49 percent of 800 respondents state they are avoiding wearing a kippa or other Jewish symbols. In France, four out of nine gives the same response.
  • In Hungary and France about nine out of ten responds to anti-Semitism having turned for the worse in the last five years. In Sweden, eight out of then gives the same response.
  • More than three out of four responds to not reporting anti-Semite harassment to the police. Two in three do not report physical assaults; about the same segment who says reporting such events “is not worth the effort” or has little effect.


“I am not so surprised over this tendency; however, figures are more negative than I at first thought. We know, from many studies, and our own experiences that it has become worse to be a Jew in Europe throughout the last years”, says the leader of the Jewish community in Oslo, Ervin Kohn.

Norway is not part of this survey; and Kohn holds the opinion the situation to the Jews is worse further south in the continent than at home.

“This is connected to a number of European countries having a significantly larger Muslim population than Norway. There is a clear tendency towards more anti-Semitism among Muslims than else place in society. I am aware of Jews removing their kippa when walking through Grønland in Oslo”; Kohn says.


He points to a minority of Norwegian Jews using the kippa on a daily basis. Somewhat humorously he adds other minorities are also at risk of harassment in Norwegian streets. “I guess I would have received comments from VIF (football club in Norway) supporters if I wore my Sogndal (another football club) ‘kippa’ (scarf) at Vålerenga”, this fan of the Sogn and Fjordane team says.

Different  perpetrators.

According to the survey, three out of ten Hungarian Jews have experienced anti-Semite actions throughout the last twelve months. The same apply to two out of ten French Jews, and 16 percent of German Jews.

27 percent of those having experienced such activities holds the perpetrators are Muslim, 22 percent accuse Leftists, while 19 percent holds (the perpetrators) to be right wing.

“Norway has not been spared the negative developments throughout the last decade, One can experience ‘Jew’ being used as an invective in a Norwegian schoolyard; almost unthinkable in the 70s”, Ervin Kohn says.

To Israel?

According to this survey some place between 40 and 50 percent of Jews in Belgium, France and Hungary states they are considering to migrate, over not feeling safe, according to Jerusalem Post. In an editorial, this newspaper writes Israel should prepare to receive European Jews in their thousands:

“Their exodus would be proof over Europe not having learnt by the Holocaust; at the same time being a tremendous addition to the Israeli state”.


Vårt Land 2013 10 24 p 10,Geir Ove Fonn, Not online


Berit Reisel, of the Jewish community in Norway, says she is “disturbed” over developments in Europe and Norway. This psychologist, twice a Scandinavian representative to the European Council of Jewish Communities, makes a number of pertinent comments:

“This development is congruent with a growing large group of Muslims in Europe, being anchored in another pattern of thinking; having little knowledge of European history. Many still have their loyalty to changing regimes in the Middle East; and a relation to Israel filled with conflict”.

“It is a problem that Norwegian society so easily accepts us living with concrete barriers next to the synagogue; having the need to have security guards present for worship”.

Ms. Reisel holds the present debate on circumcision is an example of a lack of understanding of the Jewish minority.

MORE HATE CRIME IN SWEDEN, Vårt Land 2013 10 24 p 11

Geir Ove Fonn, Not online


Jews in Sweden subjected to large amounts of anti-Semitism; the city of Malmö being among the worst places.

Circumcision debate.


Aftenposten 2013 10 24

Ervin Kohn/Leif Knutsen

The appeal by the Ombud for children, Anne Lindboe and others, on criminalization of early male circumcision has not been directed towards us practicing this custom; rather to the authorities, hoping for them to instruct us through a commandment.

The claims by the Ombud for children, Anne Lindboe and others, on October the 16th are basically deviating from medical science, basic human rights and common decency.

The appeal in Aftenposten is not directed at us practicing the custom; rather to the authorities, hoping for us to be instructed with a command. This is how minorities are to be “informed” to respect what the authors deem to be correct to us and our children.

Is this how the authors hope for a dialogue within an open and inclusive society?

They claim the USA has not been a signatory to the Children’s Convention; even though it was done on February the 23rd of 1995.

They also claims it is a strife between American and European pediatricians; when it is in reality between the US association of pediatricians and a handful of European anti-circumcision activists in countries where male circumcision is very uncommon.

No case-related objections.

They invalidate and refute five years of methodical reviews of more than 1000 peer- reviewed articles documenting studies worldwide; having no case-related objections towards the conclusions.

They resort to horror propaganda and hyperbole concerning the complications due to this procedure. They indicate the quality of medical studies improve through proximity to Norway.

They discredit the motives and competence of the whole US research community; even though being aware of Norwegian medicine and popular health care being dependent on science imported from the USA.

Nearly half of all Nobel awardees within medicine are US citizens.

Norway holds zero, by the way.

As evidence, two tragic incidents being investigated by police and health authorities are quoted; these authorities being under an oath of secrecy.

They are commenting upon these issues contrary to established medical practices on such issues.

They seem to hold it would be impossible to motivate today’s Jews to early male circumcision for medical reasons unless there is also a tradition among us.

They interpret two articles of the Children’s Convention in a fashion unthinkable in the majority of countries in which early male circumcision is common practice; and they totally disregard the articles (no. 2, 5, 14, 16 and 30) protecting children, their parents and their minority communities from the breach of human rights their proposed ban would cause.

Legitimate bullying.

They legitimate the bullying of children who are different; through demanding there must be fewer difference rather than greater acceptance over these.

If a ban grounded on the causes they promote was realized; not a single one of the many children with difficulties in this country would see their situation improve.

For our apart; we want to encourage the Government, the health authorities, the media and the public to be informed over the medical, ethical, cultural and religious aspects on early make circumcision.

However, we hope this will be based on critical and thorough approach to the research, case-related debated and knowledge on the subject, and not prejudicing, stupidity-inducing and ethnocentric appeals of this kind.



Fagbladet 2013 10 17, Vegard Velle


Campaign against G4S within the LO; the LO, together with Norwegian People’s Aid and several other NGOs having implemented an action week from the “21st through the 25th of October. See Facebook homepage for this action week here:


FriFagbevegelse 2013 10 18, Ane  Børrud


Local trade union leaders at Gardermoen airport, serving the greater Oslo region and also being Norway’s major hub in the air, protests over LO initiatives to boycott the G4S security corporation; being particularly targeted over claims on assistance in alleged Israeli human rights abuses, over their presence in Israel. Local trade union leaders Knut Gaarder and Rune Hansen, both working within the G4S, states boycotts of this corporation will have no effect whatsoever for the Palestinians.

Knut Gaarder/Rune Hansen. Copyright: Martin Folmoe.



Dagsavisen 2013 10 24

Andreas Fagerbakke


In this letter to the editor, the author points to a number of countries in which the G4S is represented, whose human rights records are far worse than Israel’s without the least indication of any boycott by LO or Norwegian People’s Aid.

The author states these boycott proposals are caused by “double standards”.

Palestinian issues


Aftenbladet 2013 10 24,Arild Inge Olsson


According to the Norwegian MFA; some 60-70 “Norwegians” are stuck in Gaza; due to blockade by both Egypt and Israel. There is very little the MFA can do about this.

In the picture accompanying the story, we can see Norwegian citizen Nedal Aboshemade, resident in Grimstad, being one of those stuck in Gaza, with his wife, Hadel, not a Norwegian citizen.


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  1. October 29, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Circumcision alters sex dramatically.

    Informed adults can decide for themselves about alterations to their bodies.

  2. : )
    October 30, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Ron Low,

    Circumcision is not about sex get it into your head. If one are Jewish and proud of it one would probably not have sex with a man that refuse to wash him self or can’t give one orgasm, unless one really love that person and can talking about it and find good ways to solve the problems. One nights stands for Jews is something I think is very odd because its a reall shame to have sex unless one love that person. Some are so devoted that they look for their soule mates to have sex with. Guess what Jews can love non Jews and infact accept that the man they love are not a believer as long as the person respect them for being Jews, but that is up to every individual to decide how they want to live their life.
    If people suffer from bad sex its so much help.

    The new secular thinking that make all humans redused to just sex is really hard to understand, is people doing everything just to have sex or do they do things to live and have a nice life? If my days where just about sex and I could talk to anyone around me how my last fuck had been what kind of person would I have been then?

    Get reall Ron Low you sex focus make you look mad!

    Let parents be religious and work on normal information work to parents!

  3. October 30, 2013 at 3:02 am

    Dear Ron
    I hope you are an adult person with the corresponding level of mental maturity, in case not, I apologize in advance for undue adult content:
    Yes, circumcision certainly alters sex, but probably not in the way you imagine. Seen from a female point of view, which is valid, since in a majority of cases, the woman participates in the act on an equal level, there is an aesthetic/hygienic aspect to consider and potentially (but you really would have to stretch any argument pretty far) also one of pleasure.
    Women in contrast to men, (it would seem) are, as a rule, more sensitive to smell. In the course of a day, with hot and perhaps also tight trousers (which any way is very bad news for sperm quality), urination and the following small drops of urine, the natural shedding of epithelial cells on any body surface, bacterial output, collects under the foreskin in the form of smegma, which is a very smelly compound indeed. Some men have, shall we say, a laid back attitude to personal hygiene and it may require some “eager encouragement” to get the man to maintain the required level of personal hygiene. Even in cases where the man is very strict on personal hygiene the output of smegma might be so high that no matter how frequent the washing, the smell remains. As a secondary effect, exaggerated hygiene might lead to fungal infection, which is very unpleasant and directly off putting. Some men also have a very ample foreskin, which literally gets in the way, reducing any potential joy to a very disappointing minimum.
    Whether or not circumcision leads to more sexual endurance, or whether non-circumcised men enjoy the sexual act more than circumcised ones appear to me to be very simplistic, in both instances reducing men to a creature more simple than a bacterial cell. I cannot accept this insulting reduction of the male essence. Male sexuality is just as complex as the female, although sexual triggers are very different. But for the male, the effect of stress, emotional status, work related and/or financial worries, can have a devastating effect on the psychologic integrity of the man. Whereas we women can get away with a little huffing and puffing with no expectation of presenting any visual evidence of the “grand finale”, men, in contrast, can suffer great and devastating humiliation if erection is insufficient or if suffer from premature ejaculation. Also, physical pleasure does not arise from the glans or the prepuce, but from sensory input on the body of penis itself, although mainly from the internal sexual organs. This has little or nothing to do with circumcision or not circumcision, and to try to construct an argument on the degree of pleasure one might feel, is patently not scientific. However, it makes me suspect that you are trying to deflect attention from more fundamental needs in yourself to the assumed status of circumcised male. Not a very sound way to go about resolving personal issues, and very disingenuous as you try to imply that your own lack of sexual fulfillment therefore by necessity is shared by every other circumcised male in the world. A rather exaggerated assumption on your part.

  4. : )
    October 30, 2013 at 3:43 am


    thank you so much. Men are indeed very unike and special individuals, the world would have no mening for me with out them. To reduse them to just a penis seems as the goal for some people, just as we woman should just be just breast and butoms that one buy on a plastic fantastic clinic.

    I once womit on a person perhaps like Ron Low’s head when I was really drunk in public. It so really embarasing, but oddly he sad to all that saw it that I had not done it. Next time I meet him I asked him why he protected my reputation. He sad that he had learned a lesson. He felt more sorry for me was in pain. He had no clue I was so sensitive to alcohol. If I get to much alcohol I womit all night, so I stay to one glas of wine to food and get really scared by just that.

    If it had not been for people had warn me that he had fucked every pussy he could get and now I was his nex target, I would have sad that he was a really a good looking and smart man that had a deep understanding for me as a individual. I left him alone in the street and hurry home to make some good food with my freinds and tell them the latest gosip. McG they lay on the floor and laughed when I imitated his sorry face. High five no broken heart this time, hurray!

    Tanks for lot of info, her home my poor man says never in my life do I want to cut in my penis. I just tease him sometimes to have fun and say well the dildo do the hard work, so your 2 min of fame is ok for me love ; ) Just for information men that has this problem can hold out a long time after the fist orgasm, its very important that women talk about that they don’t get an orgasm to this super lovers to help them.

  5. October 30, 2013 at 3:58 am

    ehem, you might consider not getting legless if you can’t hold your drink. throwing up on a person sounds like a horrible experience. So perhaps ginger beer next time?

  6. : )
    October 30, 2013 at 4:42 am

    : ) I’m really boring when it comes to good wine and beer. My father says all the time good wine to me is just waist of money so he take my glass and then I get a glass of coca cola that costs nothing. Perhaps my parents should have given me wine at an early age so I had learnt how to enjoy it? Perhaps we should blame them for having a daughter that can’t drink? Make new laws that children should drink at the age of lets say seven so they can enjoy the Norwegian drinking culture? Sorry I missed that and all the one night stands with my “alcohol problems”.

    Sorry McG I just had to let some pressure out. Tanks for always very nice comments to me. Take care on this page. I guess I will soon be told to not write on the web more, I will really miss you a lot keep your identity hidden please!

  7. October 30, 2013 at 5:23 am

    Whoever could tell you to not post on the internet anymore? Certainly nobody here! Write till you heart’s content and bugger the ones who try to convince you otherwise!

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    October 30, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Readers on VD. I have again a bad google search and I see that it makes me say less in my ordinary life and I think some of the writers on VD do suffer from paranoia and controll need.

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