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Aftenposten’s editorial on 2013 10 25 is on anti-Semitism, in full:


75 years after the Kristallnacht large numbers of European Jews are still living in fear.   Many dare not use Jewish symbols. Anti-Semite personal attacks are on the increase in many countries. Jews being assaulted dare not report this to the police. Their experience is over police reports leading to nought.                                              This is referred to by “Vårt Land” newspaper; quoting the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), having made a survey among 5900 Jews in 9 different countries. This survey will be published in a couple of weeks; ahead of the 75th anniversary of the Kristallnacht.

Norway is not part of the FRA survey. The leader of the Jewish Community; Ervin Kohn, tells Vårt Land of his belief in the situation being worse on the Continent than in Norway. The cause for this is the hostile attitude by the Muslim populace; this being smaller in Norway than in many other countries. This is unfortunately not comforting.

Norwegian Jews are also influenced by the developments. This has been revealed by former surveys; telling about Jewish school children being forced to hide their Jewishness while at school, Ervin Kohn delivers personal reports on Jews avoiding using a Kippa when entering the Muslim dominated Grønland district of Oslo. The term Jew is being used as an invective in Norway anew.                                         This is a shame, in a country pretending to be a free and open (society).

The European survey tells the story of half the Swedish Jewry avoiding to use symbols identifying them as Jewish. In France, the figures are 40 percent. Jews in Hungary are under the greatest risk of assault; where 30 percent of the respondents have experienced anti-Semite actions throughout the last year.

Norwegian Jewish psychologist Berit Reisel demonstrated how developments in Europe are congruent with the increase of the Muslim population- a population having little knowledge of European history.                                                                                      This holds the meaning of many European Muslims identifying the Jews with the Middle East conflicts; having little knowledge of the extermination of the Jews in WW2. The FRA has asked the 5100 Jews over where anti-Semitism is originating. According to Vårt Land 27 percent experience the attackers to be Muslim; 22 percent points to leftists, with 19 percent pointing to the right wing.

From Sweden; reports originate of anti-Semite hate crime being at a particular high level during the period Israel was heavily criticized over its warfare in Gaza. We have seen the same in Norway.                                                                           However, a Norwegian Jew cannot be held responsible over Israel’s policy. Equally, Norwegian Muslims cannot be held responsible over the policies of Muslim countries.                                                                                                                          Each and every one of us has the right to be regarded as a free and independent human being; regardless of what group we belong to.

The Kristallnacht will soon be 75 years ago. On the night preceding November the 10th of 1938; Austrian and German Jews were free to be hunted down. The Nazis smashed synagogues, houses and shops; killing 91 Jews. The day after; 30 000 Jews were arrested and dispatched to concentration camps.

This fear rising anew is a shame for Europe. No country may be complacent over the situation; for as long as large parts of our Jewish population live in fear over displaying their faith. And no societal group may avoid its responsibility over improving the situation.


Also, this applies to the editorial of Vårt Land: in full:


To Norwegian Jews it is of little consolation to be aware of anti-Semitism being even worse in its consequences in Sweden and other countries further south in Europe.

“Hiding their Jewish identity”.

This was the headline of Vårt Land newspaper on yesterday. The background to this was three in four of the European Jews having experienced anti-Semitism worsening throughout the last five years. These disturbing results are from a large survey among 5900 Jews in nine different countries in Europe.

In Hungary and France nine out of ten Jews states anti-Semitism has worsened throughout the last five years; with eight out of nine responding to the same in Sweden. One out of two Swedish Jews avoid wearing Jewish symbols.

Norway is not part of this survey; the conditions in our neighboring countries do not give any reason to treat the harassment felt by Norwegian Jews superficially. Two persons in the hub of the Jewish community in Norway- Ervin Kohn and the psychologist Berit Reisel- points to this sad development being congruent with the large and growing group of Muslims in Norway.

The numbers of Muslims holding anti-Semite convictions is not likely to be large.     Never the less; their numbers are large enough to make “Jew” an expletive in schoolyards and elsewhere; raising fears with and being defamatory towards children, youth and adults.

Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism. However, we cannot neglect the fact biased and crude criticism can contribute towards the release of anti-Semite actions and attitudes. Some appears to be unable to differentiate between Norwegian Jews and Israeli policies.

Some Jews have left Malmö over finding life there too hazardous. Nathan Ravid of the Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism  says not only Jews; but also Muslims, Roma and other minorities in Sweden are attacked over displaying signs of ethnic or religious affinity.

Norway and Sweden should endeavor the establishment of an effective cooperative effort to end such an ominous development. There is much at stake.                                                                                                                                   If we cannot put an end to the harassment and persecution of minorities; our society might disintegrate.                                                                                                                    When integration fails; we are all hit. Even us belonging to the majority ends up with a life for the worse.

Israeli issues


Dagen 2013 10 29 p 10, John Solsvik


Israel schedule to release 26 prisoners; two rockets fired at Ashkelon from Gaza.

Except for Dagen; this has received very little coverage in Norwegian media so far. Klassekampen (see below) reports of Israeli attacks on Gaza instead.


Dagen 2013 10 29 p 11, John Solsvik, Not online


The question over the release of Palestinian prisoners’ leads to strife within Israel cabinet; proposals to stop prisoner release voted down


Dagen 2013 10 29 p 18, 19, Vebjørn Selbekk, Not online


This article on Haakon Lie- Labor party member and leader- and devoted friend of Israel in Norway until his death as a 103 years old in 2009, is an excerpt of Vebjørn Selbekk’s recently released book “Korset og Davidsstjernen” (The Cross and the Mogen David) on the history of the Jews in Norway. Haakon Lie’s good personal relations to the Israeli leadership- mentioning Golda Meir and Levi Eshkol, among others- receive particular coverage, as well as Haakon Lie’s visit to Israel during the Six Day’s War.

Jewish issues


Verdens Gang 2013 10 27 p 48, 49, Sindre Hovdenakk, Not online


A review of a  recently released book by Jacob Lothe; containing interviews with female survivors of the Shoah, living in Norway. The book receives top grades.


Verdens Gang 2012 10 27 p 49, Stein Inge Jørgensen, Not online


Anne Sender’s recently released book “Our Jewish travel” is reviewed; received top grades.

Palestinian issues

THE BETRAYAL AGAINST CHRISTIANS, Vårt Land 2013 10 29 p 28, Erling Rimehaug, Not Online


This article is on harassment of Christians in the Middle East; emphasizing the Palestinian areas. This author states, quoting diverse sources, in particular Danish journalist Klaus Wivel, that contrary to official statements by the PA and others, Christians are subjected to systemic persecution by other Palestinians- and this is not a result of Israel’s policies, even though Israel is scapegoated over this. This article also refers to persecution of Christians elsewhere, in particular Iraq. This author notes that his source, Klaus Wivel is a declared secular atheist .


Klassekampen 2013 10 29 p 16, NTB, Not Online

Israeli fighter aircraft attacked targets in the Gaza strip on yesterday, after militant Palestinians had launched two rockets. Nobody were hurt in the Israeli attack; directed at a deserted Hamas training camp in the north of the Gaza strip. The Palestinian rockets which were launched fell down in deserted areas, doing no harm.

The same news report has been published in Fædrelandsvennen, under this heading:



Dagsavisen 2013 10 28, Roger Hercz


A long and scathing essay by Roger Hercz, pointing to the fact the Hezbollah (and others) are hardly peaceful democrats and are perfectly able to perpetuate war crimes. Never the less, he points to them having received sympathy and credit in the West over being “anti-Imperialist” and having “social conscience”. He also point to Western intellectuals and leftists tendency to over-simplify complicated structures in the Middle East (and elsewhere, referring to the complex conflicts in the Caucasus).

Perhaps predictably; Mr., Hercz is attacked in talkbacks over being some sort of “Imperialist apologist”.

“The paralysis when it comes to the war in Syria it the UNSC’s greatest betrayal in this decade”.

Dagbladet 2013 10 25 p 3

Quoting Jan Egeland

Circumcision debate


Aftenposten 2013 10 26 p 5, Anne Lindboe


The “Ombud for children” reiterates her argument over a ban on male circumcision; stating this is a consequence of the declaration on children’s rights.


“The Convention on Children article no 24 mandates  the state to protect against traditional rites which may be damaging to their health. In Norway we have a proud tradition over relating to breaches of human rights against exposed groups. Time is ripe to let small boys enjoy this protection”.


Vårt Land 2013 10 26 p 9, Andreas H. Lindvåg,Not online


This article speculates on the circumcising of Jewish boys being moved to the embassies of Israel in Europe; in the event of national bans on male circumcision of boys.



NyTid.No 2013 10 16, Hedda Langemyr, 


A peace activist  of the “Norwegian Peace Council”, Hedda Langemyr, criticizes pro-Palestinian “solidarity” movements over bias, states Israel has legitimate concerns, and points to “solidarity” measures actually making Palestinians situation worse.


Klassekampen 2013 10 28 p 15, Kirsti Aarseth/Vanja Alling, Not online


Representatives of AKULBI, a committee for the cultural and academic boycott of Israel demands even more boycotts of Israel. And they are not anti-Semite at all; dearie me, neither are the Palestinians anything but peaceful in their methods.

Quotes: (On the Red One and Heaven dance exhibit in Bærum)

“This is part of the public relations campaign “Brand Israel”; the militant occupier state’s strategy to embellish its reputation”.

“How can a state incarcerating football players, bombing sporting facilities receive an European championship”?

13 comments for “Jews and Israel in the news

  1. martin
    October 30, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Oh please, the crocodile tears are as meaningless from Aftenposten as it was to learn of Jens Stoltenberg addressing the people whop attended Holocaust Day in Oslo. What utter tripe.

    It is thanks to Aftenposten, who have been no better than the other gutter rags in Norway that Jew hate is reaching phenomenal proportions in Norway. How dare they explain away their arguments about Israel, when they all have not been using just double standards but an ongoing campaign against the Jewish state for years.

    What a pity the leftwing hierarchy in Norway is not mentioned. at all, but only blame others. Have Aftenposten not included hate against Israel by use of their columnists and cartoons? When this brainwashing campaign against Israel and comparing its treatment against the local Arabs is expressed in such a damning manner while totally disregarding Arab atrocities, just what do they expect?

    I would strongly suggest that Mr Kohn and the Jewish community tell the establishment that they want no contact with these fascists until such a time that they start to act responsibley. They are the cause, directly and indirectly for this jewhate fest. It is time for this frail Jewish community to buck its ideas up and start to show it has not lost its baytsim totally. They should start sending their younger members to Israel as volunteers and work on the military bases, at the same time to learn Krav Mega. It might make men from their puny boyhood.

    I don’t know who I am angrier with, the fascist left and their Arab allies, or the Jews for not taking a more aggressive role.

  2. : )
    October 31, 2013 at 3:05 am


    I think its your own your are most angry on, the problem is that if you say it in public you just become a part of the problem. My solution is to take the heavy talks off the web and speak with one clear voice to the public Norway as Jews. A Jew in Norway is a member of a Jewish community that can prove that the person has a normal Jewish Norwegian behavior. If a person then is stalked by non Jews it is a hate crime. If it is a person that one day is Christian and then next day are Jewish there is nothing to do for the person from a Jewsih perspective. One need to solve the mental problem first!
    Jews that comes to Norway has to accept that its cultural codes that they must learn and follow to be accepted by the community.
    The Christian people that feel that they are the 10 lost tribes has the media to take very serious as a dangerous group for Jewish life in Norway. At that point Elias that most people get mad about do a 100% correct work. That some Israelis thinks its ok to use that group to get money from is a matter for Israel to solve. Not all Israelis are as good as one should believe!

    Cultural Jews is the most odd group of messed up people I have ever meet! Sometimes I wonder if they feel they become Jews just by reading a book they need mental help as well!

  3. martin
    October 31, 2013 at 4:50 am

    Norwegian thank you for your comments which I have taken on board. As a Jew, I did not believe that I am a part of, or indeed responsible for the problems that Norwegian Jews face in their own country. They work and pay taxes just like everyone else.
    Yes I am angry that your country has thin veneer of decency, as a heroic nation during WWII. Yes, there were individual acts of bravery, as there was of the state’s help in rounding up the Jews for deportation to their deaths. Even those that returned who dared to ask for the return of their own goods were refused and told to be just luck that they were still alive.. You call that civilise, or acceptable?

    Strange indeed, there again, perhaps not so strange any more. Are you stating that Jews have not gone along with Norwegian cultural codes? Really, then please state them and make your suggestions as to what the Jews must do to answer them. Your response on this subject confirmed the difference on this site between Denmark and Norway during WWII with regards to the deportation of Jewish national.

    I do not understand what you mean about Christians being the 10 lost tribes and why they are dangerous to Jews. Will you please explain what you mean. If those people wish to donate money to Israel, than that surely is their decision, not yours, nor mine. If people wish to donate their personal money to Hamas, that, too, is for them to decide and not me, nor anyone else.

    What do you mean by cultural Jews being odd and messed up? Please explain Norwegian. You have admitted that Halvorsen is annoyed at Israel because she was denied acceptance to being Jewish. How then can people become Jewish just by reading a book. And why do they need mental help as well. That is a most ridiculous statement which unfortunately shows your own ignorance of the Jewish religion. you at times have made scathing comments about Jewish people and I believe this time, you need to offer some proof of knowledge on the subjects raised. All too often your answer is to view Youtube

    I consider myself fairly cultured and have a reasonable knowledge about life and the world today. Yes, I am angry when perpetrators of injustice are not sentenced to a realistic sentence. Yes, I am angry to see such Jew hate from states,, organisations and individuals. Yes, I am angry that justice, decency, and a love for mankind is so sorely missing from society. Yes, I am angry that in such a short time after the horrors of the Holocaust, the Nazis and Fascists believe that they can continue to get away with their hate without an adequate response.

    Your ignorant remarks Norwegian, are quite offensive. Take a good hard look at what you wrote and please explain what you meant as I have asked. I am sure that you meant no offence but as has been suggested now a number of times. You really do need to look at facts and not just dream about Youtube.

    Have a happy……..

  4. : )
    October 31, 2013 at 7:29 am


    there is a big difference on people that has grown up in Norway as Jews and the one that comes from US or Israel to Norway for work or marrage. When it comes to understand the Norwegian language one need more than present time news and personal experiences to have a normal conversation.

    As I see it the conflict that Norwegian media has sadly reported to the public inside of the Jewsih community has been used to create Jew hate indeed!

    Now its time to end the blame game and inform the public about the way forward for the Jewish life in Norway. What is accepted behavior from non Jew that want to make personal contact to a Jew? Do you have any solutions?

  5. martin
    November 1, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Your inability to answer the questions that I raised to you Norwegian, regarding your comments earlier is rather pathetic, Norwegian. Yes, I will, unlike you, answer your questions shortly.

    re normal conversation: Even now, when have forgotten so much Norwegian, I am still able to have, at times with difficulty, to express myself clearly enough a very good conversation. My in-laws having left just a week or two ago, are always very considerate in saying how remarkable it is that I can still speak with them, as my wife will only speak English with me. When I lived in Norway, my knowledge of your language was good enough for me to speak on any day to day subject. So your first paragraph has shown your own intolerance to non Norwegians perhaps, with a real lack of understanding what the problems are in Norway.

    Re your second paragraph. Are you asking us to understand your reason for Jew hate. Perhaps, as you appear to dislike non Norwegians who have the gall to attack your Norwegian Jew haters, I suggest you read the article by Eirik Eigland, a real Norwegian. It concerns the Oslo riots when even non Jewish supporters were attacked., Muslims attacked everyone present with cries of Kill the Jews, Allahu Akbar, Slaughter the Jews, Death to the Jews, He’s a F*****g Jew, get him. All because the Jewish and non Jewish supporters tried to have a pro Israel rally. A rally where the truth might be told, a truth totally ignored by your Norwegian media.. Of course, not all of these bullying cowards were Muslim, they had the usual anarchists, Jew hating leftwing with them. How strange, Not that the fascist leftwingers were silent about it and no condemnation was uttered. So internal Jewish community matters brought this on? When will you be serious Norwegian?

    The blame game? You appear to blame the Jews because they are cultured and because they very quietly protest, so much so, that it takes foreign Jews to stir the waves. At least you did not ask what Jews have to do this time. How can an end be put into place to eradicate violence, spoken and active towards the Jews? perhaps when Israel ceases to exist, as that is exactly what your establishment requires Norwegian. And believe me Norwegian, they, the elitists would love nothing more than to put an end to the one and only one haven for Jews in times of hate, as we have today. If and when Norway becomes Judenrein, the Jew hate will still be there. Your beloved church will continue to offer love to all mankind except the Jews who mwe must still continue to hate, as they killed your Jesus.

    I trust Norwegian, that you will find my answer helpful and when you feel that you can answer the questions above with similar honesty, I am sure that many will appreciate your thoughts.

    Have a happy.

  6. : )
    November 1, 2013 at 8:04 am


    as I see the time to take fights on the web is gone. I’m sorry if I have offended your feelings. I hope that all Jewish communites in Norway can coroporate and solve the hard situations with out media. I’m not trying to make anyone into the good or bad I just see that one need to have some ruels and limits that people accept on.

    Have a happy day ; )

  7. Eric R.
    November 2, 2013 at 8:15 am

    When the Norwegians are not watching program on television that bashes the Jews, apparently they are watching exciting stuff like this:‘national-knitting-evening’-norway-nrk-lmno/

  8. martin
    November 2, 2013 at 8:50 am

    never mind Norwegian, when you have more time, I look forward to your own answer. to debate anything, it takes two or more to discuss the agenda. If one fails to offer a proper explanation, then what is the point of attempting to have asocial intercourse with that person?

    It appears that all the time I have spent in trying to answer your ill thought out comments have been totally wasted. I shan’t bother anymore even to attempt to answer your comments in future. Even your comment about the communities is pie I n the sky. Why don’t you add something positive and suggest real time thought out ideas?

    I am very disappointed. But hey, have a happy…….

  9. : )
    November 2, 2013 at 11:55 pm


    argh! Why can’t you just come your self to Oslo with Eric R. and meet people in person and talk to them. Its time to forgive each other in the Jewish environment and find a good way forward. Drop the drama!
    I’m very glad I grow up and knew nothing about the war or religion, just a lot of focus on what I can and can’t do. But I don’t think its the way all children should grow up in a democracy. I love my religious friends very much and I respect that they can get more offended than what I can predict. I just make less jokes and pay more attentions to my manners when I’m around them in general. But I respect that some people get very emotional when it comes to religion because of own bad experiences. These people will never stop to target religion and religious with their stress, her in Norway religious has classes on how to defend their believe if they are target. I think that is a smart way. Personally I avoid to speak about religion and politic if I meet people that do, I try to avoid them. But you Martin are to sweet for that ; )

    Have a lovely day, please don’t get disappointed. No youtube today from me ; )

  10. martin
    November 6, 2013 at 5:46 am

    Thank you for your nice invitation Norwegian to visit Norway (with EricR) and speak to people myself. Actually, my Norwegian family continually ask to know why I will not visit their and your country. My answer has been that when we can afford it, we prefer to visit Israel and meet with wonderful friends, as the types one can only find in Israel. And of course, I have the requirement to visit about 3-4 times a year. On top of that, now we have a daughter in the USA, that is as bad financially as going to Israel.

    Before, my wonderful dear brother in law who is a great best friend and is a member of MIFF, asked me why can’t we visit them in the their home. This time, I was brutally honest and said that I know tat people who might be mistaken for a Jew is likely to be insulted, assaulted, spat on etc. I explained that unlike Norwegian Jews, I have always had to fight to be a self respecting Jew, and if anything negatively happened to me while visiting Norway, I would respond in kind. As I have always done.

    Unlike you, I was brought up in a very loving hard working family that ensured I would gain knowledge of my religion, what it means to be a Jew and what my religion stands for. Unfortunately, you did not receive the same background, nor do you show any inclination to learn more about the Jewish religion and it’s functions. This puts you in a very weak position to make any real comment, or indeed any meaningful suggestions when you are serenely ignorant of the real problems and what should be done. How you can believe that Halvorsen and the Ghoul are such nice people, betrays your own lack of understanding just what the problems are and what the causes are.
    Norwegian, please keep sending Youtube, I know it makes you happy. However, please excuse me if I can not be bothered to view in the main, when the pictures have no bearing on the given subject.

    I make criticism when they are needed and when it comes to fight those who attack me, my beliefs, and what are fundamentally important to me, then I retaliate in kind.
    Unfortunately, in Christian Europe and Islamic lands, the Jews have been too meek, as a tiny minority to adequately defend themselves. That is why these vile people hate Israel so much. Israel is there to defend and absorb any Jew who wants to enter that tiny sliver of land.

    When I lived in Israel, it was a country trying hard to become a land of plenty with a population of 3 million. Today, that country has 8 million, with a Jewish majority. That so many want Israel to obtain peace by means of piece by piece by piece, is only part of their plan to eradicate Israel to make yet another Arab Islamic nation. Just what the world needs. You can love and remain proud of Norway, I shall continue to love and defend and remain proud of hat tiny Jewish country. The only one in the whole wide world. Yet look at it’s many achievements. Yes Norwegian, a great deal of that hatred is due to jealousy.

    Have a happy and enjoy life. I do.

  11. : )
    November 7, 2013 at 2:36 am


    now you behave really offended. I think its a human right to be given the right to live as one are and not be judge by others.

    When it comes to Israel I have never thought one day in my life that it was a mistake to make it. But I found it odd that so many Israelis are against Israel. Now after speaking to many Israelis I see more how terror and hate affect peoples believe. I don’t take things they say personally any more, but it can be very odd talks that I feel lead no where.

    Halvorsen is a person I admier for things she has done her in Norway as getting kindergardens to small children. When it comes to Jews and Israel did she handle it very bad and she has admitted it.
    Gule, he has turned 100% around when it comes to circumcision, he don’t want a band. He want to have the right to offend religious in the public as he regard God as just fiction. My opinion is that it just make chaos when he does so, because he has very bad humor so he just look angry.

    Youtube makes me happy? It makes me happy to post things people thing is stupied? Kriste get real Martin!

    I know you want info Martin, to get it you have to come to Norway and speak to people. Some Jews feel very much Jew hate, others feel nearly nothing. I doubt any Jews will not let you defend your self on the street if you feel you need it or look down at you. So please come, you can live in my house and learn me all you want about Judaismen, to learn on the web is not my cup of tea.

    So now you have your own bodygard, house and food for free what is the exuse now? I’m 100% sure you will come up with one : )

    See you in Norway and then we can meet McG in Israel when you have learnt me the propper lady behavior it will probably be impossible with a lazy person as I’m : )

    Have never doubt that you have a happy life : ) Take care!

  12. martin
    November 10, 2013 at 5:18 am

    Thank you so much for your kind invitation Norwegian, it is appreciated, as I know you mean it. However, my family in Norway offer me the same. I actually boycott Norwegian products and will continue to do so, till such a time as your country learns to behave responsibly. In fact, if I could, I would e boycotting many other countries, too.

    I am not too sure just how many Israelis you have spoken with to make such a snap judgement. Yes, we have Jews who hate other Jews and Israel. They are either the Naturei Karta (a most orthodox group that spits at the Chief Rabbi- they tried to do that when the late Sephardi Chief Rabbi visited London some years ago. In fact, I believe they should be excommunicated and be made to work for their money. They are very happy to demand and accept all the benefits that hard pressed Israelis have to contribute towards them. The other group is made u[ of extreme leftwing Israelis who praise the intifada and slaughter of Jews. This includes journalists at the Ha Aretz publishing group. I do believe without any fear of contradiction that the vast majority will disagree with you, including many socialists. In fact Israel has been near the top of “happiest people in the world.” And that is will all its financial problems. As usual, any idiot who makes anti Israel statements has been warmly welcomed to Norway, while at the same time, as you now know, those who are pro Israel have been told to keep away. Now just why would I want to visit such a vile hateful country such as yours Norwegian? Notwithstanding the many decent Norwegians, who mainly are in MIFF and constitute just a tiny minority of the Norwegian population. Quite frankly, if I could, I would boycott all of Europe.

    I obtain the information I want regarding Norway from this site, MIFF, Senter mot AntiSemittisme, Tundra Tabloids and also check out The Local. No news site. My dear brother in law, a decent man keeps me up to date, also, as he is very knowledgeable concerning Norwegian politics. Believe me Norwegian, the Prof knows of him, he no longer is active, however, he is certainly abreast of every day life in Norway.

  13. : )
    November 11, 2013 at 12:08 am


    I know you have this line when it comes to Norway. I think its sad because you have made sharp points at the right time that was needed. I’m still hoping for a cake party with coffe and tea where people can put things aside and be more friendly with each others.
    When it comes to Israelis and Jews that talk odd about Israel I just let them be in peace as I assume they must have some kind of mental problems. I would like to hear them if they let doctors and psycologist help them to get a behavior one could predict and rely on. I don’t its a excommunication to stay away form people one get stressed of, I think is self protection and a right one have in a secular democraty to be protected from people one don’t trust.

    Have a happy day Martin : )

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