Dialogue junkie priest dons a Palestinian scarf for the Kristallnacht memorial, can’t fathom the fury he raised

Sometimes you simply don’t know if you should cry or laugh. Or just cringe… Apparently this is what happens to the brain of people who have sniffed too much of the dialogue glue….

lifted from dagen.no (google translate)

Wore a Palestinian scarf to the commemoration of Jewish persecution

When dialogue priest Odd Kristian Reme was speaking at the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht , he wore a Palestinian scarf . – Abuse of what happened to the Jews , said Ervin Kohn .

Ove Eikje

I strongly condemn that he uses the memory of Kristallnacht to highlight other political issues, and this is a misuse of what happened to the Jews , said Ervin Kohn , head of the Jewish community in Oslo.

Odd Kristian Reme is the leader of the Ecumenical Dialogue Centre in Stavanger. He was invited by the organizer SOS Racism to hold an appeal in the square Saturday. He did so wearing a Palestinian scarf around his neck.

Current challenges
In a comment to Kohn statements , Reme points out that the commemoration of Kristallnacht is important to him .

– And there is no doubt about what is and should be the main issue : The commemoration of victims of anti-Semitism ,in particular the victims of the Holocaust. For me it is also proper and natural to associate Kristallnacht to current challenges , says Odd Kristian Reme to Dagen .

He refers to the ongoing struggle against anti-Semitism and still antijudaism, and against all forms of discrimination and oppression.

– The only form of confirmation that I was, is and still remains Palestinian friend, was a little scarf ! With that , I wanted to convey that the Palestinian friends must stand up against anti-Semitism . And it must honestly be possible , says Reme .

furious debate
After his picture with the scarf around his neck was posted on aftenbladet , a heated debate has started on Facebook .

” Disgusting ,” writes Joatle Vehus .

” The celebration was Kristallnacht , and Reme’s  Palestinian scarf was inappropriate ,” writes Ole Christian Måland .

“Went to the event with a young Jewish couple. They were  shocked , and they said it was better if there had been no rally. Reme ought to be ashamed, “writes Marit Vigdel .

Conscious choice
Odd Kristian Reme does not deny that it was a deliberate choice to use a  Palestinian scarf .

– I think it was meaningful with a small symbol during this event , says Reme to Eve magazine .

– I think it must be possible both to highlight and denounce anti-Semitism and what happened Kristallnacht – while supporting the Palestinian cause which is that both people must have equal rights , says Reme .

In his appeal , he was keen to highlight that racism and ethnic discrimination is something for everyone, whether you’re talking about Jews in the world or Roma people in Stavanger.

– I would point out that it does matter who they are, but that it is our common duty to commemorate the victims of this type of events , says Reme .

Mis – use
Ervin Kohn responds to the priest involvement of the Palestinian cause in connection with Kristallnacht .

– It is an exploitation of this serious incident , and is an attempts to politicize an important event, says Kohn .

He adds that in several areas of the country , the commemoration of Kristallnacht has become something completely different than what was intended.

– Therefore, the Jewish community has reclaimed the ownership of the event in Oslo, and the day was held in collaboration with Centre against Racism and Youth Against Racism , said Ervin Kohn .

” November pogroms »
It was the Nazis who gave it the name Kristallnacht . The HL Center, Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities , does not use this term , but rather ” November pogroms .” It was in fact not only material damage that was destroyed that night .

– Jews were killed and many beaten, including children were taken out of the nursery and violently abused. A hundred years of cultural cooperation between Jews and Germany ceased as a result of this incident , said Ervin Kohn .

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  1. : )
    November 13, 2013 at 2:37 am


    this is the situation Dr. Sussia has spoken about for a very long time. I wonder why DMT coroporate with political active people when it comes to Jewish marking days.
    It just create more stress and negative stories that affect normal people that live in Norway at school, work and in the public.


    The only way to make this stop is to kindly but polite say no thank you when political activist offer their help to arrange a Jewish marking day. If one can’t sorry but then one become a part of it and it does not help very much to be angry.

    If no one had the autority to tell this man to remove his scarf then it was probably not a very well organised advent. Stavanger is surounded by farms so its not the most urban place in the world.

    Its so sad that storied like this keep comming form Norway!

  2. martin
    November 13, 2013 at 11:31 am

    This lowlife is a priest, so what does one expect from the Norwegian church. He knew exactly what he was doing. Stoltenberg was another lowlife to commemorate Holocaust Day.

    In Norway, it is best just to have a totally separate commemoration for Jews and Israel.

    This crackpot has no shame, he understand only too well the hurt it causes. He and others like him have no place in commemorating the abuse of Jews. MIFF recently had an excellent review of Jew hate on its website and accused the Norwegians church (Luther also() of behaving just as badly as the Catholic church. If anyone doubts it, this lowlife is an adequate example.

    Perhaps when Norway celebrates its deliverance of German occupation ,the rabbi should have a Nazi helmet in sympathy.

  3. Anglojew
    November 13, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Leftists prefer dead Jews to live ones.

  4. November 14, 2013 at 1:20 am

    What is behind such acts is far worse than anyone seems to realize. European civilization is slowly being overrun by Islam’s. Sheikhs buy football teams … political Parties and Religions. Catholicism is being gradually pushed towards Islam When the Church be Islam Where will be Atheists? Where the Jews? Where civilization? By the hands of these ecumenical priests , Europe is living the second death of Christ, his true murder under Islam`s hands. That’s what’s behind all this; Masons derived to Islam and anti-Semitism. Catholic, changing their religion. And Atheists do not want to know what awaits them under Islam. But all that…. who would care about?

  5. : )
    November 14, 2013 at 3:41 am

    To be priest and a political activist against Israel must the Norwegian Church regard as unvanted situation where people can get confused if this is the Church opinions. After all in Easter the Church go on about how the Jews killed their human God Jesus.
    Martin it has just become clear to me that Christians think Jesus was God. I believed they regarded him as a leader hat spoke to people as Moses. But they think he has come to remove the devil and all that question him is with the devil????? How is it possible to have communication with a Christian? If one offend the person one become the devil. Its insane religious madness!

  6. martin
    November 14, 2013 at 5:18 am

    Well placed AngloJew, welcome to this great site from another UKJew. Yes the Lefties are the big problem with their equally fascist/Nazi minded Muslims that appear to have taken over their religion.

    A favourites expression for you AngloJew, The difference between the extreme left wing International socialists hatred for Jew/Israel and the extreme rightwing national socialists hatred of the Jews and Israel is only “inter.” However, let us not forget that the wrongly titled term right wing Nazi is misplaced due to political reasoning after the pact between Hitler and Stalin was set up and broken.

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