Vårt Lands daily dose of anti-semitic debate forum drivel

Vårt Land really should be ashamed for allowing this kind of trash on their debate forum. Especially since they are busy lecturing everybody else on ethics, morals and proper behavior.



Vårt Land 2013 11 08

Elias Per Vågnes


The reader’s pages of Vårt land are devoted to a rather ludicrous debate on Talmud, and Sanhedrin; started by resident anti-Semite Vågnes, claiming the Talmud and Sanhedrin allows pedophilia.


Vårt Land 2013 11 12 p 21

Trond Ali Linstad, Not Online


Declaring he is not an anti-Semite; Trond Ali boasts of his friendship with Neturei Karta and blames Israel over hatred towards Jews.


“Is it natural for a central Jewish symbol, the Mogen David, to be part of the Israeli flag? As this flag, with the Jewish badge, is a symbol of illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West bank, following Israeli soldiers herding away the Palestinians”?

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  1. : )
    November 15, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Feel just sorry for Vårt land when they use so much energy to keep up a picture that there is evil Jews that are after them and others. Yes it is Jews in Norway that suffer of stress and because of that say and do idiotic things. Lucky most people in Norway understand that and don’t see a hidden plan and just ask right out if something is wrong. Its very unusual in Norway to be as the people at VD behave!

  2. martin
    November 15, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Oh come on now, this rag is known for it’s Christian editorial basis. So what does one expect?
    Is it possible for a Norwegian Jew who has the guts to actually write to the readers page and ask explicitly where in the Talmud, our religion allows paedophilia? Why did they never condemn their darling Yasser Arafat who was proven to be a paedophile? Why do they not condemn the many priests who commit buggery and other forms of filth with youngsters? Too near to home perhaps.

    Fredrick Forsyth has written a wonderful column in today’s Daily Express about Arafat. When I have time, I shall type out word for word for you.

    Have a happy….

  3. : )
    November 15, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    : )


    One could never end an article her in Norway as Fredrick Forsyth, people would believe that it is a fact and speak about it. I understand that the level on this Christian page are under all kind of levels and hopefully it don’t affect people’s life. But the fact that it tries worries me. They like to fuck up people’s google search and I think that is low! One has to keep higer standars that that if one want people to express them self for real!

  4. martin
    November 17, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Thanks Norwegian for placing the article on this site. I agree with you, truthful and accurate statements such as this have been disallowed for many years within the Norwegian media and politics generally.

    I have stated this fact before, but I will state again regarding the £/$/Yen/€ billions that have been squandered on these people and the main organisation. The U.S. State Dept, back in the 1990’s complained about the unaccounted loss of $billions donated to this corrupt organisation.
    The other fact is that the murderous paedophile Arafat’s widow Suha (this was a marriage of convenience to keep Christian Arabs in check while the ethnic cleansing of Christians carried on unabated in the “Palestinian” territories) was awarded a $16million annual stipend in order for her to stay on Malta and not discuss her husband. Obviously, she now feels that she is wealthy enough to stay in a 5* hotel in Paris..

    .Have a happy, just thinking about our squandered taxed donations to these murderous charmers. Just ask the Norwegian “Oslo Clique” they absolutely adored him.

  5. : )
    November 18, 2013 at 12:53 am


    corruption, lies and maipulation is everywhere.
    All people are closest to them self and see people in similar situations. To get out of the confort sone and see people that one feel different to is an art, sadly it seems that most people know how to think ethical, but when they are in a situation where they have to act and perform against their own ego they lose for them self.
    For me is a democracy is a place where people can live their life as the one they are. Not just accept the box they are put into. To make people free from corruption, lies and manipulation one have to accept them as they are, even if one see that with a small change this person could have become a true diamont. I see no point in putting stamps on people like some think is very important her in Norway, and it becomes a real irony when these people claim that they are pro democracy. Sorry that is just so low as one can get! Don’t I have the right to stand up just for my self?

  6. martin
    November 19, 2013 at 4:35 am

    What is strange is the fact that Babylon Talmud is a heading. The Talmud has been banned in the Christian world, especially in Europe.

    I wonder if Vaart Land will put these questions to Herr Lonstad perhaps as an open letter.

    In Numbers 15: 14 -16, it firmly states that the stranger who lives among the Jews must be treated equally, with one law for all. Why does the Kuran officially disallow equality for kuffir (ie non Muslims) strangers who are “Dhimmis,” ? In fact a non Muslim has no rights against a Muslim

    Abbas wants full immigration of so called Palestinians who left and their offspring, yet will not allow Jews to live in Palestine. Does Mr Lonstad and Vaart Land agree that Jews have no right to live anywhere between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea? We are aware that the PA/PLO will only recognise their own state covering this land and no Jewish state will be allowed at all.

    Does Herr Londstad/Vaart Land agree that the Holocaust which caused the deaths of 6 million Jews actually happened?
    Does Mr Lonstad/VaartLand believe that Israel treats the local Arabs as bad as or worse than theNazis treated the Jews?
    Has Lonstad ever been to Israel? Hopefully, Israel will treat this Nazism follower as unacceptable to enter the Land of Israel
    Will VaartLand and Lonstad please explain why under Israeli law, the Christian minority with full rights actually increased in numbers and since the PA has taken over, the Christian numbers have fallen quite drastically?
    Will they both give a reason why these people are still being awarded even more billions of international currency to prop up a Nazi regime?

    I should like to know where in the Talmud or indeed any Sanhedrin ruling that encourages paedophilia? Wwill Herr Vaagnes please supply this evidence? Otherwise, it is just hearsay and malicious lying.

    Unfortunately Prof, these people have no shame, otherwise, this drivel will nebver be thought of nor printed.

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