What new FM Brende says to Norwegian media and to Israeli media


lifted from aftenposten.no (with a horrible google translation, apologies, but I have very little time to tweak glaring and awful language mistakes) and from Hebrew version of maariv online (only a segment)

Brende will continue aid to Palestinians
20 years after the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestinians was signed , now trying Brende ( H) eighth Norwegian Foreign Minister in succession to persuade the parties to conclude a lasting peace agreement.

Updated : November 24, 2013 10:57 p.m.

Aid to the Palestinians is more important than ever , he said.

Although the United States has now forced the Israelis and Palestinians back to the negotiating table , it seems hope of a Palestinian state remains distant.

Israel refuses to negotiate a Palestinian state based on borders before 1967, when the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinians refuse to negotiate with any other starting point and show that they have the world community’s full support to the view that the occupation is illegal and must cease. Palestinian opinion is shared by the Secretary Brende .

– This is what has been and is Norway’s view , he said.

realistically President
Brenda is now in place in the Middle East for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. On Sunday evening he met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas , who is not exactly optimistic.

– It was a realistic president I met a president who is very keen to come to an agreement , stated Brendes after the meeting.

Some direct progress in the negotiations were resumed under U.S. initiative and pressure in March , Abbas could not demonstrate .

– But I got the distinct impression that there is now a very strong earnest relating to the situation and that there is U.S. pressure on the parties to find solutions , says Brendeseter .

Foreign Minister Brende ( H ) started Sunday his visit to Israel at the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem , where he was shown around by the head of the extensive documentation center , Robert Rozetta .
PHOTO: Kruhaug , Nils Inge
important assistance
Brende is aware of their responsibilities as head of the international donor group for the Palestinian territories ( AHLC ) , which over the last 20 years is estimated to have channeled at least 120 billion to the Palestinian state-building project.

– Donor Group and the chairmanship of Norway, there is now more important than for very long. A prerequisite for fredsforhandlingens to succeed, is that Palestine is stable and that the Palestinian leadership feel that they have the full support of the international community ‘s efforts to build the institutions they need to be a state, say Brende.

Norway alone has contributed over 11 billion in aid to the Palestinian territories since the Oslo Accords were signed , and just this year , aid of 770 million. Over 300 million of which will go straight into the Palestinian state budget, and Brendeseter assure that Solberg government will continue its assistance at a high level.
FRP will have dramatic cuts
Progress has previously argued for dramatic cuts in aid to the Palestinians , and the party would also deprive the majority of today’s Palestinian refugee status as refugees.

Progress has also been unwilling to consider whether it is pre-1967 borders should form the basis for negotiations for a Palestinian state and the party thinks Norway should sell weapons to Israel.

Earlier this year underlined the Progress Party’s former foreign policy spokesman Morten Høglund , now secretary Brenda ministry , that his party does not necessarily want to be part of all the Israeli settlements is a violation of international law.

Foreign Minister Brende disagrees and states that there must not be any doubt that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank are illegal and that the settlements Israel has built in the occupied territories is a violation of international law.

Legitimate Palestinian demands
– It’s in Sundvolden declaration that we should pursue a balanced Middle East policy and work towards a two-state solution , and I want to emphasize balanced , he said.

– We have respect for Israel’s security interests, but we also respect for the legitimate Palestinian demands for a separate state . Palestinian demands to halt the expansion of settlements is also legitimate. One must find solutions in a peace that respects what has to be Palestinian territory , and there must be solutions for the Palestinian refugees and Jerusalem’s future status , he said.

and here is a short summary of what was stated to Israeli media, albeit with claims that there is such a thing as 1967 borders…

Of all countries, Norway, one of the most hostile European country to Israel in the past decade, commits not to demand to boycott Israel due to the building in Judea and Samaria.  Her new Foreign Affairs Minister, Børge Brende, who is currently visiting Israel and the PA territories, told NRG Maariv that the new Right-Center coalition in his country had only one article in the coalition agreement regarding foreign policy: improving relations with Israel.
Brende, who was appointed the Foreign Affairs Minister in Norway’s new government just five weeks ago said that “I can promise that no ministers in Norway’s current government will suggest boycotting Israel.  If it happens, that minister won’t be a member of the cabinet for long.  We are not boycotting Israel.  Just the opposite, we want to expand relations.”
[The rest of the article deals with how he sees the Palestinian peace deal (Palestinian state based on the 67 borders etc),

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  1. : )
    December 4, 2013 at 3:32 am

    MIFF is working focused to change the language Norwegian media use.

    Very smart of them!

  2. martin
    December 7, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Well if Brende wants Israel to return to pre 1967 borders, he is not only ignorant, arrogant and a self righteous fool, he also wants Israel to cease altogether.

    nothing has changed at all, as expected. The euro governments need to really analyse the legal wording regarding Israel’s occupation of the disputed territories.
    Mr Brende, I would just love to meet with you and ask you questions that you will find difficult to answer without exposing your veneer of “understanding.” You are not wanted in Israel with your attitude. Again, I know Prof will disagree, however, Israel should stop all diplomatic relations with Norway forthwith. Words are just that, words. Israel should have carried out this obligation of self respect long ago.

    Have a happy…..

  3. martin
    December 8, 2013 at 4:06 am

    Yes like so many foreign ministers who visit holocaust memorial sites in Israel, Brende, puts on display of another lover of dead Jews. He is no friend of Israel that is for sure.

    Let him speak with the local Arabs, he should be put on the next plane out of Israel without having the dubious pleasure of meeting any Israelis.

    Why Israel retained diplomatic relations with Norway is beyond me. There again, Bibi is not a true Herutnik. Disgusting.

    Yes in he mind of all those that hate Israel, he too, believes that Israeli settlements are illegal, just because the Israel hating UN and EU says so. In fact according to international law, this is not the case. Brende is another ignorant, arrogant, unwanted self righteous bigot who shows his veneer is as thin as his predecessors.

    Have a happy…

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