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I just love the part where that old fart Kåre Willoch finds himself quite alone on the Gaza friendship issue in Tromsø, where the local party in charge – the Conservatives – pulled the plug on the Gaza friendship project, citing that the city does not do business with unelected dictators. Had the reds go up in knots, and now they are comforted by a foolish old man who does not have the support of his party…


Vårt Land 2013 12 02 p 10


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FM Børge Brende makes statements on Gaza, as quoted by the NTB.


“The situation in Gaza is by now so serious as to being able to develop into serious repercussions”.

“In the same talks I held with Israel, it appeared they understood this is about to become precarious”.

The article notes that Israel is not alone over having responsibility over the situation in Gaza:

“It is not only Israel making life difficult to the inhabitants of Gaza. General Fattah al Sisi and the new regime in Egypt have closed the loopholes, destroying the hundreds of tunnels used to deliver goods half a year ago, Brende says”.

“Israel, Egypt and Abbas all have very strained relations with Hamas; each of them for their own reasons, Brende makes clear.”

“I understand this has a political side; however the inhabitants of Gaza must not be losers in a political game, The humanitarian must come firstly, he says”.

Report on the Iran agreement and Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende visit to Israel

2013 11 24, Interview in Dagsrevyen, NRK.

NRK reporter: One country is not pleased with the agreement with Iran; Israel.

Middle East correspondent Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen: It is the Iran issue and the Geneva agreement that has dominated the visit so far.

FM Brende: “The agreement reached in Geneva is a historical one. It lays the foundation for a final solution where Iran will refrain from developing nuclear weapons.”

ME correspondent Falkenberg Mikkelsen: The Israeli hosts do not share this view at all.

PM Netanyahu: “The agreement reached in Geneva was not a historical one. It was a historical mistake. It has not made the world a safer place.”

ME correspondent Falkenberg Mikkelsen: Israel posits itself nuclear weapons and has not signed the Non Proliferation Treaty, thinks that Iran can easily and in short time transform the civil nuclear program to a military one. Netanyahu says that Israel is not bound by the Geneva agreement.

Is there a reason to trust the Iranian leadership on this issue?

FM Brende: “What FM Kerry has underlined that inspections are a part of the preconditions for this agreement. If the IAEA find it necessary there will be daily inspections to see that the temporary agreement is being followed the coming 6 months. Then, one has to work hard to see that this agreement becomes clearer, and that it will be in effect many decades ahead.

NRK reporter: Why are Israelis so negative?

ME correspondent Falkenberg Mikkelsen: Israel sees the right of Iran to develop a nuclear program as a threat to their existence. We should remember that the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei held a very Israel critical speech earlier this week with at times very harsh language. The Israelis had hoped for an immediate final agreement that would destroy the Iranian nuclear program, not a temporary agreement which we see now.

NRK reporter: Are all Israelis negative?

ME correspondent Falkenberg Mikkelsen: There is a fairly wide political agreement about this, from the Centre to the Right. There are someone on the Left including former intelligence officers and others who think the agreement isn’t that bad.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende on Hamas

Dagbladet 2013 12 02


Brende rules out dialogue with Hamas

Political contact with Hamas is out of the question says foreign minister Brende.

“It is out of the question for me as foreign minister to engage in political contact with Hamas,” says Børge Brende to NTB.

The former government didn’t either have political contact during the last few years, but adds that the new government will not instruct Norwegian diplomats to break the contact they have long had with Hamas.

“We need to relate to the fact that Hamas is a part of the picture in the Middle East. Norwegian diplomats have contact with various groups. It has always been like this, and this will continue,” says the foreign minister.

“But no-one at a political level in the Foreign Ministry will have contact with Hamas,” says Brende, who refers to the group as a terrorist organization.


Brende does not want to say anything about how Norway will relate to a new Palestinian coalition government.

“I do not think that we should speculate in that now. As it is now, Hamas is under tremendous pressure, and their popularity is decreasing in Gaza. First, we have to see if we can reach a peace agreement,” he says.

The foreign minister does not want to say anything about what role he envisions that Hamas can have in a potential, future Palestinian state, either.
“Abbas thinks that on the Palestinian side they will manage to handle Hamas, which Israel naturally does not want to relate to, and which Israel does not see as part of the leadership of the future Palestine,“ he says.

Israeli issues


Dagbladet 2013 12 03

Jørgen M. Gilbrant

Links to video.

Israeli inventor Shai Goltein has created a toy paper airplane, propelled by an electric motor and controlled by a Smartphone; destined to become a hit among boys of all ages by next summer.


Vårt Land 2013 11 30 p 9

Ingjerd Våge, Not online


The Progressives, now in government, will reevaluate decision to remove tax deduction privileges of the pro-Israeli “Carmel” NGO; withdrawn by the former government, as it was claimed the “Carmel” supported illegal Israeli construction projects in the West Bank. The Socialists oppose such a decision.

Jewish issues


Aftenposten 2013 11 28

Stefan Czmur


The Ambassador of Poland to Norway, Stefan Czmur, writes on a controversial German TV series on WW2; stating this series defame the Polish nation, in particular the Home Army, depicting them as anti-Semites, and distorts history.

On this TV-series, see this article in Wikipedia:




Andreas B. Høyer


Kåre Willoch is angry at the Tromsø City Council; over having cancelled support to “Gaza friendship project” over political reasons; not wishing to support Hamas.

City Council maintains decision not to cooperate with non-elected politicians; and states this is not an issue for discussions.



Oppland Arbeiderblad 2013 11 30

Ane Tveiten


The leader of the Labor Youth in Oppland writes letter to the editor; on brutal Israelis occupying poor Palestinians, suggesting boycott of Israel. Interestingly, and somehow surprising, are the reader responses, not favoring the views of the author.



Campus, issue no. 3 of 2013, p58

Lena Verås Eriksen

(Password needed for access)


Campus, a student’s magazine published by Studenttorget ( ) carries an eulogy of Mads Gilbert, combined with an uncritical condemnation of Israel, to a degree most usually associated with “journalism” in regimes Norway does not want to be compared with.

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    Are all NRK reports, analysis, journalists, and reporters negative towards Israel?

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    In answer to NRK. Why are you still acting like a Bolshevik organiation?
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    When will you stop being so negative and become neutral?
    When will you stop hating Israel and the Jews?

    Have a happy and to all Jewish non Norwegians, just be grateful that you don’t live in this Jew/Israel hating country with it’s vile agenda of Bolshevik dogma which it is clearly following

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