Norwegians try to rekindle good relations with Israel

Although this is far from the official stance in Norway, it is nevertheless significant for the new momentum gathering pace in Norway…

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Norwegian group coming to Knesset to apologize for Oslo Accords

12/03/2013 21:16

Christian leaders are coming from Oslo – to ask for forgiveness for “Oslo.”

Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat at the White House during the Oslo Acords, Sept. 1993.

Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat at the White House during the Oslo Acords, Sept. 1993. Photo: Reuters

They are coming from Oslo – to apologize for “Oslo.” A group of more than 20 Christian leaders from Norway will be coming to the Knesset on Wednesday to ask for forgiveness for the diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinians that began in their capital.

The group will be delivering an apology for the Oslo Accords, which passed in 1993 and 1995, to Deputy Knesset Speaker Gila Gamliel (Likud), the co-chair of the Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus and a vigorous opponent of the accords from the start. They will also apologize for other policies of their government.

“Forgive us Israel as a nation for the Oslo Agreement dividing up the Land of Israel, for the money from Norway ending up supporting terrorist organizations, for not moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s eternal undivided capital Jerusalem, for not standing up to defend Israel in a world with increasing hostility, and for the anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist attitude of politicians and media in Norway,” the apology says.

The apology also asks forgiveness for Norway hindering Jews from entering the country until 1851, for sending Jews to Nazi death camps during the Holocaust, and for rejecting Jews who sought to come to Norway after the war.

“We hope to do what we can to rectify mistakes,” said Pastor Terje Ligerod, head of the delegation.

“Apologizing for the Oslo Accords is important, because the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews according to the Bible. Norway was wrong to be a part of dividing the land. [The Accords] have not been a step to peace. We have to acknowledge that Norway has had a role in what has unfortunately happened.”

The group hopes to change attitudes back home by coming to Jerusalem.

That was why they contacted the Christian Allies Caucus and will be meeting with Gamliel.

“The awakening on the Oslo Accords has occurred not just in Israel, but also among people around the world who care about Israel and the Jewish people,” Gamliel said. “I am not surprised by their apology. I hope that more Europeans realize that they made a mistake by supporting an impossible division of the land, and innocently providing funding that ended up going to terrorist groups.”

The caucus has MKs for and against dividing the Land of Israel. Besides Gamliel, the group from Norway will also be meeting with Yesh Atid MK Dov Lipman, a member of the caucus whose party supports the creation of a Palestinian state.

“People of faith are coming together around the world in support of Israel through various political initiatives,” said caucus director Josh Reinstein.

“The linchpin of Israel’s diplomatic efforts is faith-based diplomacy.”


3 comments for “Norwegians try to rekindle good relations with Israel

  1. : )
    December 5, 2013 at 3:17 am


    Norwegians are not a homogen groupe of people that all accept what stands in media!

    Norwegian media has written about it:

    This news should make Martin very glad : ) Your comments are missed Martin : )

  2. martin
    December 7, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Thanks Prof, looks as if though I have finally cracked the nut in posting onto the blog. Sorry folks, but it has been a shite time trying to contact this wonderful blog.

    Yes Norwegian, it is indeed very encouraging. All we now need to see is a formal understanding from the Norwegian Foreign Office apparatchicks of Israel’s needs. Again, it has taken individuals such as those above and MIFF to eradicate some of the communist/fascist dogma of your elite establishment. I won’t hold my breath. I am sure all decent people will appreciate their support. But, do you really believe that the official line of the established Lutheran Church of Norway will bend it’s knees in prayer supporting the right of Israel to exist without any mention of the Arabs?

    I must remind these people that the Land of Israel or “greater Palestine under the British mandate has already produced a 2 state solution, namely Israel and Jordan.. The latter holds 78% of the original land area but of course that is not enough for the Arabs, they will not accept under a final analysis less than 100%. Again to remind those, that the term Palestinian prior to Israeli independence was used for the Jews, not the Arabs. The term used for the Arabs was just that, Arabs. The term Palestinian for the Arabs was introduced by the late paedophile murderer Arafat only in 1964 to bring about the image of a separate people within the Arab world. Their own statements in the past, has already discounted that as fiction.

    Please note the photograph above and appreciate the impossible position of the late Yitzkhak Rabin. He definitely did not want to shake the blood stained murderes outstretched hand. He was goaded into it by the present president, Shimon Peres. In fact I have it on very good authority that Rabin stated words to the effect of “Peres, what have you done to me?”

    Rabin, in my opinion, as a politician prime minister was not very good, as a foreign minister he was very good and as Defence Minister he was excellent. Unlike Arafat, Rabin was a soldiers soldier, unlike the cowardly bloated Arafat who indulged in the slaughter of civilians. He was related to the Nazi Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who met and discussed with Hitler in Berlin, the final solution of the Jews.

    Have a happy week …

  3. martin
    December 8, 2013 at 4:27 am

    Look hard at the photograph and note Rabin’s displeasure. He, a former soldier, defence chief, because of Peres, is made to shake the blood stained hand of the man who is responsible for the slaughter of thousands of people, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Druze. I have it on good authority that he said to the traitor “Peres what have you done?” Or words to that effect. In fact, I was handed the exact same tie as Rabin was wearing shown on the photo.

    Norwegian, it appears that my connection via Yahoo is at fault. I am very pleased that these decent Christians have finally realised the errors of their Churches ways. Or perhaps they realised earlier and only now with a change of government, they felt more confident, at not being called traitors perhaps?

    All too often, the establishment only meets with the far left communist Jews who have no love of Israel, along with those who hate the country. Perhaps this group might shame those Jews who wish to give up even more land to a bunch of murderers who want all of Palestine from sea to sea, as they often proclaim in public along with the Norwegian establishment. Piece by piece peace, is no peace at all. Whatever land Israel has handed over has not brought peace whatsoever.

    Have a happy Norwegian and others who can rejoice is still the land for he Jewish people. Go Israel!

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