Former (sic!) Red Cross aid worker shows his impressive ignorance.

What can I say? Bless? Its perhaps the worst insult in the English language? Oh, bless (and then you have squeeze your face into a very very sad and concerned look, like you would if you have been told that an acquaintance accidentally released a particularly smelly fart in an audience with the Queen)

Perhaps Norwegian former Red Cross aid workers should review their past history on Israel and Jews. So far, they have been completely mum on the issue of Norwegian Jihadists fighting in Syria, whereas they were terribly quick in demanding a war criminal inquiry of Norwegian Jews who have served with the IDF.

Somebody needs to cut the lifeline to the humanitarian aid industry, instead of relieving suffering, they have prolonged it.

In particular, somebody should urgently teach so called aid workers the importance of learning about cultures and religions before they shoot off their mouths in public, this man has clearly lost the plot a long while ago and has fallen into the familiar pattern of Lutheran antisemitic attitudes. Or in the very least they should be informed that under Israeli administration, the number of Palestinians has steadily grown and enjoy much better quality of life than many other peoples in the Middle East. There are no extermination camps for Palestinians and there in no holocaust against Palestinians, but on the other hand there is a pronounced policy of both the Hamas and the Fatah to eradicate the Jewish nation (just check their charters if you dare)

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How much abuse can you see before you protest ?
I have been accused of being a Palestinian patriot , yes, that’s right, but I’m also Israel – patriot . I want peace and freedom for both parties.
Published 9 Dec 2013 , at. 10:06 by
Ola Skuterud
Former aid worker for the Red Cross

Red Cross worker , it is expected that one should be neutral . One should not accuse , to act and not express their opinions about who is right and who is wrong . After a short time in the Middle East , I had to admit that I was completely wrong track in terms of my perception of conflict. If the Jews really are God’s chosen people , I expect actually more of them than of others – especially what humanity and compassion concern . It’s not in my interest to engage in propaganda , but I ‘ll tell you what I have experienced – what I know is true. What people around me may think or say is not crucial for me. The humanitarian aspect – it is best for people in need means far more. My first three years in Israel / Palestine was far tougher than seven years of civil war -torn Somalia , including a dramatic kidnapping. Seeing people get to the point humiliated and belittled in their daily lives , is painful and very difficult to accept.

I ACCEPT nor the policies and actions undertaken by the extremist groups on any of the pages, but of a democracy and a well-developed nation like Israel , I expect more than those who are oppressed . The imbalance between these two parties is udiskutabel.Det is no doubt that Israelis feel traumatized by the conflict . They live with the constant fear of being hit by a suicide bomber or uncontrolled missiles. This is of course unacceptable and horrible. Let me refer to what the Israeli ambassador in Eritrea said to me. ” Both sides suffer , but there is no doubt that Palestinians suffer far more than the Israelis .” I refer again to the imbalance.

THE HOLOCAUST AND the inhuman suffering of the Jews have been subjected to over the years have influenced attitudes through generations is only natural and expected. But we can not accept that Israel commit similar offenses against Palestinians because of that. I have been accused of being a Palestinian patriot , yes, that’s right, but I’m also Israel – patriot . I want peace and freedom for both parties. I had in my young mind to become a priest – it was not so. Theological questions will therefore be up to the theologians to consider. But if the Jews really are God’s chosen people , it is high time that they show this. My God is merciful .


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    December 10, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Arg McG,

    you are probably now soon blamed for having hurted this one man’s feelings. We joooooos always lose the blame game McG, just wait and see kid!

  2. martin
    December 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Hi, I need to inform the Prof that I am still responding. Unfortunately, it would appear that my posts have gone straight into the Spam box. (Spam? Bloody cheek, I don’t eat meat:)-)

    This is the Red Cross that was seemingly unable and/or unwilling to assist the jews during WW2. This is the same Rd Cross that is unwilling to help missing or captured Israeli military personnel held by Norway’s faithful allies in the Arab world. Yes such countries as Iran and Syria, fine examples of democratic countries with highly respected human rights guarantees for all.

    This is the same Red Cross that allows terrorists who have just murdered Israeli (read Jewish) civilians and have sought shelter in Red Cross property and refused the Israeli military access.

    This is the same Red Cross that for years has never recognised the Magen David Adom (The Red Shield) and demanded that Isaeli adopt a square in place of the 6 pointed square as it offends Muslims.

    Yes folks, it is the same Red Cross that has been successfully infiltrated by the usual Jew hating communist/fascist/Nazi inspired Scandinavians, in this case Norwegians and Swedes.

    How organisations such as Oxfam, Red Cross, Save the children etc can operate as charities while still openly displaying biased and hateful political propaganda is quite disgraceful. These organisations should be stripped of their charitable status, pay normal business taxes and rates and pay their usual voluntary and well meaning if simple staff a living wage. Particularly when the money they receive is paid to people with highly lucrative positions within and to despots without..

    Nuff sed. Have a happy and let charity begin at home. My wife and I have made a Big Issue seller (homeless person selling magazines)happy by taking him for an early Christmas lunch. At least we can see where the money goes and the pleasure it givers to the recipient and to us.

  3. : )
    December 12, 2013 at 3:08 am


    that is so nice of you and your wife! I’m not very good at taking strangers into my home like that. But my granfather was brilliant there. I was amazed how people understood that it was a limited visit. I just end up making people into friends and than it just get to much work and my family start to worry and complain so much that I have to tell people I have no time because of them : ) They are smart Martin!

    As I see it Red Cross and other organisations let fare to easy people use their name to get publicity. I wrote before as a humanist and it was very offening for the humansit organisation her in Norway that I identified me as a humanist with Jewish cuture. I could write as a humanist with Christian cuture or Muslim but not Jewish that was insane. First I became very hurted and felt that it was odd I was stoped but after I understood that the humanist organisation wanted to work against circumcision. To me that is to go back to 1814 and just close eyes for the history.

    When I read what this man wrote I see that what I experienced as a child her in Norway has made an impact on my identity. To be told that one have to behave better than others do stress one a lot. I had the sweetset singing teacher you can imagin Martin as a child. Once she came with a new song of Beatels that is my favoritt Hey Jude. My grandparents loved when I sang the song for them. And that made me very happy : )

  4. martin
    December 12, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Actually Norwegian, we took the man to a restaurant and next week he will bed taken to a nice Polish café. I regret mentioning this now. Can you imagine that people might actually believe or suspect that I might be a decent human being. Wrong image..

    Most if not all of these so called humanist or humanitarian organisations are a load of old bollocks. They smile nicely, speak nicely, so long as you accept everything they tell you. However, if you disagree on a particular subject, then you are a failure, waiting to be saved. In this case, as a Jew, you are a failure, waiting to be saved. What rubbish, but hey, don’t be upset, recognise your own good intentions, have a happy and laugh at others ignorance.

  5. : )
    December 12, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    Hm, smart to take people out insteed of into one home : ) At a resturant its more easy to keep a distance, it should be. You are nice! A sharp tounge, but I’m used to that : )

    All best : )

    Ps: made a lot of really good small soft bread for school with the children and friends today. They are going to have lots of fun on the St. Lucia day at school. Next week its Church for Chrismas with the school. When I hear church music I think how can something that sound so lovely produce hate?

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    December 13, 2013 at 12:57 am


    this men’s says a things that is interesting and not just to be cool, I don’t always agree with their analysis, but I respect their understanding for freedom to speak as it is the same as I think is important to keep in a modern democracy:

    Anfindsen made it very difficult for your friend yellow that everything he thinks is odd is rasistic. Now yellow says he want no band on circumcision. People inside of his super humanistic organisation says he has a lot to calm down and they fear that he has open pandoras box when it comes to feelings:

    All in the new government is Lutheran’s, its going to be very interesting to see if they use Mao’s method now on the revolutionary group that still dream about chaos her in Norway. I bet they use that to explain China how the peace price was used in a unvanted way. LOL people we don’t know how to stop so we give then Ph-D etc to keep them happy.

    Be nice with each other folks and talk out about things, don’t make more mess in the media so the public start to freak out! Look at the Royals and how they keep up with rumors. McG all Norway has been waiting for the Royals to put their sex life out in media? Chrismas stess is odd : ) God I hope that the Royals don’t divorce as the revolution gosip group hope!

  7. martin
    December 13, 2013 at 4:58 am

    Quite easy to answer your question Norwegian. It’s all an act Hitler was shown lovingly and smiling at children. Yet, he was quite happy to have responsibility for the slaughter in the death and concentration camps of 1 and a 1/2 millions Jewish babies and children.

    Like I have said so many times before. Love for all mankind including at times dead Jews but, hate for the living Jews who will not bend to knee before them.. It as big a fraud as paedophilic Mohammed going upto heaven on his magical steed.

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    December 15, 2013 at 2:48 am

    I’m really sorry for the lost in your family during the 2 ww. No one should be killed because they don’t fit in a image of others. That is pure evil! My grandfather spok of the same kind of hate by using humanistic laws as Mr. Manfred does. As I sad in the middel of the night (waho you kan blow out) I don’t see the big picture, but there is episodes in my life that can be explained by Jew hate. I find it very serious when a secular person experience Jew hate and there are many that does! Then the hate has gone back to be biological as “Hitler’s team” made it, with smiling caring persons faces. Just a quick shower dear than all will be lovely. MF. How can one talke about this without sounding paranoid? Can you anserw that question to please? That is the billion question her in Norway at the time!

  9. martin
    December 15, 2013 at 7:11 am

    You are asking the %million question here Norwegian, unfortunately, I can’t offer a reasonable reply. When one looks at countries in the far east, untainted by Islamic and Christian hate for the Jews, we are looked upon as being superior to those around us. Perhaps with good reason. Those untainted countries practice similar social values as the Jews. That is, they at least practice for the most part family values, and education. Justice is demanded by the Jewish logic, which is uncalled for within Christianty or Islam. That is a very big difference.

    Examples; Christianity preaches love and forgiveness that the criminal can go out and keep continuing evil. In Islam, a non Muslim had no rights when against a Muslim in an Islamic court. One can lie, as much as possible, with the excuse that it protects Islam.

    Have a happy and question those around you and keep the same question all the time. WHY?

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    December 15, 2013 at 8:43 am

    My feeling when I speak to people is that after the war it went well until 1970 then the goodwill was used up. Muslim imigration started and the Jews just became irritating again. Its lot of nice Muslims that experience bad thing her in Norway and I support them for their strugle for the right to live in peace. But what does that have to do with the Jewish history? I don’t see why I have to help new people that comes to Norway when I have people I really want to use my time on that are Norwegians. When was it ok that I just worked for free? I think the Muslims has to make it work her in Norway for them self not jumping on the back of other minorities!
    Why do you think Jews behave paranoid now days? Is my question!

  11. martin
    December 16, 2013 at 4:44 am

    We Jews are criticised for being paranoid. Let us face it, perhaps we are, as that is how, as a persecuted minority for over 2000 years has fashioned us. There agai, we might be paranoid but, that does not mean to say that we are wrong.

    Norwegian, you only have to look around you in Norway and what goes on in the world against the Jewish minorities and perhaps you might understand.

    Why were the Jews always scared of speaking up for themselves? Simple, because nobody else, unless it suited them, would do it for us. Or unless, they thought it was harmful for the country and wrong. Two examples in Europe are Emile Zola and the Dreyfuss conspiracy, the other Oliver Cromwell who decided the Jews were necessary to bring their legacy to England, in the fight against Catholic Spain.

    Countries are always ready to mock, scandalise, eager to prove that we are just as bad as them, persecute, expel us when it suits them. And then, we are so pleased to be able to return and forgive them that we lose site of our own inadequacies.

    This is why so many hate Israel. We now have a country that will do all in its power to assist Jews in need. Can you think of any other country attempting to do hat Israel did in rescuing the Jewish and Israeli hostages from Entebbe in Uganda? No other country would even attempt it for their non Jewish citizens, let alone Jews.

    Have a happy…. and be grateful that Israel is tere to defend you. With no Israel, those who hate us, then drop the mask od anti Israel to show their real intentions, hate for the Jews

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    December 16, 2013 at 8:15 am


    one can’t say that Jews has less mental strength than other humans. The 2000 year history has gone into the DNA, that is not true! When people say to me that Jews are the canari birds in a democracy I ask them if they are pocolocos! To me is it very important that inside of Israel or outside a Jew is a Jew that has the same human right as all other people on this planet!

    If a person act paranoid one has to solve problems around this person first, if that don’t help one can try terapy, if that don’t help medication might be a help. But first of all one need to place a paranoid people in a safe environment with people that see the best in the person and not the worst.

    The world that is not Nietzsche inspierd is a nice place Martin, you can move your glases to that one to.

  13. martin
    December 16, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Norwegian; it is said that the Jew is similar to the canary in the mines. When life is becoming unbearable for the Jewish people in so called democracies then that is the time to worry. Just like the canaries which will sing when facing danger.

    The Jews have the mental strength, otherwise, there would be no Jews left. what I am suggesting is the way that Jewish people will respond or not, is due to being the underdog of a minority that is picked upon for others failures.

    There is nothing wrong in being called paranoid. It is only how others perceive you or me. Of course Jews should and must have equal rights. But, you cannot tell me with all that has been happening towards the Jewish minority in even supposedly civilised countries that this is the case.

    I believe that 2000 years of persecution by the church originally which has then been carried over into the mainstream of life has had some effect upon us all If we do not trust goyim, then whose fault is that? Does the leopard lose its spots overnight, or the tiger its stripes? Of course not. Before my generation, it was said that gentiles would such Jew hatred from their mother’s breast. Un fortunately, there may be some truth to wards that picture. One cannot deny that this hate is the longest in the world.

    Actually Norwegian, I believe the church should be much more honest than it is inb its hate for the living Jew. The scriptures, or what they call the Old Testament should be banned in all their services. This book has been altered, mistranslated by error and planning and therefore, is not fit for purpose. The church disagrees that the Holy Land should have Jews living there in peace and calls for its replacement by the secular democratic state of Palestine, just like the communists. They should, as religious people know according to this book they may refer to
    In the book of Numbers, when Balak asked Balaam to damn and curse the people of Israel, what was the response? “How can I damn whom God has not damned?” Balaam refused three times all the riches that Balak had offered him, knowing that God had blessed the people of Israel. How sad that the church is unable to understand and do the same.

    Have a happy Norwegian, even being paranoid might be preferable knowing that one is right instead

  14. : )
    December 17, 2013 at 2:57 am


    I don’t feel I have meet Jews that are more mental unstable than other humans. I have grown up with people that reflect more than others. I saw early that for other families things happen less than in mine. I asked people out side of the family why and they sad that it as it was its things with your folks that is irritating, not you as a person. So insteed of going home and complain I went home and told when things where fixed. But I did not see that people could make things more different for other in my family because I got what I wanted. Is it my fault? How could I know that was the price?

    I try to communicate to the Norwegian people that Jews can not be collective pushed more in Norway because it has gone on for 2000 years. Freedom to live as Jews in Norway include circumcision, Kosher and Synagouges where there are Jews that can make a community. We need a Synagouge in Stavanger and Bergen! One can dislike it and dissagree, write about it how bad it is, but never go after any Jews in private because one want to keep down the Jewsih freedom to be oneself, that is a direct break on the humans right and if Norway don’t stop it the world has to know about it! A Judenrein Norway in 2014 is only a mad mans dream!

  15. martin
    December 18, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    I still believe that one day, Norway will become Judenrein. Why live there when one is despised so much by a large minority. If another Norwegian Hitler arrived on the scene, I have no doubts, his following would be a lot greater than Quisling had during WW2.

    Norwegian, one doesn’t need a synagogue anywhere. In my community (before I moved, of which I am still a member) a hall had been hired and previous to that, with just a handful of Jewish people, we met in our homes. Today, the community has about 40 members from around the area. Every two weeks the community meets for services, alternatively, on a Saturday morning and Friday evenings. The latter includes a Khavura meal. Each member brings food and we all take from the communal table. It is so nice to become one with all, without bad feeling between us. It is just a pity that I miss out on the Saturday morning meetings, as the Rabbi discusses the meanings of that weeks passage of the Torah and the interpretation. It starts just too early for me.

    So have a happy,,,, and think about trying to find Jewish people around your area.

  16. : )
    December 19, 2013 at 3:46 am


    it was my last card that I trowed out. Seriously I doubt that there will be bulid anymore synagouges in Norway. When it comes to find Jews, well I think it must be other places that her in Norway for me. Its not bad people that live her, but emotionally they just don’t interst me anymore, sorry. I don’t know why and I did my best to prevent it, but the love just died when it was never returend back, its just very peacefull now inside me and it feels great!

    I break a promisse and just share a very nice song:

    London is on my new list, never thought that would happen love. Want to see Les Miserables with me?

    Have a happy day Martin, I will try to write on this page, but as you will soon will see I probably have no news as I stop to read news her in Norway, so it will just my ordinary joke’s.

  17. : )
    December 20, 2013 at 7:44 am


    to much drama I assume : )

    I just helped my grandfather to remember the good things in life and be happy. When he had his downs I was there asking why and he never sat words on his feelings. He just changed subject, but what I always will love him for is that he always sad it was good of me to try even if I could not do anything for him I always came with the sun.

    Isn’t that what you find in the 40 people in your community? A peace so deep that you just want more of it? I remember raning into my grandfathers arms and he would lift me hig into the air and we just laught and laught like it was summer and warm.

    My good old grandfather pehaps fooled him self into the believe that some people are so unike that they can stand alone, with out having anyone other to care for them. Asbergers yes. But not normal humans they need to feel that they are conected to others in a positive way. And that what they do what ever it is it done more or less ok. If one doubt that one lose motivation and just want to get out.

    I hope the Jewish we in Norway make good plans on how to be in positive relations to as many as they can. And when they have to make a distance I hope its done as harmfull as possible. To have vitness a war between Jews at the same time as a nation raises against the religion, I’m cluless to what on earth God wanted me to see that for? Only thing I can think of is that I always prayed to God to help to understand why my grandparents was tierd of the world as it is so wonderfull. Then I have to say it has been good to have non Jewish friends to be around!

    If one get to much stress I think we all need to make a distance. I just pray to God that I will make them good in the future so I don’t hurt others or my self!

    I just have to add, London is really lovely : ) it feels great to want to travel again. Hope one day you can think about les Misrables, I can imagin you are good on the french revolution : ) I

    This one is really sweet:

  18. martin
    December 21, 2013 at 4:57 am

    Thank you nortwegian. I have met the Prof in the UK a few times now, and it was always very interesting and enjoyable.

    I very rarely visit London these days, as it quite a journey. Les Mis is supposed to be a very good show. Beware, have you heard of the theatre in London with it’s ceiling and balcony collapsing with many injured but none killed I believe.

    Personally, I don’t like London. It is not the city that I knew. It has changed totally due to our open borders with so many illegal immigrants and the capital is filthy and rushed. It might be good for tourists, I don’t know. But, U would never live there now. When I returned from London, we bought a house in a suburb and since then, we have moved three times, further and further away.

    If you do go to London then maybe, you can via the Prof, let me know where you are staying, in order to meet up, if you like. I am not into theatres anymore, they are so expensive, well for ordinary people. these days. Though, you can sometimes pick up cheap tickets for a matinee. It also depends on the popularity of the show itself.

    Have a happy and dream on…….altogether now ” Leeees miseraaaaables!”

  19. : )
    December 21, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    : ) Martin,

    It feels great to want to get on a plain and just see something new.and people with other perspective’s. Norwegian elite will do just fine with their own plondering : ) London is indeed muticultural, I was asked all the time if I was a russian when I was there by people that must have been african imigrants, it was very odd, but I was refused to figure out why by the reason you mention it could be dangerous. So I did my best to smile and not explode, now I just have to laugh, most russian womens are very pretty so it is actually just a compliment ; )

    When it comes to the teather in London its probably like her in Norway, lack of money, then they use nothing to fix the buildings. The town I lived in in Italy had an old church that was build in sand stone??? A town original had been going on that something had to be done, everyone laughed of him. Then one day a tower fell down and killed five people I think. I thought it was awfull, but then I was told it was a miracle because just before it fell a school class had passed. I still have problems to see how it was a miracle, but hey I’m not chatolic so in my world it is a true miracle no one was killed in London. Hope they investigate the buldings better and that the people that where injured soon get well and free theater all life.

    Its a lovely dream to see you and do something fun together : )

    Have a happy shabbat (was that one correct?)

  20. martin
    December 27, 2013 at 8:08 am

    Norwegian, yes a happy shabbat is correct, although it is usual to say Shabbat shalom = a peaceful Sabbath

    So have a happy……….as it is Friday now and it will soon be Shabbat

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