Latest: Pigs are flying! And Norwegian NGO criticizes red-green govt’s political agenda in humanitarian aid

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Doctors Without Borders : Norwegian aid controlled by political interests – not actual need

By Frank Haugsbø and Eirik LINAK Berglund

LONDON / Tromsø ( VG ) Each year Norway allocates NOK three billion for humanitarian aid. Frequently, aid is not given in countries where the need is greatest, but in countries where Norway has political interests,  the organization Doctors Without Borders claims .

Norwegian policy
In a new report released Friday , the organization vents harsh criticism of Norwegian aid policies.

– Norway uses humanitarian aid as an instrument to serve political interests rather than helping the people who most need help, Doctors Without Borders states .

The three billion used for humanitarian or emergency aid, constitute ten percent of the total aid budget . The funds are meant to cover basic needs such as food, health care and protection.

Doctors Without Borders has analyzed all the awards for humanitarian projects in 2012. The organization believes there are many examples of funds not going to places where the need is greatest.

– For example, Palestine received NOK 122 million in humanitarian assistance in 2012. In contrast, the Central African Republic received no funds at all. This despite the fact that a Palestinian on average live 24 years longer than a person from the Central African Republic  says Atle Fretheim of the Doctors Without Borders to VG.

The report states that Norway’s use of political interests as a criterion in humanitarian funding , violates the principle of impartiality , as is assumed in the Parliamentary Report number 40

– Must cover basic needs

According to the survey the organization has made, aid coordination and protection were given highest priority at the awards last year. Only six percent of emergency funds were used for food aid, and ten percent to health care.

– It is expected that the ten percent ear marked for humanitarian aid actually goes towards meeting basic needs. This is not the case today. Norway does not prioritize the sectors that matter most to people in need, says Fretheim .

Millions for conference activities

During the review Doctors Without Borders  found several examples of awards that the organization believes is in violation of the guidelines for the emergency aid funds

– Hundreds of millions go to activities such as  conferences or education campaigns that do not directly benefit people in need of aid. It must be questioned whether support for small farmers in Uganda and sports for children and young people in the Middle East are regarded as humanitarian efforts.

Doctors Without Borders believe several states receive more humanitarian aid than the actual needs would suggest. This applies to the Palestinian territories, which have played a central role in Norwegian foreign policy since Norway’s participation in the negotiations that led to the Oslo Accords .

Critical to aid for Palestinians

The report points out that health indicators in Palestine is good , with a life expectancy on par with Hungary .

– A child in Chad is over six times as likely to die before the age of five , as a Palestinian child. Nevertheless Palestine received 3.5 percent of the total humanitarian aid from Norway in 2012, while Chad received 0.00022 percent.

Fretheim emphasizes that the organization does not mind supporting Palestine, but that this aid should be finances from the part of the aid budget reserved for long-term development assistance.

… and critical of Afghanistan funds

Doctors Without Borders also point to Afghanistan , where Norway has increased aid allocations significantly after the start of the ISAF mission in 2001.

– The humanitarian needs in Afghanistan after the invasion is undisputed , but the country had already endured 20 years of civil war. It was only when international troops were on the ground that these needs were relevant to the Norwegian authorities.

MFA : Broad agreement

– I do not want to comment on Doctors without Borders’ criticism of the individual assessment made ​​under previous governments , said State Secretary Hans Brattskar ( H ) in the MFA.

– There is broad agreement on the Norwegian Humanitarian Policy . We are committed to maintaining a high level of humanitarian efforts, and has also gone on to increase support for humanitarian efforts in Syria , the Philippines and Central African Republic. As recently as last Thursday, we increased funding by 20 million to the Central African Republic to the total Norwegian humanitarian aid to the country now amount to 52 million Norwegian kroner for 2013 .

Brattskar says Norway will give NOK 380 million to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund ( CERF ) in 2014 .

– The mandate of this fund is precisely to ensure prompt and effective assistance where need is greatest, also forgotten crises . As for Afghanistan, it is important to emphasize that there has been humanitarian crisis for more than 30 years, and Norway has provided humanitarian support also in the years before 2001 , the junior minister says.

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    December 15, 2013 at 8:02 am
  2. martin
    December 15, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Nothing new here, except the fact that a Norwegian newspaper actually printed it. Unlike Mad Gilbert and his cohorts in the Red Cross, Oxfam etc etc anll the other so called “charitable humanitarian” organisations, Sans frontieres appears to be genuine. Let;’s hope it remains so.

    If Gilbert and his friends were genuine, they would join the IDF medical teams in Syria helping to treat Syrians caught in the conflict, with the worst injured being transferred to hospitals in Israel.

    Was it ever reported that the 2nd in command in Gaza sent his daughter to Israel for life saving treatment? Anyone care to question Gilbert for his response????

    Have a happy knowing that Gilbert’s first name is apt. MADs

  3. : )
    December 15, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    you are probably hurting MADs Gilbert feelings now by playnig with letters, shame on you Martin for being a very bad, bad boy : ) Its probably rasistic in some odd way, at least it fit probably into some bulling pattern that can be psyco analysed and be used against you Martin in good communistic behavior of wanting all the best for you : ) Arg noia people!

    I did not know that IDF medical team went into Syria, I believed they accepted injured at the border. But you are right they do both.

    I have to say I’m very cluless what the sivil war is all about in Syria, what is Russia, US doing down there? What is really up?

    Up her in Norway we have heard about Israel bombing Syria and super Christians speaks about the doomeday (when do they not) and Jesus are returning blablabla.

  4. martin
    December 16, 2013 at 4:26 am

    I am quit sure that Herr Mads Gilbert is able to teach me a tremendous amount in the ways of misrepresentation of facts, lies, blasphemy, deviance, hatred, arrogance (well maybe not that one), ignorance, irresponsibility and just being a two faced moron in having him being exposed at long last.

    Yes Norwegian, I have offered you a number of excellent sites to pursue in order to understand just what is going on and what lies behind the news headlines and often that which is conveniently left out. There are far superior sites to Wikipedia to larn from. Just try “Debkafile” for a start to learn what is happening

    Have a happy……. seek and learn the truth

  5. martin
    December 16, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Eric R, this is for you, as I thought it might be of interest. Late perhaps but still valid.

    Last night on BBC4 TV, there was a very good programme titled Lou Reed Remembered. The life and career of the rock legend who died in October. It went on to claim Debbie Harry and Thurston Moore are among the contributors to this new celebration of Reed’s life and work. The film pays particular attention to how his music shaped the sound f New York.
    Others who paid their respects and positive views were Boy George and Bono.

    Have a happy, today

  6. martin
    December 19, 2013 at 6:59 am

    Today on the Israel National News website, Arutz 7, the Fakestinian s admit and confirm their admiration and close liaison with Nazi Germany during WW2, in support of Hitler. This was during an interview wit RT and monitored with MEMRI.

    Please do read it, then you might believe now what I have been saying all this time. Directed of course towards those who had doubts 18/12/13

    Oh happy days…. yes folks, it will be so interesting to be a fly on the wall whne the Norwegian elitists have to be informed that their beloved allies really are the Nazis and not the Jews. Gevalt, I believe the fascists elements within the liberal left and green parties with love them even more


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    December 19, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    : )

    A Iranian belived I was an Arien and started to let me know how strong the conection was during the war. I looked at the person and sad I have learnt that black people like you are the untermenchen what the h…. are you taliking about? Then I was a racist/nazi blablabla. I was just joaking with the person to see if this was real madness or just a odd kind of joak. The person worked in the Norwegian police, how odd : )

    I don’t know if this is the 100% truth:

    If you ask me M. drop the hole racist law and bing in freedom to respond no matter what color people have in their face when it comes to politic, religion and ideology. A stupied opinion is stupied no matter if the person is blue! I will go so fare to say that Jewish we are better off removing the hole antisemittic law and just deal with every situation that comes and help the individual that experience hate and discrimination. The thought was good but it just make more mess in real life than it solve! Bob Dylan is a racist in according to the french? Its so dull! McG have you seen how much better old EV are doing on VD? Clear and consis communication from Kohn! That is the only way forward!

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