Gaza concerns in Norway

Whereas only about 100 people could be bothered to turn up at an anti-Israel pro-Gaza demo in Bergen, many many more were very annoyed to learn that Norwegian tax payers money has gone towards paying ghost workers in Gaza. Also, nobody in Norway, in particular not the Pal-com or the now decimated Socialist Left party cared to inform the public that Israel’s “genocide” of Palestinians consist of transferring fuel, emergency aid, even when they know that aid is siphoned away from the needy to fund terrorist tunnels under Israeli villages and towns), nor did they seem to be particularly interested to share with their co-religionists that Hamas, now the recipient of Egyptian fury, bragged that Egypt’s embargo and closing down of power supplies would have very little impact since fuel could be gotten from Israel…

But on the issue of monies wasted on ghost workers in Gaza, this is yet an ugly skeleton to fall out of the red-green cabinet of failures, considering that the previous government was found to have knowingly misled the parliament on the extent of Norwegian funding of Palestinian terrorists.  Chickens have come home to roost?


Bergens Tidende 2013 12 14

Pål Engesæther/Magne Gaasemyhr


Pro-Pal group in Bergen arrange torch march in Bergen; attracts some 100 people. Behind this march were:  The Socialist Party (SV), the Socialist Youth (SU), The Norwegian People’s Aid, the Reds (Marxist party), the PalCom and “Bergensforbundet”, a Christian youth NGO.

While the others are in the category “usual suspects”, the “Bergensforbundet” is a sub-group of the Norwegian Christian Student Association; themselves a sub-organization of the World Student Christian Federation.





NRK Verden 2013 12 17, Sidsel Wold

The “Donor Country Group for Palestine”; led by Norway, has donated billions of NOK in budget funding to the PA throughout the last years.

This funding is spent on wages for officials in the West Bank and Gaza.

After Hamas gained power in Gaza after a coup d’état in 2007; officials in Gaza were told not to show up for work.

“You shall still receive wages; however, you are not allowed to work for Hamas”; was the message sent by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to the 61 000 officials in the Gaza strip.

For this reason, some 60 000 officials have been at home; receiving full wages throughout six and a half year. In total; some 1.8 Million people are resident in the Gaza strip.

EU reacts.

By now, the EU’s auditors; the European Court of Auditors (ECA), are reacting to large sums being paid people not working.

“Wages are paid to people not attending work for political reasons”; says Hans Gustav Wessberg of the ECA.

Westerberg (typo?) holds this arrangement should be canceled; as this money would be of better use spent in other places.

EU defends use of funding.

However, the EU defends the organization spending large sums on people not attending their workplaces.

“If the PA don’t pay these people; who else would”? This question is raised by the EU commissions spokesman Peter Stano.

The spokesman holds the opinion the reimbursement of these wages is a way of safeguarding these from not joining extremist groups.

“If you have people running about without receiving wages; chances are greater of these being trapped by extremist groups we have no contacts with”, says the EU Commission’s spokesman Peter Stano.

Brende issue warning over review.

FM Børge Brende is the leader of the Donor Country Group for Palestine. he is not content over the way this funding is spent.

“Concerning Norwegian aid funding; this is intended for efforts to improve the situation for the people of Palestine.  Using Norwegian funding for people not showing up at work is not viable”: says Børge Brende to NRK.

Brende met with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in late November.

He states the MFA will raise this issue with the PA.

“We shall review this; raising this issue with the PA”, says the FM.


Nettavisen 2013 12 18, Thomas Paust


Basically, as the article above.

However, PM Erna Solberg has made comments on this issue.


“Erna: Sounds like wasteful practice..

-This sounds like wasteful practice; we should make sure, when using money, that hese are used sensibly, PM Erna Solberg (Conservative) says to Nettavisen.

She adds to this that the situation in Gaza is unique:

-This is a difficult situation, we must now find out how these issues are interconnected; and how we may ensure the money we contribute actually leads to improvement and good systems.

How quick may you solve this?

-FM Børge Brende (Conservatives) must reply to that. As for myself, I only just received this news, she says”.

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  1. : )
    December 20, 2013 at 12:22 am


    its 100% logic in this. Her in Norway all my life have I seen people that make the way to the top by just being very fixed on what they don’t want to do. No I don’t do that so you have to do that for me or we will not move forward. Then they don’t work but in the end they take all the credit for the work and their excelent planing.

    A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

  2. Ellen
    December 20, 2013 at 8:15 am

    It only took 5 organisations to rally 100 people? Wow, the left’s really got flair these days…

  3. : )
    December 21, 2013 at 12:54 am

    Ellen, McG pointed out that its a christian student organisation that also suport this.


  4. martin
    December 21, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Ellen, you hit it fair and square on the head.

    All it needs now, is a rally in support of Israel in Bergen, Trondheim etc to explain the truth to the Norwegian public who have been conned and manipulated by the official government brainwashing techniques practised for many year now.

  5. : )
    December 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm


    Rome was not build on one day. As I see it a dialoge will come when the new government has been going on for a time. Now the left start to complain about everything that don’t work in Norway and that will change peoples focus. Israel is very fare away from the ordinary Norwegian to understand to much about the conflict.

    No need to build a barricade : ) But hey people might just do that as they always do believe in fast change will give the best result.

  6. : )
    December 22, 2013 at 2:16 am

    When I was a child my mom sad I should sing this song but with a diffrent text when ever the other children mobbed me. She sad you are not the first or the last that will be keept down

    She probably ment I should sing it for my self but I sang it out and learnt it to the other children and we had great fun until they sang it at home. Then I was the only one that could sing it because it was a sin to sing it but ok if I did it : )

    For the children we need to make a hope that all can live in peace.

  7. martin
    December 27, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Norwegian, Israel might be far away from ordinary Norwegians. However, we do have a legitimate concern here regarding the ordinary Norwegians perception of Israel and the Jews. If it did not exist, then, neither this site, nor MIFF need be necessary to counter the totally false, malicious allegations and vile misrepresentation of both Israel and the Jews for so many years now.

    The truth of the matter is that total blackout of facts and the right of reply have been withheld from the majority of Norwegians who have been brainwashed. Not for nothing does the present and former allies of the NAZI persuasion among Arabs and Europeans need any reason to hate us. It is there as part of normal daily life among both sets.

    You know Norwegian, a reason why the Europeans accept all the tragic concepts of the Arab Israeli conflict is because the Euros want to accept the Arab lies. It gives those Euros the opportunity to tell the Jews that they, the latter are really just as bad as the former. Unfortunately or otherwise, we do have a different attitude. To see Norwegian ministers in front of posters exclaiming the Jewish holocaust of Arabs is quite overwhelming.. This attitude will take a long time to change.

    Incidentally, although the Christian minority have it very well in Israel (you can check out the MIFF online site yourself), the leaders there are still anti Israel and indeed it was the Christian inhabitants that caused real hate towards the Jews. It was not a Muslim trait originally. The Muslims copied this from Christianity. However, I digress. Israeli Christians are very aware of their religious brethren suffering in virtually all Islamic lands, including the Fakestinian territory eg Ramallah, Gaza, Pakistan which is now a real exodus following the Jewish one from these lands. The Christian members of the IDF is now increasing quite rapidly. They obviously are aware of the realities of Christian life in Israel as compared to any Arab country. They obviously believe this is a cause worth fighting for.

    Have a happy, just a happy what ever you wish yourselves

  8. : )
    December 28, 2013 at 2:14 am


    I really doubt that this page and MIFF reach ordinary Norwegians. The Norwegians that are against Jews and Israel are probably using this page and MIFF as a prove on how awfull the Jews really are. Just after revenge for what happen.

    My opinion and it will always be so is that time and energy is much better used if one build up humans than to take them down with actions and words. People that behave in a odd way against Jews can be easy reported her in Norway on the web page to DMT. As I see a antisemitt can only be taken care of (I think people that show hat need help to protect others from them) if one can prove that the behavior is a pattern that affect more than one person life.
    Jews that thinks everyone should like them or they show Jew hate is a bit fragill them self, as I see its difficult to understand if they have provocated people to get into problems or meet hate. My opinion is that one has to use extra time on this people to figure out what is really wrong. Perhaps something was wrong from the very start of the life, it could be.

    Have a very happy day, I hope you relax and do something fun.

    Take care ; )

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