No Christmas prezzies for Palestinian ghost workers

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Brende stops the salaries of Palestinians who are not working
Norway and the EU has for several years paid salaries for thousands of public employees Palestinians who do not attend the job. It should now come to an end .
Foreign Minister Brende ( H ) states that it is not sustainable for Norwegian aid funds used in this way .

– The humanitarian need in Palestine is large . It is important that our aid goes to action to improve the situation for the people of Palestine. We will make clear to the Palestinian Authority , writes Brendeseter Christmas Eve in answer to a written question from the Christian Democrat Kjell Ingolf Ropstad .

61,000 employees
Norway has for many years contributed direct budget support to the Palestinian Authority ( PA ) . The purpose is to help build a Palestinian state apparatus. In total there are about 61,000 PA employees in Gaza.

– I am aware that a significant number of those receiving salaries without working in their positions because of the political situation. The relationship is due to Hamas ‘ violent takeover of power in 2007, when the PA instructed its employees not to report to work for dissent against Hamas , argues Brendeseter .

The continuation of payment of salary to the PA employees was originally intended as a temporary measure , but donor countries have now accepted that the practice persists.

– The assessment has been that there may be a risk that suspension of transfers may lead to increased recruitment to extremist groups , the consolidation of Hamas ‘ power in Gaza and a worsening of the humanitarian situation . There has also been an important goal to contribute to a sense of unity between the West Bank and Gaza , writes foreign minister .

High costs
Brende says that such a drastic step –  to notify the Palestinian Authority that the practice will be changed – must be seen the context of the difficult budget situation .

– The work that the PA should be able to do without budget support becomes more difficult when the budget Gaza inflict great costs , without adequately have the opportunity to engage in taxes or payments for services , he said.

NRK and several international media mentioned last week a report by the European Court of Auditors ( ECA ) , suggested that the practice should be discontinued. The EU has so far defended the practice .

– If you have people running around without pay , it is more likely that they are captured by extremist groups which we do not have any contact with , said European Commission spokesman Peter Stano last week.

– If the Palestinian Authority can’t pay these people , who will make them? he added .

(maybe somebody should whisper to this lolling EU idiot, that if the PA wasn’t so shockingly corrupt, they would have more than enough money to go around for everybody)

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  1. martin
    December 26, 2013 at 7:24 am

    I do feel bad. My apologies to all our Christian friends, as I had not been near my laptop for a few days.

    I should like to wish our many real Christian friends a belated merry Christmas and in time now for a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year.

    Nt the way, with the Christian exodus following the Jewish one from most of the middle east. Abbas, has said that he now welcomes Jesus as a Palestinian, not a Jewish one obviously. Even now the newly elected head of the Church of England has expressed real alarm finally regarding the ongoing onslaught against the Christian minorities who live in Islamic dominated countries. How unfortunate that the World Council of Churches still see the Jew as the enemy instead of combatting its real adversary.

    Have a happy…….. holiday

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