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how strange, no media outlet in Norway has mentioned any of this, and no politician, red green or blue has come out with a condemnation of such blatant breaches of the diplomatic rules. I am sure neighbors to the Palestinian Embassy in Oslo would want to know whether they can sleep calmly after these revelations…. Funny how such public safety issues have a tendency to not be covered with the full might of a critical media when it comes to the Palestinians… Can you imagine the outrage if this was an Israeli embassy? Or a British? Or heaven forfend, a Norwegian diplomatic station? Perhaps a touch of double standards?

Palestinians may have used CzechRep for arms transit-Czech expert

Bývalý náčelník generálního štábu Jiří Šedivý.

vydáno: 04.01.2014, 14:55 | aktualizace: 04.01.2014 14:56

Prague – Palestinians may have used the Czech Republic for weapons transit, former Czech chief-of-staff Jiri Sedivy has told server, reacting to the unregistered weapons the police uncovered at Palestine´s embassy in Prague where a safe explosion killed the ambassador on Wednesday.
The safe exploded in the brand-new building that is to become the embassy´s new seat.

“Maybe the affair in question involves a well organised weapons and explosives distribution network, including the weapons´ further recipients,” said Sedivy, who now heads the security studies section at Prague´s CEVRO Institut university.

He said he was not speaking of terrorism but of the gathering and distribution of military equipment that could be used in an action if need were.

“This is the worst of the variants I´m thinking about,” Sedivy said.

According to available information, 70 firearms, unregistered by Czech authorities, have been found in the future embassy building in Prague 6-Suchdol.

The Palestinians have not explained the weapons´ presence in the building.

“I´m horrified. This is not only a blatant violation of diplomatic norms and habits but also of security rules related to keeping such an arsenal, that also implies the tragic death of ambassador Jamal al Jamal,” said Sedivy.

He said he is afraid that apart from Prague, similar arms arsenals may also be secretly kept at other Palestinian embassies in Europe and overseas.

“I my opinion this is very probable. The [Prague] blast, which occurred by sheer coincidence, may have uncovered something incredible…on the verge of monstrosity,” Sedivy said.

He said Palestinian representatives have “played theatre” within the investigation into the case so far.

Their possible explanation that the weapons were to help defend the embassy is unacceptable. No one jeopardised Palestinians in Prague, Sedivy said.

“From the beginning it has not been a mere minor local scandal that would be soon over…but an incident of international dimensions,” Sedivy said.

He said the find of the weapons at the future Palestinian embassy is a far more complex issue than how official places have presented it.

Sedivy also said he does not trust the version about the exploding safe that killed the ambassador.

“This is utter nonsense…In my opinion he died as a result of improper manipulation of an explosive,” Sedivy said, adding that the ambassador probably did not respect safety rules for handling an explosive.

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  1. martin
    January 5, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    Let us dispose of the rose tinted horse manure regarding the PA. This organisation is headed by terrorists. It is only an offshoot of the terrorist organisation the PLO. In the bad old days of the Soviet Union, Prague was an extremely difficult place to be for an Jews, along with most of the old Warsaw Pact countries which openly espoused their fraternity with any and all terror organisations.

    I don’t expect any heavy criticism at all. After all that will destroy the image of the allegedly peace loving Palestinians and other Arabs of their ilk.

    Have a happy that one day in the distant future, Europe and the west will wake up. Unfortunately by then of course, it will be too late.

    In the UK we learn of a Brit Muslim enforcing his wishes to make his Islamic Norwegian girl friend kill her child by means of Skype. Apparently, this Muslim is married to another woman. Perhaps the west is jealous of allowing men to have 4 wives. blimey, I thought one was more than enough.

    Have a happy, unsure whether I will have time to check tomorrow as I shall leave for France in the late afternoon and expect to return near the end of the month
    a bien tot and le’hitra’ot

  2. Eric R.
    January 9, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Lest you think that this is just in Norway:

    Academics at the American Studies Association, who recently voted to boycott Israel and have received overwhelmingly negative response to it, blame the negative response on…guess who?


  3. : )
    January 11, 2014 at 3:07 am

    Eric R.

    most of the workers unions her in Norway want a boycott of Israel. Academia has a heavy history during the war so one have to be very idealistic to be against US and Israel, but they do exist. When I studied it was no focus on harrasments and a lot of odd stuff happen. After 11/9 the right people ended the happy happy idealistic period and after 22/7 it has become very easy to speak one mind not at least after the red-green lost power.

    This is just my opinion is that in US you have a postmodern problem for real. It must do something with a nation when its the only superpower. To be Jewish and American I think that it can be very hard emotionall and one can want to escape from one self. All this can lead into a thinking pattern that can become very hard to understand, but it is logic in it if one just use time to see it.

    McG, arg today I want to decorate in the house have been making plans about it for two weeks now. Then a dull neightboor has decided that today we just have to do something (I have to baby sit his children) I’m so pissed off after sad in all ways no, no, no. If I open the door I will give him a cold shower, called parents and they are not home arg, arg why mom? So I just ignor to open the door! Yes I do know its mean, but I’m get so stressed when people make plans for me. Promiss to not look out to see how it is as that do looks pocolocos, Krist even I understand so much ; )

    Have a fun free day all ; )

  4. : )
    January 15, 2014 at 1:01 pm


    Karin Abrahamsen make good analysis:

    The response form antirasistic senter was sharper than what is needed:

    As it is now antirastistic work has made it more complicated to put light on Jew hate because if Muslims do Jew hate they are just the victim. How will antirasistic senter change that?

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