Norwegian artist Moddi defends his double standards, cancels Israel concert

well, at least he is honest about his falseness and openly admits his double standards. But he might want to update himself on the boycott issue, there is no academic boycott of Israel in Norway. Although not lacking for intent, the little fringe group of mainly unknown Norwegian “scientists”, could not muster support for their boycott calls, and have been repeatedly shot down in Norway, and even more spectacularly, the USA, where the microscopic American Studies Association, after celebrating their wicked decision to boycott academic cooperation with Israeli Universities, then got peppered with furious reactions and several very humiliating public responses

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Moddi cancels Israel concert
The famous Norwegian musician Pål Moddi Knutsen cancels concert in Israel. – I went blue-eyed into it, but now it has dawned on me how entrenched this situation , says Moddi
Bard Krsitian Boe
Saturday 4 January 2014 ,
The artist is nominated for a Norwegian Music Award and was scheduled to held a concert in Tel Aviv on february 1, but has changed his mind

“I was going to give a concert in Israel in February. I am now canceling this. “Wrote singer / songwriter in a post on NRK , under the title ” When art comes up short . ”

DIfferent concert
The hope was that music could build a bridge across the two parties , which he later believes is not the case in this conflict.

– I have played in controversial places before. In Turkey, where Kurds and Armenians denied their own language and culture. In Ireland, where rape victims have to go abroad to have an abortion . In Russia , where gays are harassed systematic and activists imprisoned . And in Norway , where beggars are treated like garbage . The Middle East conflict fall into a different category than all these , he says to NRK.

Moddi is know through among other places, the NRK program Urørt (Untouched), and has since released several albums . Last year he released ” Set the house on fire ” and ” who were you ? “, Which are both nominated for a Norwegian music Award . He is the first that has managed to get two albums , released  in the same year , nominated for such an Award .

Israel shall hear the albums , but not yet.

– I have decided to cancel what was to be my very first concert in Israel. Or rather, postpone it indefinitely , he said.

– What must happen for you to hold a concert in Israel?

– The cultural and academic boycott of Israel has quite clear requirements . They have to stop the occupation of Palestine and give Palestinians the right to return to their homes. But that’s not the direction it going, he replies to NRK .

– To sum ​​up: In the face of the situation in Israel I see that art is insufficient. Art is not enough. Therefore I decide to cancel the show and let it be my standpoint .

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  1. martin
    January 5, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    Excellent news. One Norwegian ignoramus less who wants to interfere in Israel’s concerns regarding it’s warmongering terrorist neighbours in Judea and Shomron

    Have a happy,, many other real top class entertainers and those in the arts are clamouring to perform in Israel.

  2. : )
    January 5, 2014 at 2:51 pm

    I doubt that he want to interfere, but have the right to say what he has on his mind and talk to people that feels the same. Its art Martin, usually people find motivation and become less lonely when they get this kind of emotional experiences.

    Have a happy travel to France, Martin will miss you when you are gone!

    Ps: if you remember the writer on the Ghandi book it would be super to know what you perferd to read.

    Pss: Just curious as normal ; )

  3. : )
    January 6, 2014 at 12:23 am


    I think all that like to do live music do it out of a passion to meet other humans and connect to them. Then its other things than quality on the music that matters to them when they perform.

    It does seem cool to go to a cosy consert drink a glas of vine (or alcohol free), walk to the bus with good freinds and talk about the good things in life ; ) And have had an experience together.

    I just find this one very sweet:

    Sorry to say one thing Suzanne but it is something in this music that give it a soul.

  4. lala
    January 11, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    why is this news??? he is just some hillbilly from a country name noway.

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