Norwegian blogger and journalist Suzanne Aabel tears lumps out of Double Standard Moddi

And here is a fairly robust reply to Double Standard Moddi, I only wish I had the same lashing tongue as Ms Aabel, I hope my translation somehow can match the biting sarcasm and fierce rejection of his preposterous and unethical decision. Iraq had Comic Ali. We, sadly, have Double Standard Moddi.

here we go…. please somebody help me sit tight on my chair, I am actually ROTFLMFAO

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Mahatma Moddi

FOR SOME IT’S ART to poop in the mouth of others, for some it’s playing music. For others, its painting, sculpture and dance. As far as I know there is a reason why we arrange the peace prize concert and not the boycott concert in Norway every year, and the reason must be that the music connects people .

OUR OWN FRAGILE small northern country- elf, Moddi, known for his touchy-feely barefoot concerts, is blessed with a piping voice and ability to play the guitar, the accordion, the piano and the trumpet . These talents he could have been able to show off during a concert in Tel Aviv in Israel. But he is also blessed with an incredibly lame ability to discern , and has therefore decided he will not  be traveling to Israel to show off his talent anyway.

WITH A HEAVY HEART reported Moddi on his Facebook page yesterday about his ” life’s most painful decision. ” He feels that it is necessary to punish the Israeli audience by canceling the show that was planned. In this way his ” silence ” send signals so that the Israelis will understand the importance of the brutality which their government perpetrates against the Palestinian people. The post also contains typical assumptions that Arabs living in Israel are suffering . But what else can one expect from someone who takes this position after having ” studied ” the conflict for a few weeks .

Moddi writes:

– For a musician , it is a painful decision to abstain from a concert . For one whose profession is to speak and sing, silence is the most painful there is . But it won’t help. Notwithstanding, I still choose to encourage a genuine political dialogue and a halt in the expansion of the occupied areas during the negotiations. One day in the future , when dialogue is a means of resolving conflict and when fundamental human rights are respected, I hope at finally being able to give my first concert in Israel. Until then, the silence is the strongest weapon I have.

YES , IT IS PERHAPS the strongest weapon for someone who prefers to wade around in the shallow waters by the seashore and feel the sea weed tickle his toes, while having the nerve to compare himself with Jello Biafra, former frontman of the Dead Kennedys . For he too had in fact also boycotted Israel. In the spirit of his celebrity status. Grandiose beliefs about himself or what?

WHAT IMMEDIATELY stands out as provocative by Moddi’s is the strange explanations about why he nevertheless has played in homo-hating to Russia, and Turkey, where Kurds and Armenians denied their own language and culture. Or in Ireland, where rape victims have to go abroad to have an abortion. In one way or another ( in the last few week )  Moddi became convinced that the Middle East conflict is an exceptional conflict , which deserves only the strongest of measures.

The justification for his silence campaign is still extremely vague, emotional and an example of double standards. Israel is, despite what Moddi had thought, without ever having been there himself , a democracy which is threatened and repeatedly have been attacked by its neighbors. It has its victims, ( 14,500 people have been killed on both sides put together since 1948. ) This is in no way okay , but it is anything but a brutal dictatorship. The occupation is brutal and shameful , but also regulated by international law . To the same effect one can of course have in mind that at least 130,000 people have died in Syria since 2012 .

HI , MODDI . Can you tell me how many countries you have boycotted based on surveys of human rights violations or occupation ? Have you boycotted Iranian universities who hang gays and people of the Bahai faith? What about boycotting Chinese and Saudi Arabian universities to be the worst violators of human rights for many years in a row ? What about the Chinese occupation of Tibet? Or India’s occupation of Pakistani Kashmir ? What about Turkey’s annexation of Northern Cyprus ?

Have any of you in your caring , red-red  circle ever contemplated, over a teacup, censoring China, India or Turkey ? or in the very least use the word ” boycott ” when talking about concerts , import , holidays or commercial travel to any of those countries? Why so much of this political posing when it comes to just Israel? Maybe it ‘s because Chinese food and Tikka Masala is so good and easy to buy?

“I’ve never stuck my feet into a more fierce hornets nest ,” Moddi told Dagbladet after his ” letter ” caused a storm of reactions. Perhaps it would have helped to keep the shoes on. It ‘s smart to be prepared before you take the plunge from being a humming, singing boy to a political activist.

Dear Moddi : I encourage you to expand your protest of silence and shut up until you actually know what you’re talking about.

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    January 5, 2014 at 8:35 am


    its better than Seinfeld, Portman etc. A new star is born and from Oslo, where people claim Jews has been keept down for years, go Suzanne you rule for sure ; )

    She is also on Norwegian telly:

    Use google translate and see how she communicate and connect well to people.

    This is a very sharp, independed secular Norwegian woman.

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    January 5, 2014 at 12:27 pm


    I feel sorry for this Moddi guy. He feels Suzanne is after him??? Talk about not being cool. I think he works hard to get the right image, but has the wrong people around him.

    I hope he can get his mind out of the chaos and focus on his music and what it is he want to communicate. Now he just waist his time in someone elses dream project. Good luck littel man ; )

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    January 5, 2014 at 12:40 pm


    What a show this Fraggle Rocker put on now, it might become very interesting.

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    January 6, 2014 at 4:46 am


    Moddi was going to sing with Lior Shoov and Adam Ben Ezra in Barby Tel Aviv or it looks like so, but it might be very uncorrect to say it so, I really don’t know if it could be to much attention for Moddi’s feelings that anyone wonder.

    Not the music I normaly use time on but its really funny ung people Lior and Adam, it would be cool to have them singing in Norway in a small dusty old place where we all could pretend its the 70-th again. Do one have to dress 70-th to go to these conserts?

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    January 6, 2014 at 4:33 pm


    Moddy has careless accepted to be the new happypeacetroll in Norway. I think he will produce more than Gilbert ever could in his saving world project as Ghandi Norway ; ) Tanks Suzanne you rule! Moddy just fasten seat belt, it will probably not be so silent but it might be very interesting and usefull learning for ya.

    Suzanne has changed name to Liberman according to they : ) Isn’t it a bit paranoid to use they and we if one talk about a groupe of people one think are after one? To Geir in Dagbladet it just seems like a normal day at work, attention is all or is it?Perhaps for the rest of the BDS its so as well. My experience is so with people to claim to be pro BDS.

    I was a part of the occupation just because I eat a Jaffa orange once at work. Since I’m not as fast in my head as Suzanne I became so mad that I spoke (yes know I have mention this before) with orange in my mouth explaining we are in fucking Norway now what the hell are you talkning about? Think some got in the eye of the BDS college, that was a ex North sea diver that was depressed because he had lost his healt. So next day I had to eat lunch alone, left that job some moths after since my stomach just hurted all the time when I was there. But hey I did hang in for a long time in my last job even if a college showed the Nazi salute. That was a nut experience, what people do so. Oh I forgett the nice lovely old man in AP that sad If I had been born 70 years ago I would have been gassed. That was uplifting! Can all in AP please stop to say hello? Its a bad charma around you folks, after one year before I got out I recived no mail from you at all, even if I asked for info about meetings. So including when it comes to real life and real opinions! Just had to do a Moddy. Thinks it helps McG? Think Vårt land will write how all can be nice with ……… then the world would be perfect? Hahahaha no reality don’t work like that some has to be the bad one. Kriste have been Antikrist since I could talk for some of this nut heads. It must be so good to have someone one can just hate for everything.

    Something happy: I can’t wait to see Suzanne on TV2 on Sunday : ) I don’t know what they she is a part of, but I would just think it must be cool parties they have, so good that one drink what ever one are given and take the next day as it comes : ) Perhaps is Geir in dagbladet can let his paranoia back home he can be invited? Geir start with a talk to Joav in DMT seems like you need to open your horisont when it comes to humans.

    Have a happy happy night all good folks : ) Love ya all!

    Sound 100% nuts now McG? That was the plan to get some out of the comfort sone and off their hig horse. But I doubt it does in their happy happy twitter bubble.

    Go facebook democracy!

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    January 7, 2014 at 4:36 am

    McG ; )

    I bet Don Quijote Tyssen has problems to get his big feet on the ground, waho Suzanne did respond him in one day and what a response, big girls don’t cry!

    All in Israel should be very proud to have a Norwegian secular Jew like this standing up for you all ; ) I’m normaly a positive person, but this was something that I had never hoped could come, it seems 100% true.

    Martin now I know that you will start on: see what did I say, why couldn’t you have done this Norwegian? All you do is to complain and ask for others for help and being so irritating helpless all the time. I’m a nerd Martin, people and systems is not my thing as I always plonder and plonder. Suzanne is so above my level that I just surrendere 100% and bake the cake she wants to a party.
    God I want to meet this cool Norwegian woman! 100% sure McG she will make us use eyliner and change all our clouts so next time we walk down Karl Johan men will ask us how much we cost? I would probably explain how much I paied for the clouts and think its a transsecual man I speak with. Look on my self phone for the number to the lesbian parents in my daughter class they probably know more than me about this. Lucky before this have you got us into the closes toilett to get the make up off ; ) Suzanne please dress me up one day before I go home to my mom it will really make my moms phone go red when she calls around my daughter has gone 100% mad : ) Thanks for being a very consern mom mom : )

    Respekt Suzanne you rock!

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    January 8, 2014 at 2:49 pm


    look at this its just super cool:

    I bet our littel moddi buddy likes this chica for real:

    Not bad music at all.

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    January 12, 2014 at 1:13 pm


    this girl really rock. Saw the show and what can one say? Its facinating that 300 000 persons in Norway blogs : ) Some people has really to much time ; )

    Good luck Suzanne, will try to read what comes in the news from you : )

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    January 14, 2014 at 6:58 am


    this is odd. When it comes to people that say they are Jewish I always find the woman so much more out spoken then the men. With non Jews its the diffrent, its normaly the man that speak.

    Have no clue how this will work out in the Norwegian Jewish we:

    Haven’t there been tried many times interlectuall Jews that try to make Christian’s understand why they also have to love Jews? Daniel when it comes to Christians I have no believe that they will help Israel in any way. Secular Europa will care more. For Christians we are the one that killed Jesus and no matter how much one talk know Christianity the only thing they want is that one convert into Christianity. I’m not an Einstein when it comes to how the brain functions, but I do know that to reduse money to the Christians from the state of Norway will help a lot on their power her in Norway. VL just pushed limits when it came to buliding up a fight between secular and religious people that has to be stoped. Please see more the hole picture in Norway Daniel not only folks that thinks you are so smart and cool. Be more like Suzanne!

    Melchior you have to speak for your self and stop sending out Scouts that cry about that the situation is so polar. Where is pluss and minus? It just makes a mess!

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    January 18, 2014 at 2:22 am


    Suzanne, On and Daniel make all good figures in the Norwegian media. Finally the Melcior mental wall spell is broken, hurray. Its ok to be a religious leader Melcior, but to remove peoples freedom to speak by fear that is not Jewish Melchior and if you do it again media will write about it her in Norway and Israel as what it is let the people free!

    So speak out folks what is on your heart we have freedom to speak in Norway, but as Suzanne experienced one might get a response one dislike like pictures of dicks. I had these funny phone calls and people that made contact with other people around me (now its just you Martin that do so, its is stalking love but of all people on earth its ok with you) and that is the sad price for standing up for what one believe in!
    Daniel says it well her,
    so live as you speak Daniel!

    I’m more curious on what Iran is really up to. I was stoped in the street her in Norway and asked questions by a man claiming he was from the official Iran? Don’t we have PST to prevent this shit form happen? Or I’m I all ready living in an Islamistic republic? Perhaps in some people’s head. After all I was just very lucky to not be raped at the age of 14 by an Islamist that where talking about the world Islamistic republic. How many times have I been tried to be turn into a Muslim? Well less than the times the Christians has tried but any way its unlegal to do so in a democracy! Its also very funny all the people form Palestine and Iran that thinks I’m so quite and smart? Seriously? Non of my Norwegians friends are happy at all about this. The question I get: are you seeking them or they that seek you? We perfere you stay away from them copy?

    Anyway if Iran is heaven on eath for Jews, I will go on a vacation there or perhaps I should live there for a year and see what happens : ) I will probably be stoped at the Norwegian ariport and be taken to a doctor and explained that I will not be given back my pass port before I have stoped to do a suicide mission!

    Sound just as that Putin like critic, seriously Aftenposten have you gone pink or given LSD free to your journalists? What if some young Jews that not are inside DMT start to hope its true? I think that was how one lost good Jews after the Oslo accord to BDS movment!

    Anyway if Iran is heaven on eath for Jews, I will go on a vacation there or perhaps I should live there for a year and see what happens : ) I will probably be stoped at the Norwegian ariport and be taken to a doctor and explained that I will not be given back my pass port before I have stoped being pocolocos!

    To much religion Martin does one less empatic to normal feeling humans that just do their best everyday.

    This movie is just great:

    Lots of fun in it, as usuall i fell for the bad guy in the movie and thought he was saving all. Arg when it comes to men I’m snow blind 100% always fall for the one that is so prince charming, Jew or not its just the same. I blame my mom that always says one has to care about all blablabla. Mom not the one that just manipulate and are egoistic fools!

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    January 20, 2014 at 2:36 am


    one weekend how on earth is it possible?

    One can say what one want but On why go out of Norway and go right into the global discussion in the dark corners? Krist twitter is not to fight its to share opinions and to back out when things get emotional. Ups yes it was emotions one need to know what one feel On. Pull your self out of this mess!

  12. : )
    January 20, 2014 at 5:17 am

    On rescued by interpeace.

    What about a week with no posting on Twitter On? Do some fun today like going for a walk and enjoy peace in life. I will do that. This weekend was insane bissy!

    Tanks McG. Have fun in Israel. Cool that Mammon is sold to Israel. Have not seen it my self yet but all I know likes it : ) Don’t know many grumpy people and thats just cool!

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