Moody Moddi says felt used in political game, says nothing as anti-Semite Trond Ali Linstad praises boycott

Apparently its not easy to be a barefoot elf, with so many decisions to make…. After facing backlash for absurd decision to boycott Israel, says boycott not a boycott and that he if scared of polarizing the situation even more. And then he follows up with tweets to the contrary…. and keeps mum when anti-Semite Trond Ali Linstad hails him like a new little hitler. Our little moody Moddy also appears to have rather grandiose thought about himself, stating that his concert became of the political game!

The Oxford English Dictionary has a word for this: Bollocks!

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Felt Israel concert became a political game
The artist Moddi canceled concerts in Israel. – I did not want to be abused by activists , he said.
Published: January 5, Petter Nord Gaard Lorentzen

Pål Moddi Knutsen was looking forward to playing in Israel for the first time. Until he began receiving endorsements from pro-Israel activists .

– The concert was made into something it was not. People took the gig as a statement in itself and as a support for one or the other. Hundreds of individual activists around the world contacted me . Support also came running in from the Israelis and Israelis friendly people. Meanwhile Palestinian sympathizers expressed dissatisfaction that I defied the boycott of Israel.

The artist from Senja was going to use the concert as a venue for dialogue but when he realized that he was being used in a political game , Moddi had to make what he describes as his most difficult decision. Friday , he announced in a post on the NRK debate forum that he was dropping the Tel Aviv concert on February 1.

– I had a deep desire to use art as a platform for discussion. But the message from the stage at the concert would have had microscopic impact compared to the political game that the concert became a part of, he says to Vårt Land.

By Sunday evening thousands – Norwegians , Israelis and Palestinians –  posted on  Moddi’s Facebook regarding the cancellation. A vast majority of these attacked his boycott , some were hateful and accused Moddi of anti-Semitism and fascism .

Moddi believes the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians have ” insanely many perspectives that are all right.” Therefore, one should be careful not to play the blame game without having visited the area. Although he has not been there, Moddi think Israel has the greatest opportunity to do something about the conflict since they are militarily superior and has political support from anywhere in the world. But he is no Palestine supporter.

– I would have had exactly the same problems with playing in Ramallah or Gaza City because it would have interpreted as being in favor

Artist in a pickle . Moddi says he is “tiny” in Israel and finds it strange that his concert was being used by pro – Israeli forces. The Middle East conflict is creating headaches for far more famous artists.

Among them are Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, who plan to play a concert in Israel this year.

Roger Waters is among the biggest critics of  concerts in Israel. The former lead singer and bassist of Pink Floyd has argued that artists should boycott Israel.

Moddi says that bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Deep Purple have held concerts in Israel.

The latter has clearly stated that it is not an artist’s task to take sides in political conflicts, and the drummer Ian Paice has called artists who boycott Israel ” wimps .”

– Although they have been clear that they do not support Israel, their concurs there have been interpreted as being in favor of the country’s politics , he said.

Moddi itself is both activist and musician.

– Without having a link politics it would have been meaningless to play music. Many people find this is to mix the cards. But if music only is about pure entertainment , it is pointless for me to play.

Polarization . the artist is highly critical of the persecution of gays in Russia. And he is also opposed to the persecution of Kurds and Armenians in Turkey, where they are denied their own language and culture. Nevertheless, he has given concerts in both countries .

– Here I come and perform my message freely, without it being seen as a supporter of government policies , he said.

But peace negotiations in the Middle East are characterized by double standards.

– What they say must be related to actual actions. The practical policy adopted makes a peace settlement harder every day.

According Moddi is not boycott his business and the artist has not endorsed any of the statements contained boycott .

– I am very afraid of what this signal provides. The conflict is extremely polarized with a front against the other. I am terrified to polarize it even more.

The concert in Israel is not really canceled , he said.

– It is only postponed indefinitely . But there is no place where I would rather play than in Tel Aviv right now.

Don’t worry Moddi, with your exceptional double standard approach here, and your impressive ignorance about Israel, Israelis, the ME conflict, the Oslo agreement, I can’t think of anybody around here who would even poke you with a stick. And to add insult to injury, this is how the Norwegian anti-Israel environment has embraced you after your brave decision.

lifted from Trond Ali Linstads rag, Undoctored Google translate (hah, the pun!). But I should probably buy him a wikipedia or something, since his claims cannot be supported with any facts, for instance, that “Israel’s occupation of Palestine is the longest occupation in modern history” among many other false claims Here is a man who keeps stumbling over his marbles. And these are the people who now hail moody Moddi… Well done

Invited to the State of Israel
Moddi was invited to play in Tel Aviv. But have declined the invitation ! The concert was to be held 1 February, but several have responded that he would participate , including also a group in the occupied Gaza named ” Palestinian students for academic boycott of Israel.” Under the heading Subsistence not our oppressors , the group sent a letter to Moddi where among other points about this:

– Palestinians in Gaza at risk every day to be arrested , killed, tortured , forced to leave their homes and otherwise humiliated by Israeli authorities only for what they have stamped in their identity cards they are Palestinians .
– They are forced to live under Israeli apartheid , which Moddi was now invited to entertain.
– The Israeli occupation of their land is the longest ongoing occupation in modern history .

They show that two thirds of Gazans are registered as refugees by the UN. And these still dreams of returning to their homes in the hundreds of Palestinian villages and towns that have been destroyed by Israeli bulldozers and missiles . They show that the government as Moddi would entertain, runs a persistent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians , a process that started with Naqb in 1948 and has continued since . Moreover , they point out that most of the audience who would listen to Moddi , has been or will serve in the Israeli army (and , consequently, and co-responsible for the Israeli oppression ) .

Love music
“We love music,” they write. However, they are prevented from being able to enjoy music , in that musical instruments together with toys , pasta , schoolbooks and chocolate are denied brought into Gaza during Israel’s blockade. The sound of surveillance aircraft , gunboats and tanks made ​​in Israel and the United States drowns out the music and the songs that they would love to hear.

They ask for a boycott of the Israeli state , as it has also been boycotted by artists such as Elvis Costello , Annie Lennox , Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Gil Scott – Heron, Faithless , Carlos Santana , Vanessa Paradis, Natacha Atlas and Devendra Banhart . They hope the boycott of Israel can help the state to respect international law and become a factor in promoting justice such as the boycott of his time contributed to the apartheid system in South Africa fell .

” Would you supported apartheid in South Africa? ” They ask. And believe system in Israel is the same. About Moddi would play in Israel , they write , it would not be far from the Palestinians in Gaza. But Moddi tones would rather crush their broken hearts than to touch their souls.

Thanks to Moddi
Moddi has refused to participate. He cancels concert in Israel ! And thanks to him for that!




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    January 12, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    : ) As grandios people are a new thing McG look at this nut:

    Do you think its smart of me to buy a how to present one self on the web class of her?

    TG:”Just imagin where you want to be and then you will be there”,
    Doctor: “sure, can I please get the lamp back before we talk about medication?”

    Loco ; )

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    January 13, 2014 at 6:38 am

    Wonder what Kapre Diem is really after:

    I see them on telly all the time and everytime I wonder what is so speciall about them?

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    January 14, 2014 at 12:25 am

    Apartheid in Lillehammer:

    People that buy a Canada Goose jacket because a green organisation has sad its production has only them self to blame!
    I seriously wonder why people in Lilly hammer just can’t walk around in their summer outfit all year long? Is it so hard to dress in nice? Arg I do dislike so much when people has bad tast, I’m so gald that its more people that just say it right out. I don’t like your clouts get out of my bar, so cool done or?

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    January 14, 2014 at 3:19 am

    And more fun VL and BDS use time on:

    Its amazing how one can twist and twist and get it so all fit into a box of mad people on just can laugh about.

    Ups sorry Martin had to use youtube just think this song has lot of fun in it to reflect on how it feels to have fame.

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    its just to hope that good people like Suzanne and others have the time and energy to keep up the small talk with the BDS. Its lots of lonely people inside BDS that need to meet people that has more problems than them self in general. Feel that they do something to increase the humanity. Before I just gave them attention so I would have less problems with them. For us that not are as good as Suzanne its probably smart to just ignor them if they don’t do anything that is anoying to one!

    Tanks for posting.

    Stay cool McG you rock to!

  6. Eric R.
    January 17, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Praise for the IDF from — Al-Jazeera?

    Think of it – AlJazeera being more honest about the Israeli military than the European media.

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    I really like Moddi : ) He is cool!

    Smart thing to do to remove his shoes when he perform. Personally have I used nearly slippers when I sang because if my feet hurted it was no way I could make the body relax so one could get the air to function ; )

    Martin how is Grahame Morris? (Please folks don’t send Grahame mails he si probably so McGule that he will send out a call in his nettwork that you are extremistic fanatic Jews that drink blood :). On please you need to figure out more about people you speak to and if you can connect to them.
    A world with no borders hm that sound like a religious bahai dream, but if it make you happy On, why not? All have freedom to religion but a world with no borders well that is an utopi On sorry to say so ; ) But its sweet that you go on please don’t turn bitter again that don’t dress you well!

    Don’t fly into the sun again On!

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    Eric R.

    tanks God knows I just sat and hoped you would post : ) I look like a fool on the web right now. McG do you know that VD had band McGule? Felt a bit sorry for my Christian friends, but to have religious news where one group is more protected than others are is democratic at all. The state should not make the public pay for something like that at all! In my opinion religion should not be a way to earn money as one can’t prove things gives the good feeling. But one thing is fun that is men that one can think about and then they just stand on the door : ) God I love sun brown men in Levi’s 501 and white t-shirts : )

    Then my old grandfather band the comersial and told my mom to chill me down with talk about heart break, lucky my grandmother sad love don’t lisend to him you got lucky lips ; ) Then she learnt me how to look real horny, hahahaha she was just the best ; ) So when she and I did that behind my my grandfathes back he sad what are you to on too? Nothing at all. God how much fun we had with the boys that fell for the hunger look ; )

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    January 19, 2014 at 6:02 am

    Jehova vitness and their fight for the Devil or do they use Satan moves public Norway.

    A man I like goes after the bull’s eye : )

    Help to get out of religious closed environments:

    Why do people accept that Jehovas vitness knoks on their door’s? Should’t there be a public discussion about their methods? No one likes to get a person they don’t know on the door! A new person a new friend?????? As if that is what one think when one open the door. I think oh fuck off, but I say polite hello have bad time today!

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