Big BDS failure in Norway

In spite of hyped up boycott campaigns, with a few high profile “wins” with a very limited if any effect at all, Norway continues to import Israeli goods. Year on year, there is a solid growth. If I were a BDS fund raiser, I would have a long and hard look at whats going wrong in Norway. A typical egg on face situation.

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Record Imports of goods from Israel
Never before has Norway bought so much merchandise from Israel last year . That despite boycotts .
Ove Eikje
ove.eikje @
Thursday 16 January 2014 , at. 5:39 p.m.

The preliminary figures from Statistics Norway, the Norwegian foreign trade last year shows that imports from Israel totaled NOK 806 million . It rose by 1.6 percentage points more than the overall imports from other countries.

– This is very disappointing numbers for us, for it is a shame that imports from Israel increased , says Annicken Lundgård , leader of the Palestine Committee , to the day .

Boycott a priority
– We would urge the government to recommend the Norwegian business community to end trade with Israel , which violate international law and oppress the Palestinian people , she added .

Palestine Committee has for several years worked for a boycott of goods from Israel and the manager does not think that this is counterproductive .

– We achieve increasingly some small victories , such as Ahava products are withdrawn from the Vita chain. Therefore, the boycott of Israeli goods a priority for us going forward , says Annicken Lundgård .

– Israel is violating International Law
Member of Parliament Bård Vegard Solhjell (SV ) has no problem with a little trade between Norway and Israel.

– But we believe it is wrong to buy goods from illegally occupied areas. Thus, Norway should refrain from  this. In addition, it is important to emphasize that Norway does not have to supply weapons to Israel at war , says Solhjell .

He adds that it is not good that Norway is increasing trade with Israel , as long as they occupy Palestinian territories and violate international law.

Purchase goods from Israel
Dagen did a little shopping at several stores in Sandnes with Gunnar Folgerø and looked for goods from Israel.

– When I’m in stores , I try to find such items , and often I buy more than I had planned. I want to support Israel in this way , he says .

We find , among other Jaffa oranges , pomegranates , dates, peppers and Ahava products imported from Israel.

– Those who want to boycott Israeli goods do not know what they are talking about. If they do so, they must in case do without mobile phone and PC , there are components from Israel in these products , answer Gunnar Folgerø .

increasing interest
Dag Abrahamsen is the leader of the Norwegian – Israeli Chamber of Commerce . He is happy when he hears that imports from Israel increased.

– We are experiencing increasing interest in goods and products from Israel , he said.

Abrahamsen says that the real numbers are much higher than what appears at Statistics Norway.

– It ides not reflect the indirect imports of goods from Israel. Let me take, for example all new Intel processors manufactured in Israel and comes in all new PCs , he said.

– The cry of  boycott of Israeli goods has no effect and is only symbolic politics . This has never been official policy from any Norwegian government, and its unlikely it ever would , says Dag Abrahamsen .

Good news
The head of Israel’s friends in Parliament , Hans Fredrik Grøvan rejoices over imports from Israel increased.

– These are very pleasing figures, and they document a growing trade between Norway and Israel. There is no doubt that Israel offers many goods that Norway needs, says Grøvan .

He also finds it interesting that imports from Israel increased last year by 1.6 percentage points more than the overall imports from other countries.

– The new import figures show that more and more people are discovering what Israel has to offer, and this helps to break the isolation that Israel has felt from the outside world , says Hans Fredrik Grøvan.


Yeah, and the ASA boycott call also worked wonderfully for the BDS movement, got their derrieres whipped from right, left and center, embarrassing public dressing downs from the most prestigious universities as well as the Congress.

I wonder if any of the weirdos who run loose there at BDS headquarters have ever read the story of Balak and Balaam? Just a thought….

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  1. : )
    January 20, 2014 at 1:02 am

    McG, it might seem supricing to you but BDS loves one thing and that is to be the victim nothing gives them more joy. Now they have more fier to collect lonely soles that need to fix them self in helping others. (just love this song : )

    Norway is cultural Christian what ever that is, if one say in public that one are not Christian one might get discriminated. Arpatheid? Not just normal in Norway ; )

  2. Eric R.
    January 20, 2014 at 10:04 am


    Here is YNet on the new tone set by Norway’s center-right government.,7340,L-4478831,00.html

    You have to admit, while this new government lowers your blood pressure, it was a lot of fun beating up on Marxist/Nazi idiots like Store.

  3. : )
    January 21, 2014 at 6:01 am


    knew Eric R. could post motivating news from Israel : ) Hoping the Norwegian media can spend more time on things that does work.

    You folks will have a break from my uninteligent bable. Was called up today and asked whats up? Ok I get it, it its back : ) Anyway just wanted to let you know so no one like Martin started to worrie : ) take care all! Send my love to Martin : )

    Keep up the good work with Eirc R. but don’t give him info, bet he is a journalist : )

  4. martin
    January 26, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Hi, yes I have returned from France. Strange, all the people I meet realise that I am Jewish and I never have any problems. Would that be true if I were in Norway?

    Thanks Norwegian for remembering me. I have gone back to the last post that I read before I left and have now reached this page.

    Prof, I do agree about Balak and Balaam. However, Norway has become such a communist inspired land. It has lost its Judeo/Christian values during the many years of communist inspired dogma by the leftist establishment. Particularly galling is the that the leftwing Church of Norway probably have never read this section of the bible. Never mind, not long to go before Islam becomes the state religion.

    referring to Bollocks, or as they used to call them in Israel Baytsim. I have never understood why the term bollocks, mens’ testicles should mean a rude word for rubbish.

    Let us face facts. when people need items, their calls for BDS go out of the window. All the wonderful items that Israel has produced are involved in most everyday items., including pharmaceutical life saving products. If an idiot wants to cancel a visit to Israel, then that is his or her loss, not Israels. I hope that those losers will go instead to Ramallah, or even better still, visit their empathic friends in Syria.

    Yes have a happy and use all you can from Israel. A land which produces top quality products. The best of all being the populace

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