Violent and misogynist rappers slam PM Solberg’s Sharon Eulogy

sometimes you just have to scratch  your head in bewilderment…

Here you have the rapper duo, Karpe Diem, who gained notoriety for rapping their violent fantasies how to burn or sexually abuse female politicians from the Progressive party, blasting the PM for eulogizing deceased former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, a most grievous sin in the strange universe inhabited by the Karpe Diem duo.

The offending paragraphs were the following

I wish to extend my deepest condolences to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people on the death of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, sier statsminister Erna Solberg. Ariel Sharon has been a central figure in his country for several decades. Today a strong leader has passed away and my thoughts also go to Sharon’s family.

Hence, the rapping misogynists found time to slam the PM on instagram (google translate)

” An 85 year old devil, who devoted much of his life to the Israeli war machine , has died . And you sent out a press release with ” your deepest sympathy ” for the Israeli people . And you spoke of him as “a strong leader ” and “a central figure “. And you did not write anything more about Ariel Sharon ,

“Do you have plans to do sowhen all the other devils die ? Do you intend to mention them as strong leaders or central figures , without writing anything more? “.

“I know what you’re doing. You think you secure yourself by vague language. By remaining neutral. By neither criticizing or supporting. You did after all write “strong leader” and not ” great leader “. You did , after all write, that he was a ” central figure ” and that no one can deny . But you did not write anything more about Ariel Sharon. ”

“You have not sent out a press release with” your deepest sympathy “to the family of all Palestinians who were massacred in the Sabra and Shatila ? Or the family of those killed during Intifadas ? Or in conflict with settlers ? Or the family of the Egyptians , Syrians and Jordanians who died during the Six Day War? Or the Lebanese who died during the invasion ? You have not sent out a press release with ” your deepest sympathy ” to all Palestinian refugees who lost both home and family members as a result of the occupation ? Neutral is a position in this conflict. It has been so for a long while. Magdi »

whatever… as if this was remotely interesting for anybody at all. But then VG thought this was important enough to write about and then made several calls to the PMs office to ask for her comments. Unsurprisingly, none were forthcoming. But then, VG came up with their own international politics/international diplomacy musical analysis…

Comment: A refreshing rap from Magdi

Magdi in Karpe Diem is not going to let fame put a lid on his commitments. And that is a good thing .

It’s a long time since a Norwegian artist of Karpe Diem rapper’s calibre came with any political initiative of importance. I this moment I cannot think of anybody who matches Magdis panning of  Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s eulogy of Ariel Sharon.

In itself this is not a big problem ; an artists job is primarily to create and entertain.

But many of them like to show their commitment to the community we live in, through interviews , texts and events they perform in.

It is often harmless , politically correct matters most agree anyway. And as the comments here on VG shows : Magdi stuck his hand into a hornets nest .

In Norway it is not difficult to find support for the pro-Palestinian cause. In Magdi’s case, it is no surprise that a Muslim with roots in Egypt don’t have much good to say about  neither Ariel Sharon nor his supporters.

The refreshing the Magdis initiative is the aspect he attacks, he takes Erna Solberg diplomatically correct neutrality and tears it to pieces . He brushes off the prime minister’s verbal balancing act and makes it clear that it in no way good enough for him.

The statement is remarkable because Karpe Diem is now in the public domain position , where habitual behavior is not to comment on the festering problems, at least not with a clear bias .

Artists who have been awarded the “Speleman award (like the grammy award, only much much less relevant) and fills the Oslo Spektrum to the bursting point, would generally not express himself in a way that could destroy the jovial Friday-night Taco salad mood.

Karpe Diem basically have a certain duty to show commitment , their lyrics are undeniably more weight when words are followed by action ( even if the action is more words ) .

Magdis thunderous voice is still more than you might expect , because the wording is so crass and the addressee so clear.

It is also unfortunate for Erna Solberg. The average Karpe Diem fan might not be voting conservative, but the duo now have a large fan base and some of them will  definitely be more critical of the Prime Minister after this.

Karpe Diem is also Pop – Norway’s most accomplished example of what the young , “new Norway ” has to offer. And many of the “new Norwegians” do vote come election time.

I actually had to check the date of this piece to be sure that the writer, Thomas Talseth wasn’t stoned out of his mind after hard new year celebrations, what a ludicrous concoction of improbabilities! Perhaps Thomas Talseth and Magdi and the other Karpe Diem schmuck should take a trip through Turkey, Syria, Jordan and shuttle across to Egypt to see what is really bothering the region (careful to not get stuck between a Sunni and Shia muslim while in any of the mentioned countries), and while you are overindulging on the hookah loaded with psychosis inducing substances, you can interview yourselves from here to eternity. And while in his ancestors country, Magdi could perhaps also tweet or instagram on the fate of the original people of Egypt, the Copts?


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    January 19, 2014 at 10:47 am

    : ) McG : )

    Let Kapre Diem dream on that they have a hole generation behind them like zombies walking into a post modern future with just chaos where they are ready to give up all for Kapre Diem. Sure : ) The people in PST needs folks like that to have jobs : ) Parents need to say this music is just crap. Personally I defended New Kids on the block for a year. All around me sad how can a person that really knows music use time on this? Hormons confusion around how to be close to other people that true love never died blablabla ; )

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