Norwegian successful journalist has something to hide; her Jewishness

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Scared to silence

I’m about to do the same as two generations before me did: We kept secret that we are Jewish . We are ashamed .

Chronicle Monica Csango , journalist and director
Published: 27.jan . 2014 11:01 Updated : 27.jan . 2014 11:01

I’m a grown woman who lives in Norway . I was born and raised here , and my loyalty is here . I love living in Norway . But I have something I hide , I am Jewish. And I’ve become very skittish .

When I was six years old , I was on my first big trip abroad . We were in Spain. My parents took me to a small local jewelry shop . My father stood at the counter and pointed Star of David hanging in the store.

– What is it? I said.

– You should have one because you are Jewish, replied my father.

An ugly past
At that time I had no idea what it meant . My parents are non-practicing Jews, and Judaism was as far as I can remember not something that was talked about in our home . I had no concept of what it meant to be Jewish . Until that day been anything related to religion has been kept fairly quiet at home.

When I was a little older I realized why : My parents had needed to think about anything but religion. They needed to think about life and the future.The past was too ugly.
Monica Csango is a journalist and director
My father is Hungarian Jew who has lived in Norway most of his life . But he grew up without a father in the post- Holocaust Hungary. My mother was born in Norway of Hungarian parents of Jewish descent . They very narrowly escaped the Nazis
Much of my father’s family was massacred during the Holocaust. When we visited my grandmother in Hungary were talking in hushed voices about anything related to Judaism.

” Walls have ears ,” my grandmother used to say when I visited her. Her own attempts to convert to Christianity during the war helped little. Both she and her sister ” Ibolya ” was sent off on the death march to Auscwitz .By a miracle, they survived.

A safe childhood
I myself grew happily up in  Oslo, Asker and Kristiansand. it was a blissful childhood in peaceful surrounding .In fourth grade I was offered to be exempted from lessons in what was then known as Christian Science , but since both I and my parents agreed that religion was exciting whatever it was called , the offer was declined. Both I and my family were sheltered from what I know is everyday for several Norwegian Jews today .

Therefore, I have been very open about what I’m born . I’m not anymore.

The turning point
A few years ago , something happened that would turn things upside down for me. My son went to the Jewish kindergarten in Oslo. My mother and the child’s father , who is not Jewish , would deliver two year old in kindergarten. As they were handing him stands an adult Norwegian woman on the street . She spits on the ground and says ” yuck ” while she is watching the two , standing there with the boy on her arm. Not long afterwards , I decided to take my son out of kindergarten. Not only because of the lady , but because I experienced as too risky to have my son there. I had in fact every day have to pass a security gate . For both the church and the Police Security Service knows that nursery area is a terrorist target . The Jewish community knows that someone does not like them – and maybe not me.

For an unknown reason . There are only 1,500 Jews in Norway . Thus, there is very few Norwegians who knows a person of Jewish descent .

Scared to silence
If you go past the synagogue on major holidays , the police surveillance there. If it can avert something I do not know , I can only hope that it acts as a deterrent for those who would like to perform a terrorist act against the church .

Later I learned that some Norwegian Jews have been equipped with security alarm due to severe threats.

I read about people on social media agitating aggressively against the few Jews who are in this country .

A comprehensive study of the Holocaust Centre showed that about 12.5 percent of the Norwegian population has distinct prejudice against Jews.

After the study was published , I was even more quiet.

I never participate in debates about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust , because I feel that the debate often makes irrelevant arguments such that “you can not argue with a Jew without pulling up the holocaust card “.

As a journalist , I have on several occasions interviewed Norwegians obvious objections to Jews. Nor did I say the cultural and religious affiliation I have.

I find it difficult to answer when my son asks what it means to be Jewish. I look over my shoulder to see if anyone has heard him say ” j- word “.

I have completely stopped saying that I am Jewish if the topic comes up. I’m too scared. But why should I be afraid ? I was born and raised in Norway . I am not religious . Do I believe in God? I do not know . I believe in  Man ? Yes, I do. I don’t support Israels policy in the Palestinian issue. What Israel does is not my business. My affiliation remains crystal clear : I am Norwegian .

But I have a cultural connection to being Jewish.

And right now I see that I am about to do the same as two generations before me did: We kept secret that we were Jewish . We were ashamed .

I’m about to be intimidated into silence . It makes me infinitely sad.


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  1. Abe Bird
    January 31, 2014 at 1:50 am

    Jews in America in the 30’s and 40’s also kept secret and didn’t act to save the European Jews, including Monica Csango father’s family….. things had not changed. Jews think that ignoring the collective interests making them better and safe, until doomsday will stand on their path.

  2. martin
    January 31, 2014 at 4:19 am

    It is not this woman needs to feel ashamed. It is Norwegian society. The veneer of Norwegian respectability is on show as being extremely thin.

    If I had the choice of remaining in Norway and acting scared because I am a Jew, or leaving, the choice will be only to leave such a hateful land. Living as a Jew in Norway is only too obvious, it is akin to Jews living in Germany during the early years of Nazism.

    I trust that since our lovely Prof is in Israel, she might agree that when a creature walks, quacks and swims like a duck, then it is a duck. The French Jews who face a similar condition in areas with high Muslim concentration have been leaving, over 3000 of them to Israel in the last two years. When will the Norwegian Jews stop acting like the German and Austrian Jews and show bloody courage for once.

    I am 72 and have never hidden the fact of being Jewish, even when confronted by the fascists left and Nazi right.

  3. : )
    February 1, 2014 at 3:25 am


    its Shabbat please don’t make so much mess right now, to be bitter is not a life:

    Perfect put as usuall Martin : )

  4. de Bacle
    February 1, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    This is just another in a seies of articles where Aftenposten indoctrinates readers that Jews are ashamed of being Jewish and that they are so because of Israel.
    ( Israel comes in at the end, but the message, as in earlier articles, is clear. If you are Jewish you have some reason to be ashamed.Ashamed is the focus. Not scared or afraid, but ashamed.

    Aftenpostens series is totally warped and not representative of how Jews in Norway feel about themselves or about Israel. And on top of it, they will put it on the balance sheet as being “pro-Jewish”.

    A confused and naive Jew who is their useful idiot.

  5. martin
    February 2, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Will someone please inform why anyone needs to feel ashamed of being Jewish? I am quite bewildered. Keeping quiet out of fear is bad enough. but shame? I am ashamed of those Jews who help our enemies and hinder our own. They are only Jewish in name and deserve any negative treatment they occur.

    Shame of being a Jew? Unbelievable. This is what the non Jewish (read Christian) world has done to our people. As I keep posting. Christianity loves all mankind except the Jews and forgives everyone, except the alleged nonsense of being responsible for the crucifix death of their God. These are the people that should feel shame. But they have no honour, so they are unable to feel shame.

    Happy am I that I was born a Jew, that I live as a Jew and will die as one.

  6. JvB
    February 2, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Well said, Martin. How often did I see this Norway – more times than I wish to say. Sickening.

  7. : )
    February 3, 2014 at 3:13 am


    I have always been asked to show that I can make a distance to my family from a very early age by “good” helpers that has been trusted by my parents. When I told my parents about what this “good” helpers sad, I was told it was just my fantasy. As an adult I have keept fare away from the people that my parents fell is “good” in any kind of way to avoid manipulation as I feel they accept more than what is good for them. For my parents its really hard to accept that the family has not the same kind of glue it should have had. But they still have time to figure out what is most important to let other people control one or be happy.

    de Bacle you have a good point her, but its one thing the word shame is not used. Can you please explain more about what you put in shame, you as well JvB. I feel the words manipulation and contoll is more usefull to explain the situation the Jewish we live under. The fact that is so few Jews makes it impossible to see patterns in what is happening, one just have to build up people to figure out how to do what they want and not what other wants them to do. That is my mantra!

  8. martin
    February 3, 2014 at 6:49 am

    When I first returned to Norway in 1971 to work, I found a position with SAS at the then Fornebu airport near Oslo. Even there, in the “fraktavdeling” it was soon brought up about “Palestine.” I was asked where I had come from and explained that I had been working on the kibbutz (a real communist entity, if there was one). One of the people was a local, the other was Spanish. Some of their comments was actually quite laughable in its ignorance. However, I never defend Israel, I attack their ignorance and prejudice instead. I remember near Karl Johannes Gate, a shop selling PLO propaganda, and this is when Norway was supposedly a decent country.

    A visiting flotilla of USSR shops made a good will visit. Their mindwatch officers were taking photos of various people. They certainly took mine. I asked them why they continued to lavish the most modern killing material to the Arabs, at no cost, whose sole intention is to murder the Jews,.. Why did they want a second holocaust of the Jews. Quite a few in the crowd were very surprised at my remarks and the reaction was mixed. “You’ve never seen anything like it.” Well not in Norway at least. Believe me, I never lost the conversation.

    So, have a happy and be happy that you are a Jew or friends with Jews (and others). Be blessed in all that you od.

  9. : )
    February 3, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Martin you are just the best : ) Always in good spirit and funny :)

    Anyway back to subject: Monica did a brave thing by explaining her self to the Norwegian people, shame is not the first word that cross my mind when I see Monica. She just seems like a very interesting and warm person, what could be a problem for a person like her is my first thougth she is just perfect!

    So if de Bacle and JvB can please now open up and explain why shame cross their mind. I have can’t find that Monica use the word once, where did it come from? Outer space? Explain your self!

    If Abe can explain what 1930-40 America has to do with Monica it would also be great. Abe has it crossed you mind that Monica perhaps did not have this info? That she might be hurted? What do you think about that? Shame or something else?

  10. de Bacle
    February 4, 2014 at 10:57 am

    How can you miss it ?

    The article head (in boldface):

    Skremt til stillhet

    “Jeg er i ferd med å gjøre det samme som to generasjoner før meg gjorde: Vi holdt hemmelig at vi var jødiske. Vi skammet oss”

    I.e. “we were (are) asahemed”
    is used as the caption and sumamry of the whole article !

    It is Aftenposten that has the agenda, It is the editors that “use” and “abuse” naive comments. This is just the last in the series, all focuisng on the fictuous Jewish “shame”.

    Shame on you Aftenposten.


  11. : )
    February 5, 2014 at 1:35 am

    de Bacle,

    thank you.

    What a odd thing Aftenposten does her. To feel shame is a mental disorder, personally have I allways reacted very strong when people say that I show shame. Its the same as to say that one are suffer of something its a very offending word to use. In my picture of Monica the word shame does not apper. My words about her is independent, strong and focused. She just don’t look ill so I must have overlooked the word 100%. And I trusted that Aftenposten was a good news deep down. After seeing Mammon : ) perhaps VG is better? de Bacle it can be a conspiracy you see that as well?

    If Aftenposten has manipulated Monica to use this word, and has an agenda as you say de Bacle. HL-Senteret can investigate if the public thinks Jews feel shame.

    Right now I hope that I have mistaken Monica and that its she that go around and use the word shame, but JvB mentions memories about shame. So perhaps he can explain more?

    Its absolutt a very interesting observation de Bacle! How I missed it? Eh, like when you explain your self : ) Well done : )

  12. martin
    February 5, 2014 at 5:36 am

    Eve when I was in Norway in 1970, for short period and then from 1971 to early 73,Aftenposten was always anti Israel. I never once saw anything remotely empathic with Israel. Only with the infamous Accords, did we see some perceived understanding, unfortunately the real agenda of hate was truly hidden from the Israeli negotiators.

    Have a happy that the Accords are closed. Once again, the Fakestinians had the opportunity but again, as their tradition holds fast, they wanted the impossible and showed their idea of peace is the finish of Israel

  13. : )
    February 5, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Martin : )

    its always some funny guys that has to show off, why feel shame about their provocation? Oh God, I feel so shame if a pro-Palestine person speak to me. Do one feel shame if a ex Nazi speak to one as well? Germany was bombed into nothing after the war so one can feel sad for them as well. Someone is her putting to much on their own shoulders and taking on blame that just is other peoples mindless thinking. Get real folks!

    JvB what is going on? Explain your self as de Bacle did if you are a man!

  14. de Bacle
    February 5, 2014 at 9:51 am

    ‘:), the fact that you didn’t “see” the word shame, in “the whole article” althoug it starts (in boldface) and ends with it, and you looked for it tells me something.

    How come you didn’t “see it”, react to it, the way I did ?
    Could it be that you are indoctrinated to believe sort of
    “well, yes, I suppose that figures, she is Jewish and ashanmed of being Jewish”.

    Is there anoter plausibel explanation of how your own selective reading worked ?

    Would you not have bounced, or seen, if an article in Aftenposten, with boldface started with,
    “I am ashamed of being Bergenser”
    “I am ashamed of being Christian”
    “I am ashamed of being Norwegian”
    “I am sashamed of being a Mother”

    So, just why, do you think, did you not see it ?

    As mentioned, this is just the last (or….propbably not) of a series of “shame” ridden Jews (as exposed by Aftenpostens selection filters). I commented on this previously.

    I don’t read conspiracy, but I sense deeply rooted prejudice, anti-Semitism, incompetence and an anti-Israel agenda they can’t escape even when they sleep. IT is convenient to defend Jews by
    “Look, don’t blame the Norwegian Jews, they too are ashamed of ISrael”.

    This is the sort of bowing down to the calf that the Malmø Mayor demanded of Jews in Sweden, (and Why Obama sent his Special Envoy on anti-Semitism to Sweden)

    Why the DMT don’t scream I don’t know.

  15. : )
    February 5, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    de Bacle,

    I get it, I do upset you a lot, sorry. But hey you can write when you are mad : ) JvB posted five or six on a road to me when he really got into it. Martin I think its time to let the boys run the show on this page for a time now : )

    Yes, I have notice that some Norwegian Jews tries to use the news to make a distance to other Jews and Israel. I think its dificult to know if they do it or get manipulated to do it. But if you say that the word shame comes again and again, its something DMT should point at.

    But please de Bacle don’t put Monica into this just because she used the word shame. I think she is a strong and independed person.

  16. martin
    February 5, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    de Bacle, I know why the DMT don’t scream. It is, sadly, all too true of so many Jewish communities, the reason is fear, or perception of fear. They want a quiet life and if they remain hidden, the spotlight won’t shine on them.
    Who me? Why me> I don’t want problems. Leave me alone. etc.
    Abe Bird was quite correct about the US Jews during World War II, Many British Jews were embarrassed when the strange looking Jews from eastern Europe came to the UK escaping slaughter by Tsarist forces.
    Why are we our own worst enemy? Because all too often, we forget who we are and why we are here. Have we forgotten our own culture, intellect, humanity, history etc? Are we not here to help save the world by saving the life of just one person? Are we not here to improve the world? This is part of our teaching. So why the hell do these Jews have to feel fear?
    We are too quiet for our own good. Look at Obama and his entourage of Democratic Jews who are savagely allying themselves with Iran, no wonder the west and Japan now believe it best to leave a sleeping (or not so quiet) lion alone. Cowardice reigns
    Insofar as Obama is concerned regarding Malmoe, that was his response to the above by stating quite well that he is not against the jews who kiss his tukhas, he can’t help hating the Zionists and Israel. His father is, after all, a Kenyan Muslim Kikuyu tribesman. Is there much difference between a Somali Muslim and a Kenyan one> Look at a map to see how close they are. As for Kerry, he is jjust another State Dept asshole

  17. : )
    February 6, 2014 at 2:07 am


    found more info about shame:

    de Bacle it was correct of you to point this out, for now I just want to live happy in the believe that Monica is so secular that she did not think about religious shame or psycology. Religious feelings into secular life is the new religion not Martin?
    Its is so correct of you de Bacle to point that out. Sorry I’m not a genious so I had to push you de Bacle to learn more. Hope you are fine. All best : )

  18. : )
    February 6, 2014 at 2:30 am


    I have been told to keep my big mouth shot because people take what I say as a fact coming from Jews. Its feels like I have to press my self into a small box and just ignor what I really want to do. Then I have figured out its best to do as I did as a child just keep my thoughts for my self and drawings and just be happy because it all could have been so much worse. Do I show shame in my actions then? Do people around me have the right to be angry because I do less than what I can do as long as I don’t do anything against anyone?

    My solution is to figure out how people can be so stupied to think that I go around and tell facts about Jews? Why should I? How can I have the hole picture of what is happening with the Jews? This boils down to freedom to speak and think!

    Wake up folks and think for your self don’t go around and blame others!

  19. martin
    February 6, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Oh Norwegian, just why should you keep your mouth shut. Everyone has the opportunity to have belief and to express opinion. In Norway, however, it appears to be very difficult to express opinion which is at variance with the official Norwegian line.

    I believe that communism (modern term is of course socialism. However, will someone explain just what the difference is please?) is a new religion or belief of a kind. International Socialism does appear to be against Judeo/Christian doctrine which has been the corner stone of western thought and so called civilisation. The written civilised doctrine has not always been followed and has allowed fascism and Nazism to prosper and each time, This has allowed those dictators to punish those countries which appear too weak to argue, or lack the ideals to fight it. To fight a war successfully relies on three items. The means to fight, that is weaponry. The government has the guts to see it through. The population overall must be united with the governments demands.

    The might of Great Britain was exposed as a charade between 1945 and 1948 when it ruled, what it called Palestine. That is the whole of Palestine east and west of the River Jordan. Your English is good enough Norwegian to locate an item or two on Wikipedia to understand just how anti Jew/Israel the British authorities were prior to and since Israeli independence. Look up General Sir Evelyn Barker who was in command. And then look up Ernest Bevin, an equally vitriolic Jew hater who was in government as the Foreign Secretary. I do hope sincerely that you will do this. You will then understand that boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel is nothing new.

    Be happy to know that the almost defenceless Jews beat the Arabs and their British masters to form a new Jewish state. Then tell me why any Jew needs to feel shame? In one of the columns, you will note the name Tegart Forts. Each one of these strongholds were handed over to the Arab insurgents by the British authorities immediately prior to their withdrawal. And still the more numerous Arabs, with their British masters, and numerically superior modern weaponry were beaten by the Jews. The reason is because of the three points I made above. Know the expression Ayn Brera Klal. no choice whatsoever. Fight or die!

  20. Tony George
    February 6, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    “Ashamed”? What a funny word. I understand afraid, scared, insecure, but ashamed? Of what, that you are surrounded by hateful disgusting anti semites? Muslims and Christians in general are the ones who should be ashamed that they harbor such rancid barbarians in their midst.

  21. : )
    February 7, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Happy Shabbat to all : )

    Hope you will have a nice weekend McG with lots of fun and time to relax : )

  22. : )
    February 7, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    Sorry Martin I do need a weekend to just have fun to be good human, or I just get stressed and angry if I’m on all the time. On Sunday I will read up and reply you.

    Tony George agree why feel shame? What a waist of time and energ : )

  23. : )
    February 9, 2014 at 2:40 am


    I’m not the right one at all to give you an explaination what the new religion is all about. I believe strong in keeping one self happy and reflect what one like and dislike with out putting blame on other humans for things that happen. A lot of people stress and lose contact with them self, what I can see is that they balme religion, system, power people, God for their own missery and it goes on and on how things should have been changed so one could finally get justice. Martin I doubt there is anything finally 100% true or justice in this world we are born into, we just have to hang on to the believe that its other like us out there. It helpes me to think that what its only I that can explain my self, to hope and trust that others can do it better than I is very naiv and sin to one self.

    To find new ways to reduse stress, I don’t think its the way forward, so many has tried and it just end up with the same shit just new packing, I think the way forward is to accept non perfect people and accept that life is not a thing its it!

    Martin this song is really funny:

    Is it a sin to go and see this?–Israel-er-som-ville-vesten-3055224.html#.Uvcz4jZ5MQo

    Half naken men olala : ) My guess is that if I go, then I will be asked after if I understood anything of it and I will say eh I saw the eh eh eh hm the conflict so much better its a fight hm, a fight in the mind hm, hm, hm. My only thought would be I has as good as seen the dick to them, oh my God! Its just as ballett, how can one look at that and not think dick?

    Hm, I drop this and pretend that I have no clue this happen her at all so sad I missed that ; ) I just make a 100% fool out of my self by going : )

    Its so cool time to have calm weekends make food and have fun : )

  24. martin
    February 9, 2014 at 5:20 am

    Norwegian, why be stressed? I might be extreme in my arguments, forceful, whatever. I might be annoyed at events, even shamed as a human being that other people can cause such distress, manipulate others with their madness etc. However, stressed I am not.

    It is far better to show your feelings and then let other be stressed out. That is what our enemies like to do with their fairy tales and malicious and untrue allegations of Israeli transgressions. Note today’s leading story regarding the Israeli shooting of Fakestinians. Firstly, nobody was killed. Secondly the Israeli group B’Tselem doubled the number of Arabs wounded. This is another organisation funded by non Israelis who have a a hatred towards Israel. These people suffering from a Socialist pandemic will do everything they can to harm Israel and it’s people. .

    Have a happy weekend and be stress free.

  25. : )
    February 9, 2014 at 12:14 pm


    no I don’t think you are an extremist. That you like to play yes ; ) I’m glad you dislike when others are being abused. Fair game is the best way to go forward.

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