Marking the Holocaust Day

I don’t know, somehow, Sidsel Wold only sounds mean and biased when she highlights shortcomings in the Israeli society with regards to the admittedly difficult situation for many of the remaining Holocaust survivors. She just doesn’t compare to the witty and highly sarcastic digs of the eretz Nehederet outfit. We know they are taking the mickey. We also know that it is not beneath Sidsel Wold to defame Israel in any manner possible, even if she literally has to climb over dead bodies to make her point.

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Here Knesset members honor the dead, at  home survivors live in poverty
Today 60 Israeli parliamentarians arrived in Auschwitz – Birkenau to commemorate the victims of the two camps where the Nazis murdered about one million Jews during the 2nd World War. Back in Israel, Holocaust survivors complain that the Israeli politicians let them live in poverty and misery.

Sidsel Wold

27 January is the International Holocaust Day . On this day in 1945 Soviet soldiers liberated the Auschwitz camp that has become the symbol of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps.

And just today , the Israeli Foundation The Foundation for the Benefit of the Holocaust Victims in Israel published new figures that say a lot about the poor conditions the 193,000 survivors live in. Their average age is 85 years.

For years, European Jews who survived the ordeal under the Nazis complained that Israeli authorities do not take them seriously . They do not get enough benefit , not good enough health and not good enough help in everyday life.

In 1994, the Foundation The Foundation for the Benefit of the Holocaust Victims in Israel was founded to help traumatized and impoverished survivors in his old age .

Below the poverty line
Today 50,000 of the survivors live below the poverty line . Although they get some help , they live under terrible conditions , according to the foundation.

A fifth said they always freezing because they can not afford to pay for heat or buy heater. 23 percent say they live poorly with decay and dampness in the apartment, which worsens their health.

Last year, a survey found that 92 percent of the survivors are upset over how the state treats them.

Half of the 500 respondents answered that they had health problems and third complain that they had financial problems. Many are frustrated over the wall of bureaucracy they face when trying to get help .

Most of the survivors are now in the 80 – and 90 – years old . With age , they need more and more medical care and physician supervision, which costs money . Israel has become an expensive country to live in, and many are struggling to make ends meet.

Most Holocaust survivors are the weakest in society, and many do not manage their spending with inflation. They do not have enough money to buy food and clothes.

– It is totally unacceptable that Holocaust survivors go hungry in Israel. Having starved in the ghettos , they should not have to be hungry in the Jewish state , said Deborah Garel from Jaffa Institute to The Guardian.

She is one of those handing out food parcels to the survivors.

– Remember the survivors
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is one of many politicians who constantly refers to the fate of Jews under the Nazi regime and to the six million Holocaust victims to explain to the world why Israel must be so strong and why Israel has special needs.

– If our leaders are so concerned with Holocaust victims , should probably state also take care of us who survived , the survivors have said for several years.

Foundation to help the Holocaust survivors in Israel , assisting the less wealthy to buy aids to the house. Some have a kitchen table , others a mattress or hot plate to cook.

The Israeli health care is good and Israel has some of the best doctors.
But health care does not provide free eyeglasses , orthopedic shoes or free medications.
40 percent of the survivors live alone , most are widows or widowers .

– You can’t put your name on a survivor
Israel’s former intelligence chief Avi Dichter is the son of Holocaust survivors. In April 2013 he became director of the Foundation for the survivors in Israel , and discovered what bureaucracy and rigid rules the old met when they applied for financial help.

– You can not let down a holocaust survivor, you can not promise them that they will help , and then not keep the promise , Dichter said to Ynet last year .

The Foundation for the Benefit of the Holocaust Victims in Israel depends on both state and private donations. But for many Jewish donors are more accepted and perhaps more attractive to provide funds for a new museum or a hospital wing, where the donor’s name is on the wall in large print .

– You can not put your name on a Holocaust survivor, said Dichter .

The foundation must proceed in a different way to get funds to help Europe’s most traumatized Jews in their very last years . But urgently. For 35 of them are dying every day .

This means that almost every 40 minutes one of them passes away, a witness, one who survived through Europe’s darkest years .

It would have been nice that in addition to highlighting the plight of Holocaust survivors, Ms. Wold would take the time to ponder how the Norwegian courts never have dealt with their complicity in the Holocaust. Luckily for her, Ervin Kohn, the leader of the Jewish Community in Oslo has done that for her:


Vårt Land 2014 01 29, Ervin Kohn


Ervin Kohn points to the Norwegian court system not yet having recognized its participation in the Shoah in Norway.

Others have also contemplate the unspeakable evil perpetrated also in the Gulags and peek inside the twisted brains of those capable of participating in the Holocaust, and how very slow the world has been in internalizing the horrible lesson of the Shoah, the international Holocaust Day is only celebrated for the 9th time…

On the heels of this, or actually the other way around, Bernhard Henri Levi published an oped in Aftenposten after the UNESCO exhibition fracas,


Aftenposten 2014 01 26 p 4, 5, Bernhard Henri Levy, Not online

Summary. A Norwegian translation of a Huffington post article.

Astonishingly, somebody in charge of the debate and comments section at Aftenposten, seem to think that that anti-semitic piece of work down at the Islamic kindergarden has anything of importance or anything resembling a moral argument to contribute to the debate:


Aftenposten 2014 01 28 p 6, Trond Ali Linstad, Not online

Summary. In response to an op-ed in Aftenposten by Bernhard Henri-Levy, Linstad holds the opinion it was really correct by the UNESCO to suppress an exhibition on the Jewish people’s ancestral relation to the holy land, as these Jews are really only thieving land from the Palestinians.




10 comments for “Marking the Holocaust Day

  1. martin
    February 3, 2014 at 7:09 am

    It would be so nice and encouraging if the grossly wealthy Norwegian establishment spent half of the money it gives to the murderous PA and sends it instead to those Jews in Israel. After all, no country has sent money to Israel to help, except Germany and then the money had to be spent on German made items.

    Where is the humanity in not assisting Israel in her need to absorb millions of Jews who have been ethnically cleansed form the Muslim lands, or fled because of fear for their lives? Even the USA who sends this money to Israel, and other Arab countries i.e. Jordan, Egypt etc is to be spent on American military equipment.

    How pithy these establishment Norwegians are in relation to Israel and the Jews. Holocaust Day denied by the Muslims complain of Israeli genocide, encouraged and supported by the Elitists. Yep, nothing has really changed at all.

    Have a happy that these hateful cretins are not our friends. I would spit in their face!

  2. martin
    February 6, 2014 at 4:26 am

    One other thing to consider. Remember the withdrawal from the Sinai and Israel giving up the beautiful town of Yamit. The majority of those Jews ethnically cleansed by the Jewish government are still waiting to rehomed.

    If Norway was involved in this, perhaps she should pay towards the cost of rehoming those Jewish refugees who were forced to give up their homes all in the name of “peace” with Egypt.

  3. : )
    February 7, 2014 at 12:50 am


    if Sissel Wold had done her home work she had known that her in Norway people with mental problems after the 2 ww was never very much helped. That a lot of old people in Norway lives under conditions that is far below the number one state in the worlds standard. What I find positive her in Norway is that DMT show mercy for the Jews that survived Holocaust by working in the camps. That really helps all that has families that saved their life by working for the enemies to return back to the Jewish we in peace if that is what they want. As you sad Jews don’t think people are born guilty : )

    I do feel sorry for all that was a part of Holocaust, but my sympaty goes to the one that lost their life. Its them we have to lift up and remember. A memory day is a good way to start.

  4. martin
    February 8, 2014 at 11:25 am

    You know Norwegian, there are no excuses for the Israeli authorities not to pay more to the survivors. however, the reasons for not paying sufficiently is the fact that Israel has been a developing country for many years and has taken in poor and at times illiterate Jewish people from all over the world. Many of these “losers”, losing their dignity, their homes, businesses, goods etc have made pretty good in th their new home in Eretz Israel.

    This is just another case of good old fashioned Jew hate by an ignorant extremely biased person. That she is a figure head says a lot about the system and situation in Norway. One thing for sure is that no matter the government in Norway, these jew hating allegations will continue and the market for anything anti-Israel will contin ue to make the headlines.

    I am happy that I don’t need to live in such a Jew hating country as Norway. A country needs much more than oil to become part of the social justice scenario. Norway, it has transpired is in the same league as her allies in the Arab/Muslim world and shares its ignorance.

  5. : )
    February 9, 2014 at 3:22 am

    No place is perfect Martin : ) So it just make everyone sad to compare all the time.

    When I was in Italy I just forgott all about Norway and it was just ok to find peace.

    Heaven knows what they fool around with her in Norway, I have no interest to figure out anything, just have peace and the sivil rights in order. I’m not a thing Norway own!

  6. martin
    February 10, 2014 at 5:50 am

    In some countries, Jewish leaders and communities have boycotted the official Christian International holocaust Day, when certain leading members of a country has been prominently present during the commemoration. A pity, that did not happen when Jens Stoltenberg continued the fine tradition, following his fathers anti-Israel position.
    Norwegian, this commemoration is not for us. It has been hijacked by the liberal left to remind the world of human rights in Africa and Asia. We are reminded that it was not, rightly so, just a Jewish memorium. However, it was only the Jews who were singled out to be totally annihilated by the Nazis and their worthwhile allies in all occupied countries in Europe. These people also had their supporters and allies in the English speaking world, too.

    Finally, Norwegian, this day is only to seek forgiveness for themselves by the non Jewish communities, even while the tiny community battles against hate mongers in those countries, such as Norway. The liberal left allow, nay, support the right of their Islamic community to denty the Holocaust and accuse Israel of genocide against the Arabs. If you want to remember those whose lives were extinguished during the Holocaust, then follow the Israeli Day of Mourning and light a candle in remembrance.

    Be and have a happy today

  7. : )
    February 11, 2014 at 5:39 am


    send me a sms on the Israel day and I will light candels all over the house ; )

    Have a lovely day you toodalo ; )

  8. martin
    February 12, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Norwegian, the Hebrew date for Yom Ha Shoah (Holocaust Day) is fixed on the 27th Nisan, which this year falls on Monday 28th April. It is traditional to always mark any date by the evening before. According to the bible, night came before day. Therefore, if you wish to light a candle, or 6 candles, in memory of the 6 million slaughtered by the Nazis and their allies, it should be carried out the night before.

    When we light memorial candles, these are lasting for 24 hours. Perhaps you might buy them in Norway. If not, perhaps the DMT might sell them to you. The term Ha Shoah is The Holocaust in Hebrew.

    The Jewish day will change against the Gregorian calendar year because the former is based on the lunar year while the Gregorian is based on a solar year. The Jewish calendar has never needed changing.
    Please download the following website JEWISHVIRTUALLIBRARY.ORG. There are so many site for you to visit if you want to learn more about your roots.

    Forget the YouTube and be happy, learn of your ancient ancestors and what it means to be Jewish. You will be surprised.

  9. : )
    February 14, 2014 at 12:39 am

    Dear Martin,

    thank you for your always positive attitude ; ) Yes I can buy a candle from DMT : )

    Just a funny story: my family has always been very informative about what is believe and what is real in the world we live in today. That is probably why I enjoy youtube, like to read books about science and have fun with it, it does not scare me that the human world is unperfect and don’t match a religious life. Ok the story, I took classes in evolution at university and really enjoyed it as I could live my self in the feeling Darwin must have had when he made his theory. Out of the blue a student started to say this is blasfemic. The professor argueed with the student and sad: I will continue even if you speak. This was in the 90 her in Norway and the rest of us was very surprices. In the break the provocating student was arguing with the professor and the rest of us was laughing of the hole thing. Then he came out red in his face declared to all I’m not taking this class you all will end in hell. On of the men I stood with responded him and then he pointed at me. You are standing with a believer so watch your own back. The man looked with fear in his eyes on me do you believe in God? Stupied me that can’t lie sad eh, well, eh it might be so that eh eh eh one day for God might be eh, eh diffrent than from what we humans (now I had all eyes on me) experience. Then I did the thing that you know elephant and mouse has diffrent time understanding. And it ende with so in your opinion we are mouse???? Eh, I did not say that I just then all just left. When we came inside again the professor sad if there are more extremist her I would like you to back out of this class. Lot of eyes on me and the professor looked me in my eyes and sad normal believers is more than welcome, don’t start a witch hunt folks! When I was on my way out the professor stoped me and asked if I enjoyed the class and I sad yes, he also sad can you please come to me if anyone anoying you?

    Still today Martin I think one can believe in God and at the same time have mercy that the world is unperfect and live fine with it as long as one show different people respect. Hm, there I was free from On. Tanks God ; )

  10. martin
    February 16, 2014 at 9:45 am

    Here in the UK, most appointments in the fields of education, quangos, in other words the public and civil service are advertised in the Guardian and Observer newspapers. Both of which are extreme left wing, viciously anti-Israel and are in cahoots with the BBC.
    I have never been a supporter of any of the political parties here in the UK. Labour and the Lib Dems are totally useless. The Conservatives are only marginally better. The Americans used to joke about the UK disappearing under the North Sea, well ever since the present and previous governments stopped all dredging , it is .now becoming almost a prophesy, with all the I live in Cambridgeshire, which is quite flat and has suffered some flooding as per usual. But nothing like what has happened ion the west of the country. Our idiot members of parliament insist on sending £billions abroad including £millions to Bangla Desh and Pakistan to help them stop flooding. However, any help, as usual here, is too little and too late. It is an absolute disgrace. These less than mediocre “leaders” are lucky that they cock up here and not in Russia. They would have been sent to a gulag by now. Perhaps we can export them free of charge

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