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Dagsavisen 2014 02 03 p 2, 3, Roger Hercz


A balanced account on the peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians; pointing to internal dissent, both among Palestinians and Israelis, being the main factor stalling peace talks, though the present Israeli government appears more willing to compromise than before, noting end of subsidies to settlers, and even will to talk on status of Jerusalem.


Progressive Party of Norway 2014 01 31, Andre Melchior Larceny

Yesterday’s screening on Dagsrevyen on two Israeli corporations led to reactions.

“I can very well understand how Dagsrevyen’s description of this issue leads to strong reactions”, says the leader of the Progressive party, Siv Jensen.

“However, there shall be no doubts over this government being friendly to Israel”.

The government has recently intensified cooperation in several sectors, including trade and culture.

“We are about to enter an accord in several areas on technological cooperation and our embassy in Tel Aviv has strengthened its efforts”; Jensen says.

The Norwegian state’s pensions fund (SPU) has large investments in Israel- those have increased over time.. At the end of 2013 the SPU had made investments of 13 billion NOK in Israel.

6.5 Billion NOK was invested in Israeli state bonds. Investments in Israel have more than tripled since 2011.

Concerning disinvestments in Africa Israel investments and Danya Cebus:

“Disinvestments in these two corporations is based on an old decision, dated 2010. If we had not stuck to these decisions; we would have contributed to politicizing ethical guidelines even more. I do not wish for that; on the contrary”, says the party leader, underlining this not to have any practical significance. No sales have been made of stocks; as the Bank of Norway does not own any stocks in those corporations.

This issue illustrates what the progressives have claimed all the time; namely the politicizing of the SPU; particularly when it comes to management of ethical guidelines.

“By next spring this government will submit its first report to the Storting on the management of the fund. The strategy of the fund and the handling of ethical guidelines will be broadly discussed”, Jensen says.

“Questions raised on this issue is an illustration of how easily such decisions are interpreted to be political initiatives.  Many questions are raised over todays systems for exclusions and observations”, Siv Jensen finalizes.


Vårt Land 2014 02 05 p 2, 3 Erling Rimehaug


Reflections over Israel as a Jewish state; in the context of an alleged love affair between a Norwegian girl and PM Netanyahu’s son; allegedly leading to negative reactions among some Israeli Jews. Mr. Rimehaug, the social affairs editor of Vårt Land, discuss aspects of Jewish particularism in Israel, as well as Arab particularism, landing on a “wouldn’t it be nice if we all could be friends” perspective. There are a number of talkbacks to this article, many of them blaming Mr. Rimehaug over being sloppy concerning historic facts.

Palestinian issues


Dagbladet 2014 02 01, NTB


Unrest in West Bank, after IDF shooting of Palestinian employed by USAID; ten people are reported to be wounded. Unrest on Gaza border, IDF wounds five Palestinians.

According to B’tselem, Israeli forces killed 27 people in the West Bank in 2013.


Dagsavisen 2014 02 03 p 14, 15

Mohammed Omer, Pay wall


Hamas is experiencing a fiscal crisis; due to both effective measures by Egypt and Israel to put an end to smuggling, and also a reduction in fiscal support by former allies, like Iran.


NRK Verden 2014 02 03, NTB

Abbas propose to John Kerry that NATO should take over responsibility of anti-terrorism operations in West Bank, having permanent presence in absence of a Palestinian army, “which the Palestinian authority does not want”.



Aftenposten 2014 01 02, Hanne Brønnmo, Not online


On professor of literature at the University of Jerusalem, Shoah survivor Otto Dov Kulka (81); recently having released a book, “Landscapes from the metropolis of death”.


Vårt Land 2014 02 4 p 26, 27, Britt Rogstad, Not online


On Professor Otto Dov Kuvka.



Dagen 2014 02 04, John Solsvik, Not online


Professor Dan Shechtman of the Technion University in Haifa speaks out against boycotts of Israel; pointing to similarities with anti-Semite campaigns in the 1930s.


Ship to Gaza Norway 2014 02 01, Staff


“Ship to Gaza-Norway” to hold annual conference on February 15th in Oslo.

The leadership roster of this NGO reveals an absence of actual Palestinians, and a surfeit of Red party eminences:

Torstein Dahle,

Selini Tavridou-Hansen

Helga Hvidsten

Jan Petter Hammervold

Stein Asthøy

Markos Pizarro

Federico Aurora

Aksel Hagen

Randi Kjøs

I am fascinated by the Ship to Gaza event, whiter than white, with a wannabe Chilean and an Italian wannabe academic (who incidentally was ripped apart in an article in the Weekly Standard about 2 years ago) as entertaining standard-bearers ; they now want to draw attention to Gaza, a topic that has slipped way under the radar following events in the ME. They really should get a proper job, or go to Egypt and ask them to stop flushing the tunnels while the Palestinians are still in them. Better yet, they should go to their pals in Hamas and ask them to stop shooting rockets at Israel and otherwise promote the peace and tolerance they so cherish to preach!

Meanwhile, they evidently prefer to stay whiter than white.

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  1. : )
    February 9, 2014 at 3:07 am

    Show goes on her in Norway as usual.

    McG this song is nice, have fun with you company! Bet you do well : )

  2. Gaute
    February 9, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    The antisemite and Israelhater vågenes strikes again:

  3. : )
    February 11, 2014 at 12:01 am


    its not unlegal to call anyone a rasist, antisemite, hater or other negative labels.
    In Norway has it been unusual to do so. Ordinary Norwegians don’t use strong words when they dislike a person. Its normal to say that one don’t have so good chemistry, then it says it. If one want to cut a person out of once life one normaly explain it by having lots to do, but it was lovely to see you again is what one say to the person. If it hurts one speak with good freinds about it. But internet has really open up the Norwegians and now one can find what ever on the web that people really feel. Its the number one topic how people forgett that they are on the web and just let emotions run wild. I can ensure you that the facebook is used a lot more than SE&HØR as a topic to discuss when one wonder about a person. Suddenly people deliver out their life for free??? Nuts ; )

    That the word Nazi can be used in Israel on the government is just amazing when one are used to Norwegian calm language. A change might come for the best down there:

    If Vågnes is a antisemite? I think he is a confused stalker as I see him. And it would not suprice me if someone of the Jews he show much attention report him for that. But I think its more likely that some of the Christians that he always give a bad time take on the task. Bad behavior that is done with the purpose to keep people sillent is not what one want in a democracy, one can go to OL in Sotsji if one like that kind of things ; )

    I have done that to : ) Kriste when one have a drink in the hand its easy to get confused why not?

  4. : )
    February 12, 2014 at 2:39 am


    its really hot her in Norway now. To use the word Nazi is not normal at all in Norway, if one have a discussion and compare something in present time with the Nazi regime one has lost the discussion. Its normal behavior to be like that. As its normal behavior to not believe in ghost or healing then one are a funny one.

    Martin what is happening in UK?

    On please don’t go to the police with the teacher you are arguing with on Twitter (why argue so much and being so angry all the time?) what he says is anoing but if one want freedom to speak one has to accept people lifting their thoughts from the environments they come from. Personally I’m against teachers that show their believe and politic standpoints to their pubils. I think its the pupil that is most important at school as I think the doctor has to see every patient as a individual as well! Cool down the hunting On, it looks just stupied!

  5. : )
    February 12, 2014 at 2:47 am


    perhaps this is the best way to handle the chaos some people make:

    I to don’t know how the can opner works!

  6. martin
    February 12, 2014 at 4:10 am

    Norwegian, the MP equated Gaza with the Holocaust. Unlike Norway, the shitpot had to apologise, whether it is meant or not
    Have a happy, one day, this reckoning might arrive in the far north

  7. : )
    February 13, 2014 at 1:47 am


    I have just done a quick look on the situation in UK and has no big picture, but it looks very diffrent from the situation her in Norway when it comes to secularity and not at least mulitculturalismen. Norway still consist of a homogen culture.
    Only a few people have heard about Richard Dawkins and his opinions about religious people. Most of my friends are personal christian and use religious language when they speak, sadly if they dislike a person they might think that the person deserv some kind of punichment. Sometimes I feel like walking on glass when they start their discussion about evil ; ) If I try to press in some positive things about the person, then they quite hard can say this is not your thing so keep quiet.
    Its not few times I have exploded and they have just sad now you behave very idiotic do you know that?
    Lucky normaly when they go to fare they ask me what I think about their actions against others. Then I offer my time to keep them happy as they work them self out of the mess. The good thing about my freinds is that they all move forward after some reflection : ) But yes I have been so angry on Jesus for making them so short minded but does it help? Nope!

    I know very littel about the Church in England just that it seems as confusing as your political system. I dear to say that England still work as its a world imperium or?
    A reality chech had been nice on that island. Hm wonder if I dear coming after saying this, to offend a English man cost a lot have I learnt!

    It seems to me that the Norwegian Church is done with HEF and their agression in the news:

    As I know christianity her in Norway when they start up a cleaning they do it well. I have nothing against people that can’t and won’t live after religious laws but if one are a person like that I think one have to accept a life with out blessing from religious people. Perhaps that is where it all goes bananas for the sosial darwinist that even if they are super humans the religious are stronger because they keep toghether. It must be a hard fact to see.

    Hm just now I’m really glad that when my grandfather learnt me the words of Hillel the Elder, he also was smart to ask me to see the difference in breaking one stick compared with x number of sticks and figure out the number of sticks I could not break.

    Halvor is really nice man, I have problems to see his dark hat sorry ; ) but to Vågnes he is probably dangerous : ) What else can one do than laugh of Vågnes and journalist that see satan where ever they turn. Krist I really wonder why I buy news in Norway its always the same old things.

    A book to read if one want to get confused and paranoid:

    No man is an island! It will be ok Martin, I promisse you that, and if its not, ok its not over yet ; ) Enjoy life and be happy as few ; )

  8. martin
    February 14, 2014 at 5:17 am

    Norwegian, I trust that you are well, now onto your post;
    The situation between the UK and Norway is very wide on most things, and certainly if you wish to make derogatory comments regarding the UK, please do so. we do, after all, live in a form of democracy here.
    The BBC has paid out about £400,000 to ensure the report of its long traditional anti-Israel reporting will not be published under the Balen Report. Information was gained to confirm the BBC is continually showing, bias and hatred towards Israel by various reporters and it’s own inbuilt apparatus. The information was demanded under the Freedom of Information Act and has now been denied public viewing. Hello NRK, does this sound familiar and no doubt, that if this FoI Act was allowed in Norway, I am sure the outcome would be the same.

    What is so annoying here is that we have to pay a tax to watch television and all this money goes to the BBC. This organisation, therefore, is a public funded body and should, I repeat should, be quite factual, unbiased in its reporting. Which it is not.

    If you seek Hillel the Elder on a Jewish information website, you will learn just how humanistic our religion is. I note that a Danish bank has joined the BDS movement and the zoo in Kjoebenhavn slaughtered a young giraffe because even though other zoos were willing to take the poor creature in. In addition to the BDS, kashrut is now banned in Denmark. If one needs a realistic check on the anti Jewish/Israel movement in Europe, one neds look no further than this. A pity, as I alwaysliked Danmark and purchased Danish products. Not any more. ECCo shoes, Lurpak etc you lost one customer.

    In Christianity, the devil, Satan is evil. However, in Judaism the true meaning of Satan, is not evil, instead he is an angel who accuses people of bad acts to the almighty.. Like so much in that religion, many items have been changed to suit the legality of Christendom. I do find that religion very judgemental, especially towards us, that is not to say, many decent Christians do not follow the ancient hateful judgement of Jews. I believe you will find that in real life, the character Spartacus was in fact Jewish. Of course in the film, Kirk Douglas, a Jew, played the role, which I thought was quite fitting. He by the way, has contributed an awful lot to Israel, especially Khabad. Now look that up on the website. It might be shown as Chabad.

    Have a happy that at least we do not live in a 100% inter/national socialist country. Democracy is the best of the worst.

  9. : )
    February 15, 2014 at 2:10 am


    it seems that now it really starts her in Europa:

    Hitler is a good guy just as you all know that:

    I doubt the government will make a law against circumcision her in Norway, but its very clear that one should keep mouth shoot or it just become worse:

    What a lovely way to behave : ) Have a happy, happy day Martin ; ) I keep my big mouth shoot, its as they always had sad to me, we like to look at you, but don’t open your mouth please it just ruin the image we have of you loco!

  10. : )
    February 15, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Martin ; ) I take the point, my post do seems odd at the time.

    Sorry that I did not believe you that it was a unity against religion, I thought it was a need for some people to speak about what they had experienced and get it out, but not that they united in a battel against religion. Combinded with poor history knowlege it has sound like a real fiction story to me.

    I see that things build up again her in Norway and its very sad fact as people that are cluless and just protect what they believe in will get into things. I really hope that someone better than I can communicate to people when they get manipulated and help them to find their own way. Sorry I can’t lead anyone. And now I really need to read and figure out things in private. Tanks for lot of help on the web Martin!

    On my personal level I’m fine Martin, please don’t worry, sorry I made drama on the shabbat. I will not repeat that behavior.

    Happy evening to all : )

  11. martin
    February 16, 2014 at 7:15 am

    Have you, Norwegian, seen the film “The Vikings?” The two leading roles were played by, shriek, horror, disgraceful, disgusting, bloody Hollywood hypocrites – two Jews. Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. I am sure that if the film is released again, uproar will descend upon the Norwegian gentry.

    Did you know that it was only upto when North Sea oil and gas contributed towards so much wealth, that Norway was the poorest country in western Europe?

    If the international and national socialists in Norway do ban circumcision, Jewish people will go to the Israeli Embassy and have it performed there. In any case, I am sure that if it did happen then hopefully, this hate act will be the last straw that will break the backs of the Jewish community.

    There again, perhaps, the establishment might call for stunning before a circumcision is carried out. Joking of course..

    Norwegian, if you feel incapable of answering and/or correcting peoples statements, just point them to the various Israeli/Jewish websites I have listed for you in the past. You should also find them interesting, too. In any case, if I make a mistake, I do apologise. But you have no reason to do so. Your opinion is allowed, like anyone else, as I am sure the prof will agree.

    Have a happy sunday

  12. : )
    February 17, 2014 at 12:10 am


    I don’t feel offended by you. I was sure the conflic attitude some people shows now days was just emotinal problems. For me has I accepted a lot of things from people like this, thinking that it helps them to talk and used the time it takes. Now I see that I have waisted time in their conflicts and probably been used as an straw man. That hurts!

    For me things changed when people that has shown this attitud, now say in more clear in words and actions that they are willing to go a lot more fare than what is democratic to “solve” the problem they see once for all. I just have to say phuhu that Labour is out of power, but what we have now is a very weak government, I’m not sure at all it can survive the pressuer from this people as they have the people believeing that they are working only in the mission for a good change.
    I see a clean up in Labour that I what I hope will continue until these people are out or has gone over to Green. Its very ironic that at the time Europa goes into a chaotic time a party will name them self green. Ok, most people don’t think what the color green can represents. I chill when I think what migth be a connection.

    The big work now is how to get people to think and feel safe in a Europa in fier, eh, lets hope we don’t get a new savior that will solve it all for us.

    When people now say to me they have angst I just think well its smart to feel like that, its not a paradise we live in so why not just accept it? If they are stressed, well I can name 1000 things that make me stressed, but its one thing that make me happy so I focuse on that, but its probably smart to feel and think about what stresses one. Depressed bring it on, its 100% human to feel low somethimes.

    What consern me is that why do a small Jewish community think its smart to be in media as the time is today? Israel? Religious freedom? Why grow in members in a time like this? Can a small Jewish community save the democracy in Norway?
    I have to say that I’m very impressed by the work the Jewish community does, but I also see that it make the “good” people more determined they have a enemy.
    If Judaismen had been a missionary religion I had understood it all, but hey Jews are Jews because they are born like that, then it seems they use most of their adults life to explain why they are not Jews also to their children, to find them self as Jews again up in the 50+ and pass it on to their grand children : ) It is a bit funny Martin when I meet others that has just the same experience. When I was a child I was 100% sure my mother tried to play a Woody Allen character. Friends came home and sad its so much fun going on at your home, mine family is so boring compared to yours, funny and chaotic everything else than what a the old books preach it should live after : ) Its irony on its best, its life : )

    No I have not seen the Viking, and I have no idea about Jews in Hollywood, I think its ok break to see a good movie, just as youtube can give one lot of fun as well : ) But I don’t let it get into me and shape my mind : ) I need human contact and time to be changed, not web or other things ; )

    Have a lovely day Martin, I will post if I have something funny and that can be informative but I think it will take a time before I get to knowlege.

  13. martin
    February 17, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Yes Norwegian, you are correct, that Judaism is not a religion that chases after people to convert. however, do not kid yourself, many people do change to become Jewish. However, it is a long process, without brainwashing. As a Jew, one needs to be patriotic towards the country where they live.

    I bet in Norway, like every other country where Jews live, they pray for the state and the good health and wisdom of the rulers, ie the royal family, government etc. The problem is that Jews want a quiet life. We are too busy with our work, to feed, clothe and educate our children. Can the Jews make Norway a better place? No! Because the Norwegians don’t want the Jews and they like so many in Europe now despise the bible, the 7 Noahides Laws, the 10 commandments, etc. Decency is bad, greed and hate are the required items for a better life in Norway..

    I am happy that I don’t live in a Nazified country

  14. : )
    February 18, 2014 at 1:30 am


    I’m not looking down on converts at all, I never pick on a convert or think why they did it, its not up to me to keep people away from something they feel is good.
    But it has to be ok to be realistic and say things as they are and not always make a pink storie about how cool and special it is to be a minority. Kriste some people think its a way to earn money to be a minority, that is really sad, it abuses the golden rule 100% and I find it a very bad behavior in general, one has poked on that with out problems!

    What I find most hard about living in Norway is that it has been a consenus in the Jewish we that we live in the pretime before Messia comes (are we Jehova Witness or what?) I have just learnt that they figured out this in Sweeden during the war : ( As I rememer it as a child the adults where nice, but also angry on their inside, I remember I prayed that one day the anger had to leav them so that I could make more joakes with them with out getting problems. I don’t blame anyone, it probably stand somewhere in the old books something so that 2 ww can be regarded as blablabla and then came paradise blablabla. I’m not a negative person, I just think its to much to ask from believers to just forgive and forgive, I think one have to let people free and let them figure out what they want and why and support them on their journey as they are, because one love them and want them to have a nice life. In one way its fun, the Muslims has problem because they preach to much about hate. The Jews her in Norway has problems because they preach to much about how to forgive and stay calm ; ) Then it just became so hard that the pandora box blow up and people stress around as fools ; )
    How dangerous is really Chabad to DMT? Well it probably helps DMT Trondheim and Oslo to communicate better when they have a common problem ; ) And by the way let us not forgett the Israeli Embassy in Oslo. When all these went out in the press insteed of speaking to each other, oh my God, it was just pur casino to be Jewish in Norway. It was so that I wonderd if they knew the phone existed, video conferanses, communication hello guys calm down its 1300 Jews left in Norway you guys make a news every week, it does look really idiotic!
    They all became a bit chilled down after Manfred started to analyse them, well first they did as all in crisis blamed the messangers then suddenly silence about all this reality non stop preaching they had.
    I think its probably much the same that goes on in Sweden and Denmark that we have her in Norway.

    The good news is that government in Norway just don’t care if DMT think one are a bad Jew or a self hating Jew, its their job to protect people and not invesitgate if the identity is 100% DMT Jewish happy ; ) Touche ; ) Long live liberta! There I can have my 10% between God and me!
    If one get into things because one are born Jewish one get help against hate crime, if one can explain one self good and have documentation in order.

    So be free folks, work on your own communication skill! I have lots of work on my writing skills, the bad memories about my first teacher is slowely letting go, so it does become more fun to write and probably in the end I get it, when I’m 90 years or so I will be free from the stress it was to be scared every day at school with this teacher for three years! Writing is what get my memo really into what happen.

    Have a good day Martin and don’t stress to much with the web, its nothing new under the sun on the web.

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