Labour Youth double standard central: Posing with convicted terrorist Bhargouti

Imagine the outrage if somebody were foolish enough to line up for a photo with mass-murderer evil ABB.

But for the Labour youth, nothing is impossible, also not to line up for a photo op with a convicted mass murderer as a backdrop.

Lest you thought the Reds have keeled over and have admitted defeat, you should think again. The Unions have already pledged millions to help fund the Labour Party’s way back to power (trampling of course, on the rights of union members who do not support the Labour Party) with all the cronyism and pandering to terrorists outfits that comes with this.

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AUF-members lining up for a photo with “hero portrait” of convicted terrorist as back drop
A delegation from the Labour Youth party  has been a study tour in the West Bank. AUF leaders lined proudly up in front of a portrait of Marwan Barghouti  He is found guilty and sentenced for his role in five murders, including the attack at a seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv 5 March 2002 where three civilians were killed.
Conrad Myrland
By Conrad Myrland

Seven officers and employees of the AUF has recently been on a study trip to Israel and the PA – controlled areas of the West Bank. The delegation consisted of Deputy Asmund Aukrust , general secretary Marianne Wilhelmsen , central director Ida Odegaard , Deputy AUF Oslo Didrik André Beck , leader of AUF Troms Tor Martin Torbergsen , leader of AUF Hordaland Linn Kristin Engø and employed AUF central, Kristoffer Nyborg , reported AUF Page 6 February.
Today AUF published photos from the trip on its official Facebook page, the album ” AUF in Palestine.”
The pictures say a thousand words about the AUF’s approach to Israel.
The photo log show among other pictures of Yasser Arafat’s mausoleum, NRK journalist Odd Karsten Tveit  briefing the delegation, visiting Palestinian group that calls security barrier an apartheid wall and lying maps ( How the maps are lying , you can read the explanation here . )
Perhaps the most telling image is the group photo taken in front of the hero portrait of Marwan Barghouti . The picture is probably taken during the delegation’s visit to the Fatah Youth Movement ( FYM ), founded by Barghouti. FYM is a sister organization AUF that they ” have recently gotten closer cooperation with ,” says Asmund Aukrust , Deputy AUF .
Who is Barghouti ?
In May 2004, Barghouti was found guilty of several terrorist attacks and the killing of five Israelis, including terrorist attacks against seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv 5 March 2002. In June District Court of Tel Aviv gave him a penalty of five life sentences . The judgment states that Barghouti acted on direct orders from Yasser Arafat .
Barghouti was in August 2009 elected as a member of Fatah’s centers committee , despite the fact that he has been imprisoned in Israel since 2002.

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  1. : )
    February 15, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Perhaps Spedalen will put the photo of them in his new museum : )

    Its probably a lot of people that just say what a loser team!

  2. martin
    February 16, 2014 at 6:59 am

    Running true to form. No change, all aboard the Jew hating excursion.

    Happy am I that these hate filled idiots are our foes and not our friends.

  3. martin
    February 17, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Norwegian members of parliament grinning and standing in front of posters claiming Israeli genocide against the Fakestinians. Ho hum

    I remember tongue in cheek when I posted about the more Jews they killed, the larger the bounty given to the Arab murderers families in Israel while the perpetrators were imprisoned. Bloody hell, when it comes to Norway, you can’t even make it up. Personally I preferred Norway when it was a poor country

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