Serial lier Mads Gilbert writes to Neil Young

It is best not to be fooled by the utter nonsense and wild exaggerations presented by leading figures of the BDS movement. They have invested heavily in this project and will not be stopped by something as trivial as facts in their aim to delegitimize Israel. Therefore, they must be exposed and confronted wherever, whenever, even when it is patently clear to everybody that they are serving lie upon lie upon lie.

In Tromsø these days, aided and abetted by the Labour party rag Nordlys, the UN Association of Norway, any union you would like to think of, which are of course working in collaboration with the Labour party, and Commander of the St. Olav Cross, Mads Gilbert, there is an never-ending stream of anti-Israel activities, most of them heavily inspired by well known anti-semites and there is nobody to take them to task. Well, for all it is worth, this tiny insignificant one-(full time working) woman blog will do her best to expose their nonsense to a wider audience. Feed back (not to me – but the persons or organizations exposed. Not sure it will cut any ice with the persons in questions, but nobody is immune to bad press, bad reviews and forces them to change tack from offensive to defensive.

Anyway, here is Mads Gilbert moaning to Neil Young that he should drop his Israel concert, telling Nordlys that he is so disappointed since Neil Young is such a hero for him and repeating the lies which got the then FM Støre’s unconditional support in his book, Eyes in Gaza

You can read Gilbert’s letter to Mr. Young here, where helpfully the Independent Jewish Voices Canada has  provided ample space for people to leave comments. Do go ahead…

In a way, Mr. Gilbert has unwittingly shown the weakness of this and similar organizations, since in the Nordlys interview, he praised BDS efforts in Canada and the US, saying that they have has promising results? Really?
Lets tally this: the insignificant and obscure American Studies Association suffered a massive and embarrassing backlash of angry reactions to their immoral decision to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Several universities pulled out of the association all together, and nearly hundred institutions protesting the decision, prompting the furious response form more than one US legislator and now a bill to cut federal funding for any academic institution that calls for Israel boycott in any shape of form. Promising progress? I’d call it a smack on the nose…

The Presbytarian Church of the US has by now got itself seriously dirtied by trying to revive the shameful UN General Assembly resolution 3379, which equated Zionism with racism. Now the little prezzies have just released a study booklet which instructs their followers that Zionism is Jewish Supremacy. That is a major scratch in their tatty surface, a stain they will have to work hard to wipe away. Also not an impressive sign of progress, as Gilbert boastfully claims.

Canada? Well, judging by the recent visit from PM Harper, they aren’t exactly lining up over there to condemn Israel. To rub it in, anti-Israel pro-Palestinian groups have been sidelined with some even losing their government funding. In a parallel universe to the ketamine fueled one Mr. Gilbert appears to inhabit, all of the cited examples add up as colossal failures.


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  1. : )
    February 17, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Mad Gilbert:

    Just replace the France flag with a green and one have the fun ; )

  2. martin
    February 17, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    It is time for people to realise that the PA, the Arab and Muslim states and their hate filled supporters consider themselves to be at war against the sovereign state of Israel.

    It is maddening to watch Israel begging for more money to be handed over to the PA, the 2nd largest, most corrupt organisation in the world, following behind the EU. BDS is warfare. To threaten blockades is war, which is why Israel went to war in 1967 when Egypt blocked shipping to Israel. Again, I say this, that the Norwegian establishment considers itself at war with Israel and Israel should pull out completely all relations with states like Norway and now Denmark as well. Any country that allows state institutes and the like to espouse BDS and supports terror organisations should have their diplomatic connections cancelled. If it means Israel has a fraction of diplomatic relations, so be it.

    The fascist left is the most insidious of groups and Morway certainly belongs within this group. Diabolical.

  3. martin
    February 18, 2014 at 10:59 am

    In today’s Jerusalem Post website there is a very interesting article about BDS and the reaction from leftwing Jews by Caroline B Glick. And very interesting it is, too.

    I was pleased to see Uzi Landau n the site. I’d always hoped that he might be prime minister. Unlike Bibi, he does not treat idiots gladly. A real no nonsense man

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