Chop it off, chop it off!!!

Lifted from unlikely to ever be published in Norwegian media:

The rise of PENIS cancer: Cases soar by 20% amidst fears that symptoms are being misdiagnosed as STDs

By Anna Hodgekiss15:05 18 Feb 2014, updated 15:31 18 Feb 2014

male cancer
  • Number of men diagnosed with disease has risen dramatically in 30 years
  • May be due to changes in sexual behaviour, greater exposure to the human papilloma virus and decreasing rates of childhood circumcision
  • Men who smoke are also more likely to get penile cancer
Warning: Nigel Smith's penile cancer was originally diagnosed as a genital wart - an error which nearly cost him his life

Warning: Nigel Smith’s penile cancer was originally diagnosed as a genital wart – an error which nearly cost him his life

The number of men being diagnosed with cancer of the penis has soared by 20 per cent in the last 30 years, according to new figures.

Experts believe the main reasons for the increase may be changes in sexual behaviour, greater exposure to sexually transmitted HPV (human papilloma virus) and decreasing rates of childhood circumcision.

HPV-related genital warts are associated with a six-fold risk of penile cancer and the incidence of them has rapidly increased in men between 1970 to 2009, with a 30 per cent rise during 2000–2009.

Cancer charities are now urging men to be aware of symptoms of the disease – which are often confused with signs of a sexually transmitted infection.

Penile cancer has a high cure rate if detected early, but some men, such as Nigel Smith, from Wolverhampton, are misdiagnosed.

He was told at a sexual health clinic that he had a genital wart that would go away in time.

It didn’t, but rather than seek help, Nigel hid his symptoms from his wife for 12 months by sleeping in their spare bedroom, using his snoring as an excuse.

He was eventually diagnosed with penile cancer in 2011, aged 58, and last year underwent a partial penectomy (partial removal of the penis). He is currently considering reconstructive surgery.

He said: ‘If my GP had sent me to a urologist rather than a sex clinic, the cancer could have been diagnosed at stage 1 and treated.

‘By the time I saw a urologist, the cancer was stage 3 – one stage away from terminal. I’m now in temporary remission but there’s a 50/50 chance that the disease will return as a secondary cancer – maybe in my lungs or liver.

‘Every time I go to the toilet I have a painful reminder of what’s happened, so it’s hard to put things behind me.

‘The sexual side of my marriage has ended. I’m 60 but I’m a young 60! It shouldn’t be the end yet.

‘The psychological impact of it all is massive. It’s more traumatic than anyone who hasn’t been through this can know.


A painless lump or ulcer on the penis that doesn’t heal


A red rash under the foreskin

Flat growths of brownish colour

Difficulty in drawing back the foreskin

Unusual smelling discharge from under the foreskin

Unexplained change in colour of the skin

Swollen lymph nodes in your groin area

‘I didn’t talk about my symptoms for so long and hid them from my wife. It’s a man thing; we ignore things and hope they’ll go away. If you find something, you need to get it looked at.’

The new research, published in the journal Cancer Causes Control, was supported by the male cancer charity Orchid.

The charity’s chief executive, Rebecca Porta, said: ‘The research shows that the incidence of this devastating cancer, which currently receives little recognition, is on the increase.

‘Unlike other more common cancers, penile cancer is rare and many men feel embarrassed and unable to talk openly about it.

‘This can lead to feelings of isolation at a time when support is vital. It is very important that men are aware of the warning signs and symptoms of the disease and that those with worrying symptoms seek medical advice as soon as possible.’

Cancer can develop anywhere in the penis, but the most common places are under the foreskin and on the head (the glans).

The exact cause of penile cancer is unknown, but various factors have been linked to an increased risk.

HPV-related genital warts are associated with a six-fold risk of penile cancer.  There are over 100 types of HPV virus and only two strains have been linked with penile cancer. However both these strains are also linked to throat, cervical and anal cancer.

Worrying: Experts believe the main reasons for the increase in penile cancer may be changes in sexual behaviour, greater exposure to sexually transmitted HPV (human papilloma virus) and decreasing rates of childhood circumcision

Worrying: Experts believe the main reasons for the increase in penile cancer may be changes in sexual behaviour, greater exposure to sexually transmitted HPV (human papilloma virus) and decreasing rates of childhood circumcision

A man’s risk of developing cancer of the penis is greater if he smokes. It has been suggested that smoking may act as a co-factor that modulates the risk of progression from HPV infection to premalignant lesions and invasive penile cancer.

Furthermore, the toxic chemicals found in tobabcco are excreted in the urine. A build up of these substances under the foreskin may cause changes in the normal healthy cells of the skin, which may lead to cancerous cells developing.

Men who are uncircumcised are also at greater risk. This is because they may find it more difficult to pull back the foreskin enough to clean thoroughly underneath, resulting in poor hygiene.

This may lead to a build up of chemical substances that may cause irritation of the skin and lead to cancerous changes.

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  1. martin
    February 18, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Never mind eh? Scandinavians would prefer to have their willies chopped off than to have it just snipped.

    Penile justice?

  2. de Bacle
    February 18, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Thank you Prof !

    No doubt Norwegian media will be alerted on this news you picked up. Very timely and relevant since the Norwegian “Stortinget” (parliament) is about to present a new motion for laws regulating/ restricting male circumcision.
    The editor in “Vårt Land” above, describes how the proposed need for regulations splits all parties, there appear to be more views and opinions than there are parties.

  3. : )
    February 19, 2014 at 1:17 am


    the “holy foreskin” that gives one so much sexuall joy can’t be removed, it protect the penise head so that sexual pleasure comes fast and it makes the “holy glans”. Kriste if God had wanted men to not have a foreskin he had created them so. Hello if God is God he is perfect, and if not its just fiction all together then its no limits at all. Free sex and free all I want??? It feels like the west has ended up with this thought. I’m my own God and you are nothing so do as I want or I will get on you. Sad!

    I bet Dagbladet sad to them self reading this no, no, no we know what this is a conspiracy story again from tha JOOOOOOs. I spoke with one of them, do you know what she sad to me: argh I feel so much anger about tha JOOOOOOS.
    I asked her do you want to talk about this? You are speaking to a JOOOOOOS and I don’t feel anger for you as I have no clue how you are can we please keep a dialoge? Then she responded: fuck, fuck blablabla and her phone went off???
    How professional is not that? Can you imagin hanging up the phone on me Eric R? I really feel offended by this, not mad and crazy offended, but a bit there that hm why do the government support Dagbladet thing. Hm if I’m just a lobby JOOOOOS as they claim, hm should I or should I not tell others about it?
    Ups I just did as I now see that the web is not a day dreaming place. Oh Lord, well her comes the sun, well I do hope they keep Marie Simonsen because she is so fun on twitter : )

    Good news is that its important to focus on penis hygiene in general. I agree with you McG from a womens perspective it looks like a men with no erection problems, that can last more than 2 min in bed, and have good hygiene is a man its worth having sex with. Stinky smelling men that don’t get littel man up and get erection faster than a rabbit, eh well they need help with hygiene and the rest of the things with littel man to be a man.Bad sex is a responsebielty one have to take serious if one want to be in a relation in general!

    When I think of all we women do to be atractive, then men has to do something as well, ups I forgott it they are made perfect in the image of God, ups sorry. Uffa Gule hope I did not offend you her. I bet you wash littel man a lot, but still you are to old for me ; ) Sorry : )

    Have a unperfect, stressfull day in your new company McG, work untill you get so feed up that at least one of your workers get a hard day, go home and rest.
    If you are a good girl, we can go to Disney land and I buy you that Minni Mouse hat you always have wanted and take a ok photo of you and : )

    Stay cool McG!

    This was really clever post of you! : ) (just learnt that from on Twitter, God he is amazing no clue what he is upto at all!)

  4. : )
    February 19, 2014 at 2:44 am


    I’m glad McG has this blog, it does feel good to let things out written. Oh, I want to learn how to write well and express my self in a clear and good way, not this messy helpless way I do. Is there anyone out there that has time and is a patient teacher?
    Color, religion no hinder at all, just a kind mind is all I need to learn. Or I start talking about this teacher I was scared of.

    Remember Purim On for the kids, not all is politic ; )

  5. : )
    February 19, 2014 at 4:01 am

    Kriste why are they doing by hanging out with this clown?

    Martin is this guy a antisemitte?

    Good news is that they have twitter on Gaza:

    What a mess some people make! Twitter is really a super odd place to discuss! So easy to missunderstand and start a fight!

  6. martin
    February 19, 2014 at 5:33 am

    By your argument Norwegian, appendix operation are not necessary either?

    Be happy with the thought that those men who have been circumcised are able to “control” their hunger and last more than 2 minutes. I know of two men that I worked with, one single, the other married and both were known as the 2 minute wonders.

    Thanks goes to the prof for this information. Best thing since sliced bread (ouch) lol

  7. : )
    February 19, 2014 at 7:08 am

    : ) Martin,

    agree tanks to the proff for providing the info.

    I doubt it will be a popular solution to do a circumcision to improve the sex life, its just we women that do things like make men enjoy us more ; ) But it would be good if someone lifted this as a solution in the news. The news are filled with sex anyway so it would just fit in ; ) Ok?

  8. martin
    February 19, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Good grief Norwegian, what on earth are you looking at this crap for. Of course this so called pastor is not an anti-Semite. Arabs are Semitic as well. He and his many followers are Jew haters and Israel haters.

    I read some of these losers comments and just wonder how so much nonsense can be spread on the web with so many idiots believing this rubbish. I suppose it is because of their own blind hate and ignorant prejudice that they want to read and believe it. The malicious allegations are there to spread the hate further by these Jew hating losers. When a so called pastor says that yes Jesus was a Jewish Palestinian, I can only wonder what sort of Christian upbringing and education this little prick had. I thought the man Jesus was a Jew. Jews came from the Galiee or from Judea or Shomron. But from Palestine? Wow, I can only believe the hypocracy of a so called Christian that can peddle such nonsense.

    The Jews looked down upon the Romans as uncultured idol and man worshippers. Not for nothing were about a million Jews crucified by the Romans throughout their empire because the Jews worshipped the one God. No wonder Christianity is losing out to Islam.

    Norwegian why don’t you begin to learn rreal history and facts and figures? I have offered you many sites to do so. Then you won’t need someone to help you with your English. blimey my dear, if you think the Ghoul is old, what about me? Be happy and have sweet dreams that Jewish men in the Israeli army will never have a 100% profile because of the penile snip.

  9. : )
    February 20, 2014 at 2:25 am

    More fun from Twitter:

    It good that we have good people like Anders. McG I was cluless that people educate them self to be actvists 100%, how many of these people are working as freelancing?
    If the news don’t see why to hire them why wonder around and say hear me, hear me, hear me! I need attention well talk to the mirrow then you get all the attention you want. Poor Ervin that has to communicate with these people! Trolls!

  10. martin
    February 21, 2014 at 8:03 am

    Circumcision is good for you.

    I met up with a chap in town, whom I had not seen since well before Christmas. We often have a chat regarding politics, local, national and international. well it whiles away 15 minutes or so and nice to discuss intelligently with another person, other than talk to myself. :)-

    He said to me “I’e just joined your club – UKIP.” This is a political party in a similar position to FrP about 20-years ago. He then laughed and said “No, I mean your own exclusive club.” Oh come what the hell does he mean? Ah then he told me that he had just been circumcised. What? Yes, he is a man well into his 60’s and yes, it was very painful afterwards for awhile but he is much better now. The operation was an emergency 2 days before Christmas.

    His surgeon told him, and I quote ” It’s a pity that you were not circumcised when you were much younger. And I wish that all baby boys were circumcised to stop what you had. CANCER!

    So to all those big mouthed know it all people who display such an arrogant disregard for the ancient religious laws., I ask them to put their thoughts (assuming they think) back onto this site. The surgeon who is not Jewish said the rite of circumcision will stop so much disease and illness, which is why Israel is heading a huge drive in Africa for men to become circumcised to hep stop the onslaught of Aids./

    The chap I met said of course it was for medical health reasons why he had it done not religious, and I explained that the religious laws contain excellent reasoning because of physical and mental health cleanliness and hygiene. Since when was it necessary to inform grown Jewish men to wash their hands after ablutions and before eating meals?

    Have a happy and be grateful if you have had the snip. The chances neither you nor your wife will catch any medical problem within the nether regions.

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