Jan Egeland laments lack of outcry for Syria war, wonders how we could get to this.

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As the horrors of the Syrian war continue unabated, leading Human Rights Activists question the lack of outrage and the lack of real action to end this senseless slaughter. This in a year where the UN is focusing all of its efforts on a Solidarity with Palestine campaign, yet they cannot bring themselves to something as simple as stopping the real blood shed.

In contrast to Norway, Israel – which is in a de facto state of war, a cold one albeit, but nevertheless a war – with Syria, offers humanitarian aid to their suffering neighbors, as well as providing state of the art medical assistance to any Syrian who comes to the border. Enhancing that contrast, it is very surprising that Dr. Gilbert sees no need in providing his medical assistance to Syrians, nor writing books about his experience, or calling for boycott, demonstrations, or any other engagement of that nature to help the Syrians. Nor have we had hysterical scenes where Norwegians have participated in tearful demonstrations, or ministers who have cheerfully demonstrated under banners calling for the murder of Jews or Members of Parliament dressing up as Syrians to spur colleagues into action. In fact, apart from some pretty words at the UN, pretty much nothing has been done to stop this madness.

I am sure I will offend many “humanitarian” workers with the following observation: The incessant, and wildly exaggerated claim that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace and if only they will back off, pack up and accept a life in exile, then the rest of the world will sort itself out has boomeranged.

Or, put differently: people are not stupid. They are fully capable of seeing through the lies that have been spun about the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They understand fully that the various peoples in the ME have been used as pawns in a very dirty game, one where humanitarian workers  – such as Jan Egeland and other leaders of what once used to be highly respected human rights organizations – have put their political activism before their primary responsibility. International organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have squandered a lot of goodwill in their campaign against Israel, with the tragic outcome we can now witness in Syria: people suffer from disillusion. They don’t believe the humanitarian organizations and after seeing how the Arab Spring became the Arab Winter with Western politicians and humanitarian workers dragging their feet in condemning obvious and shocking attempts to impose Islamic rule, many people wrongfully think that Syrian, Libyans, Egyptians deserve their fate. Which is patently not true. They deserve our full attention every day, in particular in light of the unbearable suffering they have to endure. But you know how it is; if you cry wolf too many times, the one time there really is a wolf to worry about, nobody will believe you.


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Why are we not upset ?

The Syria war is a return to the 1990s abuses in the Balkans and Central Africa – however without the corresponding level of engagement as in those days.
Jan Egeland , secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council

I was an aid worker in the darkest 1990s. At that time, both those who did and those civilians who got help systematically attacked , displaced or blocked by ruthless gunmen . Our only consolation was that power abuses and massacres in the Balkans and Central Africa led to a popular and political revolt against the abuses and human rights. Journalists were celebrities because they daily made ​​headlines from the besieged Sarajevo .

Diplomats and politicians declared that ” never again ” would be a Rwanda or a new Srebrenica . I was naive enough to believe these statements .

Despite the small and large setbacks from Darfur to Iraq was also the world gradually improved . We saw how humanitarian aid reached more civilians on several front lines. Mortality in wars and disasters decreased , while the number of children who were vaccinated and given food and education increased in almost all countries. The number of conflicts declined and criminal and political violence affected an ever smaller percentage of the world population .
The setback
Then came the recession . And it happened in this changing of the guard . The war in Syria has been the story of how nearly one generation progress reset. We have seen a return to the 1990’s darkest periods. We are experiencing the worst war refugee catastrophe and assault wave in decades – and without the popular and political reconstruction people we saw in the 1990s .

We treat Syria’s torments as if it were an inevitable tsunami , and not as a man- made ​​disaster .

Aid agencies have little money and attention from people – politicians are concerned , large and small here at home, and has delegated to the Secretary of State to deal with the biggest war in their own time.

Who would have thought , 20 years after Rwanda , it would be several million civilians in a war inferno in the heart of the Middle East without protection and with only occasional access to emergency ?

Who would have thought that the center of the Olympic Games in 2014 was a quarter of a million women , children and other civilians in besieged cities that actively and deliberately starved of violent men ?

Who would have thought that we would experience a war again with more civilian deaths fortnightly than the largest wars in general have in a year , and without a single military or political leader is held accountable for anything ?

No affected
Perhaps the most burning question of all is how governments , parliaments , public opinion and the news media to a small extent seem to be affected by the fact that we all are passive witnesses to accelerating abuse as all watched as intolerable in the 1990s ?

As an aid worker in 2014 , I have my share of responsibility . Many turns his back to Syria because we engaged in relief work which has failed to convey that this is not ” bad guys ” who were fighting against the ” bad guys “.

It is not the story of a brutal dictator who fought against Islamist terrorists. This is the story of many ruthless men with guns who is allowed to take on unimaginable many totally innocent civilians like you and me and the kids and the grandparents we know.

It is the story of ten million good civilians affected by the unbridled violence, while most of the world did little or nothing , and other parts of the world unhindered bar fuel to the fire .

When I visited Syria and Lebanon again in early February , I saw how local and international aid workers perform a dangerous , heroic and often life-saving work.

NRC alone has thousands of aid workers in Syria and neighboring countries and regularly provides assistance to over 600,000 refugees and displaced persons. With great awards from Norway and a half dozen other donor countries , we provide school and hope to tens of thousands of refugee children.

But without political negotiation solutions we hold primarily people living in temporary inside Syria , or waiting for them to take out of the safe, but passive life as a refugee in crowded camps and shacks in neighboring countries. All we are waiting for the diplomats to succeed .

Read also: We will not wake

The agreement on the evacuation of civilians from a besieged neighborhood in Homs and the agreement to extract chemical weapons from Syria shows that it is possible to negotiate an agreement and put pressure on the parties even in this brutal war.

But 99 percent of those who lost their lives in the war in Syria is not killed by chemical weapons. 99 percent of the civilians besieged and without access to humanitarian aid is not in Homs .

Therefore, the outside world gather to put much more pressure on the combatants in this conflict to get more agreements between the parties.

War is man-made and there will also be peace .

The fuel
A first step would be to take away the fuel for continued war. The parties to the conflict have lacked weapons to attack or besiege civilians. The regime’s army and the most extreme opposition groups have had access to money , ammunition , weapons and other support from UN member states every month.

A divided Security Council members who support their respective parties to the conflict were the recipe of how decades of humanitarian progress could be reversed.

Only when Russia and Iran puts real pressure on their friends in the Syrian regime and a corresponding pressure placed on extremist armed opposition groups from the West and the Gulf States , we can see the beginning of the end of the atrocities.

But if we have a change in international politics , it must be a change in the attitude of this conflict from indifference to engagement and rebellion. It must be costs , both for the continuing violence , and those who stand for indifference.

There must be support for players who invest in peace and that adds actively put pressure on the regime in Damascus and the armed groups .

As early as in 1863 convinced the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant , the world’s diplomats to adopt the first Geneva Convention that all the sick and wounded on the battlefield are entitled to medical lifesaving assistance.

Even this more than 150 years old advancement of international compassion has been reversed in Syria , where physicians are systematically denied access to the wounded .

How could we end up like this?

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  1. martin
    February 20, 2014 at 10:40 am

    A very interesting article indeed Prof and your synopsis shows a far more accurate approach to the subject of Syria than Jan Egeland. He of course is, just another typical Norwegian Labour party person with no understanding of Israel’s problems. Always critical and let us not forget that he was also involved in the secret Oslo talks which led to the Accords.
    Just note the rest of this person’s lack of real credentials. Multi senior positions at the UN, Red Cross, Human Rights, Refugee Council etc. Was he aware of the 950,000 Jewish refugees from the Arab countries? He cannot see the wood for the trees. He is just another Norwegian who has multi involvement in international affairs and cannot be impartial.

    Stupid ignorant person that he is regarding his mention of Russia and Iran putting pressure on the Syrian regime. Russia and Iran are using the regime to carry out their bloodthirsty requirements. Where are his accusations against those two countries? Where is the condemnation of using disproportional attacks or retaliation? no this is the person, who has led various international charities which are at the forefront of BDS and which make malicious and lying statements against Israel.

    How dare he mention the Geneva Convention and the IRC. What help was there in recovering captured Israeli military personnel? Some who were paraded in Syria after the Yom Kippur are still not returned. Where were they and him, when Israeli soldiers were being horribly tortured. not waterboarding which is bad enough, but real murderous torture? Yes, this fine Norwegian and Scandinavian led international organisations continue the great tradition of Jew hate, directly and indirectly. Even today, the Arab states and Iran refuse to hand over the remains of Israeli POWs who were tortured to death. I remember when they sent a coffin with the supposed remains of an Israeli soldier that turned out to be the remains of a dog.

    Sorry, Prof, but you know, what comes round goes round. and to repeat, Israel warned that the Arab Spring would become a bloodbath and Arab Winter We also know via Debkafile that Israel is operating on both sides of the border and using/backing some of the pro western rebels in addition to offering medical aid. something that Herr Egeland needs to encourage Norway to copy

    Happy am I that I am not in Syria, Let them carry on their murderous ways.

  2. : )
    February 20, 2014 at 4:31 pm


    I agree with you, McG write very well. It was informative and the language was very calm and self explaining. I must say I like the change you do on your blog McG. Much higer quality than before! Mazel tov!

  3. martin
    February 21, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Well even during WW2, the Red Cross was unable to help the Jews and willingly accepted the Nazi propaganda.. They knew full well their visits were a charade which is why they never returned to the camps. And they are a charity wanting my money?

    If you are an Israeli soldier, you are not covered by the Geneva Convention. This has been proven in every war, particularly the Yom Kippur War. Do the international charities care? No of course not, so long as Israel doesn’t kill even in self defence and does not act disproportionately then everything is fine and dandy.

    Save your money and be happy

  4. Eric R.
    February 22, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Meanwhile, the international, leftist Jew-hating media not only downplays coverage to protect Islamonazis like Assad, but also Marxist-Nazis like Maduro in Venezuela.

    Lots of coverage of Ukraine unrest, almost none about Venezuela, where the vile, subhuman leftist hacks and dopes in our media do not want to show the failure of Socialism and their beloved Chavez.

  5. : )
    February 23, 2014 at 2:20 am

    News about it her in Norway:



    Well I’m just waiting for the Scottish to start something like this soon in their freedom fight from England. Eric R. its just to much money in chaos and problems.

  6. martin
    February 23, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Some of us in England will not mind if Scotland breaks away. we pay most of the money with the Scots making the most of it. Whether it be health, universities, car parks etc, they have it free and we pay for it. They complain about the conservatives running the country. but let us be honest, we had Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ruin this country. The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish have their own assemblies or government. No English member of parliament is allowd to enter discussions. Yet, only England does not have it’s own and they can interfere and vote for items good for them and bad for us.

    They think north sea oil will be their saviour. Unfortunately, it all depends where the national boundaries are set. In any case the Shetlands is the main point for the gas and oil and as I found it in Norway with a very dear Shetlander friend. They are not Scots but Shetlanders. A big difference.
    They will not have the UK £ nor will they automatically be liable for membership to the EU nor have the € as a matter of course. Spain will vote against them as they are worried that the Catalns will do the same. The Catalan election falls shortly after the Scottish one.

    My late father was mobilised during WW2 into the Royal Artillery. He was in a Scottish battalion, the only sassenakh (English) the only cockney and the only Jew. His name was Jacob, called Jack and of course the Scots called him Jock. during the war my father was court martialled and sentenced to military prison for a two week period. A corporal cursed him as a lousy F*****g Jew b*****d and said that they were fighting the war for the Jews and that hitler had the right idea to want to kill all the Jews, Oops. Wrong man to say that to. My father was of medium height and build but had hands like the paws of as bear from heavy manual labour. He was a lso an amateur boxer. He only needed one punch to knock the idiot out completely. Funnily enough, he never had another problem after that

    So what does that have to do with Syria? Nothing. Thankfully they are knocking the shite out of each other and not against Israel. The country is virtually Jew free. They having been cruelly treated by the Syrian regime prior to being ethnically cleansed. however, Israel is still giving medical aid to both sides of the internal strife.

    So tell me Here Egeland, just how many Norwegian military doctors are there in Syria helping the wounded? Even more important how many Afghan civilians have been murdered by Norwegian “peacekeepers” and has your military firepower been proportionally used against the Taliban? Oh dear, have I brought up something the establishment want to keep hidden form the public. how very obvious is the lack of transparency

    Be happy Norway, how many Afghan civilians did you kill today? Yes, it is better that you keep out of Syria, you might never know which side you are fighting and never know when a “Norwegian” wants to kill you for invading their land. oops, another sore point for multicultural Norway. That;’s ok, what you sow, so shall you reap.

  7. : )
    February 24, 2014 at 1:36 am


    I think you might take “EU peace” project to serious : ) As long as chaos keeps peoples focus away from what is going on on, we will have it like it has always been. Then some kind people like McG try to inform people, I always admier people that motivate them self to do things that looks hopless to make this world better. But one just don’t win a peace price for work like McG does.

  8. Eric R.
    February 24, 2014 at 7:55 am


    I was talking with my father, who keeps in touch with family in Israel since he speaks good Hebrew and I don’t.

    What he got from them is that the Palestinians are not their main problem, and haven’t been for years…Iran is their big problem, but more than that, they actually are feeling very confident. They are seen as an island of stability in a region that is falling apart; they have their massive natural gas reserves, and they have a reputation as the most innovative nation on the planet (and yes, they include the USA when they say that, and I agree). Despite the BDS, tourism and foreign investment are at a record, and the Palis, Jordanians and Egyptians are all craving their natural gas.

    So don’t let the Nazis at the BBC fool you. Israel has its problems, but they are feeling pretty good about themselves right now.

  9. : )
    February 24, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Eric R and Martin,

    my guess is that you both are happy that Israel does not have an Ambassadeur in Norway anymore:

    What to say?

  10. : )
    February 25, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Eric R.

    you live in Seattle not? Do you know anything about this guy:

    McG it would have been LOL if Eric R is Richard Silverstein ; ) That would have been best laugh ever, not Martin : )

  11. martin
    February 25, 2014 at 5:21 am

    I agree with you 100% Eric.R.
    Regarding the BBC, we are taxed by central government to watch TV and all the money goes to the BBC. This is a most insidious blatantly liberalleft/communist organisation. I believe that most if not all countries in Europe have to pay towards the national TV station. Check the web for the Balen Report.
    When I first visited Israel it was still an underdeveloped country. Later on, it was on the threshold of being developed. Now, much to the chagrin of the EU, it is ahead of many euro countries. It is only held back because of the on-going threats towards it by the Arab countries. Iran is certainly the main worry. Incredible as it seems that the foreign secretary of the EU Ashton (she ain’t no lady) is seen happy with the Iranian discussing the nuclear problem with Iran., Yet she was a head official for the CND. So many lefties who were against the EU, now enjoy such EU privileges, It is incredible. Money changes attitude, along with power. So many are jealous of Israel’s achievements, that is why they call for BDS etc.

    I will need to go to France in a couple of months. Then hopefully, another trip to the USA to visit our daughter and family in N. Dakota. However, after that, I am looking forward to another trip to HaAretz. Need to check my Israeli passport is still valid.

    Have a happy…

  12. : )
    February 25, 2014 at 11:46 am

    Well so it was just good news that No way does not have an ambassadeur, why am I not suprix : ( Well McG, what can one expect of men : )

    You blogg is super by the way so much better than this Silversteins one ; ) God he is so proud to have been in Dagbladet too. What a freak!

  13. : )
    February 25, 2014 at 3:04 pm


    why do Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman say he is Ukrainian Rabbi when he is not?


    Good to see that also Haaretz do mistakes as Dagbladet does and jump on things that looks like actions. What has really happen on the Israeli Embassy McG, I have reall problems to see big sex festivals. Arg rumors!

    Ok now I let you guys run the show and just dropp the web! God help me to keep to that!

  14. martin
    February 27, 2014 at 5:27 am

    No Norwegian, you cannot drop the web, when you ask questions on this site. Perhaps you need to look much farther than you do when investigating events or people, instead of asking questions. I only do what you are capable of doing.

    If you check Silverstein, I had no heard of him before. He confirms that he is critical of Zionism. He is ultra left wing in his views regarding Israel, that is why je write for the following Israel hating media eg the Guardian, Ha Aretz, the L.A Times as well. The latter is being boycotted by many Jews because of it’s inability to report accurately, the same goes for the previous named media circus.

    Ha Aretz you may remember makes many errors in reporting and has “Jewish” columnists more than just critical of Israel but also joins in the joys of murdering Jews. This paper is losing circulation, as I am sure that most Israelis are fed up with losers such as those on the board and reporters of the rag.

    I have no idea why someone would lie about being a chief rabbi. I checked YNET and found that the acting President of the Ukraine has been in talks with Ya Akov Dov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of the Ukraine. Now you could have done this, too, surely?

    I was unaware of the alleged sex attacks by the Israeli ambassador. Not even MIFF has shown this. As you are in Norway Norwegian, perhaps you might look much further to enquire about this allegation and inform, us of your findings.

  15. martin
    February 27, 2014 at 5:28 am

    I might add, too, Norwegian that yes, I will be delighted to learn that Israel has pulled the plug on its diplomatic relations with Norway. Not before time.

  16. : )
    February 27, 2014 at 3:11 pm


    then Dagbladet have join the smear Israel club for real. Its probably logical that Israel is the core to all religions blablabla. Eh, humans has always had God’s so if Mao was clever to see that, Dagbladet should have had one functional critical journalist to figure that one out. Ok Dagbladet will be the secular light cool ; ) then they are minus and Vårtland will be pluss.

    To find out what happens on the Israeli embassy, that is a task I could never do as it is unlegal for me as a Norwegian to find that out. Kriste if I call them I will probably be called up by someone and be asked if I have forgotten my pills or if I need stronger one (I don’t take pills or drink even if my writing might look so). And if I ask someone, well then I drag others into things. We better wait and see what come from Israel in the end. I’m not suppriced that its a ok situation for you.

    What I guess is that Silverstein is real treath to Jews in Norway now. The ambassadeur is out and Ukraine is on fier. When I see what people I trust write on VD, the situation looks pretty serious. Its Chabad in Ukraine that has been target, Silverstein’s hate object number one. So its not odd that all are out on the web working hard to calm things. Then its Denmark and a spring with politic for DMT and best of all the government is drag into a drug scandal and guess how is the into about the drug abuse, do I have to mention it? Smear the government, drugs is so good to use. As if not labour use drug??? A unpredicable Jewish fiction maker just have to be interest in the situation her ; ) This can be intense, unless Dagbladet step down and think why they stoped Galtung and co. Oh Silverstein you did not know that? Hm, perhaps you are not so high on your self anymore. What goes around comes around ; )

  17. : )
    February 28, 2014 at 2:23 am

    Martin take a look at this:


    99,9% of the Russian mafia are Jewish claim Olav Rune Ekeland Bastrup, why do anyone think this man can work with minorites? So glad that normal Norwegians respond him and demand prove.

  18. martin
    March 2, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Aah norwegian, Herr Ekeland forgot to mention that the price of good Christian boys blood always goes up around Easter time. After all, the blood is necessary to bake mattzah

    Seriously though, in eastern Europe and even in parts of western Europe, some people will believe this to be true. so the claim of Jewish seniority within the Russian mafia is quite tame. The rubbish that goes on the web is unbelievable. Not only is the statement rubbish, it is also readily made to smear the Jews and is also readily accepted as the truth. Why? Because they want to believe it.

    Have a happy to know that you do not share their hateful ignorance.

  19. : )
    March 3, 2014 at 9:57 pm


    I think its sad that with all the rubish and odd bloggs that are on the web this one is regarded as a lobby blogg with influence, infuence over what? A magical thought transfer made by tha JOOOOOOS?

    That the Jewish we has internal conflicts, eh so? So do the Christians as well. That Norway has issues, so has most of people that come to Norway to. When one stop to speak because of fear and just start to believe then it does get spoky! I think that is what McG tries to point out but I see it gets missunderstood as a better knowing irritating wanna be better than us.

    I know that McG has a good direction not like Richard Silverstein that has found out that he can live on the lies the haters has, and I’m sure that even if journalist her in Norway think they show power by posting on this blogg, McG reach them.

    In the end I think to reach other and get a communication is what life is about!

    Well done McG!

    Ps: the situation in Ukraine and the rest of the world I will not bother the world more with my thougts about it. I just pray that the world move forward. All web nevrotics show is all yours Martin that I will not use time on anymore at all, what a freak show!

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