Norwegian YMCA YWCA boycotts Israel, Bishops pretend to be shocked

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That a Norwegian Church affiliated youth organization now officially wants to boycott all of Israel ought not surprise anybody, not after all the boycott calls bishops and other officials have come with as Israel struggles to survive terror attacks. Bishop Atle Sommerfeldt, former secretary general for the Norwegian Church Aid does not even sound convincing when he thinks a boycott call for all of Israel is a bit too much, since he to a very large degree has been fanning the flames with his very selective approach to ME realities.

As for the YMCA-YWCA’s decision, keep it up, from what I can gather there is a furious response from outraged parents in the brewing, but what else can be expected from what remains of the Church of Norway.


YMCA-YWCA boycotting Israel
– we do not support a general boycott , says Bishop .
Published: February 21, Petter Nord Gaard Lorentzen

– We hope Israel sees this as a strong signal from a major movement in Norway , says Fredrik Glad- Gjernes , international manager at YMCA-YWCA Global .

At a meeting yesterday launched the organization with the Norwegian YMCA -YWCA , a campaign where they encourage ” broad economic boycott of Israel.”

– Now is the time ripe for this instrument . Many others have been tried, without occupation of Palestine has been completed. Therefore , we use economic embargo, which is a highly non- violent means . This has proved successful in other conflicts , says Glad- Gjernes .

The campaign starts now called the Free Palestine . Just Peace for Israel and Palestine : Stop the Occupation . Here the organization longer than the Norwegian Church , which only calls for boycott of goods produced in areas they consider to be occupied by Israel.

YMCA-YWCA has selected some products they ask members to boycott ( see fact box) .

– But of course it’s fine if people have the capacity to boycott everything that is produced in Israel , says Glad- Gjernes .

” SV- line .” Attitude gets rough treatment of Conrad Myrland , general manager of the organization With Israel for Peace ( MIFF ) .

– There is too weak to call this very tragic. Boycott of Israel remains as stupid and immoral even if the YMCA-YWCA hangs on , he said.

Other measures are needed to resolve the conflict , he said.

– Support and friendship from Europe will make Israel safe enough to make the compromises necessary for a peace agreement .

Myrland encourage congregations to break the YMCA-YWCA .

– I encourage all members of the organization that support democracy and freedom to protest the boycott campaign and resign in protest. I would also encourage all individuals and churches to cancel their support until the immoral boycott action is completed , he said.

Also Hans Olav Syversen ( KrF ) reacts . He is a member and former chairman of the group ” Friends of Israel ” in the Storting.

– It is very surprising that they take a SV- line on this issue .

Misreading . Atle Sommerfeldt , Borg Bishop and former leader of the NCA , said general economic boycott of Israel is not the way to go .

– I have great respect for the YMCA-YWCA longstanding solidarity work for Palestinian refugees. But I believe that economic sanctions should be limited to apply to products manufactured by Israeli companies in the occupied territories . A general boycott communicate very easily that Israel is not a legitimate government , which is incorrect. Therefore , I believe this kind of boycott is a legitimate tool , he says .

YMCA-YWCA is affiliated with the Norwegian Church. Ecumenical Council is an agency of the Norwegian Church, including dealing with international issues. General Berit Hagen Agøy the Ecumenical Council, says she will not comment on the campaign because she did not read the campaign demands , but says the body is not for a general boycott.

– We do not support a general boycott of Israel but oppose economic relations that help to maintain the occupation of Palestinian territory .

She adds that there are different views in the church about the boycott is an appropriate instrument in this conflict.

Required boycott. Study Manager Fredrik Glad- Gjernes YMCA-YWCA Global believes, however, a broad boycott is necessary.

– Hamas , which rules Gaza , is on the EU list of terrorist organizations . Will you introduce economic boycott of products that can give them income ?

– We do not support Hamas and have no understanding of their views . If necessary we will also obviously boycotting Hamas. But so far , we believe Israel is the party that is easiest to influence , he said.Updated : February 21


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  1. martin
    February 23, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Another Charity. Another Jew hating establishment.

    Actually Norwegian, I read an article in an English newspaper and so, I have a question for you. Do you know any women who wish to boycott Israel and at the same time are desperate to improve the shape of their breasts? I am being very serious. We have read of the French company that used illegal substances of the gel and many women have had serious problems with leakages of their implants etc. an Israeli company, I am sure the Prof being in Israel will have fuller detail, have produces implants that are more natural in appearance, much lighter in weight with the breast actually being able to swing from side to side. Would these women actually boycott this implant and buy an inferior model? Try asking some of them and we’ll see just how principled they are.

    I believe that we must face facts. Does this action by the Norwegian church actually shock anyone at all? If the church had acted lovingly towards the Jewish state (it is that they have problems with) well we would be surprised.

    Have a happy and be grateful that you are not a hateful member of the Norwegian church, or of any other church for that matter with the exception of the evangelicals who pray for us and show their love as human beings towards other human beings.

  2. : )
    February 24, 2014 at 2:45 am

    Tell me how your friends are and I tell you how you are! Is that what you are fishing out of me now Martin? Hm, well I have fallen for military people before and its not easy to get out : ) Non of my friends boycott anything, why should they?

    No I’m not a member of the Church, just got feed up of being told that I was not Christian. Its very much politic inside of the state Church her in Norway, so its not easy to just be a normal believer and find peace. But not all is bad. They are not into JudoChristianity ; )

    I avoid people that boycott Israel when they tell me they do, tell them than I have lots to do, lovely to see you I call you when I get better time ; ) Tudellilu. Its their money let them spend it on what they like!

    When it comes to work, well until now have I been alone when people mobb me with Nazi salute etc, it does help to know its not my behavior that provocate people. With BDS into the Unions what a change do I have to have peacefull work life in Norway? Something has to change for things to get better for Jewish students and workers in Norway! Perhaps a focus on bulling on the work place around religion and politic would be a good place to start!

    Ok, about Purim hurray, my plan is to dress out like a real YWCA nerd. Any good stories about YWCA nerdy things to do under Purim will real cool : ) A button wher it stands I love Jews therefor I boycott Israel is 100% winner I think : ).
    I do hope to see lot of YWCA around the world for Purim, in the end how knows perhaps its the best nerdy YWCA that wins the hole show : ) Phu I’m glad i found out something better than a suicide bomber ; )

  3. de Bacle
    February 24, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Unfortunately the East-Jerusalem YMCA act a bit confused.

    In 2005 they did sign the BDS call (not sanctioned by Abbas) but that was before the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians got going with the “arab spring”.

    Last year, the East-Jersualem YMCA choir recorded songs with Israel superstar David Broza, together with a mix of east and west Jersualem singers.

  4. martin
    February 24, 2014 at 3:24 am

    I don’t know what Eric R’s priorities are, however, I have never been a bosom man, rather a tusch man and always found a female form far more attractive than a male’s. However, I have found the article. we know that there are many items which are Israeli and the general public use regardless of their attitude towards the boycott movement. Hawkins being one. He uses an Israeli initiative machine to communicate with people, and yet supports a boycott. This one therefore, is for the ladies.
    An article in a Sunday newspaper titled “A weight off your chest: Scientists invent the world’s lightest breast implants ever.”
    It then continues…
    A revolutionary new breast implant – the lightest ever created – is due to be introduced in Britain later this year.
    The new implants called B-Lite, will weigh 30% less than any others on the market – and are designed to avoid the kind of sagging that can occur after time with conventional cosmetic breasts.
    Up to now, implants have been made of weighty silicon gel or a saline water solution.
    The new type consists of a silicone shell filled with minutes balls of silicate, a solid form of silicone gel, but much lighter.
    Inventor Dael Govrin, an Israeli biochemical engineer said: “Breasts implants haven’t got any lighter in weight since they were first introduced in 1962. There has been no change in what goes into an implant since day one.
    “We know that after 10 or 15 years these implants will need replacing. When you plant an implant in it is a dead weight. That’s why they start to sag after a number of years and why omen get through 2 or 3 sets if they want to maintain good-looking breats.
    ” We think is it important to make an implant as light as possible.!
    The average conventional implant weights just over 1lb, while the average real breast is is slightly lighter than that. The new implant weighs a third less than the conventional type.
    Nearly 40 Israeli women have already been fitted with the new breasts and say they hasrdly notice there are there.
    Mr Govrin was challenged to create the new implants by his brother Jacky, an Israeli plastic surgeon.
    Dael Gorin said: “The feedback from our first patients is extremely positive. Some of the women are having implants for the first time and they say that they are lighter than then their own natural breasts.
    The breasts still move naturally – from side to side – as they would if you saw a young woman on a beach walking along in a bikini.
    “Any lighter and they would have taken off. and that would not have been natural.”
    Mayaan Peled, 27 from Tel Aviv who has had the surgery said: “My boobs were sagging because I had lost an enormous amount of weight. The noly thing that sagged after shedding 40 kilos (88lb) were my boobs.
    The result of the surgery is fantastic. I don’t feel as if my breasts are there. They are fuller than before but not as heavy and I’m still wearing the same size bra..”
    The new implants have been given the European CE Mark approval.
    Surgeon Christopher Ingelfield of the London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Centre hopes to start a trial this summer at his Marylebone practice.

    so there you have it, now being kept abreast (excuse the pun) of the latest Israeli initiative. If you know a fiery brand of leftwing hatefilled woman who wants an implant and refuses to buy Israeli, just ask her whether she will boycott this? Particularly if that woman has serious emotional problems regarding her less than perfected outline.

  5. : )
    February 24, 2014 at 4:46 am


    ok, next time I speak to a postmodern person if he or she start on boycott, I will explain why boycott in general just create fear and pain. Its not often I have to speak to postmodern people, but when I do I will do my best and not just walk away at once. But I will never give my phone number as they tend to stalk one in very unpredictable ways.

  6. Eric R.
    February 24, 2014 at 7:59 am


    Since the YMCA traditionally (at least in America) meant fitness and gymnasiums, I would like to ask you this question:

    How have the Norwegians (population 5 million) been so good at the Winter Olympics for so long? They do better than Sweden, better than Finland. The Dutch get a lot of medals but they are all in speed skating (both regular and short track). The Norwegians are great at both downhill (Alpine) and cross-country (Nordic) skiing as well as biathlon.

    How does Norway do it?

  7. : )
    February 24, 2014 at 12:31 pm


    just figure out that this started in 2003, and by pix found some that has been reall odd against me as a individual. These people has mental issue!

  8. martin
    February 25, 2014 at 5:02 am

    Eric. R, what else is there to do other than winter sports, drinking and fishing?.

  9. Eric R.
    February 26, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    “Eric. R, what else is there to do other than winter sports, drinking and fishing?.”

    Well, it seems that Jew-hating is a pretty popular pastime there, too.

  10. : )
    February 27, 2014 at 3:30 am

    : ) Martin : )

    I think you have the big fish on the hook ; )

    Now Jew is forever lost Eric R, so its hope for all even you!

    Norway is just Jew hate? We have serious BDS issues her that comes out side of Norway, but the government knows on so most likely things will get better for people that can be abused by BDS!

    God please protect my soul.

  11. martin
    February 27, 2014 at 5:02 am

    I attempted to show positive aspects, as few as they are.

    Jew/Israel hate though is the largest fest of all. Rather than international Holocaust Memorial Day, watching the two faced oh so desperately “decency” minded Norwegians play act, they should have another special day.

    I nominate Jew/Israel Hate Day, I am confident that this will prove hugely popular in Norway. Have a happy Eric R that you don’t live in Norway

  12. : )
    February 27, 2014 at 3:18 pm


    If there are 1000 reasons to cry find the one reason to smile ; ) Good old granny : )
    My grandfather to had the bigest hands in the world. I’m not fare away I do have bigger hands than most men I know : ) Feet eh lets talk about something else ; )

    Eric R, tell me I’m just making it up, please give a good prove that you are not Silverstein, have you meet him in Seattle?

  13. : )
    March 1, 2014 at 2:57 am


    do you think any normal Jew would be a freind with this man?

    Løgnaktige hatskuldingar er krenkjande for alle!

    Publisert 39 minutter siden Kommentar #11
    Gunnar Søyland – gå til den siterte teksten.
    Om gamle pappa Sønnesyn og hans etterkommere føler seg krenket av litt flau bris på vegne av KFUK/M,
    Løgnaktige hatskuldingar er krenkjande for alle!

    Slike usaklege og udokumenterte skuldingar er uverdige,

    og vert råka av eit bodord. Kan du det??

    Du skriv:”Jeg ser da selvfølgelig bort fra de eneste jødene som kristelige og ukristelige antisemitter liker, enten de nå heter Finkelstein, Chomsky eller Naturei Karta.”

    Dette er ei ny løgn, som fortel at du ikkje veit kva du skriv om!

    Me har mange jødiske vener, og mange jødar som kritiserer okkupasjonen!

    Jews that converted to Christianity before the war is Christian unless they convert back and become accepted by the Jewish community. I think Sønnesbye Jewish friends just must be ordinary Christians that once had a Jew in their blood line, but them self has given up to be Jewish! Just like Silverstein and his hippi rabbins, what a freak show ; )

  14. : )
    March 1, 2014 at 3:17 am

    Martin: )

    read this anserw lol:
    KFUM&K har mange jødiske vener!

    Publisert 3 minutter siden Kommentar #13
    Gunnar Søyland – gå til den siterte teksten.
    som støtter KFUM/K’s fulle boikott av Israel, og hva heter disse jødiske vennene?

    Eg skriv om storfamilien KFUK&M, og har ikkje namnelista for alle venene!

    Om det hadde noko føre seg, skulde eg nok få mange namn,

    men eg trur det er uaktuelt.

    Då eg var i Palestina/Israel møtte eg som sagt mange grupper,

    men det var ingen presentasjon av dei einskilde!

    Og for meg er det lite hjelp i presetasjonar,-

    som for so mange gamle er namn vanskeleg å hugsa,-

    eg er glad so lenge eg hugsar mitt eige namn!

    Last year two kids from this organisation came to our door and wanted empty bottels as one get money for them, I told them sorry we don’t have any to give and we where going out have a lovely day.
    Then one of the kids responded with bad things to me as a reply. I asked him is this what they learn you? What he sad to say bad things to people is that what you are learnt? I sad when you come on my door I tell you no or yes as I want to, but I never offend anyone that come on my door so why should you?

    I bet Sønnesbye think this is good behavior against his enemies!

  15. martin
    March 3, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Reading Flight International’s survey on the Israeli defence industry, I was most pleasantly surprised to learn that Israel leads the world in UAV’s. This from a highly respected and authentic American journal.

    Israel is now supplying many countries with many and various kinds of aviation equipment. most of it is world class quality with even the UAE wanting to purchase equipment. subsequently refused. Many of the NATO nations are utilising Israeli quality controlled items especially in defending equipment and people that is military personnel on the ground, in the air and at sea.

    Question to the Norwegian church, though I doubt they will respond. Will you denounce the Norwegian defence ministry if it purchases Israeli military equipment that is conflict proven in saving lives? That is Norwegian personnel. Or would you prefer to have your kinsfolk killed by not using Israeli equipment?

    While I am at it. Will the Norwegian church condemn the many thousands of Afghani non military personnel killed by Norwegian Occupation forces? I appreciate in the ME, it is difficult to confirm those who are civilians and those militants in civilian clothing. This of course, is the same problem Israel faces, too.

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