Naughty NTB doctors amnesty international report

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while most Norwegian newspapers today frolicked over the newly released report from Amnesty International, which once more blasts Israel for anything under the sun.

However, it is only Miff who has spotted a very important little detail unsuspecting Norwegians have been served. The inclusion of the little but poisonous word “cruelties”

While the Amnesty International once more has shown its selective blindness and presented a lopsided “report” – which is a bit rich considering that they ought to be very busy investigating how they could be closely associated to a person like Moazzam Begg, who was arrested this week over terror offenses.

Apart from the cheek of the Amnesty International, it is much more serious that the Norwegian news agency NTB resorts to doctoring the Amnesty report in order to smear Israel (they must have suffered badly from withdrawal pains, there has been pretty much nothing that could be blamed on Israel for several months now) by adding a word that appears nowhere in the AI report: Atrocities.

Amnesty International has this week published the report Trigger Happy Israel ‘s Use of Force Ecessive in the West Bank [ external PDF] .
The report is discussed by news agency NTB , and is reproduced in a number of Norwegian media, including NRK and Vårt Land .
NRK’s ​​article begins with the headline and sub-heading .
” Amnesty accuses Israel of atrocities. Israeli security forces are committing atrocities against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank , Amnesty International says. ”
With many different search report MIFF has failed to find any evidence that Amnesty reviewing the conditions they accuse Israel as ” atrocious ” . Amnesty criticizes the IDF for the use of arbitrary and excessive use of violence, but never use any adjective when they repeatedly investigating  claims of abuse ( atrocious ) .
The cruelty is NTBs own comment , but they have failed to make this clear . This is a violation of the Code of Ethics section 4.2.

General comment
About Amnesty’s report , there is much to add comments. We hope to come back to some of this.
In Norway , the main problem that Israel’s war and justified and unjustified criticism of this , is not compared to how other countries wage war . NTB is responsible for such an extreme over focus on Israel’s war ( eg in relation to Sri Lanka , Egypt and Syria ) , and Norwegian readers are not reminded that Norway makes war just like Israel. It has been shown both in the Balkans and Afghanistan.
Norwegian authorities spend tens of millions of dollars to label Israeli soldiers as war criminals . On the other hand, Norwegian soldiers’ war effort met with deafening silence. During the last ten years Norwegian forces have killed more Afghans than the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers during the first and second intifada put together!
In the latest report , Amnesty claims that Israeli forces have killed “at least 22 Palestinian civilians ” in 2013 , ” four of them were children .” In comparison, over one hundred Syrians killed every day for the past three years . We do not know which adjectives NTB prefers to use about it.

IDF on Amnesty’s report
The Israel Defense Forces has so far published an article where they point out that Amnesty completely ignore the sharp increase in Palestinian violence  in recent years . IDF Amnesty also shows a total lack of understanding of the operational challenges faced by the IDF .
” The IDF is operating in Judea and Samaria [ the West Bank ] to stop the violence started by the Palestinians. Whenever possible ,the IDF stops this life- threatening violence, using equipment to disperse riots, including high sirens , water cannons, tear gas and sound grenades . Only when IDF forces have used these methods as far as possible and when life and health are still endangered, it is given permission to use sharp ammunition. “


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  1. martin
    February 28, 2014 at 3:05 am

    Considering the many Scandinavians in general and Norwegians in particular with the usual dozy leftwing and church officials there are in amnesty international, is anyone really surprised? and of course the usual welcoming reception by the Norwegian media circus in propagating maximum Israel hate as possible. Hmmm, awfully nice people they are – not.

    Have a happy and be grateful that you are not involved with hatemongers such as these.

  2. : )
    February 28, 2014 at 5:12 am


    its not odd at all that Norwegians now go to the free Churches. One of the persons I admier most there is this lady:

    She write so well and bulid bridges. The Norwegian Church is all about replacment teology so if one don’t believe in Jesus on are lost also as a human in life??? Eh, when did Jesus preach that??? People church hm, well then one has to kick out replacment teology!

    February 28, 2014 at 4:03 pm updated this story and acknowledges that it was wrong:

    NTB did not doctor this Amnesty-report, according to Amnesty doctored their own report…

  4. : )
    March 2, 2014 at 2:29 am

    Is the ChurchScotland part of BDS? Hm, now I’m starting to understand why the English Church try to reach Jews around the world. The Norwegian Church is part of BDS and has no shame about it. Well if people leave the church its up to them!

    Martin I always stay out of internal fights the Christians has as its always goes as this: God loves me, noooo he loves me.
    This has nothing to do with Israel. It has to do with replacment teology. Did God give up Jews or not? It has nothing to do with democracy or international human rights!

    Its pretty hard to understand that when God is something that is probably the most discussed subject with out a conclution.

    McG I know Ukraine is not a subject for this blog, But the Ukraines, hm well lucky I know no one from there, and if I meet one I will ask what the person feels about Chabad and US. I think that will put the person in a perspective.

  5. March 3, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    then I shall correct here as well and apologies for this one slip up. I am glad you are following me and take it that this is the first time out of several hundred that I have made a mistake. I do hope you will exercise same caution in your future coverage of this most tragic conflict.

  6. martin
    March 3, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Mazaltov Prof and all honour to you. you must feel great gratification that your personal blog has the authorities concerns that they need to check your blog.

    At least any mistakes you make are minor, few and far between. Unlike the NTB which is to ensure maximum Israel hate coverage as possible, Truth and honesty .is not part of their curricula.

    Have a happy with this knowledge Prof

  7. : )
    March 4, 2014 at 2:36 am


    its really a serious democratic problem that a few Jews can’t write on the web without being lobbyist! Its just tastless!

  8. : )
    March 4, 2014 at 5:39 am


    its so a out of body feeling to see NTB correcting you. In my world no one is perfect and questions is a way forward. Its not like you write everytime about the same subject or spread hate and paranoia.

    You are just to good McG so then people demand that you should be perfect. Please McG never go on that road, no one is perfect, but everyone is something and with all the something the world become really wonderfull. Its just sad that some people thinks that by just fixing that and that then we have it, what one end up with is nothing and one get broken!

    Martin next time we talk its over a cup of tea, if one of these NTB journalist want to join in, well be my guest, I doubt you will understand much of the Jewish humor and will probably report: Jewish lobby talk about taking over the world! Eh as if we have time for that, I really taken over by the world long time ago!

    Manfred this was probably expected, Norwegians are really scared to let out news about how Jews lives her!

  9. : )
    March 5, 2014 at 1:24 am

    How can NTB report this?

    Folks! All of you have family histories that are fare away from normal imagination! Please don’t use your own limited life experience to understand something as complex as the world. Non of you are Messia, so please calm down and if you need to punch anything, buy a boxing bag! How can people above 21 years find any interest in something as childish as twitter??? Martin do you see the fun with writing one sentence? Taking pix and get likes?

    That Dagbladet lift this sosial porn into the new just show that someone are really more into what happen in their genitalies than it the brain. If one can get famous by producing brainless emo talk then its not odd people get confused about where their limits are! Moral compas? Get a life morons!

  10. martin
    March 5, 2014 at 3:55 am

    Norwegian, I’m putting the kettle on. Have a happy…..

  11. : )
    March 6, 2014 at 12:22 am

    : ) Martin,

    I see no point in not having a happy day : ) In one way its seriously good to know where my endless positivism comes from now. I see that it might be anoying for people that are depressed that a person always see something that can be done to make things work. Arg, we keep it as it is and make no change, stop with all this ideas of your!

    This movie was just pure fun about the messia complex:

    So cool that its ok for grown ups to play with LEGO. I love to build new stuff to my kids. But the result is often moooom you ruin it nooooow, that’s noooot how its is suppose to be moooom.
    Ups sorry love you know mom alway do messing.
    Mooooom I wanna play aloooone.
    Ok moooomy has to do house work then waaaanna join in?
    Noooo mooooom!
    Speak nice to your mother love, we don’t use a language like this in the house ; )

    Then its just magic that the kids play alone for some time, wonder how I made that happen ; )

    Good luck with the media McG : ) Martin I can’t wait to hear all your old stories, I love to remember names and places and make the world as tiny as it can get just for an hour, and then meet the big world and see that waho all this options we have ; )

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