On the infallibility of slaughter with stunning

lifted from aftenposten.no

Written by a journalist, but I presume, most of it is accurate, it’s not even controversial.


1. The slaughtering procedures of chicken in Norway are unreliabale and are getting worse, employees in one slaughterhouse were so incompetent and hygiene so poor that it was closed down.
2. The accepted procedures is cruel to the animals, the hanging and dipping of chicken into electrically conducting water is abhorable, unreliable and many “escape” the treatment, no figures are given and are probably not available.
3. The stress and illtreatment of slaughter of pigs can be tasted in the meat
4. 50,000 chickens die every year in transport alone
5. The accepted procedures are by far inferior to old fashioned slaughtering procedures in a farm where each chicken is handled individually.
This country has the impudence to brand shechita as primitive and cruel.


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  1. : )
    March 6, 2014 at 2:43 am


    soon someone will say its just propaganda. Just as Josef Zissels. Soon it will be no Jew hate her in Norway, it was just some Jewish web activist that created it to get money for them self. Been there done that once before havent we? : ) Freedom to speak is not out card in this world!

    I’m going to cook the chickens better today so all the nasty bacterials die. Since I say duck duck all the time Martin I think its hybrid duck chicken we have her in Norway. Stay good all! Web is not a playground!

  2. martin
    March 7, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Prof, I know this has nothing to do with the post above. However, I should like to offer a little insight to Norwegian’s request a little way back from here. In the same way we used to read Henry’s recipes, what a shame he no longer appears to be involved with us.

    So Norwegian here goes. The prof knows of this, when we met some time ago in London. My Norwegian brother in law, would tell this story at various functions as an after dinner speaker. He assured his audience that the story was true, as it happened to his English brother in law = Me!

    I was working with SAS at the old Fornebu airport in Oslo at the time, when I saw an English language advertisement for a specific position in Oslo with a major technical company. I had begun to learn Norwegian by this time, although far from being fluent. so I rang the company explained that I was interested in working for the them, that although the post was inappropriate for me, it was possible that a more relevant post might arise and I could be considered. I was put through to the director and explained again the scenario regarding the advertisement, me being from England etc. He invited me to meet with him at his office as it was not every day that an Englishman speaking Norwegian would phone him.

    I reported to his office, he met me and we went to his office where he made me feel very welcome. In answer to his question, I replied that I should try to speak Norwegian, but, I would have to use some English words., too, as I was still attending evening classes at the friundervisningen in Oslo.

    The sjeff asked me a number of questions and then asked me to explain further my background, so I did just that by explaining that my major experience was in sales and marketing, exporting, sales development. “Jeg har stor erfaring I marketing og salge arbeid, ” I said the following: “Jeg har stor avfoering …….”. After the meeting was over, I returned home to meet my sister in law who spoke English and she asked me to tell her how I got on and what was said. I had kept my notes and when I told her, she burst out laughing and said that I had used a nice word for shit. Really? Well she checked her English Norwegian dictionary and I saw the words excretia, stools etc.

    This is not a shitty joke, but the truth. So have happy and a laugh at my expense and have a lovely Shabbat everyone

  3. : )
    March 9, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Martin thank you : ) I too miss Herbert. Why he left us? It was probably because he knew a lot more than about BDS than us, he probaly knew we where deep down in a rabbit hole and all we did was to scream about oh look what they write in the news. Oh my oh my that is not nice someone has to write better!

    Personally I learnt a lot from Herbet and would be very glad if he came back. But he do write a lot on Tundra page so if you miss him I’m 100% sure he would be happy to see you again. I eh, I stay to McG and my strugle to not use the web very much; )
    But its better than what the women did in 678 Kairo, freedom to speak!

  4. martin
    March 11, 2014 at 4:19 am

    Thanks Norwegian. I did not realise that Herbert contributes towards the Tundra tabloid. I have been so busy these last few months that the sites I used to visit quite regularly, have been missed out. Unfortunately, TT has been one of them.

    Hopefully by June, I should have all the challenges sorted out by then.

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